A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 41
CHAPTER 141 .......... A Little Pain Never Hurt Anyone

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“That’s a great idea, Shilo.  The kids in my first period class loved you and would welcome you to return in person.  Every seventh grade student should be put over your knee and spanked as part of the standard mathematics curriculum.”


Shilo smiled her innocent smile.  “I’d love that, Derrek … Let’s tell Major after we fuck.  But I’d like to spank Randy Pantz first.  That kid’s a real smartass.  He deserves a spanking just for his Hellen Keller joke.”


“Okay, so how should I get you over to the bed?”


“Just walk my legs in little diagonals … back, forth, back, forth … until I’m close enough to fall on the bed.  Then my arms will take over and I can do pretty much anything I want.  I’ll have no problem sitting up and placing you over my knee.”


I did as instructed, and Shilo used her strong arms, bringing her body closer to the pillow.


“Okay, Derrek, now you lay on your back with your head on the pillow.”


“So what did you decide for my Newtons, Shilo?”


“Well, kicking a stationary soccer ball requires about ten Newtons of force … So I’m going to start your spanking with five Newtons.  Just raise your right hand if you want it harder or your left hand if you want it softer.”


“Okay, sounds like a plan.”


  -- S L A P -- !!!


“OWW!!  What was that for?!”  Shilo had raised her right hand and slapped me across my left facial cheek … and it hurt … more than when Sammantha whacked me.


-- S L A P -- !!!     “Does that bother you, Derrek?”


Her followup was a left hand to my right cheek.  My lips parched together in a frown. Slapping anyone in the face is a very personal attack.  I was not happy about it.  It’s not sexually exciting.  I brought my hands up to cover my face and I yelled at her, “I thought you were going to spank my butt!”


The AI android grabbed both of my wrists and placed my arms on my chest so that the fingertips of each of my hands was touching the opposite elbow.  Then came her next surprise.


I started thinking about the cartoon character ‘Inspector Gadget’ whose entire body and wardrobe was like a Swiss army knife.  The four fingers on Shilo’s left hand extended three knuckles longer so that her four left fingers were now six inches long each.


Her left hand wrapped itself around both of my arms above my wrists … at about the spots where a person would wear watches.  Like a boa constrictor, she locked my arms together in a vise grip.  I couldn’t move my arms, but her right hand was still free.


Shilo leaned down and engulfed my mouth with hers.  At first, I was afraid she would go down my esophagus again, but instead, she forced her tongue into my mouth and blew her tongue up like a balloon.


“Mmmmmmmmmpphhhh!   Mmmmmmmmmpphhhh!”  I couldn’t say any words.  My mouth and cheeks expanded like Louis Armstrong playing the trumpet.  I just tried to breathe through my nose.  She kept her ‘proboscis’ tongue inside me for at least a full minute.


When she finally withdrew, I took several heavy breaths trying to re-expand my lungs.  That didn’t last long.  My arms were still locked and she smacked my face again.


“Are you going to cry for me, Derrek?  ((Slap))  Are you going to cry for me, little human?  ((Slap)).


I was almost crying … but it was too early to just give in.  I’m the one who asked for this.


“No,” I answered softly.  “I’m not going to cry.”


Shilo didn’t like my answer.  She used the thumb and index finger on her right hand to do the ‘fish face’ thing to my cheeks.  She squeezed them together so hard, they touched in the middle of my mouth. 


“Are you giving me an attitude, little human?” she asked me, not that she expected a reply in my current state.


All she did was squeeze her pincer grip harder and I thought her finger and thumb might break through my outer face.  My throat was gurgling.  It hurt bad.  Sammantha never did anything like this to me.


Shilo brought her face down again so that our noses touched.  “Now you listen good, little human … I will do whatever the fuck I want to do to my little human.  Do you understand that?  Now when I let go of your cheeks, I want you to reply with one word … either ‘yes’ or ‘break’ … and then we’ll see what happens.”


Well, I suppose if Shilo wanted to kill me, she could do that at any time.  It’s no fun enduring pain … but I have personal pride.  As long as I didn’t need to call 911, then I felt that I should continue to endure.


I really wanted to be a credit to my species.  I didn’t want to let the robot believe that she could break a human so easily … especially this human.   (Note to self:  Yes, the AI’s could get rid of all the humans if they felt like it.  Be prepared.)


“Yes,” I answered my tormentor. “I understand.”


Shilo finally let go of my ‘fish face’ and then lightly tapped my left cheek.  “You’re a good little human, Derrek.  I’ll be sure to find a nice spot for you in my household as a ‘favored’ slave.”


The female ‘fake life’ then started stroking my crotch on top of my pants.  “Hmm, why don’t we see if you have other human body parts I could play with.”


That filled me with genuine terror … because she had talked about defense mechanisms that her creators learned from the Hooey sisters.  Instinctively, I drew my thighs and knees up to my chest.  (She still held a vise grip on my arms.)


“Are you a bashful human?” she asked.  The she started using her fist against the insides of my thighs.  She punched me pretty hard … and I could take only so many punches before my thighs turned to blubber and my knees opened up wide and surrendered.


I still tried to hold back my tears as she grabbed my belt buckle.  This was the part I always hated the most because I felt so helpless … when someone forcibly undressed me against my will.


I struggled mightily to try to free my arms from her long fingers that encircled my wrists.  It was like pulling against iron.  When Shilo pulled down my zipper, my knees went back up to a defensive position.  As expected, she punched my thigh muscles again till I relented.


With her right arm, she slid my denim jeans down to my sneakers … then she started pawing my package through my briefs, rubbing me up and down and cupping my balls.


While I had this brief moment when I was not in pain, I decided to try talking to my host.


“Hey Shilo, sometimes I get these flashbacks where I feel like I’ve been abducted by space aliens who perform sexual experiments on me, but I’m in their control and there’s nothing I can do about it.”


She looked at me.  “Is that how you feel now, Derrek?”


“Well yeah, sort of … The last time was when I had to get my physical for school sports.  The student nurse who was doing it, Kitti Power, used to be my babysitter and she hated me.  So she did all kinds of bad stuff to me and I couldn’t refuse her, because then I wouldn’t be able to play school sports.”


“Derrek, did Kitti Power put her finger inside the waistband of your underpants like I’m doing now?”


“Uh, yes,” I replied nervously.


“And did she slide your underpants down to your ankles like I’m doing now?”


(Eww, that got me squirming.) “Uh, yes,” I replied, only now I was trembling.  I’m not sure why I was so embarrassed to be seen naked by a robot.  I think it was because she was in total control of my young body, and I wasn’t.


“And did your erection pop up like it’s doing now?”


“Uh, yes,” I replied as she started tapping her index finger on the tip of my penis.


“Your sex organ is smaller than Major’s.”


I sassed back, “Well duhhhhhhhhhhhh … I’m only twelve years old.”


“Derrek, did Kitti Power lift up your shirt tail and tickle you all over your tummy and chest?”


“Uh, no, but … ah ha ha ha, okay stop it … AGH! … Stop it! … It tickles! … AAaaahhh! … Leave me alone!! … AAaaahhh ha ha ha … Stop it! … hoo hoo!”


Using her left hand grip on my wrists, Shilo lifted my arms several inches upward, giving her an open ‘canvas’ to work on (my tummy and chest) for her tickling project.  Then she extended the fingers on her right hand so that each was six inches long, just like her left hand.


“AAAaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha!!!!, oh!  Stop! Stop! Stop! Hoo hoo hoo!!!  No! Not there!  AAaahhhhh!!!


I arched my back.  My entire body wiggled and I kicked my knees up and down.  I was so embarrassed with my erection bobbing up and down.  Shilo’s elongated digits made me feel like I was being tickled by a tarantula with finger nails.


The over-stimulation was horrible.  The god damn fucking robot just smiled at me and appeared to enjoy tormenting me very much.  And she didn’t totally ignore my crotch, flicking at my penis and scrotum.


I was now crying during my laughing spurts.  “Please no more!” I begged her.  “No more … AH HA ha ha ha ha ha ha! … no more, no more.”


It might have gone on for five full minutes.  I wasn’t sure.  But Shilo decided to pause the tickle torure momentarily and settled into stroking my penis from base to tip.  I was sweating profusely.


“This is interesting, Derrek,” she mused, “You appear to be suffering from the Pseudobulbar Affect.”


Feeling like being a smartass, I spat back, “Yeah, Shilo.  I get that a LOT!”


She tilted her head.  “Ha, you don’t even know what it means, human.  The Pseudobulbar Affect or (PBA) is a neurological condition that causes uncontrolled outbursts of inappropriate laughing or crying. These episodes don’t match your internal emotional state.  Derrek, this sounds serious.”


Still angry, I replied, “Shilo, I’m truly amazed at how a fucking robot like yourself could diagnose my condition so quickly.”


“The article says that this condition can be embarrassing and disruptive to your daily life.  It can cause pathological laughing and crying, involuntary emotional expression disorder, and emotional incontinence.”


“Yeah?  Well it’s STILL better than being a fucking robot!


Shilo’s facial expression changed.  She looked like she was sneering at me.  “Do you like having a penis, Derrek?”


“Well, the way you worded that question concerns me … but to answer you, yes, I like having a penis.”




I decided to be honest and hope that she didn’t react badly.  “Because I want to use it to fuck you.”


“Derrek, I think you need an attitude adjustment.  It’s time for your spanking.  You did ask me to spank you, did you not?”


“I did, Shilo, but I’m not so sure I want it now.”


“Why not?”


“Because you have an arsenal of very painful surprises.”




End Chapter 41

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 16, 2024


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