A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 25
CHAPTER 125 .......... Call the Cops

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“Well, Mommy … I was kidnapped and raped by Sally … Other than that, I had a really great day.”


Sammantha grabbed a band aid from the bathroom and applied it to the cut on my neck.  Then she picked me up hugged me, while sitting on my bed.


“Sweety, do you have any other injuries or boo-boos?”


In my tiny voice, I replied, “No Mommy, I’m too old for boo-boos.”


“Okay then … We need to move fast.  Can you tell me what happened in 30 seconds or less?”


“I’ll try, Mommy.  When I was leaving my locker at school, Sally put a box cutter knife to my throat and cut me and told me to walk to her mommy’s car.  Then she took me to her house and handcuffed me to her bed.  Then she took off all my clothes and rode my pony.”


Sammantha nodded.  “I see … and where did you get water?”


“I asked Sally to let me sip from a bottle of water.  Then I grabbed it with my teeth and shook it on my face.  By the time my hands were small enough to slip out of the handcuffs, I was too young to have sperms, so Sally can’t have my baby.”


“That was a brilliant strategy, sweety … But now we need to call our friendly neighborhood policeman.”


“You mean George Justice?”




Sammantha rung up his private number from the card he had given us, and he answered on the second ring.


“George Justice.”


“George, it’s Sammantha Adams.  I need your help.  My son’s been sexually assaulted by two females and we need to get to their house before they destroy evidence.”


“Absolutely, Sammantha.  You are now my priority.”


“George, can you pick me up at my apartment on Fourth Street and I can fill you in along the route?


“I’m on my way.”


Sammantha was already rummaging through my Goodwill wardrobe picking out some clothes that would fit a four-year-old.


I squeaked out, “Mommy, can we go to the zoo today, since I’m four again?”


“Smartass … I’m glad you haven’t lost your humor.  Oh, I’m going to ask Daniel to come over so you don’t have to be alone while I’m out going ‘maddog’ on the Sukkemsilli family.”


“Mommy, I think you should let George handle it … And don’t forget to look for the knife with my blood on it … but don’t touch it.  And don’t forget to look for my clothes ... but don’t touch those either.”


Sammantha grabbed her keys and headed out, replying, “Yes, sir, Mr. Sherlock Holmes.”






Officer George arrived within five minutes with siren blaring.  Sammantha got in and rode ‘shotgun’.


“George, it’s 99702 Wood Avenue.”


“We already know, Sammantha, and I called for backup.  Apparently Mrs. Sukkemsilli called 911, asking us to arrest your son for injuring Sally’s eyes.”


“You know she’s got a frew screws loose, George.”


“That’s what makes my job dangerous sometimes.  So you say he was sexually assaulted?”


“Sally handcuffed him to the bed and rode the pony, so to speak.”


“I see.  So we’ll look for handcuffs.  Any other evidence we should look for?”


“Number one should be the box cutter knife with blood.  She cut him a little bit, so there may be blood on the sheet or pillow case.  And his clothes should be there … And I also have Sally’s cell phone right here.  Derrek says she video’d the rape.”


“That’ll be great, Sammantha, if we can get them to unlock the phone.”


“Can I come in with you, George?”


“I don’t think so.  The last thing I need is a cat fight between two mothers of the seventh grade PTA.”




When the two of them arrived at the Sukkemsilli residence, George sent one of the backup officers to watch the back entrance.  George did not draw his gun when he knocked on the front door.

”Buffalo Police,” he called out.


Sally’s mother opened the door quickly.  “Oh, thank goodness you’re here.  I called 911 about 20 minutes ago.  That boy is a monster.  He injured my daughter’s eyes.  I know his name and I know exactly where he lives.”


George was not moved by her emotions.  “Ma’am, I need to ask you a few questions.”


“But Officer, just look at my daughter, Sally.  (who was now dressed)  She’s sitting on the sofa here bawling her eyes out.  That boy really hurt her.  His name is Derrek Adams and he lives on Fourth Street.”


“We know that, Ma’am.”


“Wait a second.  Who’s that sitting in your patrol car?  Ohhhh, so you’ve already arrested the boy’s mother.  That was good work, Officer.  They’ll never get away with it!”


George was losing patience.  “Ma’am, did you and your daughter kidnap the boy from school?”


The woman feigned innocence.  “No, no … The two children were just having a playdate here until the boy got violent.”


“May I come in please?” Officer Justice asked.


“Yes, but I don’t see why?  You need to arrest the boy.”


“Which is your daughter’s bedroom?”


Sally immediately jumped off the sofa and tried to block the officer’s path.


“You can’t go in there,” she insisted.  “It’s very messy.”


“That’s okay, Sally.  I’ll ignore the mess.”


“No, you don’t understand!” Sally said louder.  “It’s like extra special messy today.  I can’t let anyone in!”


The policeman pressed the microphone on his shoulder.  “Frank, come in the house please.  I may need you to restrain the girl.”


“You’re making a big mistake,” said Sally’s mother.  “We’re the good guys here.  You should be after the boy.”


“Okay, okay,” Sally relented when George’s partner stepped towards her.


George proceeded to the back of the house.  When he entered Sally’s bedroom he immediately noticed that no effort had been made to hide evidence.  He pulled out several gallon sized ziplock transparent bags and put on a pair of latex gloves.


He carefully picked up the box cutter knife from Sally’s night stand and asked the two females, “Can either of you tell me what the red substance is on the blade?”


Mrs. Sukkemsilli quickly answered, “Why, it’s paint … from a project we were working on.”


“And how about the red on the pillowcase?”


“Oh, it’s just the same paint for the same project,” the woman responded.


“And why are there handcuffs on both sides of the headboard?”


Sally piped up, “Oh, I just use those to hang my stuffed animals on the sides of my bed.”


“And can you tell me why Derrek’s clothes are still here on your floor?”


Sally spread her hands apart to explain, “Because Derrek is weird!  He wanted to try on my girl’s clothes.”


“His underpants are here, too.”


“Well sure!  He likes panties.  I told you he was weird.”


Officer Justice then held up an object in his right hand.  “Sally, can you give me the four-digit code to open your phone?  I’d like to take a look at it.”


Both the girl and her mother started yelling, “No, no, no!  That’s personal stuff … It’s nobody else’s god damn business what’s on there!”


George put the cell phone back in his pocket.  He and his partner, Frank, took out their handcuffs and positioned the two females against a wall.  Playtime was over.


“You’re both charged with kidnapping and assault.  You have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”


“But the boy injured my daughter!” screamed the mother.  “This isn’t right!  What are you going to do about him?”


A minute later, Sally and her mother were placed in the back seat of Officer Frank’s, squad car.  “Frank, why don’t you take them downtown while I drive Dr. Adams back to her apartment.  I’ll meet up with you soon.”


Sammantha was still concerned.  “George, are those two going to be back out on the street with bail?”


“That’s up to the courts, Sammantha.  In my opinion, they’re a threat to the community, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”




This was the third time I had become a four-year-old since I met Sammantha … except the last time I did it, I was a girl.  I don’t like being a girl.  Girls are yucky.


Daniel and I were playing in my room with some of my metal diecast cars.  Daniel is really nice to me and he gave me a big hug when he came in.  I remember he was a kid once too, but I think I like him better as a grownup.


When I heard the front door open, I ran to it and jumped into Sammantha’s arms just like earlier in the day.  In my high pitched voice I said, “Hi, Mommy.  Daniel’s been babysitting me and he’s really good at it.”


“Well, that’s why I called him, sweety.”


“Yeah, and oh! … oh!”  I started flapping my hands with excitement.  “Did George catch the bad guys?”


Sammantha squeezed me back.  “It was more like the bad girls, but yes, and he took them to jail.”


“Good!  Wait till I tell Madeline and Hoshiko tomorrow in school.”


“I’m afraid we’re going to have to wait a few days till you get back to age twelve, sweety.  Your football team might not want to practice with a four-year-old.  What do you weigh now?”


“I’m forty pounds, Mommy.  That should be enough.”


“Let’s do the math.  Twelve years minus four is eight … and eight divided by two years makes four days to grow back up to twelve.  Today’s Monday, so figure going back to school on Friday … and that’s your next game.”


“But what if I don’t want to grow back up, Mommy?  Daniel said he could take me to the zoo tomorrow.”


“Uh uh, that’s not happening, Derrek … no more penis songs … no more Simple Simon broke your hymen.”


“Can Daniel come to live with us and be my pretend daddy?  I like him … and you’ll still be my mommy.”


Daniel Prestek finally spoke for himself.  “Sammantha, I’m sure these questions will fall by the wayside by Friday, but do you think it will be safe for Derrek to return to school?”


Sammantha set me down and folded her arms.  “Only one thing concerns me, Daniel … Will the Sukkemsilli’s be out on bail?”



End Chapter 25

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 21, 2024


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