Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021

Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Bonded

Chapter 7: Bonded


“PUT ME DOWN!” I screamed loudly.

“Shut up freak!!!” A man said as he found the pacifier clipped to my dress and shoved it in my mouth.

“I warned you!” I said around my pacifier as I touched his body with my hand and pushed a charge of magic into it. I didn’t have time to think about ley lines or technique, I just did it by instinct.

That’s when all Hell really broke loose. He fell down like a sack of coal but his momentum carried us forward. I tumbled across the floor and my head hit the tile floor hard! I wanted to cry and could feel some tears begin to stream out of my eyes.

“Oh my God, someone call 911!” A lady screamed.

“That baby’s a mutant!”

“Someone, get that baby! It’s a freak of nature!”

I looked around at the unfriendly faces for all of a second, before I picked myself off the ground and began running as quickly as I could back down the hallway I’d come. People tried chasing me but I ran between the legs of the adults, around strollers, and I was sure that I was putting the mile time from the other day to shame. ‘Caireen, is there any way for me to move faster?’ I asked.

‘You already are, you need to find your Mommy.’

‘Duh!’ I said.

Fortunately for me I spotted Hannah not far from me. “Hannah!!!” I cried! When I got close to her, I leaped into her arms.

“Oh my God I was so worried,” she said as she caught me and gave me a tight hug.

“We’re not out of the woods, where’s Mom…?”

“That girl has her, come on!” I heard a voice yell.

“Run Hannah!” I told her.

All of a sudden the world seemed to almost freeze in place as more things happened at once than my brain could process immediately. First, I noticed that Hannah’s eyes changed colors to a green almost identical to mine. Before I could even gasp, she began glowing green like a glow stick… She shouted, “You won’t hurt her!” and a shockwave of green light flew out from her towards the mob that was chasing us.

‘What the Hell?’ I screamed in my brain.

Hannah staggered a bit, then she sat down suddenly while barely holding onto me. Luckily Mom and Grandma were right there by then. Mom asked Grandma, “Mom, can you help Hannah?”

Grandma nodded while Mom picked up Lily. Grandma put her shoulder underneath Hannah’s arm and began helping to get her moving down the hallway. I ran alongside them as we retreated to the parking lot as quickly as we could. As we made it through the doors, I thought we might just make it away safely without any other pursuit… but that wasn’t to be.

We had just about made it to the car when a dozen men began running towards us with ski masks over their faces. “I’ll take care of this,” I told Mom.


“We’ll never make it past them even in the car. I’ll take care of it. Get Lily strapped in and Hannah in there. Leave the door open for me to jump into.”

Thankfully my mom decided not to argue and just started doing what I’d told her.

As the crowd approached, I found six lines for a blast right in front of them and let loose. A green ball of energy flew from my hand and struck true about eight feet in front of where they were. A sudden explosion nearly knocked me to the ground! The blast was terrifying, and a huge crater formed in the asphalt where I had aimed. All of our pursuers were blown backwards and lay still on the ground. Car alarms blared all around me, and windows were shattered all around the crater. I only caught that with a glance though as I turned to jump into the car, close the door, and screamed “Go!”  

Mom sped away with screeching tires. I clambered into my car seat and Hannah shakily latched the straps for me. “Are you okay Hannah?”

“I think so, I’m so glad you’re okay!!!!” She said and there were tears in her eyes.

“Mom, drive to Grandma’s as fast as you can.”

“Why there?” Mom asked.

“I’m hoping she’ll let us borrow her car to buy us a little more time. Then we need to get back to Los Alamos as quickly as we can. Hannah’s going to have the MCO all over her if we’re not careful!”

“That’s fine,” Grandma said. “We’ll put your car in the garage to try and kill a bit more time.”

“Won’t they be watching the road to Los Alamos?” Hannah asked.

“Probably, but we’ll take the back road through Jemez Springs instead.” I suggested.

Mom nodded and pulled through the streets as quickly as she could without getting pulled over.

I pulled my purse from the space it was kept and pulled out my cell phone from where I had left it that morning and dialed Dad. “Daddy!” I practically shouted in relief.

“Sofia? What’s wrong?”

“We’re in trouble… Someone tried kidnapping me and I ended up using magic to take him down. Some Humanity First types tried to grab me but I escaped to Hannah who chose that moment to manifest herself… She used some sort of energy to blast at the people following me and it made a huge blast to knock them over.”

“So, you got away?”

“In the parking lot there were more so I used my magic and blasted a spell in front of them… it might look like a bomb went off,” I said embarrassed.

“Where are you now?”

“We’re heading to Grandma’s to trade cars for hers and leave her there.”

“Which way are you planning on coming home?”

“The back way,” I said.

“I’ll see if I can get some of my friends to help you out. Be careful.”

“Okay, talk to you later, love you.”

“Love you too.”

“Dad’s going to try and get us some help,” I said as Mom pulled into the driveway. Grandma had a garage opener in her purse, used it to get the door open and was in her car quicker than I believed she could be at her age. She pulled it out and we parked our car and switched out the car seats before jumping in her car. Quick hugs were exchanged and Mom took off quickly.

“Are you okay Hannah?” I asked as we drove. I was glad she didn’t seem to be going through an immediate burnout like I did.

“I think so. People and a lot of objects have these weird glowing auras around them now…”

I nodded, “You definitely manifested too! And you nailed those guys, thank you for that!”

“You’re welcome Sofia, but I couldn’t let anyone hurt you. When I saw those guys coming to attack you I felt something pop inside and… it’s weird.”

“What’s weird?” Mom asked.

“The last week Sofia has mattered to me because she’s been like my little sister, but now she seems different. I really don’t think I can describe it…”

‘She bonded to you,’ Caireen said with a gasp.

‘What do you mean?’

I felt her sigh. ‘It means that now I have to share you with two other mothers.’

“WHAT?!?!” I screamed aloud.

“What’s wrong honey?” Mom asked frantically looking around.

“You’re fine Mom, keep driving.” I said, not wanting to mention it.

“You know what it is?” Hannah asked.

I nodded, “Do you?”

“I think so… sorry,” she said.

“What, it’s not like you could help it?” I suggested, “We’ll talk about it when we get home.”

“If we get home…” Hannah said nervously.

Mom took a back route to go through Rio Rancho to Bernalillo, and then down the road to San Ysidro where we would turn. Just before she made the turn my phone rang. “Hello?”

“Sofia, it’s a good thing you went the other way, the news is showing a group of Humanity First have set up roadblocks the other way to catch the suspects in a heinous terrorist attack…”

“Great, nothing on this route yet?”

“Not mentioned on the news yet, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Unfortunately, one of the ‘features’ of Los Alamos for the government is there are only two ways in and out. You might try and disguise yourselves if you can.”

“Doh! How come I didn’t think about that?” I said annoyed. “I think we’re going to lose service here Dad, hope to see you soon.”

As soon as I hung up, I changed everyone’s clothes. Lily and I were now in innocent looking onesie rompers that showed the edges of diapers. I changed Hannah’s outfit to a Gi and Mom into a business suit. Mom and Hannah’s hair colors also got changed to a dark brown. I left mine alone for a while. I was prepared to make a shield around the car for if we were attacked.

“Why am I wearing one of your uniforms?” Hannah asked.

“Well, would you prefer a cheerleading outfit?” I asked.

“No…” she said thoughtfully. “I think a sweater and jeans sticks out less, don’t you?”

I sighed, “That’s why I had you wear that. It’ll make your clothes stand out and not your eyes.”


Mom drove down the twisty road through the Jemez Pueblo and then the Mountains. In Jemez Springs we spotted the first sign of trouble in that there was a long line of traffic that seemed to be running into a roadblock. “Hannah, can you get a bottle for Lily and I?”

“Now?” She asked.

“Now, I’ll look more innocent.” I said with conviction. “Then act like you’re napping.”

So it was that five minutes later we pulled up to a road block of a county sheriff officer and some Humanity First volunteers that had been deputized and were looking at vehicles. “Looks like you got your hands full ma’am, the officer said while looking around the car with a flashlight.”

Mom laughed, “At times it feels that way.”

“Where you coming from?”

“Las Cruces, my oldest had a tournament there today.” She nodded towards Hannah, “It always amazes me how tired she is after her adrenaline wears down. Anyway, I heard there was some sort of mutant problem the other direction to town, so I decided to play it safe and drive this way.”

He nodded and shined a light at me in the car seat. I could feel it somehow even though I had my eyes shut. I hoped I looked like I was sleepily nursing on my bottle. “Cute daughters,” he said, “Yeah we’re keeping an eye out for a couple of dangerous mutants here. Have you seen anything suspicious on your drive up?”

Mom shook her head, “It’s been a quiet drive until we ran into this checkpoint. I hope you catch the mutant filth you’re looking for.”

“Me too,” he said, “go ahead and move along,” he said.

Mom drove away and I waited forty seconds before I dared breath. She drove through the small town and sped away at the limits down the highway to Los Alamos. “I can’t believe that worked,” Mom said.

“Don’t get cocky Mom, they’ll probably have another guard looking out at the guard station going into Los Alamos. Hopefully Dad at least was able to help out with that...” I sat in the car and watched the steep cliffs and forest go by. The snow from last week was still around and it was really pretty. I noticed I still had half a bottle of milk left and nervously nursed the rest of it. I never once felt sleepy as we continued up the mountain. It was at the Caldera entrance that we hit another checkpoint - this one an MCO run checkpoint that seemed to have hastily been put into place.

“I have a bad feeling about this one Mom. Play it like we did the last one. If they get suspicious, gun the engine and don’t stop until we get to Los Alamos.”

Everything was going well until I could see they ran the license plate and discovered it was registered to Grandma, “Ma’am, we need you to step out of the vehicle. The mutant scum in your car are to be taken in.” He said as he leveled a pistol at her. I activated the shield spell and said, “Go Mom!” At the same time, I also fired spells at the cars they had and obliterated their transportation.

The next fifteen minutes of my life were the most terrifying moments I had ever experienced! Mom drove like a crazed lunatic through the switchbacks down the mountain and into town.

“There’s a helicopter up there!” Hannah cried out halfway down.

Just as I was trying to see from my limited view, I saw a blue electrical pulse flying toward us. Fortunately, my shield stopped it and the energy dissolved. My shield seemed to be undamaged, but I could feel it was a tiny bit weaker. Fifteen or so shots of that, or a few more powerful blasts would probably knock my shield down! Just as I was getting ready to shoot off a spell attack Hannah rolled her window down and sent another of those bright green balls of energy at the helicopter. The ball exploded against the rear of the helicopter’s engine.

“They’re really not going to like us.” I said.

“Oh my God, I didn’t mean to…” Hannah said.

“Hannah, it’s okay, they would have done much worse things to us.” I told her as it went down, “Besides, some of them probably made it off and are just going to deal with broken bones.” I doubted all made it, but they weren’t too high above the ground when they crashed...

Finally, the lights of the town came into focus and we could see flashing police lights waiting for us. Fortunately, they were Military Police vehicles and I was eternally grateful as they welcomed us into town and then asked us to step out of the vehicle. Dad was standing there beside one of the chief security officers.

Mom grabbed Lily and I out of our car seats and launched herself at Dad in a hug. “Get in here!” I told Hannah as she looked sheepishly around.

“Mrs. Hammerstein, is everyone alright?” He asked.

Mom sniffed her nose and nodded, “Mostly, I have two poopy babies I think though.”

I hadn’t even noticed.


AN HOUR LATER we were in a secure area of the Los Alamos labs with military guards outside the conference room we were in. Lily was cuddled up in Mom’s lap while I was in Dad’s lap. Hannah’s parents were there, along with the chief of security, Dad’s boss, and a representative from the MCO.

“I demand you turn custody of these two mutants over to us immediately!” A flustered MCO agent demanded. “I have warrants for their arrest in the attempted murder of 20 people in Albuquerque, 8 MCO officers up at the Caldera, Murder and attempted murder of MCO agents when they shot down a helicopter, among other charges!”

“No.” The Chief of Security, Robert Jennings said simply and unemotionally.


“The facts are pretty clear in the first part sir. They were defending themselves from a mob after Sofia defended herself from a kidnapper. Your agents only were attacked when they were abusive and said ‘mutant scum’ as they tried to detain them. I think anyone would doubt their safety in that instance.”


“They have a video recording of this that I have viewed. Furthermore, both of these mutants have Military MIDs and fall under our jurisdiction.”

“I’ll fight this!” the gentleman fumed.

“I’m sure you will. Sergeant Weathers, please escort this man and all other MCO agents out of town. The MCO has no jurisdiction here.”

When he left, I looked at Hannah, “When did you get your card?”

“Actually, that was a bit of a stretch of the truth. We’ll need to take her and test her immediately for one, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for your daughters to remain here much longer,” he said to our parents.

Mom nodded with tears coming out of her eyes, “You’re right.”

“Is there any way we can see if Whateley can take both of them right away?” Dad asked.

As if to answer the question before it even came from his mouth there was a knock on the conference room door and another uniformed Sergeant stepped in. “Elizabeth Carson just arrived sir.”

“Excellent timing,” Robert said.

Mrs. Carson walked in a moment later and smiled at us. “How are you doing?” She said to us as a group. “It’s good to see you again Robert, Mr. and Mrs. Hammerstein, Sofia,” she said politely. “I’m Elizabeth Carson, the headmistress at Whateley Academy,” she said to Hannah and her parents.

“How are you here so quickly?” Dad asked, surprised.

“Sofia has some interesting abilities that left her flagged in our system. We prefer to take students at a semester break at this point, but if something like what just happened goes on, we like to be ready to move things sooner.”

“So, you can take her now?” Mom asked.

“Sort of, I have to work out one last thing. I suspect it’s going to be just fine though,” she told Mom. “Mr. and Mrs. Rayburn, I think based on what happened with Hannah she would also benefit from coming to Whateley. Unfortunately, the MCO is going to be breathing down her back for some time. I believe like the Hammersteins, you don’t actually live in Los Alamos?”

Hannah’s dad shook his head, “No, we live outside too. The lab's protection only extends through Los Alamos?” he asked Mr. Jennings.

“That’s correct. Since the labs were historically military operated from the time of the Manhattan Project, we have retained the ability to send those MCO scumbags out of town at our leisure. The problem is that if you exit town, they can do whatever they want again.”

“Your school, it’s also free of this issue?” her dad asked her.

“Yes. Historically we’ve had many students who have found the school to be a safe haven from MCO witch hunts.”

“It’s a good school?” Hannah’s mom asked, “I mean… I never expected Hannah to be a mutant…” she sounded shocked. “And,” her voice cracked, “I never thought I would have to send her away for school so soon...”

“You would of course be welcome to visit, and your daughters are always welcome to come home for breaks. I wouldn’t recommend them visiting for Christmas though, the MCO probably won’t let up until at least March when they’ll most likely have had some bigger fish to fry.”

I watched both of our moms burst into tears at that. “You said there was one more issue?” Dad asked.

“Well we still need someone to roommate with Sofia and help her with... “

“Diapers and babysitting?” I asked.


“I’ll do it,” Hannah said.

“Are you sure?” Mrs. Carson asked.

“I don’t think I could let anyone else do it.” Hannah said.

“I’m sure someone else could,” Hannah’s mom started.

“No Mom, I mean I physically and emotionally couldn’t let someone else do it.”

“What do you mean Hannah?” Mrs. Carson asked.

I answered, “Mrs. Carson when I jumped into Hannah’s arms, with everyone chasing after me, that was when she mutated. Just as I ended up with the BIT of a baby… I think she ended up with the BIT of a mother.” I looked sheepishly at Mom, “Caireen complained that she’s having to share me with two other mothers now, this kind of confirmed it to me.”

“A true bonding… that is unique,” Mrs. Carson said. “In that case I think we’ll take both girls as roommates. Do you need a crib, or can Caireen help you modify your room?” she asked me.


‘I get to make another nursery!’ she sounded happy.

I groaned internally, “We’ll take care of it,” I told her.

“Okay then, Robert, have you finished processing Hannah’s MMID yet?”

“We haven’t tested her yet…”

“Can you make the MMID and we’ll test her at Whateley? We retest everyone there anyway, and it would let us get them settled in tonight. I’ll send you her test results by Tuesday to log into the system.”

“Give me a half-hour?” He suggested.

“Good, that’ll give the girls a chance to say goodbye to their parents and me to get an extra warper to come help them out.”

“What about my clothes and stuff?” Hannah asked.

“We’ll ship them to you,” her mom said.

The next thirty minutes were tear filled. Mom insisted on changing my diaper before we left, and I hugged my sister and parents, clinging to them until it was time to go. “Be good for Hannah,” Mom told me.

“Mom, she’s my best friend…”

“And, apparently another mother now. She has my full permission to discipline you or whatever she needs to do.”


“Sofia that’s not up for debate. You’re in a two-year old’s body - and at times you act like it too.”

I sighed, “I’ll be good, like always Mom!”

Finally, the time came and Mrs. Carson directed us to follow her out to an area that wasn’t warded against warpers. Hannah held me on her right hip so I could see a little bit. Mom had given her Lily and my diaper bag with four bottles that had been rinsed out, some diapers, and a few extra pacifiers. She promised to next-day ship some other clothes and more diapers for me too.

We came to an area marked, “Warper port,” with a dozen armed Marines standing guard.

There were two people there that looked to be in some sort of uniform that said Whateley on the shirts. “Good evening Mrs. Carson,” an older one said.

“Hi Tom, these two ladies are going back with us,” she said.

“The baby?” He asked, surprised.

“Come on Tom, you know better than to judge by appearance,” she chided with a smile at the man who had some decidedly insect looking features on his face.

“Right Mrs. Carson.” He said, “Okay, young lady,” he said to Hannah, “I’m going to grab onto your elbow, hold on tight to the baby.”

A moment later our parents were gone and we were no longer in Los Alamos. We stood outside a large building on a street. “Welcome to Whateley ladies,” Mrs. Carson said from beside us. “Normally we would go have a meeting and complete some paperwork when you arrive, but given it’s nearly midnight I think it’s better to take you to your dorm and get you settled in.” She paused, “Umm… Hannah, because of Sofia I have a dorm I want to place you in… Please don’t be offended by it when you discover more about it.

“Huh?” We both said, but she didn’t explain any further.

A very pretty looking short Hispanic girl came up the path just then. “Mrs. Potter asked for me to come see you to help some new students?”

‘Be careful, this girl is very powerful,’ Caireen told me.

“Yes Esmie,” she pointed towards us, “these two will be joining Poe Cottage, Mrs. Potter will help them find a room there.”

“Okay, no problem!” She said with a very pretty voice and beckoned us to follow her. “I’m sorry, I’m Esmie,” she said, and you are?”

“I’m Sofia, and this is Hannah,” I said for us.

Esmie kept walking, “I assume Sofia you’re actually older than you look?”

I laughed, “Sort of… at least I was.”

“Sounds like an interesting story,” she said.

“That it is,” I agreed.

“Any chance I can hear it?”

“Tomorrow?” I suggested. “It’s been a long day…”

“If you arrived in the middle of the night with Mrs. Carson and warpers I imagine it was!” she agreed.

Esmie stopped just outside a building with a statue in front of it. It looked like a proper private school dorm from the movies, with nothing really scary about it, that made me nervous. “Look there’s a lot that I need to fill you in about this school… But most of it can wait until tomorrow though. Before we go in, I want to make sure you know for certain about Poe.”

“What about it?” Hannah asked, “Mrs. Carson alluded to something too.”

“We have a secret. Everyone here is either a changeling or prefers non-traditional relationships.”

“They’re gay in other words?” I asked.

“Sofia Elizabeth!” Hannah hissed, shocking me by her motherly use of my middle name.

“What? I’m not knocking it.” I felt a bit bad.

“So, I’m assuming Sofia you are a changeling?” She asked me.

I nodded, “In about every way…”

“Hannah?” she asked her and I looked up to see Hannah blushing.

“Hannah?” I asked softly, confused.

“I’ll fit in here,” she said with a smile. “Leave it at that,” she said as much to me as to Esmie. “Don’t worry, we’ll keep the dorm’s secret.”

Esmie smiled at us, “Welcome to Poe!”

It was quiet as we entered the front doors and a kindly older lady that had stern eyes greeted us. “Good evening Esmie,” she said to her, “Go ahead and head up to your room, I’ll see to these two now.”

“Thanks, Esmie,” I said, joined by Hannah’s voice.

“Ladies, my name is Mrs. Potter, I’m the house mother for Poe.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Hannah, and this is Sofia,” Hannah said.

“If I didn’t know any better, I would say Sofia was your daughter?” she asked.

We both blushed, “Not by birth,” I said.

“How old were you before you changed?” She asked me.


“I see, Hannah, you were the same age?”

“Yes, I guess at least I don’t think I’ve changed ages like Sofia…”

She smiled at Hannah and continued, “Anyway, we are fortunate enough to have one dorm room left empty on the freshman floor. I hope the regular beds work for Sofia?”

“Mrs. Carson is expecting me to change it,” I said simply.

“Alright then.” She showed us where the bathrooms were and led us to our room. It was a pretty good-sized room in all honesty, but I hoped it would be big enough for whatever Caireen had in mind. “Do you need any bedding?” She asked curiously.


‘Nope, I’m going to take care of everything!’ She said with a giddiness that made me fearful.

“I’ll be making it,” I assured her.

She looked suspiciously at me in Hannah’s arms but shrugged and said “Good night, ladies, I need you ready to go at eight so you can get your breakfast. You have an appointment at one to begin sorting out the next few days for yourselves out.”

“Okay Sofia,” she said as she sat me down on the floor, “do your thing?”

‘Caireen, you want to just take over and I’ll watch? I’m really tired,’ I confessed the last bit with a little bit of shame.


For the next twenty minutes Caireen worked spells that I tried to follow but didn’t have a chance to really do so. It was advanced magic that was way beyond my understanding. At the end of all of it we stood in the prettiest and most girly room I could imagine existed on the planet. Everything, including the existing furniture, closet doors, wardrobes, had been changed to a white color with fancy molding along the ceiling and along the walls a couple feet from the floor. The drop ceilings tiled look had been changed to plaster, with lots of decorative sculpted accents, and two medium size crystal chandeliers hung down to illuminate the room. Glass wall sconces now adorned the wall as well. The floor was cushioned by a very soft light lavender carpet.

The walls of the room appeared to have been split into two personalities. Hannah’s featured a pretty deep lavender color that had a large, bold black sketching of a tree with music notes and hearts interspersed in it.

Mine featured a mural of the castle from the Sofia the First show and the characters painted on it in painstaking detail. The mural spanned both of my walls, just as her color spanned her wall and the wall portions visible around the closets and wardrobes. The room itself seemed to have somehow grown larger by at least double.

Hannah had a beautiful white four poster bed with elegant bedding and lots of lace on the curtains that came down. Somehow there was a little detail or two that made it seem older fashioned and retro than the little girls dream bedding that was mine. I felt both excited and diabetic from looking at my side of the room. A round crib with a canopy over it was just offset from the wall. A changing table leaned against the wall opposite the doorway. It was all styled very similar to my nursery in the castle, which didn’t surprise me since the same person decorated this one! My bedding was a light pink and I could see the crib had emerald jeweled accents along the top and bottom rail, in addition to having ornate carvings of tiaras along the rails as well.

We had each been allotted desks along a wall, one obviously mine by the size, and computers rested on both. A rocking chair was conveniently located in one corner of the room with a soft pink and green baby blanket hanging over the back of it. There were bookshelves for both of us, with one shelf completely filled with picture books. A toy chest sat next to the wall, most likely filled with toys. Hannah confirmed that when she went to open it.

“Wow,” Hannah said.

“Too much?” I asked.

“Way,” she giggled. “This is the princess bedroom I dreamed about since I was a little girl!”

“Well, we both have it now,” I said while shaking my head.

Without warning she picked me up and walked me over to the changing table. She noticed there were diapers there and said, “Caireen, Your Majesty, thank you for this.”

‘Tell her she’s welcome,’ Caireen said.

“She said you’re welcome.”

Hannah had me stripped from the romper and the soaked diaper I was wearing in no time. She left me strapped on the changing table and walked to the closets. Inside she found a light green nightgown with as much lace as anything I had seen at Caireen’s castle. “This is adorable!” She said.

I sighed and agreed, “It’s very pretty.”

She had it on over my head and then said, “Your mom said you normally have a bottle at night?”

I nodded, “and a story…” I paused, “I don’t expect that from you though. It’s not like we have any milk in the room!”

Hannah nodded and sat me on the floor. “Let me see if Caireen left me anything to wear.” She opened the closet and was amazed to see a collection of modern and heirloom dresses there. She found a pretty pink nightgown for herself and began taking her clothes off. I was really embarrassed, but for some reason couldn’t help but watch. When the Gi she was still wearing came undone she stiffened.

Her bra was soaked.

“What the Hell?” she said. “Eew…” she pulled off her bra and we both realized why she had that problem. She was lactating.

She just stared at me and didn’t say a word.

‘Caireen, what’s going on?’

‘I don’t know for sure...’


I felt her sigh, ‘I told you there was another mother… I think that’s why.’

‘Is she okay?’

‘Of course. Though if she continues to lactate without having a baby pulling the milk out it gets very painful.’

“Say something Sofia,” Hannah said, “You had that ‘I’m talking to Caireen look’ on your face.”

Now I sighed too, “She said that it’s because you bonded with me.”

“Is that all?”

I shook my head, “she also mentioned that it will get pretty painful if you don’t have a way to remove it.”

“Is this a permanent thing?”

‘Is it?’

‘Maybe. She might dry up like a normal mother if there’s not a baby feeding.’


‘But I have a feeling this is her BIT just like yours is leaving you in diapers.’

“Great…” I said aloud. “She says you might dry up if there’s not a baby feeding.”


“Or... this is your BIT.”

Hannah burst into tears then and I ran up to hold her legs in a hug at least. “What am I going to do? They already thought you were my daughter… Like I had you at sixteen!?!?! If I’m lactating…” I held onto her for a moment before she picked me up and hugged me tight.

Her face was really red when she pushed me back so I could see her face, “I wish it wasn’t so out of the question to have you help me…”

“Help how?” I asked cautiously.

“Well you’re the only baby I know around…” she paused, “and you got me into this mess.”

“I was your eighteen-year-old male best friend last week!” I whined.

“Well, this week you’re a baby,” she said with a smile.

I looked at her face and could see the discomfort showing. Hannah had been my best friend for years, and I could tell she was embarrassed beyond words right now too. “No one other than a doctor or our parents knows about this, right?” I asked.

“What happens in the nursery, stays in the nursery,” she told me.

“Mom never follows that rule…”

“I promise not to announce your poopy diaper changes all over the school like she would.”

“Can I have that in writing?”

She tickled my side, “I guess shall we try this? If it’s too weird you really don’t have to… I kind of feel like I need you to though,” she told me honestly.

“I’m more worried about the two of us being so dependent on each other, but let’s give this a go,” I told her with a smile.

“You know other than pretending to feed my dolls when I was little, I don’t have a clue how to do this…”

“Well, put me up there and hold me,” I told her.

So that’s what she did. I sucked tentatively a moment later before beginning a natural rhythm that I felt like I had no control over. “Does that taste okay Sofia?” She asked me. I didn’t respond though; my body was on autopilot just like it was with Caireen in the castle. Eventually when I had drained her first breast, she instinctively shifted me to the other side. While she was holding me, she began singing a lullaby. Her voice was beautiful and soothing. It left me feeling like I was in the safest place in the world, I was so comfortable! At some point I must have fallen fast asleep.



End Chapter 7

Emerald Princess

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 31, 2021


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maja · Jul 17, 2021

I have wanted to give a comment to this since the start but didn't feel like it was the right place, but now I have to say something finally. This is such a great story. This chapter had a bit more action in it than the others, but I just love your story. The universe this all is happening in has really great potential and you couldn't have used it better. That thing with Hannah at the end is the best thing that could've happened and I'm so happy about it. In general, I love your writing style, the themes of the story, the characters, just amazing. It has just the right mix between embarrassment and cuteness. You publish faster than I can read, because I don't want to read everything at once, but I am really excited about where else you will go with this. I'm sure you will not disappoint us. Are you publishing as you write or is this story older and you only get it out now?

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