Livy's New Family

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Chapter 3
Part Three

Chapter Description: Dan and Landon continue to get closer as Olivia becomes increasingly determined to show she could be every bit the woman that their frequent guest was... Whether she was succeeding at it was a different matter altogether.

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Dan closed the front door and smiled. He remained at the door and looked through the peephole as Landon walked away. He shook his head slightly as he pulled back, he heard a noise from the top of the stairs and turned to see Olivia peeking around the top of the stairs.

“Alright, I’m going to put dinner on.” Dan said as he looked up at Olivia.

Dan saw Olivia nod quietly and he walked through to the kitchen to start cooking. He heard footsteps coming downstairs and then as they came towards the dining room there was a noticeable crinkle as the steps got closer. Dan turned away from the oven with a smile just as Olivia waddled into the room.

“Ah, feeling very little tonight, eh?” Dan said.

Olivia blushed and nodded. She had changed whilst hiding upstairs, she was now wearing a thick princess diaper underneath a pastel pink onesie with white sleeves and a bunny on the chest. Dan nodded as he turned back to the food. Although Olivia was a little she didn’t actually wear diapers all that often.

“Landon was asking after you.” Dan said as he walked over to Olivia and gave her a big hug.

“Oh?” Olivia replied.

“Yeah, just wanted to make sure you were alright.” Dan continued.

“Did she… Did she notice anything strange?” Olivia asked as she buried her face into Dan’s chest in embarrassment.

“Not at all.” Dan replied with a small chuckle, “I’ll make sure to call ahead next time. I’m sorry, baby.”

“It’s OK, Daddy.” Olivia replied. She couldn’t help but relax in the big strong arms of her husband.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Dan asked as he pulled back, “You’re very quiet. You wouldn’t need a diaper change would you?”

Olivia bit her lip and looked down at the floor. With her hands held behind her back and one foot kicking the floor she was the picture of innocence. Dan grinned as he reached down and slipped two fingers underneath the elastic of the onesie. He pressed his digits against the diaper and could feel a warmth.

“Do you want me to change you now or after dinner?” Dan asked as he stroked the side of Olivia’s face.

“After dinner.” Olivia replied wanting to sit in the warm diaper for a while, “Can I go play?”

“Of course.” Dan replied.

Dan chuckled as Olivia hurried away towards the stairs. He checked on the food one more time before walking to the living room. He walked into the living room just as Olivia ran down the stairs and into the room with a couple of her dollies. Dan sat down as Olivia crinkled into the middle of the room and sat down to play.

Dan always found it fascinating to watch Olivia playing. It was like watching an actual child, the adult side of the woman seemed to disappear leaving just the small child. Dan found it very endearing and it brought out his more domineering side. Olivia happily babbled away with her dolls as she put them through a scene. In fact Dan got so engrossed in watching Olivia play he almost lost track of time, he had to hurry out to the kitchen to make sure dinner didn’t burn.

As Dan dished up dinner and called out for Olivia to come eat he couldn’t stop his mind from drifting back to Landon and the sultry sexiness that contrasted completely with Olivia’s innocence. Dinner passed without incident though Dan finished first and leaned back in his seat to watch as Olivia finished.

“All done?” Dan asked as Olivia put her cutlery down, “Livy’s tummy full?”

Olivia smiled bashfully and nodded her head. Dan stood up and walked around the table, he took his wife by the hand and led her out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Dan reached under the bed where he kept the towel he used for diaper changes. He pulled it out, flattened it and placed it on the edge of the bed. He turned to Olivia who had placed her thumb in her mouth.

“Let’s get you out of this…” Dan said as he crouched down. He pulled the snaps on the flaps of the onesie and the two sides opened up. Dan pulled it up and over Olivia’s head leaving her naked except for her wet diaper.

Dan gave Olivia another cuddle before gently lowering her down on the towel. He went across to the chest of drawers and pulled out the baby powder and baby wipes. As he walked back across the room he squeezed the powder bottle to make little puffs of white particles form clouds in the air. Olivia giggled as he placed the items down either side of her.

Dan pulled off the tapes on the front of the diaper and lowered the front. He took a handful of wipes and started to delicately clean Olivia. As he wiped her clean with the cold wipes he could feel Olivia wriggling.

“It’s cold!” Olivia complained half-jokingly.

“Unlike your diaper which is very warm, right?” Dan smiled widely, “What a wet baby!”

Olivia pouted playfully as Dan finished cleaning Olivia and pulled the diaper out from under her. He made a big show of pretending it was very heavy as he balled the diaper up and used the tapes to keep it closed. It wasn’t often that Olivia wore more than one diaper in a row but she didn’t complain as Dan started unfolding a new one.

“Better put another one on you to make sure you don’t wet the bed.” Dan said matter-of-factly.

“Hmph!” Olivia folded her arms across her chest as she pouted again.

Dan lifted Olivia’s legs into the air and brought them back so that the new diaper could be slid underneath her. When he lowered her legs there was a crinkling noise as her weight pushed the diaper down into the mattress a little. The front was pulled up between the woman’s legs and then taped tightly closed.

“Alright, you can play for another hour or so before bed time.” Dan said as he took Olivia’s hands and pulled her to her feet.

Olivia gave Dan another tight hug before hurrying out of the room. In her haste to go play she hadn’t even paused to get dressed again. Dan shook his head in amusement and sat down on the edge of the bed. Yet again he was struck by the differences between Olivia and Landon and yet both seemed to command his attention equally.


The first visit from Landon to Dan and Olivia’s home certainly wasn’t the last and over the next couple of weeks she was coming over after work almost daily. When combined with work hours Dan was spending more time with Landon than he was with Olivia. Not that he minded this new status quo, of course. Landon was fun and unashamedly sexy, Dan didn’t think any red blooded male could disagree with that. She was essentially everything that Olivia wasn’t, he found himself wishing he could squeeze the two women into one perfect person.

There was of course a large part of Dan that felt guilty but he reasoned that once the Peterson case was completed he wouldn’t be spending as much time with Landon any more. Landon was fun to be around and he was happy to invite her into his home. She was great with Olivia as well, Dan noticed that Landon was like a big sister to his wife. Olivia was often shy when Landon was around but the alluring lawyer always made sure to talk to her over dinner.

It was a strange dynamic but one that Dan felt was benefitting everyone. Olivia seemed to be less stressed as Landon would often help out with small chores whilst visiting. This also helped Dan who really needed the help to keep the house presentable.

Dan did notice that he was slowly changing the way he thought about the two main women in his life. Olivia was spending all her days as a little and she would jump straight back into that role whenever Landon wasn’t there. Even when she was most stressed Olivia spent maybe half her time as a full adult but recently she was rarely Dan’s wife and more often his little girl. Dan certainly didn’t mind too much, he was increasingly seeing Olivia as a little girl that needed taking care of and spending time with Landon only seemed to emphasize that.


Olivia was sat on the living room floor on her front. She had Hootie, the stuffed owl, in one arm and a crayon in the other. She was coloring in a scene of a zoo and knowingly giving Daddy a show. Her frilly dress was raised up showing her unicorn panties to Dan who was sitting behind her on the couch. Every time she looked around she would catch Dan looking at her and it made her giggle.

It was Saturday and Olivia was playing as she usually did. She preferred the weekends though because it meant Daddy was with her all day. She knew she was on a time limit though because Landon was coming over for dinner. Olivia liked Landon though something about her always left Olivia feeling a little incompetent as a wife and adult.

“You’ll probably want to get changed soon, Livy.” Dan said a little after lunch.

“But I’m not wearing a diaper!” Olivia giggled.

“You know what I mean, sweetie.” Dan said with a smile, “Landon will be here soon.”

“Yuck! I hate being an adult!” Olivia said as she closed her colouring book.

“Well, you could always stay like that.” Dan jokingly suggested.

Olivia quickly shook her head feeling suddenly very bashful. She picked up her colouring things and Hootie before quickly walking out of the room. She was a girl that was easily embarrassed which could be both a blessing and a curse. Humiliation could excite her in certain situations but otherwise she turned into a blushing mess very easily.

Olivia went into the master bedroom and over to her side of the bed. She took off her decidedly childish clothes and carefully put them away in her closet. She took a moment to look at herself in the mirror, she had always been happy with her body. She had a slight build and every part of her was perfectly proportioned for it. She went to the other side of her closet where her adult clothes were and put on a pair of comfortable pants and an old blouse.

As Olivia went into the bathroom she heard the doorbell ring and then Dan hurry out to answer it. Olivia felt her heart rate quicken as it often did when she knew Landon was coming. She hurriedly did her business and then made her way downstairs. This visit was a bit different than the usual ones though, Dan and Landon weren’t doing any work today, this was purely a social visit.

“OK, Livy, time to be a grown-up.” Olivia muttered to herself as she went back downstairs.

Olivia heard voices coming from the kitchen as she turned the bottom of stairs. Dan let out one of his deep belly laughs as Olivia approached the kitchen.

“Hey Olivia.” Landon was smiling widely as she stood next to the kitchen counter with a plastic bag that Dan was unloading.

“Hello.” Olivia replied, “How are you?”

“I’m good.” Landon said as she walked across the room, “All the better for seeing my favourite people.”

Olivia allowed the taller woman to give her a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. Olivia suddenly felt underdressed. Landon looked very sleek in a long black dress that made her look like a supermodel, the dress was low cut over the chest showing off an almost scandalous amount of cleavage. She was on tall heels which made her seem even bigger than usual, Olivia didn’t know how she was able to walk around on them without breaking her ankles.

“Dinner won’t be too long.” Landon said, “How about you go watch some television whilst Dan and I make dinner?”

“I could stay out here and help…” Olivia said quietly, “If you wanted, I mean.”

“I think we’ve got it covered.” Landon said with a big smile, “You know what they say about too many cooks.”

“Oh, OK.” Olivia replied. She looked over at Dan who was busy getting ingredients ready.

Olivia slowly left the room. As she walked down the hallway and into the living room she heard the two people in the kitchen laugh at something. She pouted at not being in on the joke then fretted that she was the subject of the joke. She stood in the living room unsure of what to do, part of her wanted to do as she was told and sit down to watch television but there was another part that desperately wanted to impress their guest.

Olivia quietly left the living room and heard conversation coming from the kitchen. She crossed the hallway and went upstairs. Walking back into the master bedroom Olivia hurried over to the closet and slid the door open. At the very least she could pick out something that looked a bit fancier. She wanted to show Dan that it wasn’t just Landon who could dress up.

There wasn’t a lot of options for Olivia. She looked at her clothes with a critical eye and none of them seemed to match up to what Landon was wearing. She flicked through the various outfits and dresses but just wasn’t sure what would impress their visitor. It wasn’t like Olivia was invited to a lot of fancy parties and she was glad about it, she found those stuffy events interminably dull. She would much rather do something fun.

It seemed Olivia’s choices were limited to two different dresses. One was a dark green number with straps over both shoulders whilst the other was a pale pink that looked quite like what Landon was wearing. Olivia was leaning towards the pink dress though there was just one small problem, it was very much a “little” dress. It was difficult because whilst it was certainly not as grown-up as the green dress Olivia so rarely got chances to wear it.

Maybe “Livy” was winning out but Olivia reached for the pale pink dress and pulled it off the hanger. She got herself undressed and had just started to put the dress on when there was a knock at the door that made her freeze.

“Olivia, it’s me.” It was Dan and Olivia breathed a sigh of relief, “Landon wanted to hear that story about when you were a kid. You know, the one where you were playing hide and seek and… Well, you tell it better than me.”

“I’ll be down in a minute.” Olivia replied as she tried to turn the dress the right way round.

“Alright, just don’t hide up here all evening, OK?” Dan said as he walked away from the door.

“I wasn’t hiding…” Olivia muttered with a pout.

Olivia pulled the dress over her head and stood in front of the mirror. She thought it looked appropriately grown-up, there was certainly no way to tell this was something she often liked to wear with a diaper underneath at least. She pulled at the material and adjusted it a bit as she turned this way and that, she wanted to be certain there was nothing announcing it as clothing for a “little” as if she expected there to be a sign hanging on it or something.

“Olivia!” Dan was calling from downstairs, “Come on, dinner’s nearly ready!”

Olivia wondered just how long she had been getting changed. She supposed she had been dragging her feet a little but it wasn’t because she was hiding!

Olivia turned around and hurried out of the door. The dress went down past her knees but was billowy enough not to impede her movement. In her haste to leave the room she hadn’t noticed she had forgotten to close the closet door. Moving quickly down the stairs she saw Dan at the bottom who looked surprised to her dressed as she was.

“What?” Olivia asked when she reached him.

“You’re just looking very pretty.” Dan said as he reached forwards and gave his wife a hug. He continued in a whisper, “Livy…”

Olivia felt a shudder go through her body as she bit her bottom lip and smiled bashfully. She could feel little space trying to invade her mind but she had to fight it off, she couldn’t allow herself to be little when Landon was here. She had to be the woman of the house and impress her guest. Quite why she felt such a need to impress Landon she wasn’t sure but she couldn’t deny it was on her mind.

Olivia followed Dan through to the kitchen where she found Landon serving the food on to plates. Dan took a seat at the table and Olivia took the seat to the side. When Landon turned around and saw Olivia a big smile came across her face.

“Don’t you just look lovely?” Landon said as she carried the food over.

Olivia smiled widely. It felt like she was visiting Landon rather than the other way round as a plate of food was placed in front of her. Landon had even donned an apron to serve the food, she looked like a regular homemaker.

“Drinks?” Landon asked.

“I’ll have a wine.” Dan replied as he picked up his cutlery, “You don’t need to do all this though, I feel bad. You’re a guest!”

“Nonsense.” Landon waved her hand dismissively, “It’s no trouble at all.”

When Landon came back over with the drinks she placed two wine glasses in front of hers and Dan’s plates, for Olivia she brought over a regular glass. Olivia frowned slightly in confusion.

“To a prosperous partnership.” Landon said as she raised her glass, “And happiness.”

Dan and Olivia raised their drinks and after chinking the glasses together took sips. Olivia realised very quickly that Landon hadn’t poured her wine, she received the very sweet flavour of fruit juice instead. She stared at her glass as she put it down.

“Is something the matter?” Dan asked.

“It’s nothing really…” Olivia said quietly, “I just thought I was getting wine as well.”

“Oh my. I’m sorry. I thought you said you wanted juice!” Landon covered her mouth and pushed back her chair preparing to standing up.

“No, don’t worry about it.” Olivia said with a smile. She didn’t want to put the woman to any more work than she had already done, “I like juice as well.”

Landon sat back down. Without further ado everyone started tucking into their meals. Conversation was mainly between Dan and Landon as they gossiped about work. Olivia was content to stay in the background a little and enjoy the food, it was delicious, Landon was clearly a stunning cook and it was just yet another thing she was better at than Olivia.

“Would you mind if I used your bathroom?” Landon asked about two-thirds of the way through the meal, “I swear this wine goes straight through me.”

“Of course, you remember where it is right?” Dan said.

“I’m sure I’ll find it.” Landon replied, “Don’t gossip about me too much whilst I’m gone.”


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End Chapter 3

Livy's New Family

by: Elfy | Story In Progress | Last updated Sep 27, 2023


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