A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 39
The Mile High Club

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When I stepped inside the lavatory next to Sammantha, it couldn’t possibly have been more claustrophobic … and very loud.  The engine noise was probably at 100 decibels.  With difficulty, she shut the door.  I could see that this was going to be more difficult than playing the game ‘Twister’ …  This was a bad idea.


“Don’t touch any water, sweety.”


“I’m not worried about the water, Mom.  I’m more worried about catching 101 diseases from the surfaces in this bathroom … It would be safer going inside Chernobyl.”


“Alright we need to switch places.  My pussy’s too tall for you.  I’m going to face the toilet and bend down so you can enter through the back door.”


That surprised me.  “Mom, I thought you didn’t like butt-fucking.”


“Well, not with an adult cock.  It’s way too tight.  It’s like a big bowel movement.  But with a ten-year-old, it should be a comfortable fit for both of us … And don’t worry, I’m very clean down there.”


“Please take this as a compliment, Mom … I have total confidence that your asshole is cleaner than anything else in this bathroom.”


“Okay sweety, let’s drop our drawers and get this done.  And remember, the onus is on you.  If you don’t orgasm, then it doesn’t count.”


“There’s no camera in this bathroom, is there Mom?”


“Nope.”  Then she reached behind.  “Impressive … how’d you get a boner so quick?”


“Zelda Groseclose warmed me up.”


“Who’s Zelda?”


“The old lady who tells fart jokes.  She offered me a hundred bucks to do her.”


“Hmm … You would’a made more with her than me.”


“Maybe, but in an enclosed chamber like this, I would have passed out from her farts … Mom, I have to ask you to spread your cheeks the way I did this morning.”


“Fine … As long as you’re okay with Mom’s farts …Do you need an air traffic controller, or can you guide yourself in?


“It’s bumpy now … If the turbulence would settle a bit, then this would be easy … Okay, I’ve found a suitable hole … Here we go … still just a little tight.”


“Spit on your dick.”


“Okay … trying again … that’s better.  You know everything, Mom.”


“Can you plunge in deeper?”


“Will do.”


“Oh shit.”


“What, am I being too rough, Mom?”


“No, I forgot to put the ‘occupied’ latch down.”


“I wouldn’t worry.  We’ve got three flight attendants guarding our door.  They’re all so nice.  What did you say to them?”


“Nothing, I just asked politely.”


-        - - - - - - - - - - - - - -





“Hi, I hate to bother you, but I have sort of an embarrassing problem.  My special-needs little boy, Derrek, who I call ‘sweety’, is ten and he’s a chronic bed wetter.  But it’s even worse in the daytime.  He has a tendency to pee on his pants and his underpants.  In the medical field, Derrek has what is called a ‘micro-penis’.  It’s very very short. So as his mother, I need to help him by stretching and holding his penis over the toilet.  Today, when we land, we have to go directly to a big family party … and if he goes there with a wet spot on his pants by his penis, then all the other children will tease him and we’d have to leave.  So I have to ask you for a favor… I know it’s a tight fit, but would you allow me to take him into the lavatory with me so that I can hold his penis and keep him clean for the party?”


“That is such a heart-warming story.  My name is Vickey Hickey and I’m the head flight attendant.  You sound like such a dedicated mom, and of course you can decide what you feel is in the best interests of your child.  I apologize for the cramped quarters in our lavatories, but if you can find a way, then I would urge you to do whatever you need to do to keep your little boy clean.”


-        - - - - - - - - - - - - - -




A minute later, I started getting into the rhythm of fucking my mom’s asshole in an airplane lavatory, the two dirtiest places on earth.   This had to be the most disgusting, un-fun thing I’ve ever done …  I thought that checking off ‘bucket-list’ items would be a more pleasant experience … although I had to admit that the friction in her colon was perfect for what we were attempting.


“Fuck me harder, Derrek!” Mom yelled.


(Interesting … Sammantha was into the mood for rough sex, and I would be happy to oblige.  Being the person in the back definitely put me in control and I was quite capable of multitasking.)


I licked the palm of my right hand, raised it upward and came down with the hardest spank of my life on her right butt cheek.  I yelled, “Take that, bitch!”  And I was thankful for the engine noise.


Sammantha did the ‘woooo’ grunt again, like when the women tennis players do their serves. “Derrek, you god damn mother-fucker … As soon as we land, I swear I’m going to get a knife and cut off your fuckin’ balls.”


I started plowing into her really hard.  Then with my left hand, I reached under and gave her left nipple a purple nurple.  I twisted it as hard as I could.  “Don’t threaten me, you brain-dead cunt!”


“Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,” she growled, I think because that purple nurple really hurt.


After what she’s put me through with punishments, it felt really good to get back at Sammantha with some really good hard spanks.  I nailed her left butt cheek next and she did the ‘wooooo’ grunt again.


“Fuck you, Derrek!   Fuck you, Derrek!”


“No!  Fuck YOU, Mommy!”


Finally, I started to feel a buildup toward climax. It was about time, and I pumped her faster.  Then out of habit I voiced, “No, no, no, no, no.” … and completed the order of business, a dry ejaculation.


“Good job, sweety.”


“So should I ask Vickey now for a certificate verifying that we joined the Mile-High Club?”


“Sweety, that would be very unwise.  Let’s just take our seats.”


Sammantha and I tried to pull up our pants without touching anymore bathroom surfaces.  It was a super-tight squeeze.  I was glad we were done.  She pulled back the folding door and I was the first one to step out.


For some reason, Vickey Hickey, the head flight attendant, stooped down and looked at my crotch.  Then she stood back up and yelled out, “He did it!”  (Well, that was embarrassing.)


Now all three flight attendants broke out in spontaneous applause while screaming out my name, “Der-Rek!   Der-Rek!   Der-Rek!”


But it didn’t end there.  Zelda joined the clapping and cheering, and the commotion rapidly spread from the back of the plane to the front, kind of like doing the ‘wave’ at a sporting event.


Then the phone rang right next to us and Vickey picked it up.  “Yes, Captain Cloud? … Oh, the reason for the commotion is because we have a very special boy on board, a ten-year-old special needs boy named Derrek, who just completed a very good deed … What?  You want him sent up to the cockpit?   Oh, sure thing.  I’ll bring him right up.”


Vickey stooped down to talk to me.  “Derrek, you are going to get a special treat today.  Captain Kalin Cloud would like to meet you in the cockpit.  You can just follow me.”


“Oh wow, thanks!”  I looked behind me.  “Mom, is it okay?”


“Sure, sweety … I’ll wait for you at our seats.  Go ahead.”


The intercom came on and we heard, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain Cloud, and I just want to inform everyone that we have a very special passenger on board with us today.  His name is Derrek and he’s a special-needs ten year old.  Derrek has just performed a very good deed and he’s coming up to join me in the cockpit … So let’s have a round of applause for Derrek as he makes his way forward.”


The passengers resumed the chant, “Der-Rek!   Der-Rek!   Der-Rek!” as I followed Vickey to the front.  I smiled and waved.


And I heard plenty of people saying, “Oh, he’s so cute!” as I walked by their row.  And there were others.


I didn’t know that I was listed as a special-needs passenger.  I just needed to fuck my mom, that’s all.


“Great job, Derrek!”


“We’re all proud of you, Derrek!”


Well, this was certainly a surprise to me.  I would have thought that a ten-year-old boy having sex with his mom in an airplane bathroom would have been kind of a taboo subject, but the people on this plane seemed to be quite open-minded.


Vickey ushered me in past the cockpit door and I was greeted by Captain Cloud, a fit, trim man in his fifties, with a touch of gray on the sides.  “Welcome Derrek … It’s not every day that we have a handsome young man like you flying with us.”


He offered me his hand and I remembered to squeeze it really hard, since I was not as strong as adult Derrek.


“Derrek, I’d like you to meet my co-pilot, Veronica Kabongo, and our associate co-pilot, Harry Feely.”


I smiled broadly and said, “I’m very pleased to meet all of you.”


“Derrek, would you like to take a turn in the captain’s seat?”


I squealed, “Really?  Could I”.


Captain Cloud helped me take the one step down so I could sit in his chair.  “Oh, wow, this is so cool!  Thanks!”  There appeared to be thousands of switches and dials around me.


“Do you think you can keep us on course, Derrek?”


“I’ll certainly try, Captain.”


“You know, Derrek, we were told that you did a very good deed with the help of your mother today.”


“Oh, yeah, my mom helps me a lot … Sometimes it’s rough.”


“Well, you should never be afraid to do it with your mom.  Moms always know what’s best for their little boys.”


“And when Mom’s not around, I can do it by myself.”


“Really?  Good for you, Derrek … That shows you’re a big boy.  But I can understand that on a three-hour flight, it can be hard to hold it.”


“Yes, sir … Sometimes I just get these urges.”


“Oh, we all do, son … We all do.”




I spent about 15 minutes in the cockpit and none of the pilots molested me.  After my experience with Zelda Groseclose, I thought this was maybe just something that people did on airplanes.  I returned to my seat and buckled up.


Zelda gave me a kiss on the forehead.  She said to Sammantha, “You’re a lucky woman, Mrs. Adams … to have a little fucker like Derrek under your wing.  Mother’s Day came early for you this year.”


She replied, “Thank you Zelda … and thanks for serving as Derrek’s ‘fluff girl’.”


“Oh, it was my pleasure, Ma’am.  And would it be asking too much if I could play with the boy’s penis just a little while longer?”


Sammantha sneered back, “Don’t push it, Grandma.”







End Chapter 39

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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