A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 95
CHAPTER 195 .......... Another Member of the Club

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“Thanks for the backup, Big-O,” I told my teammate.


“No sweat … always happy to mess up a bully … and Jack the Ripper is next.  Time to suit up, Derrek.  We’ve got a bus to catch.”




The Nads football team travels well, meaning our fans make the effort to drive to the road games … at least most of the parents of the players.  Sammantha, Daniel, and Hoshiko sat together in the stands with Putz’s dad.


I loved our team … and especially the camaraderie.  All Coach Parker had to do lately was turn us loose.  Even though I was technically an adult, I was the same size or even smaller than most of my opponents so I had no hesitation to play like an animal.  I was proud to leave the field with a lot of bumps and bruises.  When you’re in a twelve-year-old’s body the ‘hurts’ heal quickly.


It was no surprise that the Nads took care of business again, this time beating Jack the Ripper Middle School 26-6 … to remain undefeated.  Middle schools don’t do scouting, so Putz and I ran the hook-and-ladder often … and often fooled our opponents. Winning never gets old.  Neither does greeting my fans as I left the field and headed for the bus.


When Sammantha picked me up at the middle school, we just talked football on the short ride home.  But I knew there was a lot more I needed to tell her.


When we got back home, I went to my room and for some reason, I felt like closing the door and staring at the full length mirror.  I couldn’t help it.  When I undressed, I liked the boy in the mirror.  I liked ‘being’ the boy in the mirror.  He was cute.  He was popular … certainly a lot more than 16 years ago when seventh grade was ‘hell year’ for me.


But I wondered if the water curse was so imbedded in my brain now, that I was going through ‘Peter Pan’ syndrome.  What if I was enjoying boyhood so much that I didn’t want to grow up?  What if I wanted to stay a little boy a lot longer … or maybe just age naturally through my teenage years?


Lately, I was having almost zero sex with Sammantha.  I just enjoyed looking at my nude pre-teen body and playing with it … doing typical boy stuff … like jacking off every day.  Being a boy is so fun, but I was glad that Daniel was around to provide her with adult male companionship and bang her often.


As I continued to stare at the mirror (and make muscles)  I thought about those awful few weeks when I occupied the body of a girl.  I really don’t understand how any girl can stand being a girl.  You go through your whole life with a hole between your legs and everyone knows it, and the guys undress you with their eyes.  You’re so vulnerable.  Physically, you’re smaller and weaker than most males.  You can get fucked at any moment whether you want to or not.  And no one takes you seriously if you have a cunt.


Go ahead and talk to a guy.  They may seem nice but the only thing they’re thinking is ‘I really enjoy looking at your boobs, girl.  I want to fuck you … and the sooner the better’.  I’m just as guilty because that’s how I feel about Madeline sometimes … except she doesn’t have any boobs yet.


But wait!  There’s more!  In addition to all that, you get to bleed out your hole five days a month … and then you get to clean up the mess too.  What could be better than that?  No wonder girls are so fucking emotional all the time.


On the other topic, Daniel’s such a good guy that he doesn’t want to stand in the way of Sammantha and me getting married, but how many years in future would that be?  Maybe I should break off my betrothal with Sammantha and let them have a serious relationship.  Even if they got married, I would still want them to be my mom and dad.  They’re two great people.  I was lonely growing up without a dad … and my mom was an alcoholic … This could be a great do-over.


And there’s always the possibility that Madeline and I would remain each other’s ‘crushes’.  Since we’re both adults with the water curse, it just seems natural.


--Knock – Knock—


“Oh, hey Mom.  Come on in.”


“Sweety, you’re in your underwear.  Am I disturbing something?”


“Uh uh.  I was just going to celebrate my boyhood.”


“By jacking off?”


“Yeah, but it can wait.  Here, sit on the bed with me.  I’m sure you’ve got some questions.”


“I do, Sweety.  I mainly wanted to ask you if ‘Little Buddy’ day went any better than ‘Empathy Day’.”


“Well, as you saw in the game, we didn’t have to play in girls clothes this time.”


“That’s an improvement right there.”


“Mom, I have to say that for Maddie and Hoshi, the day went great … But for me … no …I’d have to say it was even worse than Empathy Day.”


“Sweety, how is that even possible?  Who did they assign you as your little buddy?  I’m thinking of ‘Chuckie’ the slasher doll from the movie.”


“It was worse, mom … my mortal enemy from preschool.  The principal thought I was the only one who could handle him … She thought wrong.”


“Do you mean … Dorcus?”


“He’s the one … Chikon’s little brother.”


“OMG!  So what did he do?”


“He set the library on fire.”


“OMG again!  So what did you do?”


“I tied him to a table saw and was trying to cut him in half the long way … till shop teacher Woody caught me and yelled at us for not wearing safety goggles.”


“What a killjoy.”


“And I spanked Dorcus’ bare ass in Spanish class for saying some Spanish curse words … and Coach Bimbo held him ouside the second floor window by his ankles for saying curse words in English.”


“Norton Bimbo,” Sammantha mused, “the man with a heart of gold.”


“And then in Biology, he was running around the room hitting everyone with Eeyore, the two-foot-long dead donkey dick.  So I took him back to the office and handcuffed him to the bed in the nurse’s station.”


“Sweety, maybe you should have done that in first period.”


“Yeah, I should have … And when Chikon came to pick him up after school, the kid asked his big brother to beat me up.”


“I don’t see any marks on you.  Did you win the fight.”


“Didn’t need to, Mom.  My teammate, Big-O, squeezed the life out of Chikon.  He could barely breathe.”


“It’s nice to have large friends.”


“Yeah, and, oh by the way, Mom … I hope you don’t mind that I volunteered you to drive us to trick-or-treating tomorrow night.  I can’t wait!  This is so fun being a kid.”


“Is that so?  You might reconsider after you hear my ransom demands.”




“Fifty percent of your goodies go to Mom … nothing less.”


I weighed her demands and countered, “Uh, how about thirty?”


Sammantha scooted over on the bed and put her arm around my bare shoulder.  She looked down her nose at me, then offered a ‘nuclear’ option.  “How about if I just wait till we get back home, give you a spanking, send you to your room … and take all the candy for myself?”


I sighed.  “That would definately take the fun out of my childhood … Fine, fifty percent.”


“Are you going with your two school chums?”


“Maddie and Hoshi, yeah.  But we also want to bring along a 105 year old man from a nursing home.  He said they pass out a lot of good candy on his grandson’s street.”


“Derrek, something’s not clicking here.  How did you meet this guy?  Are you pushing him around in a wheelchair?”


“No.  Madeline and I had a major shock today.  Her little buddy, Zebulon, started telling us that he fought at D-Day during World War II … and he was afraid of water … and his last name was ‘Allred’.”


Sammantha sat back.  Her mouth was agape as she considered what I had just revealed.


“Sweety, this is so bizarre.  Are you telling me that he’s related to Queenemma Allred, the hooker that gave you the water curse?”


“He calls her Emma and he really loves her.  She’s his great granddaughter.  Zebulon was close to dying when she visited him in the nursing home … then used her little injector pistol on his neck.”


“Derrek, this is mind boggling.  We know what it did to you, but are you saying now that this tiny computer chip can make someone a hundred years younger?  Was he really a kindergardener with you today?”


“With Madeline.  And it’s no surprise that he really likes her.  She’s very kind.  So he asked her to take him trick-or-treating.  And Hoshi’s bringing her little girl buddy, Ling Ling.”


“So sweety, why don’t you join the club and bring along Dorcus?”


“Mom, because on Halloween, the kids are supposed to be pretend monsters, not real ones.”


Sammantha began counting on her fingers.  “So now it’s you, Madeline, Daniel, and Zebulon … four members of the water-curse club.  But one hundred years younger?  Does this make people immortal?  Woah … this is serious stuff sweety.”


“Little Zeb calls it a ‘water blessing’.  He lives with his grandson, Emma’s parents.  Do you think we should talk to them?”


“I’m going to say yes on that, Derrek.  They might be able to answer a lot of our questions.”


“But we couldn’t talk in front of Hoshiko.  I think she would really hate us if she found out that her two best friends were really grownups just doing school role play for fun.  I’m not sure if she would tell the authorities either … her being a rule follower.  But she would definitely tell her papasan in Japan about us.  I would have loved to go out as nine-year-olds, but we can’t do that with Hoshi in our group.”


“I’m sure you’ll still have a lot of fun.”


“Can we stop for Halloween face paint tomorrow.  We’re going as three zombies .. like the walking dead.”


“So you’re taking the easy way out.  But what about tomorrow morning … Accademic Inanity … the TV show?”


I reached over and squeezed Sammantha’s iron body.  “Mom, I’m sure glad that you don’t mind being the designated chauffeur.”


“So you want me to pick up Maddie and Hoshi?”


“Of course.  Major is our academic advisor and he’ll drive himself, but it would be so cool if he brought Shilo too.”


“Derrek, I can’t believe that this show is still allowed to be on the air.  They ask middle schoolers a bunch of really gross and disgusting questions.  A lot of them are sexual in nature.”


“But, Mom, that’s why it’s the highest rated show on public television.  We could bring home a $ 3,000 prize for our school if we win.  And I get to sit in the middle and be the captain.”


“Well, just don’t hog all the questions from your teammates.”



End Chapter 95

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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