Stories tagged: Strong Sexual Content


by: Ponce Last updated Jun 12, 2005

A man with a breast obsession meets the woman of his dreams (or is that nightmares?).


by: sumner Last updated Nov 27, 2005

Two wronged spouses decide to enact revenge by regressing their significant others via curse.

A Week at the Beach

by: Dreamtales Last updated Jun 12, 2005

A man, his wife and stepdaughter take a vacation at the beach, but before they leave, the parents take an experimental youth treatment.

A Visit to Aunt Millie's

by: Dreamtales Last updated Jun 12, 2005

A petite young woman takes a version of the experimental treatment that helped her younger sister develop into a more mature looking woman than her.

The Spa

by: Ponce Last updated Jun 12, 2005

A man spends time at a special spa.

The Spa 2

by: Ponce Last updated Jun 12, 2005

A woman is invited to visit a special spa.

The Tradition

by: sumner Last updated Jul 5, 2005

The Kappa Delta sorority tests the will of its new pledges.

The Dark Tomes

by: Oni Last updated Jul 5, 2005

A trio of AR stories each with a bit of a 'dark' theme. No real morality to the regressions but fun to read nontheless. One on a magical slave market, one on tennis and one on how not to respond to a bored and annoyed sorcerer. 3 stories.

A Girl's Night Out

by: Oni Last updated Jul 5, 2005

Four preteen girls, a slumber party and a mother's age altering invention. Wackiness ensues as well as a twist of an ending.

Melissan’s Fall: A Punishment Fit for a goddess

by: Oni Last updated Jul 5, 2005

A fanfic based on the Baldur's Gate II expansion. Melissan was evil to the core and had wanted the power of a goddess. She lost it, then her soul. Of course, that just wasn't enough punishment for a certain paladin turned god.

Just Like Old Times

by: LitLOne Last updated Aug 3, 2005

A man makes a wish on his birthday and may get more then he expected. This is my first AR story, be gentle. I posted an incomplete version to the ARchive a while back, but this one is finished. Hope you like it.

Rini's Change of Fortune

by: APScout Last updated Jul 9, 2007

Serena and Rini change their fortunes after Rubeus transfers age between them

When It Rains, It Pours

by: Grennd Last updated Feb 8, 2006

A man recounts a series of tales related to his most unusual trait: his curse to become younger when doused with water.

The Christmas Sleeper by Libra &

by: Last updated Jan 5, 2006

Mary, Spouse of Josh Milton was busy with some early Christmas shopping when her eyes saw some men’s sleep wear. Mrs. Milton hurried forward for a closer look. It was green with a Christmas tree pattern printed all over it. To her it appeared to be the pants and shirt. Picking it up she discovered it was fixed tightly to a hanger.


by: Grennd Last updated Jan 31, 2006

An avid fan fiction writer is offered her wildest fantasy, but it may not turn out as she expected. Based on a popular series of fantasy novels.

What Happens to Naughty Little Boys

by: Last updated Mar 24, 2006

A young man meets an online friend in real life for the first time.

The screwed up story system!

by: Heidegger Last updated Mar 31, 2021

Here's a test description - edited

You're Under ARrest (Story Version)

by: SBlitz370 Last updated Apr 6, 2021

Based on an old set of Continuous Story leaves, a slightly AR-obsessed, amateur chemist tries out his new youth concoction on a series of ladies. Will pair well with a series of commissioned comic pages that depict a later scene in the story.

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