A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated May 19, 2024

Chapter 63
CHAPTER 163 .......... Empathy Day- Part Four – More Attacks

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“Me emparejaron con un chico lindo.”  (They matched me up with a cute boy.)  “Y nos empujaron a un armario.  (And they pushed us into a closet.)


“Puse mi brazo alrededor de su cuello.”  (I put my arm around his neck.)  “Y comence a frotar la cremallera de sus pantalones.”   (And I began rubbing the zipper on his pants.)


My classmates leaned forward at the desks anticipating the next part of the story.  It was a bunch of toro caca (bull shit) but they didn’t care.  I guess I had a way with Spanish words.


“Nuestras lenguas se tocaron y jugaron.”  (Our tongues touched and played.)  “Y acaricio mis pechos atraves de mi cmiseta.”  (And he caressed my breasts through my shirt.)


I saw one new-boy and one new-girl drooling.  They should get a tissue.


“Le desabroche la cremallera.”  (I undid his zipper.)  “Y saque su monstruo.”  (And I took out his monster.)  “Y lami su monstruo como un cono de helado.”  (And I licked his monster like an ice cream cone.)


Senorita Gato was giggling and I knew she would not stop me from finishing the story.


“Cuando los siete minutos en el cielo casi habian terminado,”  (When the seven minutes in heaven was almost done,)  “El monstruo exploto como un volcan en mi boca.”  (The monster exploded like a volcano in my mouth.)  “Y sabia muy bien.”  (And it tasted very good.)


“Pero ahora sonara la campana.”  (But now the bell is going to ring.)  “Y debo ir a mi proxima clase.”  (And I must go to my next class.)


I received a sitting ovation for my performance ... a lot of clapping.   Even Senorita Gato gave me a thumbs up … “Muy bien, Diega.  Disfrute tu historia.”  (Very good, Diega.  I enjoyed your story.)


“Gracias, profesorra.”  (Thank you, teacher.)


I departed Spanish class knowing that I still had four classes and lunch to get through as a girl.  I tried to make a swift run down the hall to English class, but, son of a bitch … another new-boy tried to intervene in my journey.


This time it was Suzie Shrank, today know as Suzock … who deliberately got in my way.


“What’s your rush, Derry?” she asked, as she made great efforts to block my path.


“Hi Suzock.  I’m sorry.  I have to get to English class and I don’t have time to stop and talk.”


“That’s only because you’re a racist, Derry.”


Now I stopped.  “What?  No I’m not.  What are you talking about?”


Suzock pushed me hard in my breasts.  She was smaller than me, but very strong.


“Everyone knows you only talk to the white new-boys like Billrock and Sanrock and Starlock and Duchrock … You NEVER talk to me!”


“But Suzock, I don’t even like any of those new-boys.  And I certainly bare no ill will toward Aftrican American new-boys.”


Suzock looked shocked.  “What?!!  Did you just call me the ‘AA’ word?”


I was sure confused.  “But I thought those were the correct words to use for black people.”


The ‘new-boy’ yelled at me again.  “What?!!  You think I’m black, you fucking moron?!!  I’m Jamaican and Philippine!”


I fumbled with my words.  “Well, okay, those are good things to be, too.  I’m sorry I missed that, but I don’t look at –“


“Skin color?  You lie, Derry.  You disgust me.  You’re selfish, you’re stuck up, and you just ruined my day.”


“I’m sorry, Suzock … I didn’t mean to on purpose.”


Suzock put her hands on her hips.  “Why don’t you like new-boys, Derry?  Are you a lesbian?”




“Are you a slag?”


“What’s a slag?” I asked.


“An unclean woman who has a lot of sexual partners.”


“Then, no, I’m not a slag.”


“Are those your real breasts?”


“I don’t want to talk about it, Suzock.  I need to get to class.  Can you move aside, please?”


“Can I touch your butt, Derry?”


“No, go away.”


I guess my ‘no’ wasn’t very authoritative.  In a quick movement, Suzock reached under my dress and grabbed a thumb and forefinger’s worth of buttock on top of my panties … and she pinched me with a nasty bit of pain.


“OWW!!!  STOP IT, Suzock!!  That hurt!”


By now several other new-boys had gathered around our commotion and were taking an interest watching a small new-boy sexually harass a larger new girl.  My humiliation was giving me an erection … and now I was surrounded and kind of scared.


“What’s the matter, Suzock?” one of the other new-boys asked.  (This new-boy was Cathy Gallops, today known as ‘Catrock’.)


“This new-girl is calling me racist names.”


“I am NOT!” I yelled at the group, which now numbered five new-boys.


Catrock challenged, “Suzock, are you going to let this little pussy-cunt mouth off at you like that?”


“Not anymore, Catrock.  In fact, Derry, I think your mouth is exactly the right size for my penis.  Why don’t you guys hold Derry while I strap it on.”


Catrock noted, “Wait, I have a better idea.  Let’s take her into the new-boy’s bathroom and make her take off all her clothes.  The teachers won’t find us in there.”


I was beginning to wonder how many times I would be raped before the end of the day.  I reiterated my thoughts that ‘Empathy Day’ was a bad idea.


Having great fear (and a few tears), the new-boys frog-marched me to the nearest bathroom.  But we were all in for a surprise.


This new-boys bathroom was located near the mens’ faculty bathroom and at that very moment, Major Victum happened to be exiting.  Regardless of how often Randy pranks Mr. Victum, the man isn’t a total wimp.  When he saw that it was one of Shilo’s best friends that was being attacked, he went wild.


His fists hit the lockers.  *** BANG!!!***  *** BANG!!!***  And he yelled, “GET TO CLASS!!!


The five new-boys screamed and scattered quickly.


I was much obliged for his rescue.  “Thanks, Major.  This was my second near-rape today.”


“Maybe you should ask Hoshock to escort you for the rest of the day.”


“That’s a good idea.”





I took Major up on his suggestion and Hoshock (Hoshiko) was happy to be my ‘bodyguard’ as we went from English to lunch period.  Not surprisingly, my teammates at the double table were in an ugly mood.


Captain X, wearing a one-piece knee high dress similar to mine, grumbled to me, “I heard you got assaulted by the ‘star and duch’ twins.”


I nodded.  “I was lucky Hoshiko got me out of that mess … and Mr. Victum got me out of another.  (I was not about to stand up and shout ‘Did anybody else get raped today?’  I didn’t want to know … except maybe for Randy Pantz.)


Next, X asked Randy, “Why in the fuck would you make your face up to look like Tinkerbelle?”


Randy shrugged, and replied with a smirk, “I thought it would be fun.”


Boldy, I asked Randy, “How many run-ins did you have with the new-boys this morning?”


He replied, “Well, I was gang-raped three times in the bathrooms and gave a lot of blow jobs to their rubber dongs … not sure why, since the new-boys couldn’t feel anything.  A few did fake it though.”


I glanced down the table at Putz, who was wearing a nice cheerleader outfit from his older sister, Rachel.  He did not return any facial expressions toward me.


As we continued eating, probably every new-boy in the cafeteria came over to our football table for fifteen straight minutes and whistled at us and threw us various ‘cat calls’ and a few vulgarities.


“Wow!  Look at the ‘pussy power’ at this table!


“Hey ladies!  I’ll give five bucks to the first one of you who’ll bend over for me.”


“Hey, girls, raise your hand if you shave your muff.  Come on, don’t be shy.”


Doll Furbush (Dollrock today) yelled, “The bitches are steaming hot at THIS table.”


Starline (Starlock) came back to me for seconds.  She placed her hands on my shoulders while I was eating my sandwich.   She asked, “Are there any good cunts at this table?”  Then she put her mouth near my head and talked to me like a dog  “Who’s a good cunt?  You’re a good cunt!”  And she gave my ear a lick of her tongue.


“Stop it!” I yelled pathetically.  I kind of figured none of my teammates would come to my rescue.


“Hey bitches,” said Starlock to the whole team.  “Which of you puss-cakes is going to beat my meat?  We’ve still got a half-day to celebrate our ‘empathy’.”


Then her partner, Duchrock, did an imitation of the Oprah Winfrey show by walking in a circle around our double table and tapping every new-girl on ‘her’ shoulders and saying, “YOU get a butt-fuck, and YOU get a butt-fuck, and YOU get a butt-fuck, and YOU get a butt-fuck …”


At the end of lunch, I concluded that as far as ‘Empathy Day’ went, I had very little empathy for the new-boys.  The rules seemed so unfair … so one-sided.


I moved quickly over to where Hoshiko and Madeline were finishing up their meal and could then escort me to fifth period Health class.  They tossed out their trash and we headed toward to exit.


To me, they both looked pretty weird in their tomboy outfits and baseball hats, but I’m sure that I looked even more weird to them in a feminine dress with fake boobs.


But Madeline (Madlock) caught me off-gurad when she suggested, “Derry, if it’s okay, I’d like to talk with you privately outside.  Hoshock, would you mind if I borrowed Derry for a moment?”


“That’s fine,” replied Hoshock.  “Try not to be late.”


“Don’t worry,” Madlock replied.  “None of the teachers are giving detentions today because the new-girls keep getting delayed by the new-boys.”


Hoshock waved at us.  “Have fun.”


Madlock gently took hold of my left hand and walked us in the direction of a side exit of the school that led to the football field.


Wow, did I feel nervous now.  This really was role reversal.  Here I was in my little girly outfit being led outside by my secret crush dressed as a boy … to a part of the school where no one could see us … and no one could rescue me if I need help.


But why should I feel uneasy?  Madeline promised that she wouldn’t bully me today.  Maybe she just wanted to make out a little.  I sprung a boner at that thought.


Now I fully realized how nervous and vulnerable a girl feels when she’s with a boy.  Part of it is just wearing a short skirt.  I’m the one with the unprotected cunt.  He’s the one carrying the weapon which can penetrate me … if he so chooses.


Still holding hands, and with a few jitters, I asked, “Where are we going, Madlock?”


“Behind the maintenance shed … under the bleachers.”




End Chapter 63

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated May 19, 2024


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