No Trespassing

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Never ignore the signs if you're going door to door. Some homeowners have unorthodox methods of treating their guests that ignore them...

Chapter 1
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Chapter Description: Never ignore the signs if you're going door to door. Some homeowners have unorthodox methods of treating their guests that ignore them...

With a loud creak, Mark pushed open the iron gate that led up to the last house on a winding footpath, clipboard in hand. He edged in slowly, aware that many of the placards outside stated quite clearly that his occupation wasn’t welcome.

“Jack I don’t think this is a good idea” he looked back over his shoulder to his colleague, the more experienced of the two.

“Nonsense” the deer responded “These signs are always just for salesmen, we’re doing work for the county office. It’s actually important.” he walked more briskly, overtaking the coyote and patting him on the shoulder as he approached the doorway. The letterbox repeated the warnings, “No Spam, No Take-Out” written in big black lettering further adding to Marks reticence. Jack, however, was unperturbed. He grabbed the heavy brass door knocker and drummed it against the wooden door.

“Who is it?!” a shrill voice came from the other side. Mark took a step back, but Jack pulled himself up.

“Hello Ma'am, we’re from the county clerks office and…”

“Didn’t you read the signs?!” The voice rose in volume, sending chills down Mark's spine. Something felt wrong here…

“Yes Ma’am but we’re not salesmen! We’re just…”

With a sudden croak the door opened wide, the face of a elderly vixen staring back at the two young men. Her grey hair was matted, strands of it falling down her eyes. Mark could’ve sworn their blue iris was swirling as she looked at the two young men.

“What do you want?”

Mark tried to speak up “Sorry to disturb you ma'am but…” he stopped. Her expression was softening as her gaze met his “Umm… we’re here to ask…”

“Goodness, where are my manners? It's not often I have two handsome men come to my door”

Jack grinned, taking this as his cue “Well, thank you madam! We’re here from the council to ask if you’d be alright with…”

“Why don’t you come inside? I just put a pot of coffee on, and you two look like you could use it”

Jacks grin widened “How kind of you! We’re at the end of our polling on this street, so why not?!”

Mark tugged on his shirt, clearly disturbed “Jack, I think we should go…”

The deer was already walking inside before Mark could get another word in. The vixen moved to the side to let him pass. Mark grimaced and followed, his fur standing on end as they crossed the threshold. As he did so the vixen closed the door behind them and walked in front of it.

Mark's eyes once again met hers as he looked back over to her… and they began to glow.

“Now, let’s get you two a little more comfortable…”

As she finished speaking, Mark felt vertigo overtake his senses. The hallway began to spin, everything in it seemed to grow larger around him as he fell backwards to the floor. His clothes felt heavy, his sleeves seemed to weigh his arms to his sides and his legs felt tangled in his chinos. He looked around, trying to find Jack… and saw what was happening.

His friend was getting smaller, vanishing into his clothes as he also fell to the floor. His antlers, grown large over so many years, shrunk to nubs that poked out of his head. Just as he saw Jack vanish into his shirt, he felt his own rising to his muzzle. He was shrinking too!

A few moments later the vertigo passed. With some effort, Mark pulled himself out of the collar of his shirt, looking down at himself. He was completely naked, his limbs were pudgy and felt feeble and barely mobile. He felt unsteady on his legs as he tried to balance in the pile of clothes.

“What’s going on?” Jack cried out, still stuck in the clothes “What did you do to us?!”

The old woman laughed “Not the quickest pair are you? I saw you boys coming up the street and I’d hoped you’d be smart enough to read the signs. But either you did, and you ignored them, or you can’t read at all. And in either case I think some… retraining is in order.”

Jack finally got himself free of the tangle of his own clothes and stood up, wobbling a little before pointing at the vixen accusingly “Turn us back! You can’t do this! I’ll report you to the… to the…”

Mark immediately noticed what was causing Jacks to suddenly stop in his tracks. He was peeing, a steady stream flowing out of him onto his prized suit. He was looking down, his face in shock as his own body betrayed him.

“Oh dear! Couldn’t even keep yourself dry for five minutes!” the fox walked over to Jack, his hands having grabbed his crotch to stem the flow “Now now, don’t worry. I’ll get you both into more suitable clothing…”

Mark felt the vertigo return as his legs suddenly lifted themselves from the floor into the air, his clothes vanishing around him as his naked body floated towards a door at the end of the corridor. He could feel panic rising in his brain as alien thoughts started to intrude on his ability to keep calm. The coyote could feel the urge to put his thumb in his mouth to relieve it, to reduce the stress, but he wouldn’t. He wasn’t a child, even if this witch was trying to make it so. Jack meanwhile had been picked up by the vixen, his small fawn body being supported on her arms as she cleaned up his nethers with a washcloth.

“Goodness, you really had to go didn’t you?”

“PUT ME DOWN!” Jack screamed, his voice high and shrill, reduced to that of a toddler “I’ll swear I’ll weport you to..” the deer was interrupted as a pacifier slotted neatly into his muzzle. Mark watched as the fawns eyes suddenly drooped, his mouth suckling on the bulb and his body going limp as his resistance seemed to ebb away.

“There, much better. You were clearly the louder of the two of you, so no surprise you needed your binky first…”

As they crossed the threshold to the room at the end of the hallway, Marks jaw dropped. Bright, pastel colours adorned the walls and floors, a strong smell of lavender permeated the air and all the furniture was bright white. Mark could identify them all, a cot, a small bed against the wall with a rail, a huge wardrobe and a changing table, stacked to the brim with diapers and changing supplies. The thoughts from before began to play in his mind again, a soft voice telling him what was next.

A diaper change.

“Now Jack” the vixen placed him down on the changing table, Mark resting in the air behind her shoulder “You’ve been a bit of a naughty boy haven’t you? It’s ok though, Mama Cali will make sure you’re good from now on” she pulled a fresh diaper out from under the table. Jack squirmed a little, but his energy was visibly gone. With practiced hands the witch pulled up his pudgy legs, moving a diaper decorated with baby blocks and little numbers under his rear.

“No more going door to door for you little man, just a lot of crawling around your new nursery!” she cooed, pulling the front of the padding up and over his tummy before securely taping the sides. As she finished, she lifted him up and motioned with her hand, the fawn left floating in the air next to her, still suckling on his pacifier as his eyes shut and breathing slowed.

“They always need a little nap after their first change… Now” she took Mark by the armpits and laid him flat on the table “Let’s get a little pup in suitable underwear shall we?”

Mark squirmed, trying to get off the table “Pl..Please no! Let me go, I’ll do anything! Please, just…”

“Anything huh?” the witch smiled at him. Marks face drained, the realisation that he’d made a very clear mistake visibly showing as his eyes widened “I have an idea. If you like it too, I’ll let you grow up again! How does that sound?”

Mark felt his voice get stuck in his throat “Wha..what?”

The witch pulled another diaper out from under the table “Well, I’m sure you don’t want to be in these for very long?” Mark shook his head “So, I’ll make sure that’s not the case anymore… on one condition”

“What’s that?”

“This nursery, as you’ve probably guessed, is enchanted. Lots of little spells here and there to make little ones as comfortable as possible. Your friend over there is already starting to feel the effects, but he’s resisting. Even as he sleeps his mind is fighting with my array of little sorceries, some of which I’m sure you’ve already heard bouncing in your head”

Mark grimaced as she lifted his legs and slipped the diaper under him. That explained the voice.

“Trying to force it takes energy on my part. I’d rather not spend the next week recovering from the drain of making this little fawn a compliant infant. So, if you can convince him to just let go, to enjoy this experience and give in willingly…” she pulled the diaper over his stomach, taping it up “We can get you into big boy pants again. Sound good?”

Marks mouth started to wobble. He nodded, desperation taking over as he felt the crinkly padding between his legs. Maybe he could still get out of this…

“Now, let’s get you two settled in shall we?” Cali carefully took Jack out of the air and picked up Mark from the table, cradling the two of them in her arms for the first time. Jack's eyes opened and widened, still suckling on the pacifier .

“M..Marrrk” he groaned “Thif...thif is bad” his voice was muffled round the pacifier.

“It… it’s ok” Mark responded “Just… keep calm”

Cali smiled, taking them over to the other side of the nursery. A playpen was set up around a selection of different toys, each of them suitably babyish, with a stack of plushies up against the wall. She put the two of them down on their new, crinkly underwear and headed back towards the entrance to the nursery.

“Now you two, play nice. I’ll leave with a drink as well, make sure to keep hydrated!” a baby bottle of milk and a sippy cup of juice popped into view, the witch laying them down beside the two boys “I’ll be back in an hour or so” she pulled the door to the nursery shut, leaving Mark and Jack to look at eachother alone for the first time. Mark could already feel guilt setting in, knowing the deal he’d made could save him…

“Jack it’s…”

“Thif if dumb!” the deer pulled at the pacifier trying to get it out of his mouth “If makesh me sounf wike a baby!”

“Don’t struggle! You’ll just wear yourself out!” he crawled over to the fawn “Just try to calm down Jack”

The fawn crossed his arms and stared at the coyote pup “Hmmphh…” a visible pout appeared on his face “Eashy for you to shay”

Mark tried to think. The little voices in his head were still pulling at his attention, but as their suggestions bounced around, new thoughts occurred. These thoughts must be going through Jacks head as well…


“What?” Jack responded

“Just… play. You know, don’t get more and more frustrated. Play with some of the toys”

“You.. you can’t be sewious?” The fawn was visibly conflicted. Mark was onto something.

“Here” Mark pulled a bright, colourful toy towards the two of them “Just, press a few of these buttons, see what happens.”

Jack looked at the device with a mixture of curiosity and confusion. It was a farmyard noise toy, six animals lining a set of buttons, ones that were begging to be pressed. The fawns little hands moved towards it slowly before pushing hard onto the image of a cow.


Jack recoiled, looking at Mark with wide eyes. For a moment Mark thought he was going to cry, his mouth trembling

Before it curled into a smile. The fawn clapped his hands together and looked back at the toy.

Recognising the opportunity Mark pressed his advantage.

“Go on, push another!”

Jack immediately went for the picture of a pig


A loud giggle came from the maw of the deer, his pudgy form moving off his butt into a crawling position, his little tail poking up out the back of the babyish diaper. The little voice in Marks head returned.

“He’s so happy isn’t he?”

Mark nodded to himself, watching Jack go back and forth between the two buttons. He didn’t seem to want to do anything else but repeat those noises.

“Jack, you ok bud?”

The fawn looked up, his muzzle suckling on the pacifier in his maw. A flash of realisation came across his face.

“I… I felt… felt sho good” he looked down at himself, sitting back on his butt.

“I dun wanna be a baby” he shook his head, balling up his fists “I… I’m a big boy… wight Mark?” he crawled up to the coyote, his eyes looking desperate for reassurance.

“O...of course Jack, you’re…” he stuttered, trying to avoid undoing any of his progress.

“I… I’m thirsty”

Jack was visibly shifting in place, even as he kept his eyes fixed on Mark.

“Well… we have the drinks over there” he pointed towards the bottle and sippy cup.

“Oh yeah!” The smile returned quickly as, turning on his knees, he crawled over to the two beverages. He took a look at the two of them, grabbing the sippy cup with his left hand. Mark crawled over as well, seeing another opportunity.

“Whoa Jack, we only get two drinks, I’m thirsty too.”

The fawn looked back up at Mark, his face going into a frown “Buh… but I wan’ juice” he mumbled. He went to take a swig from the teat but it bounced off his pacifiers mouthguard.

“Tif is stewpid” he tried to pull his pacifier from his mouth but it wouldn’t budge. Mark picked up the bottle and went back to him.

“Jack, how about we make a deal”

The fawns' eyes narrow a little “A deal?”

“I’ll help you get your pacifier out… if you have this bottle” Mark shook it in his hand, smiling at his friend. Jack pulled again at the pacifier, to no avail.

“F...Fine…” he put the sippy cup down and sat back down on his padded rear.

“Right let’s just…” Mark pulled at the pacifier and, with virtually no resistance, it popped free of Jacks maw.

“Well that was… easy.” he dropped it to the floor “Maybe you can’t take it out if it’s in your mouth or something…”

Jack was clearly struggling however. His mouth was trembling a little, visibly scared after losing his pacifier “I… want it back…”

Mark saw his chance, he knew he had to try this now.

“After your bottle Jack”

He shoved the teat into the fawns maw, his shocked expression suddenly turning to a small smile as he began to instinctually suckle. He lay down on his back taking the cylinder in both hands and using gravity to get more of the creamy liquid into him.

“Don’t you want to be as happy as that”

Mark tried to shake off the voice. He was a big boy… an adult… he didn’t need a bottle.

“He doesn’t need to worry about anything. He’s just a baby”

“Yeah, and I’m not” Mark whispered to himself “I want to get my big kid pants and get out of here”

“Big kid pants? Sure you’re ready for those? Didn’t you notice you need the potty?”

“What?” Mark said, startled. A second later he felt his bladder twinge, as if suddenly filled to capacity. He just held off having an accident in his diaper.

“It’s ok. That’s what the diaper is there for. Look, little Jack doesn’t mind”

Mark looked over to his friend. THe fawn was still guzzling down his bottle, but his legs had drawn back. Mark heard the grunting start moments before a small lump started to push outwards from the fawn's diaper, a visible mass entering it and settling.

“N… no! I’m… not gonna do that!”

“Oh? What aren’t you going to do little guy?” Mark looked up. Cali had returned, in her hands were some very babyish looking clothes.

“I’m… I’m not gonna use my diapy!” Mark could still hear the voice, telling him it would be so much easier to let go.

“Oh well done! Your little buddy looks like he’s really let everything go… in more ways than one!” she grinned down at the coyote, now visibly doing a potty dance.

“Please… I need to go potty!” Mark didn’t care how he sounded, he needed to go.

“What a big boy you turned out to be” Cali clicked her fingers and a white and blue square of plastic appeared next to Mark. He looked at the front of it, little dinosaurs adorned the front, all of them walking down towards the back of it.

“T… Twaining pants?! But… but you said…”

“That I’d let you have big boy pants again” she gave him a little smirk “So how about you just use that diaper and we’ll get you into these.”

Mark couldn’t hold on. He felt the rush of warmth spread around his groin, wetness wicking into his fur with every second as his diaper swelled to take on the accident.

“Don’t worry, that’s what it’s there for”

Mark couldn’t respond this time. Cali had knelt down to him, offering the sippy cup. He took it willingly, suckling on it as she waited for him to finish soaking his diaper.

“Such a clever boy. What do you say to Mama Cali?”

The coyote felt the last of his resistance fade, his face blushing as he popped the sippy cup from his maw.

“Thank you Mama”

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End Chapter 1

No Trespassing

by: Anonymous | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 23, 2021


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