Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021

Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Pretend

Chapter 6: Pretend


‘ONE DAY ENDS and a new one begins’ I thought as I woke up in my castle nursery.

“There she is!” Caireen crooned over me and picked me up. “Who’s the prettiest princess in all the world?” She said, “Yes, it’s you!”

I let her baby talk to me for a few moments and then finally said, “Okay, enough already, what’s going on?”

“Her little diapee must be messy, she’s a cranky little baby…” For the next thirty minutes I swear I had the most embarrassing and surrealistic treatment of me like I was younger than I even looked to be. Finally when she had my diaper changed and me dressed she said, “Well I’m having fun,” she paused, “why aren’t you?”

“Umm… it’s ridiculous and humiliating?” I suggested with my face flushed from embarrassment.

“No, it’s normal mommy behavior, and definitely normal grandmother behavior.”

“Is that what this is about?” I asked, confused.

She sighed, “Remember also that I am the goddess of children?”

I nodded.

“Maybe I like to have fun every now and then?”

“Oh.” I said guiltily. “Have I ruined it completely for you?”

“Only a little, you can make it up to me you know?”

I groaned, “I guess given we’re stuck with each other I need to let you get it out every now and then. Just don’t do it all of the time, my brain is already having enough trouble grasping being a teenager in a baby’s body.”

“Yay!” She said. “Let’s go play outside!”

I rarely saw the staff of the castle, but one of the maids came then. “Fiona, would you please pack a bag with a lunch, some changes for Sofia here, and bring it down to the East Garden?”

“Yes Your Majesty,” she said.

“Let’s go see the butterflies!” She said with glee.

Mentally I groaned a little, but I kept a smile on my face. My thumb found its way to my mouth since pacifiers didn’t exist here. The bottles were a little anachronistic because they existed, but even they were old fashioned with rubber teats that definitely weren’t life-like or orthodontic. In the meantime I noticed Caireen had either grown herself larger or shrank me down further. I decided she was larger because the doorways were closer to her head than I remembered. I had been shifted from holding onto me like a toddler on her hip to a more traditional infant carry like you might carry a newborn. All through the journey of stairs and corridors she talked baby talk to me and I did my best to try and not hate it.

We exited the castle through a door I hadn’t been through before and I felt my breath catch as she held me up to see. Acres and acres of mowed grass were present with a rose garden lining walkways. It was like a scene from one of the castles in France or England that took my breath away. “Beautiful,” I said around my thumb.

Caireen stroked my hair and continued walking down the path past roses that had no equal in the real world. Their colors were too vibrant, varied, and indescribably beautiful in appearance and smell. She let me down when I squirmed to look at a green rose that looked like it had emeralds glittering in the petals.

“What is it?”

“A gift from a people that you base your dwarf legends off of. They dwell in caverns and mine for both money and joy. They designed this hybrid and gifted me with one of them many years ago.” She paused, “Those are real emeralds too.”

I gulped, that plant was worth a fortune!

I was picked back up and she walked me past the pathways and past the mowed grass, to a field that stretched out far in the distance with yellow, pink, purple, and blue wildflowers growing everywhere. Alighting from the flowers were the largest and most beautiful butterflies I’d ever seen.

Many looked similar to the monarchs in our world, but there were so many other color combinations as they blended in with the many wildflowers around me. Caireen sat me down and I snuck as close as I could to a big purple one. “Will you sit on my hand?” I asked it.

I was amazed as it looked at me skeptically and then moved to my finger that I held out. It tickled as it moved around. I brought it closer to my face and looked at it in wonder. When I was through I said, “Thank you, you’re very beautiful.”

The butterfly seemed to bow before it flew away and I spent a long time chasing others before Caireen said, “It’s time for lunch my little butterfly!”

She laid me down on a blanket that Fiona had set out. I realized then that I had messed my diaper at some point and not noticed. “Well, you finally behaved like a normal baby and didn’t care about your poopy diaper.” She said with a smile, but retaining that high pitched baby cooing in her voice.

‘I really didn’t notice..’ I thought.

“How long have I been messy?” I asked, nervous of a rash forming.

“An hour or so?”

“An hour?!?”

“Relax sweetie, you didn’t notice and your skin won’t get a rash. You could sit in a messy diaper for a week and your skin would keep healing itself.”

“It’s so disgusting though,” I said with tears in my eyes.

“Not to a baby who has no interest in getting out of diapers. You need to get yourself in that mindset or you’re going to go crazy in the next few months, let alone the rest of your life honey,” The last bit she had answered sincerely and in her regular voice.

I nodded.

She continued wiping me with a cloth and finally I was put into a new diaper. “Okay, let’s have our lunch!”

I expected a normal lunch I guess, but instead I ended up having a very finely chopped soup mixture that she fed me while she ate what it must have looked like normally. “I’m thirsty,” I said after I finished.

“Okay, let’s get my little princess something to drink!” she said. I expected her to grab a bottle from the basket or something, but instead she picked me up and pulled at her dress.

“What are you doing?!?” I freaked out.

“What are we doing today?”

“Treating me like a baby?”

“Exactly. You’re still young enough to nurse from the breast,” she told me. “Normally someone like me would not do this herself, you would have a wet nurse assigned to you Princess, but given who I am, I love feeding babies!”

Before I could raise any more fuss I was confronted with her breast and nipple. Knowing there would be no give here I relented and at least tried it. I put my mouth around her nipple, latched on like a bottle, and sucked on it. Instantly my mouth was filled with a liquid that was sort of like milk… but so much better! I swallowed and repeated over and over again before I must have gone to sleep.


WHEN I WOKE in the real world I felt different somehow.

‘Did that really happen?’ I asked, blushing.

‘Yes my sweet princess, that wasn’t so bad, was it?’

I blushed, ‘No, I actually enjoyed it.’ There was no sense in hiding that from someone whose consciousness shares a body with you!

‘Good, I believe we will be doing that more often,’ she assured me.


‘Well, for one I enjoy it and you enjoy it, right?’ she asked.

‘I guess.’

‘For another, you just thought you felt different today, right?’

‘Uh-huh,’ I said.

‘When you nurse a baby they get their nutrients and food from their mother, correct?’

‘That’s the idea...’ I said.

‘You gain magical power from me and additional strength when you nurse,’ she told me.


‘Why do you ask that all the time? I don’t joke that much, do I?’

I sighed, ‘No, it’s just a figure of speech that I must say a lot for you to ask that. I’ll try not to say it as much.’

I could feel her smile.

Mom came in right then as I was getting ready to stand up and she said, “Oh, you just woke up?”

I nodded, “I was having a conversation with Caireen.”


Oh boy… “Umm… What did we did last night?”

“Oh, her nursing you?”

“How do you…?”

“I came while you were asleep still nursing,” Mom said wistfully. “I miss doing that,” she admitted.

‘Tell her I can help her lactate if she wishes...’

‘NO!’ I said.

“Mom, Caireen asked if you would like her to help you on that, but I said no, I’m hoping you’re okay with that?”

Mom smiled at me, “I know you wouldn’t be comfortable with me feeding you like that, so no worries.”

I sighed in relief. During this conversation Mom had stripped the blanket sleeper off of my body and pulled the soaked diaper off. I was soon in a dry diaper and Mom found a cute dress to put onto me without any tights. With that my day began and I alternated playing with Lily, eating, pooping, getting diaper changes, and getting on the computer. I found myself researching my new school as much as I could possibly do. I also watched Tangled with my little sister, and much to her joy and amusement, I used magic to make her a dress exactly like Rapunzels. She looked adorable in it and had to show Mom. Unfortunately I forgot to create a diaper in my mind and she peed on the kitchen floor as she excitedly showed it off. Oops!

Thursday and Friday passed similarly during the days, and my nights were filled with a second day in the other world where Caireen nursed me at least twice each night. During the days I could feel more energy at my fingertips and was excited when Friday night Caireen said, “Okay, it’s time to teach you some defensive magic.”


“Yes. I’m nervous about this trip tomorrow, I want you to be able to defend yourself and your family if needed.”

I nodded. “So what’s first?”

“I want to teach you to make a shield for yourself first. It should stop any physical hits and projectile weapons you might encounter.”


“I want you to visualize the lines that are coming towards you right now.”

We had spent a lot of time already teaching me to see them even clearer than when I had first become aware of them last week. I had noticed that there were always at least four or five lines that led to me at all times. This time though there were more like twenty. I opened my eyes, “Why are there so many more lines?”

She laughed, “I told you that nursing was making you stronger?”

“Oh,” I said. “Will that keep increasing?”

“I believe it will to a point and then it’ll plateau.” She smiled at me, “Now, let’s get back to work. Visualize those lines again.”

I saw all twenty, “Okay?”

“I want you to visualize those lines to weave together around you and protect you.”

The first time I tried it was like a fishing line that had gotten tangled in the trees, an unfixable knot! After five tries I finally managed to get it to go around me like a grid defining a three dimensional character on a computer screen. I looked up to Caireen, “Is that it?”

“It should be, let’s see how it holds up!”

I gasped a second later when she threw a dagger from her sleeve straight towards my shoulder. It hit the field and glanced off.

I jumped and felt my diaper grow warmer, “I think I need a change…”

She laughed, “Why, you’re perfectly safe in there.”

“How long does it hold up?”

“Until the power in the lines you are using runs out. Right now I would say about twenty minutes.”

“A minute per line?” I asked.

“That’s a good way to guess it I guess,” she agreed. “Now, drop it and try it again.”

We practiced my bringing the shield up about another hour before she changed me and nursed me. I was still awake when she finished and I asked, “What can I do to protect my family?”

She sighed, “I hope we have a lot more time to perfect this in the future. The same idea lets you do it around someone else. You can visualize it around multiple people. Just know it won’t last as long!” We practiced that for a while before she said. “I have one last defensive spell I want to teach you tonight, though it’s really more of an attack. You must never use this purely for fun or games.”

I nodded.

“Take one of the lines out of your shield and visualize it going to your hand. From there think of it sending all of its energy as a ball of energy at that wall.” She pointed at the far end of the stone room we had been working in.

A ball of purple lightning, that’s the best way to describe it, went shooting through the air at the brick wall and… right through it. I gasped as I saw a hole in the wall six inches in diameter. She picked me up and showed me that it went through three more walls before ending in the outer wall of the castle. “How come it didn’t go through that wall?”

“I have warded the walls, it’s impossible to use that spell to attack this castle.”

“Will it ever stop otherwise?” I paused, “I might accidentally hurt someone I didn’t intend to if it never stops…”

“The way you just did it would send it flying until it met a barrier like this, or shot into space from leaving the curvature of the earth at the angle you shot it.”

I felt my diaper get wetter. “That’s scary.”

“Now, let’s teach you to limit it!” She smiled at me, “I wanted you to know the full power you have first so that you’ll respect that power.”

We spent an hour practicing limiting it to a distance in my mind of the target plus a foot to five feet depending on what she asked me to do. I was also able to limit it to hitting a human target and stopping then too. As she nursed me to sleep she said, “Sofia, I would not teach you the blast spell if I did not know for a fact that you have a pure heart. I will teach you many less destructive spells in the future, but if something happens tomorrow I want you to be prepared.”

I felt her stroke my hair and pat me lovingly before I fell asleep.


THE NEXT MORNING I was woken up as Mom changed my diaper. “Oh, you decided to wake up?” She teased me.

She was just finishing wiping me and had me in a new diaper before I was able to respond, “Yeah,” around my pacifier. “What time is it?”

“6:30” she told me.

“Ugh…” I responded.

Mom dressed me in white tights first, before dressing me in my signature green dress.

“Isn’t it cold outside?” I whined about the dress.

“I want to get some pictures with you and your sister for our Christmas Cards and photo album.”

“Oh,” I said.

Mom did my hair for several minutes and added my tiara to make me look picture perfect. “Are you going to have Lily wear her tiara?” I asked.

Mom shook her head, “I’m going to have to do some convincing with her, since she doesn’t have one as pretty as yours.”

‘I can do something to help there,’ Caireen said.

‘My sister doesn’t need a priceless magic tiara though...?’ I said questioningly.

‘Of course not, but you can make a silver one with glass jewels just as easily to make her happy,’ she insisted.

“What color is her dress?” I asked.

“Pink,” Mom said with a smile, “you should have been able to guess that.”

I nodded and concentrated without saying another word to Mom. In my hands appeared a tiara that was similar to mine, but with clear crystal jewels for the main jewels and several crystals that looked like pink sapphires that circled around the base. It was made in plain old silver, which meant it was probably only worth a grand then…

‘Probably a bit more, you made crystal jewels for the main ones, but the pink jewels are real sapphires,’ Caireen said.

‘Let’s keep that to ourselves?’

Mom stared at me in shock and I said, “It wouldn’t be fair to Lily, so here is a tiara for her. It’s not the same as mine, but it should make her happy.” I said the last with a smile, I was grateful that my new size hadn’t caused a bunch of sibling rivalry so far. I had a feeling it would come some day soon though.

Mom hugged me and said, “You’re still the best older sibling she could ever have.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“Let’s get something in your tummy and then you can go back to sleep while we drive to Albuquerque. I need to do Lily’s hair now.”

I nodded and she carried me downstairs. My sister was already in her high chair with a bowl of cheerios in front of her. “What do you want to eat?” Mom asked as she strapped me into the high chair..

“Cereal’s fine.” I said as I pulled my pacifier out of my mouth and sat it on the tray. She had already poured a sippy cup of juice and sat it on the tray. I drank out of it silently while she found a bowl and filled it with just the cereal. I had never liked mushy cereal!

“Lily, look what Sofia made for you!” Mom said with a smile.

“It’s pretty like hers!!!” She said. “Am I a princess like her?”

“Absolutely,” I told her.

I sort of played with the cereal more than I ate it as I watched Mom rearrange Lily’s hair, but eventually when Mom said, “Sofia, you can either eat your cereal or I’ll feed it to you?”

I furiously ate it so I didn’t have to live with that embarrassment that morning. By 7am Mom had walked out the door once with all of the things she needed to take care of two toddlers, and then came back inside for the two of us. Mom put Lily in her car seat first, making sure that she had her favorite doll with her, before coming over and doing the same for me. I had Emie in my arms. Mom attached my pacifier to a clip and then to my dress so we wouldn’t have to search for it. Since we had the garage she didn’t have to remove coats from us before we sat down.

“Here’s your bottle,” she said to Lily. Anytime we went on a long trip Lily still got a bottle to help calm her down in her car seat. Mom looked at me with a question in her face and I said, “Why not?”

She smiled and handed me a bottle of warm milk, closed our doors, and then got in herself. I nursed slowly on the bottle, in no hurry to drink it as I wasn’t that thirsty, so I still had half left when Mom pulled up to Hannah’s driveway. Hannah came out from her house as soon as she saw us and Mom motioned for her to sit in the front seat. I was suddenly self conscious and thought about hiding my bottle.

“So you’ve discovered the joys of a bottle too?” Hannah said sweetly to me.

I turned red.

“Sofia, you’re a baby, it’s perfectly okay for you to have a bottle. Don’t go feeling self-conscious,” she told me. “It’s part of blending,” she added with a smile.

“You ready to go?” Mom asked her.

“Uh-huh, I’m so looking forward to not being stuck at home today! Thanks for inviting me!”

“Well thanks for coming!” Mom said. With that she pulled out of her driveway and I went back to nursing my bottle. I looked as much as I could at my sister on my left and noticed she looked to be asleep already. Of course that’s why Mom was still more than happy to give her a bottle on long car rides.

Mom and Hannah had a conversation going on in the front seat but it was hard for me to hear them up there. I settled for looking to my right for a while before I must have fallen asleep too.

I woke up when I felt our car starting to slow down. I looked out the window and saw we were on the outskirts of Albuquerque. It was then I felt my body do something I really was hoping wouldn’t happen in the car! I filled the back of my diaper, and it smushed everywhere as it did so.

It was only a couple moments before the smell made it to the front, but Hannah said, “Uh-oh, smells like we have a stinky princess!”

I squirmed in the seat. I wouldn’t get a diaper rash as Caireen had pointed out to me, but that didn’t mean I wanted to be in it any longer than I had to. I put my pacifier in my mouth to try and keep from screaming like a real baby.

“I assume that’s you Sofia?” Mom asked.

I whimpered, “Yes,” around my pacifier.

“We’re going to stop to do those pictures and some shopping at the mall first, we’ll change you there. It’s not too long,” she reassured me.

I believe that was one of the longest twenty minutes of my life when Mom pulled into the parking space. Mom and Hannah got out of the car and came to the doors. Hannah took the bottle from next to me and handed it to me, “Can you hold onto that for a few minutes?” She asked me. I nodded.

“Do you want me to change her out here or in the bathroom?” she asked Mom.

“It’s easier to throw away a poopy diaper in the bathroom,” Mom told her. “We’ll change both of them inside.”

Hannah picked me up and put me over her shoulder while I whimpered and held onto my bottle like she asked. Mom grabbed the diaper bag, Lily, and must have put Lily’s bottle in the bag already because I didn’t see it in her hands.

As Hannah carried me back to the bathrooms, with Mom next to her with Lily, we passed by a girl who was probably about four. “Dat baby is poopy!” She cried out in a loud voice.

I buried my head in Hannah’s shoulder and felt some tears going down my face.

“Shhh, It’s okay,” Hannah said to me softly as we walked through the bathroom door.

“Sofia first?” Hannah suggested.

“Yes, poor thing always hates having a messy diaper.” Mom said.

I pulled my head off of Hannah’s shoulder and saw Mom wipe off the changing table before placing the mat down on it. “I’ll change her,” Hannah offered.

Thankfully she didn’t waste any time waiting around. Mom grabbed my bottle from my hand and rinsed it out while Hannah happily changed the messiest, and most disgusting, diaper I had yet had. She wiped me really clean and then put a new diaper on and pulled my tights back up. “There you go, all clean!” Hannah said with a smile. She picked me up, sat me on the ground, and then washed her hands. I then stood by Mom while she changed Lily and Hannah used the toilet. ‘I wish I could do that,’ I thought sadly.

I felt Caireen give me the mental equivalent of a hug. As soon as Hannah was out of the stall Mom had her take over watching the two of us and she went to the bathroom too. Hannah had the diaper bag on her shoulder and picked me up when Mom came out of the stall. Lily was in Mom’s arms soon too and we were off a little ways down the corridor to the portrait studio that Mom had made an appointment with. A man was standing at the counter when we walked up.

“Hi, we have an appointment,” Mom said.


“Rachel Hammerstein,” Mom said.

“For two toddlers?”

“Yes sir,” she said and he looked up to see what Hell he was going to experience. When he saw us he smiled, “These two princesses?”

“Yep,” Mom said.

“Okay, Bonnie is going to be your photographer today, let me go make sure she’s ready.” He walked away.

“So that we don’t have the shape of a pacifier around your lips, would you be okay with taking it out?” Mom asked me.

I shrugged and let it drop out of my mouth to hang on the strap. Hannah did some sort of one-handed gymnastics and unhooked the clip. I felt Hannah start bouncing me a bit like I used to do with Lily to calm her.

“Ready to get your pictures taken?” She asked.

“I guess… I just want to get it over with.” I told her quietly.

“You never know, you might have fun,” she told me.

“I hate pictures…”

“No, you used to hate pictures,” she told me, “now you’re an adorable little princess. All princesses LOVE getting their pictures taken.” She chose that moment to tickle my side a little. I giggled and had to smile. It was weird having all of the tricks I used to use against Lily used against me - especially since most of them worked!

“Mrs. Hammerstein?” A lady in jeans and a sweater asked.


“Come on back, we’re ready to take your daughters pictures.”

We followed her back to a studio that had a white background ready to go first. Mom and Hannah set Lily and I down and began checking our appearance. Luckily my dress never wrinkled, but Lily’s had a little. Mom did the best she could to straighten it out though. My hair was a little bit crooked, but that was sorted through quickly.

“Okay, you want individual shots, and some together?” The lady asked Mom.

“Please,” she said.

“Which princess first?” The photographer asked in the high pitch mama voice.

“I’ll go,” I said. If I was a good example maybe Lily would be quicker…

‘Good girl,’ Caireen said in my head. ‘Now pretend to have fun and enjoy it too!’

“How old are you?”

I held my two fingers up, “This many!”

“They’re both two actually,” Mom told her. The lady looked at her, and she said, “Ten months apart.”

“Ouch,” the lady said. “I assume this princess is the older one?”

Mom nodded.

“Okay Princess, what’s your name?”

“Sofia,” I replied.

“Well Sofia that dress is beautiful! And your tiara too! Why don’t you sit...” She took some pictures of me standing in front of the white background, sitting crisscross style, leaning on a number two, and crawling on the floor in quick succession before doing the same with Lily. She then had us sit together with the number and then also some other poses together before repeating pretty much the same steps with two other backgrounds. One we used a gigantic teddy bear as a prop. Mom and Hannah also joined in at times, one of the photos I hoped turned out had me sitting in Hannah’s lap. She had always been one of my best friends, but she was quickly turning into a big sister.

I actually had fun, smiled, giggled, and was generally probably a photographer's dream happy baby. Lily got a little grouchy at the end, but I managed to tell her, “Come on, good princesses smile!” and she bought into it.

At the end the lady said, “I have never had two more well behaved toddlers for photos. Ever! You should look into a modeling agency for Sofia. She’d make a fortune as a model.”

Mom smiled, “You’re not the first person to tell me that. When will you have proofs for us to look at?”

“Well, we’re pretty dead right now. If you want to come back in an hour we can have printed proofs, or you’re welcome to look and pick from the computer screen in a couple minutes.”

Mom shook her head, “We’ll come back, I like having a print in hand to choose.” She paused, “Plus I think they both need to have a diaper change and burn off some energy.”

The lady laughed, “At least you’re probably close to being through with changing that many diapers.”

“Hopefully,” Mom said, as I noticed she eyed Lily. I would probably never grow up past that, we both knew that.

Mom grabbed my hand in one hand and Lily’s in the other. “Come on you two, let’s go change your diapers.”

‘It would be nice if she wouldn’t announce that to the world...’ I thought.

‘You’re a baby, your potty habits are public record,’ Caireen said. I could feel the smirk on her face.

We actually walked all the way to the bathroom where Mom changed both of us this time. “Okay, we need to get the stroller out of the car,” she said. “I don’t think Hannah wants to carry you all day Sofia.”

“I can walk you know,” I told her quietly. Hannah was holding me tight though, so it kind of took the wind out of my sails.

Hannah whispered back, “A normal two year old wouldn’t walk the whole day though.”

She was right.

Back at the car Mom pulled out a new double stroller that she had bought online and had express shipped to the house. The stroller was a classic design that had one seat behind the other. Mom put Lily in the front and Hannah placed me in the back. “Why am I sitting in the back?” I asked.

“Eyes,” Mom said.

I hadn’t even thought about my eyes… I wondered if the photographer noted them.

“May I have my pacifier?” I asked, suddenly nervous again.

Hannah reattached the clip and placed it in my mouth and we were back shopping. I was very bored for the next hour as we walked from one store to another, mostly keeping Lily and I in the stroller. Mom picked out a dozen new outfits for me, and a couple for Lily, but mostly we just walked and looked with them occasionally dressing us as their living dolls. The only place I really got enthusiastic about the shopping was the Disney store where I found a couple costume dresses I liked. Mom also bought Lily and I each a princess doll there. Several times as they walked girls would say, ‘Oh my God, your daughters are sooooo cute!’

We were in Sears and I really was getting thirsty. “Mommy?” I got her attention.

“Yes Sofia?”

“I’m thirsty.”

“Okay, just a minute,” Mom said. I heard her messing with the bag behind my seat for a moment, a cap came undone, and then she handed me my bottle full of apple juice.

“Umm… thanks,” I said. “No sippy cup?”

“Why? You love your bottle!” Mom said with a smile.

I just began nursing from it slowly as she kept shopping before finally we returned to the portrait studio. “Ah, you’re back!” The lady said, “Come over here to the counter and you can look at the proofs.”

Hannah pulled me out of the stroller, Lily was out for the count, and placed me on the counter so I could see. The pictures of me were really good! I did look like a child model… except the eyes. There was just something unnatural about the shade of green and I didn’t think my being two years old was going to keep that from being noticed. Mom and Hannah chose three pictures of us separate and three together to get printed. Mom also bought a few prints of the ones that she and Hannah joined in.

“They’ll be ready about four if you want to stop back by?” The lady offered.

“Great! We’ll be back then. Come on Princess,” Mom said as she put me back into the stroller.

The journey back to the car was made, both of us were strapped into our car seats, and Mom pulled away.

“Where are we going now?”

“Grandma’s,” Mom said.

“Oh,” I said nervously.

“It’ll be fine,” Mom reassured me.

I watched the streets and buildings pass by and sucked nervously at my pacifier. I had heard many cruel things from Grandma directed towards mutants over the years. I clearly remembered last year when we saw a lady with GSD that looked like a half-human/half bear person at the mall. Grandma had loudly said, “I can’t believe they let that animal inside!”

‘She can’t hurt you physically,’ Caireen reassured me.

‘She’s my mom’s mother though Caireen, I don’t want to be the reason she doesn’t love my mom anymore...’

‘You have one of the smartest mothers I have ever met Sofia, I guarantee you she would hold her mother to blame and not you.’

The drive seemed to take both forever and be too quick. I noticed my diaper growing wetter as we pulled into the driveway. ‘Great, I’m meeting my Grandma as my new self, AND I need a diaper change.’

Not wanting to antagonize my grandmother I took my pacifier out of my mouth, unclipped the clip, and pulled out my purse wherever it disappeared to. I quickly put it in there and then put my purse back. Mom had watched me in the mirror and gave me a smile and a nod. “Good idea,” she said.

“I’ll take Sofia, would you take Lily please?” Mom said to Hannah.

“Sure,” Hannah said. They went to each of our doors and I was soon let out of the car seat.

Mom reached under my dress and felt my wet diaper. “I’ll change you once I figure out how your grandma is going to take this.”

I nodded and held onto her as she grabbed the diaper bag and we walked up to the door. Mom opened the door, “Mom, we’re here!”

“My land Rachel, who is this beautiful little girl?” She said as she saw me.

“This is Sofia,” Mom said.

“One of Lily’s friends?” She asked as she hugged Mom and moved on to hug Lily in Hannah’s arms.

“No, Nicko!” Lily said.

The world ground to a halt for a moment then. ‘Really Lily?!?!’ I thought to myself.

‘She’s a two year old, you know it’s a requirement that she blurt out embarrassing things in inappropriate ways.’ Caireen said.

I had to agree with her. I watched Grandma’s face as she turned to look at me again. “She’s just pretending, right?” she asked Mom.

Mom sighed and I felt her squeeze me reassuringly. “No Mom, Nicko manifested last week and his BIT, or rather her BIT, made him transform.”

“I knew you should never have married that no good husband of yours!” She started.

“Mom, stop right there. I know you have some very strong beliefs against mutants…” Mom said all of this in a calm soothing voice, “but it’s not true. I love my child no matter what they may be and that won’t change. If you can’t do the same please tell me now and we’ll turn right back around and never come back.”

I saw the hurt in Grandma’s face and felt bad.


“Look at her Mom, I promise you she’s the most beautiful grandchild you could ask for. She’s sweet, just as sweet as she always was, and all either of us want you to do is just to love us.”

Grandma began crying and said, “I’m sorry, I promise I’ll behave. Please don’t ever think I could walk away from you Rachel.” She came over and hugged Mom and said, “May I hold her?”

Mom passed me to her and she said, “Well, you are a beautiful baby my dear. Why did you end up like this?” She asked.

“I woke up sick and saw my sister in the hall… I guess I was thinking about how it would be nice to still have Mom hold me like she did when Lily gets sick... Next thing I know I’m a two year old baby girl.”

“Wearing diapers?” She asked in surprise as she readjusted her hold on me and felt it. “And a wet one?”

I buried my head in her shoulder, “Sorry… I can’t help it.”

“Let me see that diaper bag Rachel,” Grandma said. I looked up in surprise, “What, you don’t think I can change diapers still?”

Grandma carried me to the room that served as her spare bedroom. Inside there, was a large dresser we used for changing Lily on when we were there. Grandma sat me down next to it for a moment, laid out the changing pad, and then picked me up. “Let’s get those tights down, huh?”

I laid patiently while Grandma changed me almost exactly like Mom, but it was sweeter somehow. Maybe that was because she didn’t change a dozen diapers a day or something. “Where did you get that pretty tiara?” she asked me.

“It was a gift,” I said simply.


I sighed, “From the goddess who bonded with me.”

“Goddess?” She said, “There’s only one God,” she said tersely.

“Call her a being then Grandma, she’s very powerful.”

“Do you have powers now?” She asked as she pulled my tights back up.

“Yes, but I’m just barely learning how to use them.” I told her.

“What can you do?” She asked me.

“I can change my dollies clothes,” I said with a smile.

“Umm… well that’s special,” she said.

Mom happened to have Emie in her hands from a second trip out to the car. When she handed me Emie I changed her to a one piece jumpsuit like Mom had purchased for me earlier.

“Whoa!” She said and glared at me. “Can we pretend you’re a normal baby now?” She paused, “It’ll be easier for me to get used to?”

I nodded as she gave me a hug in thanks, picked me up, and carried me to the living room where Hannah was playing with Lily on the floor. She held me in her lap and sat on the opposite side as Mom on the couch. “So, I assume Sofia is all registered and such?”

Mom nodded, “We took care of that first thing Monday.”

“What now?” She asked.

“Well… after Christmas she’s going to go out to a school in the Northeast.”

“A mutant school?” She asked, a little bit of the prejudice showing, but I could tell she was trying.

“Yes.” Mom said simply.

“They have a preschool program?” She asked without any malice.

“No, I’ll be going to high school I think.” I told her.

“You’re a little young for a high schooler, plus they’re usually potty trained?” She suggested.

“I know, but it’s just part of what I get to deal with. It’s like having a disability with the diapers.”

“And you really don’t have any control?” She asked.

I shook my head but tried not to look ashamed in front of her. “I have less control than Lily I think.”

“Yes, speaking of Lily, when are you going to potty train her? She’s about six months overdue if you ask me Rachel.”

“After Christmas,” Mom said simply, “it’d be too hard right now with her big sister still being in diapers. It’ll be a bit easier when she goes away to school.”

Grandma looked at me for a moment and just sighed. “So this tiara of hers - I see Lily has one just like it?”

I shook my head, “No, it’s a lot different, it just looks similar. I made it for her to keep her from feeling jealous. Mom wanted me to wear mine today.”

“And just why do you even need a tiara?” She asked me.

“Because I’m a princess now,” I told her matter-of-factly.

“Of COURSE you are,” she said and laughed a little, “I forgot all little girls are really princesses.”

I decided not to correct her and Mom didn’t either.

We spent about an hour talking there. During which my weight being so little came up, my eyes being pretty but obviously those of a mutant, again about Lily needing to be potty trained, and a billion other nitpicking things came up. It’s part of why Mom didn’t come to see her that often - it wore on you. Eventually Grandma said, “Well, shall we go out to eat lunch?”

Hannah ended up in the middle seat between the two carseats and seemed kind of squished. Luckily it wasn’t far to the restaurant and Mom was carrying Lily into the restaurant and Grandma had me. “You are way too light,” she told me quietly while we waited for them to get a table with two high chairs ready.”

I blushed.

“You do eat, right?” She asked.

“Umm… you could say that.” I whispered back.

“Rachel for five?” the hostess said and led us to the table they had ready. Lily and I were placed into the seats, had our bibs put on, and then sat there coloring on the menu while we waited for Mom to order for us. Thankfully we’d already talked before that I wanted the chicken alfredo! The waitress preemptively brought us a box thinking we would need it. She and my grandmother were very surprised to see I daintily finished every bite! Mom checked Lily’s diaper where she was sitting in the high chair and said, “I’m going to go change Lily’s diaper, do you need changed too, Sofia?”

I had to nod. Hannah picked me up out of the high chair and sat me down on the ground. Mom grabbed Lily and my hands and walked us back to the bathroom. We had to wait for another mom to change her newborn’s diaper before Mom was able to change Lily and then me, before we went right back to the table. By the time we got back the check was paid by Grandma and she and Hannah were ready to go.

Grandma decided to come shopping with us, so she went with us to Costco, Kohl’s, Babies ‘r Us, and another mall before we returned to the photo shop at the mall we started at in the morning. Mom decided to be brave and go without the stroller since we had both been getting antsy inside of it. “Come on slow poke,” Hannah prodded me when I stopped to look at a window display of pretty dresses on our way in.

Mom and Grandma had just gone up to the counter to talk to the man while Hannah, Lily, and I stood outside the store. Someone grabbed me all of the sudden and started running.

“What are you doing?” I screamed.

It wasn’t Hannah! Someone was kidnapping me!!!!!!



End Chapter 6

Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021


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