A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 87
CHAPTER 187 .......... The Explosive Email

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Dear parents and students,


This is Detective Nancy Drew.  The purpose of this email to inform you that a henous crime has been committed in our school district by one of the female high school students … and appropriate consequences with the police will soon be forthcoming.


On Friday, nine days ago, the student in question broke into the boys’ locker room at Jerry Sandusky Middle School and stole all of the uniforms for the boys’ seventh grade football team.    The girl was caught and has since returned the uniforms.


However, while in the boys’ locker room, in addition to the theft, this same girl installed a miniature hidden spy camera next to the boys’ shower for the purpose of creating and disseminating child pornography, obviously a very serious crime.


Below is a single frame from the video with the child’s body blocked out.  Note that a girl’s skirt is on the floor.  This indicates that the video was taken on the Friday that was known as Empathy day, the same day that the uniforms were stolen.


We are aware that she has forwarded texts with the explicit illegal video attached, to other girls in the high school and middle school.  Every student should understand that mere possession of this attachement can get you arrested for possession of child pornography and could land you in jail if you are caught.


If you were sent this video, please bring your phone to your school office tomorrow (Monday) morning, so that we can verify that you are deleting it.


We are not releasing the name of the girl at this time.  However, you can see her picture by clicking on the link below.


Very truly yours,   Miss Nancy Drew,  Dectective





Sammantha looked back at me.  “Do you want me to click it?”


“I guess we should.”


I was anxious to see it again.  When Sammantha clicked on the attachment, we were treated to 20 seconds of Kitti Power, back from the shower, toweling off, but otherwise, totally nude … and then dancing to the tune ‘Green Green Grass’.”


She was quite attractive … which was what I thought when I first met her as my babysitter.  But her blonde pussy was a tempting little morsel that I would have loved to fuck really, really hard.  How could she have offered up that sweet little cunt to such a pathetic loser like Chikon Crudup?  I still smile when I think about shoving a three inch safety pin into his ass cheek.  That was my good deed for that day.


“Hey, Mom, this is more of Kitti than I saw when she was my babysitter.”


“Sweety, this is going to rattle a pretty big nest of hornets tomorrow.” 


“Yeah, I kind of figure that both schools will explode.  I would have loved to have seen the look on Kitti’s face when she opens her attachment..”


“Are you sure they can’t trace this email back to you, Mr. President of the seventh grade class?”


“Mom, I trust Marlan.  He’s a guru with programming computer electronics and hacking servers.  He said he routed it through India, South Sudan, Lithuania, Albania, and Iceland before it came back to the U.S. … And the server in Switzerland is called ‘Proton Mail’ which never divulges private information.”


“What about cameras in the high school?”


“Peter Shinee said he assigned the mission to a girl who actually has gym class, so no one would question why she was in the locker room.  And there’s no school cameras in the changing area.  When we got what we needed, she returned the spycam to Pete, and now I have it.”


“So you used Pete, one of my clients, as your ‘inside man’ huh?  Are you trying to have me lose my license?  I suggest you hide the spycam well or destroy it.  The superintendent’s going to be bent out of shape when he sees this.”


I sighed.  “Mom, my personal war with Kitti created problems for my teammates.  This is something I had to address myself,  just like with Sally.  There’s no honor in tattling.” 


“But you don’t think people will suspect you, considering your major spat with Kitti?”


“I’ve been busy running for election and doing football practice all week.  I didn’t have time for any other stuff.”


“How do you keep track of all your lies, Derrek?”


“It’s not easy.”




Ten minutes later, the email signal on her laptop sounded again.  That quickly, the superintendent responded.



Dear School Community,

A few minutes ago, I received a very disturbing anonymous email from a sender using the fictitious name, Nancy Drew.


I do not know if the charges posted in the email are true.  However, if any student did receive pornographic images in the past week, I agree that you should bring your device to your school office Monday morning.  Do not share or transmit images.


For your own best interests, please delete the Nancy Drew email as it contains an illegal video of a female under 18.


It is now 11:15 pm on Sunday and I will notify police to begin an investigation immediately.  We will not wait till morning.  I will keep the community updated on this serious issue as more information becomes available.

              Dr. Michael St. Michael,  Superintendent




Sammantha sighed.  “Sweety it looks like you’ve already got the hornets buzzing.  That didn’t take long.  If I hear any police sirens tonight, I’m going to lose sleep.”


“Nah, Kitti’s the one who won’t be sleeping tonight.  She’ll get a knock on her door for sure. … But I’ll bet it’s going to be a pretty weird school day tomorrow.”


“And you’re not telling your teammates what happened?  They’re the ones in the video.”


“Captain X has his suspicions but he promised he’d back off and let me take care of it.  I  don’t want my teammates to be blamed for retaliating against Kitti.”


“So you want everyone to just blame you?”


“I realize I’m taking a risk, but I have to face down Kitti on my own.  You’re the one who taught me not to let people walk all over you.”


“Ah, there you go again, blaming my bad parenting.”


I shook my head.  “Just the opposite, Mom.  You’re still my hero.”  (I gave her a good squeeze.)





On Monday morning, I had quite a welcoming party when I walked through the main entrance … Superintendent Michael St. Michael, Principal Glass, Coach Icy Parker, and the High School Principal, Reginald Panningbaton.   I was directed to walk to the princiapals office.  My heart began thumping with a fast drumbeat and I wondered if I had made a major mistake.  I wondered if Starline or Marlan or Pete or Bebeline had ratted me out … and that this would be my last day in the seventh grade.


The Superintendent spoke first.  “Derrek, can I assume that you’ve seen the ‘Nancy Drew’ email from last night?”


Nervously, I replied, “Yes, I did see it.”


“Do you know anything about it?”  Do you know who sent it?”


I cleared my throat and answered in a gravelly whisper ‘No sir’.  (If I had been hooked up to a polygraph at that moment, the needle would have been flying off the graph.)  I felt like there was a flashing neon sign on my forehead displaying boldly the words ‘LIAR … LIAR’ PANTS ON FIRE!   It felt as if the man’s index finger was pressed against my forehead.


“Kitti Power said that YOU sent it.”


Now I tried to smile and relax a little in my explanation.  “Of course she’d say that.  I’m the one who got her kicked out of the student nursing program … after she molested and assaulted me.”


“No, Derrek,” said the superintendent.  “I’m the one who kicked her out.”  Then he turned to his left.  “Principal Paningbaton, do you have a question for Derrek?”


(Wow, four adults against one little kid … Maybe I should lawyer up.)


“I do … Derrek, is it true that you sexually assaulted Kitti Power at the high school, the day your mother gave her lecture … while your football teammates cheered you on?”


I started to squirm.  “I kissed her, sir.”


“Was it just a normal kiss … a little ‘peck’ on the cheek?”


“Uh … no sir.  I think it’s called a French kiss.”


“So against the girl’s will, you tripped her off her feet and you thrusted your tongue down her throat?”


“Uh … no sir.  I just used my tongue a little bit.”




“Sir, when Kitti gave me my sports physical, she slapped my erect penis with her hand really hard.  My penis stung a lot.  Then she inserted a catheter tube into my urethra after I had already urinated.  That was extremely painful too.  It burned a lot.  It was obvious that she was trying to hurt me.  Then she was supposed to take a blood sample from me but she stabbed my finger with the blunt end of the pricker instead of the sharp end, so I screamed.” 


“Then she made me stick my legs high up in the air and spread them apart as wide as I could.  Then she gave me an enema so that she could insert a finger up my rectum and press my prostate hard enough to force me to expel semen.  Then she forced me to masturbate in front of her.  Then she told me I had testicular cancer and I might die, which wasn’t true.”


“Alright, stop, Derrek,” said the high school principal.  “So you kissed her as a form of retaliation?”


“Yes, sir … Sorry, sir.”


The superintendent stepped in.  “Derrek, I want to assure you that you have nothing to worry about.  I know that Kitti is evil and will lie about everything.  She’s being processed at the police station right now.  With a quick warrant, she was arrested at 11:45 pm last night and her phone was seized.”


“Do you know if she sent the shower video to others?” I asked.


“She gave up seven names in an effort to possibly avoid prison time.  There were six high school girls and one middle school girl.  With extra police, we knocked on the doors of all seven students at about 1:00 am.  It was done simultaneously, so that the girls didn’t have a chance to warn anyone or delete the evidence.”


I inquired, “What happens now, Doctor St. Michael?”


“Now we interrogate the seven girls, delete the evidence, and try to make sure that the video hasn’t spread across the internet.  But there’s no guarantee.  It’s almost certain that one of those girls objected to what Kitti did and decided to turn the tables on her by creating another spy-camera video and the email.”


“What happens to Kitti?”


“We can’t retrieve a thousand emails of a nude Kitti Power.  I wish the sender would have come to us first.  Regardless, Kitti’s crime with the boys is quite serious and now she has to be processed through the legal system.  She likely won’t be back to our school this year … It’s a shame for her to throw away her whole school career by doing something as stupid as this.”


“Derrek,” said Coach Parker, “you can walk with me down to our locker room now.  I’ve called a team meeting.”






End Chapter 87

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 16, 2024


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