A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 25
A Junior Goddess

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The whole day was agonizing and I so dreaded meeting my babysitter at 5pm.  It was only a couple hours away.   I moped around the apartment imagining all the terrible things that awaited me.  A girl was going to lead me around by my wrist like she was my second mommy … And this time, I really had to role play, pretending to be an immature little boy.  Of course, that’s exactly what Sammantha has been calling me all week.


Now I understood why my water curse was an actual curse.  Maybe this would give me my best opportunity to run away … except that only bad things happen to runaways.  I was getting anxiety and depression all over again.  There was a knock at the door.


“Derrek, will you please answer the door?”


Why should I be the one to greet her?  I was so nervous.  What if she just picks me up and spanks me just to set the tone?  I carefully turned the handle on the door.


“Hi there!  I’m Kitti Power … and you must be little Derrek.”  She tousled my hair.  “Aren’t you a little cutie pie!”


My jaw dropped.  Heaven had fallen to earth.  Kitti Power turned out to be a blonde petite version of Sammantha, just somewhat shorter … maybe 5 foot 4 … obligatory bare midriff for someone who could flaunt it … and a halter with another set of perfect boobs that could pass the pencil test.  They were so nice, just the right size for her smaller body.  And, holy shit, her sweat pants had a frickin’ camel toe.  I could clearly see the outline of her pussy.  All that was missing was a flashing neon ‘we’re open’ sign.


“Hello and welcome, Kitti,” Sammantha greeted her upon entering the living room.  “Please come in, I see you’ve already met Derrek.”


I quickly hit behind Sammantha.


“Aww, are you a shy little guy?” Kitti asked in her cheerful tone.  “That’s okay.”


I wasn’t shy.  I was just trying to re-adjust an industrial strength boner in my crotch.  Well, if Kitti was going to be my baby sitter, then I’d better get into ‘baby’ mode, more or less.


I tapped Sammantha on her shoulder.  “Mommy, may please show Kitti my bunny rabbit?”


“Sure, sweety.”


The three of us walked into my bedroom and I brought my toy over to the girl.  “See?  This is bunny rabbit and he’s my best friend.”


I suppose I was acting a little younger than ten but under the circumstances I thought it would make for a better introduction to do that than to go up to her and say something like, ‘That’s quite a camel-toe you’re sporting.  Mind if I massage your clitoris?’


Kitti squeezed the bunny and smiled, asking, “What’s your bunny rabbit’s name?  He’s so soft.”


“His name is ‘bunny rabbit’ ‘cause he’s a bunny rabbit … And your name is Kitti, ‘cause you’re a kitti, right?  Hah hah!”


She chuckled a little.  “You’re a funny little boy, Derrek.  I like you, and we’re going to have a lot of fun together.”


I looked up, beaming at her.  “Really?”


“Uh huh.  Tell me Derrek, why is there a baby crib in your room?”


“Oh, that’s where I used to sleep when I was little … but now that I’m big, I get to sleep in a ‘big-boy’ bed.  See?”  I got up on the bed and started bouncing up and down.


“Good for you, Derrek!”


“And I stayed dry last night, too.”


“Wow, you are a big boy.”


“Catch me, Kitti!”  As carefully as possible, I moved to the edge of the bed and gently leaped into the girl’s awaiting arms.  Her hands supported me by my butt.  I’m amazed that I could actually touch this beautiful specimen and lean into her breasts so soon after meeting her.  Obviously, this is Sammantha’s fault for bringing us together and I have no control over my feelings, which at the moment can be described in numerous ways … lecherous, lascivious, concupiscent, licentious, lubricous, salacious, prurient … I was thinking about the novel, ‘Lolita’, with me being a junior version of Humbert Humbert.


It ended too soon. Kitti set me back down and handed me back my bunny.  “Hey Derrek, guess where we’re going for dinner tonight.”


“I don’t know?”


“Dave and Busters.”


“Really?!” I embraced Kitti with a hug around her waist. “Oh, thank you, Kitti!  Thank you!”


“Don’t thank me.  Thank your mom.  She’s the one who’s paying for it.”


I switched off for the obligatory hug for my mom.  “Thank you, Mommy, thank you!”


Sammantha handed Kitti a wad of cash.  “There’s $200 here.  You don’t have to spend it all.  I know the place is expensive and I just didn’t want you guys running out of game tokens after just ten minutes.  There’s more cash in the cookie jar for food on Saturday and I’ll be back Sunday around noon.  And I’ll allow Derrek to drink soda, except at breakfast.”


“Thank you, Mommy.”


“As I mentioned on my call, Kitti, I’d like you to give Derrek his warm milk bath before bedtime.”


“Not a problem, Mrs. Adams.”


I raised my hand.  “Oh! Oh!  Kitti, I can help you with my milk bath, but I might need some help taking off my shirt.”


Kitti bent down to my level and tousled my hair again.  “I’m going to take good care of you, little man.”


For some reason, when Kitti called me a little man, it felt like a term of endearment.  I sat back down on the bed to play with bunny rabbit while Sammantha gave Kitti some final instructions.


“The rare condition Derrek has is called ‘Aquagenic Urticaria’.  If his skin ever touches water, he breaks out in hives and swelling, and it’s pretty bad.  If that should ever happen, do not call 911, they wouldn’t know what to do.  You should immediately throw a large blanket over his whole body to keep him calm, and call my father, Paul Adams at 716-555-9272.  He’ll rush over and do what is needed.”


“I understand, Mrs. Adams.”


“His bedtime is normally 8:30, but if he’s co-operating, then you can stretch it a little.  And Kitti, you have my full authority to spank Derrek if he misbehaves or disobeys you.”


“Oh, I’m sure he’ll be a good little boy, Mrs. Adams.”


“I’ll behave for Kitti, Mommy.  I promise.”


“I think I’m leaving you in good hands, sweety.  So I’ll see you on Sunday.  Come here and give Mommy a kiss.”


“Have a good trip, Mommy.”






The Buffalo Dave and Busters was located just southwest of the airport.  Kitti drove us in her own car.  She asked me why I didn’t go to school.


“Mommy does my home schooling.  She says I’m a little behind the other kids and so I need to catch up before I can go to school.  She says I have special needs.” 


(So that’s my play … I figure if I want to cuddle up with Kitti, then I should act as the stupid, innocent kid who doesn’t know any better.)


Our adventure at Dave and Busters actually went pretty well.  We had pizza and coke for dinner and it took us a couple hours to use up $100 in chips.  I don’t know what Sammantha was thinking with $200.  Kitti said the rest would go back in the cookie jar.


I let Kitti lead the way on game selection and she captured most of our prize tickets.  By intent, I wasn’t very good, but had a lot of fun cheering and hugging Kitti every time she won.  I got ridiculous chills feeling up her body on each hug.  The hardest part was concealing my boner.  God, she had nice boobs, just the right size.  It was so hard to contain my evil thoughts.


At around 8pm, we decided it was time to cash in our ‘power card’ for prizes.  Kitti let me look around for anything that caught my interest.


I cozied up to her and dared touch her bare midriff.  “Kitti, may I please choose the rubber duckies so that I can play with them in my milk bath?  I think they’ll float on milk.”


She rested both her hands on my shoulders.  “You sure can, little man.  Let’s see how many we can buy with our credits.”


It turned out we could take home six rubber duckies, not much for we spent but I guess we weren’t very good game players … and I was more than happy with my evening spent with a junior goddess.  It deserved one more hug.


“Thank you for everything, Kitti.  You’re so nice to me.”


She hugged me back, heaven in a 5 foot 4 package.  “Let’s remember to thank your mommy too when she gets back.”







End Chapter 25

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 21, 2024


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