A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 72
CHAPTER 172 .......... Sleepover – Part Two – The Orgasm

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I was bawling my eyes out.  When Maddie had decided that my spanking was concluded, she helped stand me up and held a tight grip on my left wrist again.  Then she ‘frog-marched’ me quickly back to my bedroom and shut the door.


“Look at you!” she barked.


She made me look at myself in the full length mirror.  It was embarrassing.  I was nude, crying, and still sported a vertical errection that was bobbying up and down as I shook.


Maddie led me to my desk where she picked up my wooden ruler and for a second, I thought that my spanking was headed for round two.  But then she backed up and sat down on my bed and guided me to sit on her lap.  I was sideways this time, rather than facing her like I do with Sammantha.


She grabbed me a tissue off the nightstand and I used it to wipe my eyes.  But I was still whimpering.  It was hard to stop crying.  My butt hurt really bad.


“I brought you back in here, Derrek, because we need to talk.”


I wasn’t in a very advantageous position to talk about anything … being naked and in the physical control of my older sister.


“About what?” I replied, but barely audible.


“Mom told me today about an incident that happened one morning last week.  She said she went into your room to pick up dirty laundry for the wash and she said that you were sitting on your bed with your pajama bottoms off.  She said that she caught you doing something that she doesn’t approve of.  And she was yelling when she said it.  I’ve never seen Mom so pissed off.  Did she spank you for it?”


“No.”  I tried to look away and cover my boner with my hands.  I just shrugged.


“Then what were you doing, Derrek?” she asked, with a little nudging to my body.  She had her left arm around my left shoulder.  It felt creepy.”


Still whimpering, I answered, “I don’t really want to talk about it.”


“Owwwwwwww!!  Stop pinching under my leg, Maddie!  That twisting really hurts!


“Derrek, let me tell you how this conversation is going to work.  I’m going to ask you a question, and I want you to do your best to try to answer it.  If you lie, or if you say ‘I don’t know, or if you remain silent … you get a pinch … and if you piss me off enough, you’ll get another spanking … only this time with the ruler … or we could just go the middle route and curl my middle finger against my thumb and flick it against your forehead like this …”


“Owwwww!!  You think that’s not supposed to hurt but it does!


“Then maybe that will give you some incentive to cooperate.”


I huffed back, “I don’t think it’s fair that you get to bully me just because you’re bigger.”


“Derrek, if you make up your mind to be a good boy and do as I say, then I won’t have to bully you.  That’s fair, don’t you think?”


Fearfuly, I whimpered. “Okay, I’ll try.”


‘Okay, now.  What were you doing when Mom caught you?”


I could feel my face turning red again.  It didn’t help that I was naked now when I tried to answer but my boner was so hard.  I coughed a little.  It was difficult to speak the words.  I closed my eyes.


“I was … I was … playing with it..”


“Playing with what?”


I try to look away.  You know.”


Maddie flicked my forehead with her thumb and middle finger.


“Owwww!!  Stop it!”


“No, I don’t know what you were doing, Derrek.  You better start answering me.”


“Okay!  I was playing … a little … with my penis.  Are you happy now?”


“Wait a second.  Are you telling me that you were masturbating?”


I murmrred, “Yes.”


“Oh Derrek! … I’m sorry.   I didn’t realize it was that serious.  If my friends ever found out that my little brother is a masturbator, this could embarrass our entire family.”


“But why would that happen?”


Maddie grabbed my left arm and squeezed it.  “Derrek, Mom distinctly told you that only bad boys masturbate.  She told you to stop and NEVER do it again.  So why do you keep doing it?”


There were tears coming from my eyes again.  “I’m sorry …(I choked back even more tears.)   I can’t help it, Maddie.  It just feels good.”


“Tell me what you feel when it happens, Derrek.”


I was crying so hard and it was difficult to form the words.  “My penis tickles.”


“Really?  So you’re twelve years old now.  Do you ejaculate semen?”


I nodded.


“When did you start doing that?”


“A couple months ago.”


“And when it first happened, why didn’t you tell me?”


“Still crying, I replied, “I was scared.”


“Of what?”


“When it first happened, I thought I had a disease.  I thought that some kind of puss was coming out of the end of my penis and I didn’t know what it was.”


“I see … So how did you find out the truth?”


Still embarrassed, I replied, “I asked one of my boyfriends at school and he knew what it was.”


“What do you do to make the semen come out, Derrek?”


“I rub it.”


“Up and down?”




“And how often do you play with it, Derrek?”


“I do it sometimes.”


“Owwww!!  Stop it!”  (Maddie flicked my forehead again.)


“You’ll have to be more specific than that, Derrek.  Do you do it like five times a day?”


“No … I only do it once a day.”


“You jack off EVERY DAY??!!  Geez, no wonder you’re such a fucked up pervert.  Mom is right to be worried about you.  She really should spank you every time you do it till you get the message.”


“No! … And I’m not a bad boy.”


“You know, I’ve never seen a boy play with it before, Derrek.  Why don’t you masturbate for me right now and I won’t tell Mom.”


I shook my head vehemently and answered with a bit more volume in my voice.  “No!  I don’t want to do that now, Maddie.”


“You know, little brother, I brought that wooden ruler to the bed for a reason.  You should consider very carefully if you think disobeying me is worth another spanking that’s even more painful than the one I just gave you with my hand in the living room.”


With those words, my boner was getting so hard and I squirmed in her lap.  “It’s not FAIR!! I yelled.  Every time I grow a year older, the gap between us is always five years.  When I was four and you were nine, you spanked me.  When I was six and you were eleven, you spanked me.  When I was eight and you were thirteen, you spanked me.  When I was ten and you were fifteen, you spanked me.  And now that I’m twelve, almost a teenager, and you’re seventeen, you still think you can spank me like I was a little boy.”


“So you think that life as a little boy is not fair.”


I grumbled, “Yes.”


“Well, you have to look at it another way, Derrek.  It’s fair for me, being the older sister.  And we both get want we want.  I like to spank my little brother because he’s a fucking retard and a pain in the ass, and you like to jack off, so it’s really a win – win … whichever way you choose.  So what’s it gonna be, little bro?”


I was sitting on her lap, completely nude, and crying freely again.  Maddie brought her right arm around to meet her left and she gave me a comforting hug … and rocked me forward and back on her lap.


She let me cry for several minutes before whispering in my ear, “Are you ready to decide, little bro?”


She handed me another tissue and I sniffed a few times and blew my nose.  Jacking off should be a private matter for any boy.  I knew I wasn’t being a bad boy for doing it, and it was only recently that I started having semen.  That made me feel so grown up.


But now, the whole idea of my older sister forcing me to play with myself, just so she could watch me squirt out sperms was so humiliating.  Mom caught me by accident and I covered up right away.  She didn’t see much … just gave me a lecture, but what for?  All the other boys do it … so what’s the big deal?


But this was way different.  I hated my sister so much for this.  She was being really mean.  I kept looking at the wooden ruler.  Why can’t I spank her once.  Why does she always get to spank me?  I couldn’t bring myself to give her an answer.  Do I want to show her how I jack off, or would I rather get a spanking.  I didn’t want either.


Suddenly, her gentle hug became a giant claw that turned me upside down over her lap.  She raised the wooden ruler.


“Maddie, no!  Maddie, no!”


Too late … she applied the swat … I felt a white-hot sting … and it really hurt.


“Owwwwwwww!!”  I stared crying again uncontrollably.  “Okay, I’ll do it!  I’ll do it! … Please no more, Maddie!  I’ll do it!”


My sister set down the ruler and stood me up in front of her.  I was naked before her.  I was so extremely embarrassed.  My erection was still prominent.  She held my upper arms and said, “Okay, little bro … I’m waiting.”


I couldn’t help crying again, part from the pain of the swat, and part from being in such a compromised position that I could do nothing to change.  I was like a toddler … as if being naked in front of my sister with a huge boner was totally normal and no big deal.  She wanted me to play with my penis for her spiteful  enjoyment.


I pleaded, “Maddie, if jacking off makes me a bad boy, then why do you want me to do it?”


“Derrek, we both know that you’re going to be a bad boy whether I watch you or not.  So it really doesn’t matter if I watch you this time, now does it?”


I cried some more … then I pointed in front of me.  “Can I do it on the bed?”


“Of course … as long as I can see it.”


God, I couldn’t believe how embarrassing this was.  I hated being the smaller sibling.  That’s the only reason she was getting her way now.  I thought about fighting back but she was seventeen and simply too strong for me.  I’ll bet none of my friends at school have to go through this … being ordered to jack off to put on a show for their sister.


I got on my bed and put the pillow in a vertical position against wall so it would give me some back support.  Then I sat with my back firmly against the pillow, so that I was sitting up.


“Are you going to spread your legs now?” Maddie asked.


What a stupid-ass question.  I was going to do it anyway, but now that she asked, It seemed like I was doing it because she told me to.


I spread my knees apart very wide and brought my feet back to the center to touch each other … so that my legs formed a diamond shape.  I had no choice now but to start rubbing it.


My sister sat on the edge of the bed and turned to get a good look at me.  “Is this how you always masturbate, Derrek?”


I wanted to be a smart ass and say ‘Why do you ask, Maddie?  Are you writing a report for school?’  Instead, I just replied ‘Most of the time.’


“Which hand do you like to use?”


Jesus, it was like she was telling me what to do at each step … more humiliation.


I didn’t answer.  I just used my right hand and pulled the crown up and down a little.  I could feel the blood pressure in my face from the sheer embarrassment.


Maddie kept pestering me with more stupid questions.  She was driving me crazy.


“Derrek, how long does it take for the sperms to come out?”


I replied, “It’s different each time.”  I didn’t want to say ‘I don’t know’ cuz then she might pinch me.  What really bothered me was thinking that she might laugh at me when I had my orgasm with all the weird gyrations and sound effects.


“Derrek, shouldn’t you be rubbing harder than that?”


“I am.”  Then I picked up the pace.  There was no way I could delay my climax for much longer.  I could feel so much pressure building up in my penis that there was nothing much else I could do to delay an explosion.  My penis was hot.  My whole body was hot.  It was like arrows directing the pressure from all parts of my body to my groin.


And then I was there … arriving at the point of no return.


My sister took a phone out of her pocket and quickly asked, “You don’t mind if I make a video of this, do you?”  (Thanks for asking, sis.)


It must have made a pretty good video.  My eyes bulged, my mouth opened wide, I arched my back, and I screamed out  “NO!  NO!  NO!  NO!  NO!”


My first semen explosion made a substantial arc, nearly to the foot of the bed.  The remaining seven spurts made smaller and smaller arcs until I was dribbling a little puddle on the tip of my penis.


Maddie ended her video recording and noted, “Wow, Derrek.  I had no idea that boys were so ‘out of control’ when they ejaculated.  That orgasm was really intense.  No wonder you do it everyday.  How come I never hear you doing it?  You should let Mom watch you too.”


Without asking, she took another tissue and pulled the head of my penis upward so she could wipe it off, like a doting mother.  I didn’t like her handling my junk.  It was just more humiliation, like I couldn’t do it myself.

”Derrek, how do you control your ‘mess’ when I’m not around to help you?”


As my penis continued to dribble, I told her, “I use a sock.”


“Show it to me.”


I reached over and pulled my ‘jacking-off’ sock from between the mattress and box spring.


Maddie grabbed the sock from my hand and commented, “Ewww, this is really disgusting, Derrek.  It’s all crusty.  How can you just keep using the same sock over and over?  Boys really are dirty little creatures.”


“Can I have my sock back, please?”


Instead, Maddie threw the sock in the hamper and then grabbed my left wrist tightly.  “You need to get your ass in the tub right now so I can clean you up.  Here’s another tissue.  Make sure you don’t dribble your sperms in the hallway where people have to walk.”



End Chapter 72

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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