James and Veronica's Medallion Sexytimes

by: OmoriSunburn | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 12, 2022

WARNING: This story contains very descriptive sex scene between an adult man and a regressed woman. If you don't like that please don't read A/N: I have read dozens of stories with sex between a regressed man and an adult woman so I decided to make the reverse.

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Chapter Description: In which James introduces a medallion to his girlfriend

“James, mind telling me what this is?”, Veronica asked.

James looked up and saw his girlfriend standing by his dresser in her nightgown. One of her hands was holding a blue and gold bronze face medallion.

“Oh, that? That's an ancient medallion I found through the internet”, James answered sheepishly. “I was saving it as a surprise for tonight.”

Veronica raised an eyebrow. “You want me to wear this ugly thing? Why?” She sighed. “And next time if you want to keep things hidden from me, don't hide them in the sock drawer.”

James chuckled. “I’ll keep that in mind. As for the medallion…it's related to the age regression thing I told you about.”

Veronica's eyes widened. “We are going to do that tonight?” She asked. “I’m down for it but…how is this medallion going to help with that?”

“Put it on and I'll show you”, James suggested.

Veronica complied and put the medallion necklace around her neck. “Alright…But I still don't feel any different.”

“Because the medallion works through wishes.” James explained. “Here. Let me show you.”

He walked up to Veronica and grasped the medallion face. “Are you ready?”

For a moment, the woman looked unsure. Then she took a deep breath and calmed herself. “Yes. I'm ready. How bad could it be?”

“Alright. Here we go.” James gripped the medallion face harder. “I wish you turn into a twelve-year-old.”

The medallion face glowed. Then Veronica's transformation began.

James watched in awe as his lover slowly began shrinking bit by bit as she was decreasing in age. Her once twenty-five-year old body steadily lost its curves, slowly being replaced by a teenager's body. Her shoulders became too narrow for her nightgown, and it slipped off her revealing her breasts which had been reduced to a teenager's B-cups.

Veronica was now fully naked, but the regression did not stop there. She grew smaller still, but more rapidly this time as her body underwent reverse puberty. Her boobs shrank further until they were nothing but a child's nipples. Her face youthened until it was a child's.

By the time the transformation was over, James was looking at a naked, petite 12-year-old girl that was only as tall as his waist.

Veronica squealed. “James! It worked! I feel really small!”

“I…I guess it really worked huh?” James answered anxiously. For a moment he admired his girlfriend's new body, and his mind was slowly filled with lustful thoughts.


Veronica's words put an end to James' thoughts and he refocused his attention to Veronica's pouty face.

“Sorry…I was distracted. Um…”

“Don’t be shy, James..” Veronica smiled devilishly. “I know what you want.”

James blushed. He had not expected for things to progress (or regress) this smoothly. A small part of him had expected the transformation to not happen or for his girlfriend to be more reluctant. Now that his fantasies were within reach he found himself more than a little bit anxious.

James put those thoughts aside however, and took off his shirt and pants. Now they were both fully naked….except Veronica was still wearing the medallion.

“You don't have to wear the medallion anymore, you know. It's done its job.” James explained.

“No. Not all of it yet.” Veronica said before taking the medallion in her hand and making her own wish. “I wish to be as sexually horny as an adult.”

The medallion glowed again. This time James could not verify if the wish had, indeed, turned Veronica into a horny nympho. But Veronica took off the medallion regardless and tossed it at the pile of clothes on the ground.

“Alright. Now follow me to bed, James.” Veronica said in a sultry tone before making her way to the bed.

She climbed up the bed and laid herself on her back at the center of the bed. She was followed by James who positioned himself on top of her, like he had done many times before.

“I'm ready, James...” Veronica said in her soft childish voice from below James' body.

James wanted to hesitate, but his girlfriend looked up at him with an expression of lust that informed him of her desires. James' anxiety dissipated and he could feel a growing lust in its stead. His dick became fully erect, prepared to fulfill the task ahead.

James did not want to rush, however. Instead, he slowly began to run his tongue along his girlfriend's neck, savoring her smooth, childlike skin while Veronica moaned. Then he dragged his tongue downwards, licking Veronica's body along the way until he settled on her nipples. The medallion had taken her large boobs, leaving only a pair of tiny pink nipples that James hungrily licked and sucked on. James didn't linger for long however, and soon moved downwards again until he reached Veronica's pussy. His girlfriend's pussy had shrunk and lost all of its hair, but it seemed that the medallion had indeed done its work. Due to its effects it was still wet, displaying its lust to be filled. He gave her lower lips some quick, small licks elliciting childlike moans from the regressed adult.

After using his tongue James decided to stop teasing and moved on to the main event. He positioned his erect cock in front of Veronica's vagina and once he was comfortable, began entering her tiny body. It was difficult at first, as the opening was much smaller but with the lubrication that Veronica provided his cock managed to slip in. Veronica let out a squeal as her boyfriend's cock, now feeling like it was several sizes bigger, started stretching her insides.

James wanted to push further, but decided to stop out of concern for his girlfriend.

“Veronica..does it hurt?”

“N-no..James…it felt really good…” his girlfriend answered between heavy breaths.

James nodded and kept pushing inside her. Once he had inserted a comfortable length he pulled his length out before squeezing his cock in again with a grunt. Then he settled into a pattern of pushing his cock in and out of the former woman's passage.

Veronica responded to James' fucking with periodic moans of pleasure. She had never felt so vulnerable and horny before in her life – being shrunk down and held down by her bigger boyfriend while his cock ravaged her mercilessly had elevated her pleasure to new heights. At the same time, the wish that she had made ensured that her body could accommodate James' size….turning what could have been a painful experience to a pleasant one.

Veronica's underaged body, however, remained weak. While James' loving thrusts had given her unimaginable pleasure, they had also brought her way closer to the edge than usual. And so, mere minutes into their session Veronica was already feeling close to orgasm. Her squeals and moans were increasingly louder and higher pitched, while her breathing grew more ragged and uneven.

James could sense his girlfriend's impending release, but he did not slow his pace. Instead, he started thrusting faster and deeper into her. A short moment later, Veronica let out a childish scream as her body was brought to release. Her inner walls suddenly squeezed James' cock tight while it spasmed and squirted her juices.

Veronica's inner passage gripped James' penis tight but he didn't slow his loving thrusts. He was still relentlessly fucking his tiny girlfriend, her orgasm only giving him additional lubrication for his motions. Veronica for her part was still feeling horny even after her orgasm, and so didn't mind her boyfriend using her pussy for a second round.

James' limit would not come until after several more minutes of sex, when his thrusts had become faster and more erratic. At that point, Veronica had gone silent, foregoing her moans in favor of tilting her head to the side and closing her eyes, resigning herself to pleasure brought by her boyfriend. James himself finally came to orgasm shortly after, ejaculating his load into Veronica's underaged pussy and painting her inner walls. He kept thrusting even afterwards and Veronica let out a subdued moan as she was brought to her second orgasm of the day, her body shaking and pulsing before flooding her insides with her juices again.

Having finished its job, James' penis went limp and he pulled it out of the now sweaty, satisfied little girl. Himself exhausted, James laid down beside Veronica and hugged her with one arm.

“I love you, Veronica..” James said weakly.

“Love..you..too..” Veronica answered with a similar tired tone.

Both parties laid down satisfied after expending their energy, and slowly they drifted off to sleep.



End Chapter 1

James and Veronica's Medallion Sexytimes

by: OmoriSunburn | Complete Story | Last updated Jul 12, 2022


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