A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 45
CHAPTER 145 .......... Humanity’s Future With AI’s

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At 8 am, the ‘management’ gave us our wake up call with a loud knock at our bedroom door.


“Wakey wakey, sleepyheads,” said Major.  “Breakfast is waiting … but not forever.”


I dressed quickly with a clean pair of underwear I brought along, but kept the cargo shorts and the polo shirt from yesterday.  Shilo also put on her same clothes from before.  I helped her with her panties and jeans since she had no use of her legs.


“Did you sleep well, Derreksan?”


“I did.  I had the warmth of a hot young woman in my arms.  Holding your boobs while I drifted off was a nice feeling … How about you?”


“I too enjoyed what you call ‘spooning’, Derreksan.  But for sleep, I always go to ‘alert’ stasis to save power.”


“Do you need to recharge?”


“Not yet, Derreksan.  I can go for about three days between charges.”


“Shilo, can you stand behind me and put your arms over my chest?  I think I can help bring you into the kitchen.”


“Of course, Derreksan.  That is better than being a ventriloquist’s dummy.”


As we approached Major’s kitchen, I could smell a good variety of breakfast entrees … bacon and eggs, waffles, fresh fruit, sausage, orange juice, milk and even ice cream.


“Shilo whispered in my ear, “Major always likes a scoop of vanilla ice cream on his waffles.”


For a moment I was startled by the appearance of an unexpected guest.


“Mom!  Hi!  I didn’t even call you yet!”


“Hey, sweety.  Hi Shilo.  Major invited me to join you guys for breakfast.  So did you have a good time last night?”


“Oh yeah, Mom.  It was very different than anything I had ever experienced before.”


“Godmother,” said Shilo, “welcome to our breakfast.  You should be very proud of Derreksan.  He has proven himself to be an outstanding example of the human species.”


Sammantha nodded.  “Well any mother would be happy to hear that about her son.  Oh, and are you using now, the Japanese version of his name.”


“Yes, Godmother.  It is a sign of my respect for him.  You should also be proud that he has set a Guinness World Record in the category of Ejaculation.”


Yikes, this was not proper breakfast conversation and I waved my hands cross-wise in front of Shilo.  (like a football ref calling a thrown pass incomplete).


Sammantha just grinned and replied, “Ohh … Derrek must have told you about our crazy trip to St. Thomas and the famous ‘BLOB’.”


Major had to interrupt.  “Shilo, the sexual encounters of an individual should not be brought to the attention of others.”


The AI bowed her head.  “I understand, Major.  I am sorry.  You do not want me to ‘kiss-and-tell’.”


“That is correct, Shilo.”


As we started eating, I broached my ‘pet project’ with Sammantha.


“Mom, Shilo is a very honest ‘person’ when it comes to cautioning us about a possible war between humans and AI’s.  She doesn’t want the war and it will be important to have an AI who’s on our side.”


“Where exactly are you going with this, Derrek,” asked Sammantha.


“Mom, if I didn’t trust Shilo, I wouldn’t bring it up.  But she won’t be able to protect us without the mobility of real legs.”


As in many times before, Sammantha tilted her head.  “And you’re telling me this why?”


“Because real walking legs cost 50 thousand dollars and Major doesn’t have that kind of funding available.”


Sammantha waved me off.  “So take the money out of your own piggybank.”


“Mom, come on, I have zippo … nada.  This is your god-daughter we’re talking about.  She’s practically family.”


My teacher interrupted again.  “Sammantha, you don’t have to feel obligated to do that.  It’s a ridiculous amount of money and I’m sure you have bills to pay.”


“Major’s right, sweety.  We’ll talk about this some other time.”


I looked to my left.  “Shilo?”


She looked back at me.  “I am sorry Derreksan.  I would, of course, want to have the legs, but it is not my position to ask humans to financially indulge my own selfish desires.  It was kind of you, though, to ask on my behalf.”


I glanced across the table to my teacher.  “Major, I really appreciate the ‘invite’ to come over here this weekend to visit Shilo.  Thank you so much.”


“You’re most welcome, Derrek.  Shilo and I both enjoyed having company over.  It can get boring sometimes, just the two of us.”


“Yes, Derreksan … and we also would enjoy your return visit some day, if you are so inclined to do so.”


I nodded.  “I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.” 


As breakfast ended, I turned to my right and asked,  “Are we ready to head home, Mom?”


“Sure, sweety.  Major, is there anything else we should know?”


“Only that Derrek should remember to finish his math homework and be careful not to call me ‘Major’ in front of the other students.”


“Will do, Mr. Victum … and thanks again.”




When we got in Sammantha’s Porsche, she turned and looked at me with a solemn expression.  “So what really happened last night?”


“Huh?  What do you mean, Mom?”


“I can see right through you, Derrek.  You weren’t yourself.  Something is really bothering you, and it has nothing to do with robot legs.”


I lowered my head.  “Mom, can we talk about it later?  I’m really not in the mood.”


“No, sweety.  It’s not good to carry around an emotional burden.  You do know what I do for a living, don’t you?”


“I do, Mom … but I’m afraid you’ll just get mad and want to go storming back to Major’s house and make a big to-do about nothing … just like you did at the superintendent’s office, except that wasn’t nothing.”


“I give you my word, sweety.  Today, I’ll just listen and empathize.”


With that, I took a deep breath.  Shilo’s always making fun of me that I compare life to the movies.  Well, last nights movie was The Agony and the Ecstasy.  We sometimes hear about people who were abducted by space aliens who perform painful sexual experiments on their human subjects.”


Sammantha showed a look of concern.  “Sweety, did Shilo do that to you?”


“Yeah … for about an hour.  She was trying to ‘break’ me, but I refused to give in.  I made it through all of her sexual tortures and that’s why she started calling me Derreksan, out of respect.”


“Did Major know she was doing these horrible things to you?”


“Of course.  I’m sure Shilo’s done the same to him at one time or another … and he is the type of person who lets others walk all over him anyway.  He was probably glad to see Shilo do it to somebody else this time.”


“So sweety, if that was the agony, then what was the ecstacy?”


“Mom, when the tortures finally ended, I had the greatest sex in the history of mankind … 355 consecutive ejaculations.  That’s what Shilo meant by a world’s record.”


“How is that even possible?”


I shrugged.  “I don’t know.  She stuck some high tech gizmos up my butt and in my prostate.  Mom, I never took psychedelic drugs but I swear that’s what it felt like.  My brain was ‘out to lunch’ for five or six minutes … then I collapsed.”


“That’s all very amazing, sweety.  If it wasn’t you saying it, I wouldn’t believe it.  Would you ever do it again?”


“Probably not.  Shilo and I both agree that ‘supersex’ will be the cause of humanity’s downfall.  Males will want it so bad that a few million AI’s will quickly figure out that they can withhold sex unless the humans do their bidding … in other words, become slaves to their own AI’s.”


“That’s pretty frightening, sweety.  It sounds like the AI’s could take over without a shot being fired.”


“Yeah, and the humans marketing them now as ‘sex dolls’ don’t care … as long as they’re raking in billions in profits.”


Sammantha stopped the car and stared at me.  “So why do you want to make Shilo even more powerful by allowing her to become mobile?”


“Because I think she’s bonded with us, Mom … you being her godmother, and me from everything we did last night.  Including Major, she has cause to protect the three humans she considers family.”


I added, “Sometime in the future there’s going to be a ‘human versus AI’ event … and when that happens, I think it will be very helpful to have an AI who’s on our side.”


Sammantha put a hand under her chin.  “50 thousand dollars, huh?  I was going to use that money to buy you a new car when you turned 16.”


“Funny, Mom.”





On Sunday afternoon back at our apartment, Sammantha’s phone rang.  When she saw who it was, she put the phone on ‘speaker’ and came into my bedroom.




“Sammantha, this is Officer George Justice.  Sorry to bother you, but Sally and her mother are out on bail.”


“How did they get out?” she asked.


“Sally agreed to cooperate.  She gave us the four-digit code to open her phone in exchange for bail for her and her mom.  That gives us the video evidence to convict them, but it also puts them back on the street.”


I had to speak up.  “Officer Justice, these two women are ‘bat-shit’ crazy.  Everyone on my football team thinks Sally will be the next school shooter.”


“I hear you, Derrek.  We’ll have extra police and security guards at the middle school this week.  But keep your guard up anyway.”


“Yes, sir.”


“Sammantha, I’ll be in touch if I hear anything else.”


“Thanks, George.”


“Mom, should we check if you’ve got email from the school?”


We walked back to Sammantha’s bedroom.  Sure enough we found a message on her computer.




Dear parents,

This note is to inform you that the female student arrested for kidnapping a male student last Monday has been released on bond.  Additional security personell will be assigned to patrol the middle school starting tomorrow morning.  We will continue to post updates as needed.

                         Dr. Tiffany Glass, principal





End Chapter 45

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 21, 2024


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