A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 46
CHAPTER 146 .......... Beware of Sally

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Dear parents,

This note is to inform you that the female student arrested for kidnapping a male student last Monday has been released on bond.  Additional security personell will be assigned to patrol the middle school starting tomorrow morning.  We will continue to post updates as needed.

                         Dr. Tiffany Glass, principal




“Derrek, I’m not just going to sit at home or work.  We need to be pro-active on this.  I’m going to stake out their home at 5 am tomorrow morning.”


I was getting nervous already.  “Mom, you can’t stop them from driving.  Then you’ll be the one arrested for kidnapping.”


“If they leave the house, I’ll stay back far enough so that they don’t see me in the Porsche.  Then I’ll phone you with two rings and a hang up, so you’ll know they’re on the move.”




“If I know that she’s trying to enter the school, I’ll phone you with four rings and a hang up.  Do you want to take my fishing knife to school with you?”


“No, Mom … That’s a good way to get me suspended.  And we found out when we confronted Yolanda Schmeckpepper that you can’t take a knife to a gun fight.”


“Hmm … Well, maybe at least carry a rock in your right hand for throwing.”


I replied, “Or maybe a coffee mug.  It would be less conspicuous.”






On Monday morning, Sammantha left our apartment at 4:45 am.  I was worried.  I didn’t want her to confront them.


I insisted on taking the bus to school as usual, although Big-O had me sit on his left by the window with my head down.  Anyone entering the bus wouldn’t see me.  It was really nerve-racking to be moving about in fear.  I wanted to face Sally and get it over with.


When we arrived at the school, I looked around as I stepped off the bus.  Big-O was right next to me and there was no sign of Sally or her mother … or of their silver Honda Accord.


There were two security men at the front entrance instead of one.  The second man happened to be our friend, Officer George, and I was really glad to see him there.


“We’ll be looking out for you, Derrek,” he assured me as he shook my hand.


“I appreciate that,” I told him.  His appearance should have given me some peace of mind, but I was still nervous as hell.  I just felt that as soon as Sally made bail, she would be on a suicide mission to ‘get me’.


When I walked into homeroom, things seemed fairly normal.  But Madeline and Hoshiko approached me right away.


“We will protect you, Darakatoms,” Hoshiko steadfastly affirmed.  “Madeline and I both wore heavy belts with our jeans today and we will use them to attack Sally if she comes.”


I shook my head.  “That’s not happening, guys.  I won’t allow you to put yourselves in more danger because of me.”


“But I am an expert in marshal arts, Darakatoms.”


“That won’t help if Sally’s got a gun.  Please respect my wishes, both of you.”


“Hey, Goro!” I called out.  “I may need you as backup if Sally shows up.”


He nodded.  “You got it, amigo.”


My homeroom teacher, Miss Premo asked me, “Derrek, do you know something we don’t know?”


“Not at the moment, Miss Premo.”


Wrong … At that very moment, I felt four vibrating rings on my phone.


“I know it now, Miss Premo.  You’d better get behind your desk.”


“Maybe we should lock the door, Derrek.”


I put up a hand.  “No!  Kids are still coming in.  They need a safe place.”


I yelled out, “Everyone get to the back of the room now!  Turn your desks over and stay behind them!






A lot had happened in the last ten minutes that I wasn’t aware of.  Mom told me she would ring my phone twice and hang up when Sally and her mom left their house.  That didn’t happen.


There turned out to be a substantial difference between ‘bat-shit crazy’ and stupid.  Sally’s diabolical plan was far from stupid.  She and her mom stayed at the grandmother’s house Sunday night … in case their own house was being staked out by the police (or a nosy neighbor, last name Adams.)


In the morning, Mrs. Sukkemsilli did not drive into the school parking lot, but instead, parked on the street one block away.  From there, Sally got out and walked … except she didn’t look much like Sally.


The girl had cut her hair short enough to fit under a short black wig and she was wearing a pair of fake round Harry Potter glasses.  (Glasses were a good enough disguise for Superman).  With a beat-up used back pack, she melted in with a group of students getting off a school bus.


As she filed in through the main door, Sally started up a peppy conversation with a girl who didn’t know her.


“Oh, I love your jeans!  Can you tell me where you got them?” …… “Thanks, yeah, I got ‘em at TJ Max” …… “Do you know if they’re on sale?” ……  “They might be.  You should check at the Walden Galleria” …… “Okay, thanks, I’ll have to try to get my mom to take me there.”


And with that, Sally passed right under the nose of Office George Justice … and every other security guard.




If we wind the clock back 15 minutes, Sammantha was getting very impatient sitting in the car at her stakeout of Sally’s house.  School was about to start in a few minutes, so she turned the key and gunned the engine … speeding to the middle school.


Sammantha was going about 40 miles per hour in a 20 mph school zone when she passed a silver Honda Accord.  She slammed on her brakes and put the Porsche in reverse.


When she braked, the drivers in the two cars looked through their side windows and had a stare-down.  Then the other driver offered Sammantha her middle finger.  Sally was not in the car.


Sammantha pulled out her cell phone.  She rang Derrek’s phone with the signal … four vibrations and a hang up.  Then she floored the gas pedal and raced to the front entrance of the school knowing that she was probably already too late to stop what was coming.


Sammantha ran through the front entrance of the middle school, and when she saw her friend, Officer George, she yelled, “Sally’s here!  We’ve got to get to Derrek’s homeroom!”


At that exact moment, Sally stood just 50 feet from the door to Miss Premo’s homeroom … and pulled the fire alarm … a move that would give her several advantages.  It would insure that every classroom door was open, it would cause chaos in the hallways and prevent a lockdown, and it would offer her an avenue of escape after she confronted Derrek.


“STAY DOWN!!” I yelled at my classmates.  “Sally pulled the alarm!  Don’t move!”


However this ends, I knew that people were going to ask me later why I didn’t lock Miss Premo’s door if I knew that Sally was trying to get in.  I felt responsible for putting all my classmates in danger and I wanted to confront Sally myself, face to face.  I would absolutely NOT run away from her in fear.


Sally waited 20 seconds for students to being filling up the hallways.  Then she stepped through Miss Premo’s doorway.


No disguise would prevent me from recognizing Sally’s face … especially the angry teeth.  On her first step forward, she already had her mother’s Smith & Wesson revolver cocked and drawn … but my body was coiled and ready to spring.


It took only two tenths of a second for my left hand to grab Sally’s right wrist and lift it upward.  The gun discharged in a violent percussion that had many classmates screaming.   But I pushed forward in a football block that I had last executed when I knocked down one of my coaches in an early practice.


Sally’s right hand still gripped the weapon.  I banged her hand on the chalk tray as hard as I could five or six times till the gun popped out and fell to the floor.  Miss Premo snatched it up quickly and stuck it in one of her drawers.


“YOU FUCKING BASTARD,  I’LL KILL YOU!!!”  Sally screamed.


I looked behind me.  “Goro, you got this?”


“Just step aside, amigo,” he answered.  “180 pounds should hold her down.”


Then I stood up and turned around with a shout.  “Is everyone alright?!  Where did the bullet go?”


Several classmates pointed to the hole in the ceiling.  Madeline and Hoshiko came up and hugged me.  And then the posse arrived.


Sammantha burst in (with hugs) along with Officer George, Principal Glass, and my coach, Icy Parker.  The policeman handcuffed Sally as she flailed wildly and continued to scream out profanities.  But between the loud gunshot and the fire alarm, the hallways remained a scene of bedlam.


I asked the principal, “Dr. Glass, please don’t cancel school.  Everyone’s okay, and we just need to find Sally’s mother.”


Sammantha grabbed that cue.  “George, she’s parked one block away … silver Honda Accord.”


“Ride with me, Sammantha.”


Dr. Glass stayed with me.  “Derrek, I’ve got to get on the P.A., but in five seconds, tell me what happened.”


“Sally came in with a gun, one shot hit the ceiling, and then Goro and I tackled her, and Miss Premo took the gun.”


The principal breathed a sigh of relief and put a hand on my shoulder.  “Thanks, Derrek, great job.”


Then Dr. Glass picked up Miss Premo’s phone and worked a little magic.  She entered a digital code which shut off the fire alarm.  Then she punched in a different digital code and addressed everyone in the school.


“Good morning.  This is Principal Glass.  I would like all teachers and students to return to their homeroom classes immediately and get ready for first period.  The fire drill was a false alarm.  The incident in Miss Premo’s classroom is under control.  Do not bother members of the Police or Fire Department who may be walking through our building.  Once again, gather your homeroom belongings and proceed to your first period classes.”


I tapped the principal on her shoulder.  “Dr. Glass, may I address the school during first period from your office?”


“Of course, Derrek.  But let’s help Miss Premo straighten up her classroom.”


After helping to pick up desks, I headed to Math class and explained to my teacher that I was going to visit the office.


He nodded and took a puff on his imaginary pipe.  Then he handed me a small envelope.  “Don’t share this, Derrek.  Shilo says she likes you.”


I took a peek and saw a chocolate heart.  I smiled.  “Thanks, Major … um, Mr. Victum.”




End Chapter 46

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 21, 2024


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