A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 52
CHAPTER 152 .......... Don’t Kill Kitti

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“Thank you, Dr. Adams.  Sorry to bother you.  Goodbye … click.”


“Mom, didn’t Peter Pantz fight Captain Hook in Never Never Land?”


“A different one, sweety.”


“But that reminds, me , Mom.  Tomorrow is picture day at school.”


“What would you like to wear?”


“I think I’ll wear the ‘Precious’ dress.”


“An excellent choice, sweety.  The yearbook doesn’t come out until spring.”


“Okay, you got me, Mom.  I’ll wear the yellowish brown checkered shirt with a white Tee shirt underneath.”


“You also might think about combing your hair, for once.”


“Okay, and besides cuddling with you tonight, can I do another sleepover on Saturday night with one of my friends.”


“Such as …?”


“A teammate, but you have to guess which one.”


“Okay, I’ll pass on Randy.  That leaves 13 possibilities.  Who would want you over?  I’ll guess it’s Showkat.”




“Well who else likes you?  I’m going to say … Goro.”


“Nope … one more guess.”


“So again, who likes you?  I don’t think it would be Captain X because he doesn’t really like to have fun.  Hmm … now on the field, you have the most fun with Putz, but after his fiasco with Precious, I can’t imagine him inviting you over.”


“You got it, Mom.  It’s Putz, and he wants me to come over as Precious … wearing the dress.”


“Hmm … Well that’s a stunner.  Is there a catch?  Is he out for revenge?”


“I don’t think so, Mom.  He mentioned that Jewish mothers try to make their kids feel guilty … and I think he feels bad for behaving like such an asshole the night we went to the movie.”


“But Derrek, why do you have to wear the dress?”


“My guess is that he wants to relive his fantasy with Precious, only this time, he wants to be a gentleman.”


“And his parents know about this?”


“Yeah, he says they’re fine with it.”


“Are YOU fine with it?  Have you ever done a ‘bro-mance’ before?”


“Well, with you and I, when our bodies were switched, I jacked you off a few times.  Putz says he’s a ‘bi-curious, experimental metrosexual.”


“Ahh … So he’s a ‘BEM’.  I didn’t even have that category in my lecture, today.”


“I’m okay doing a little experimenting, Mom.  I’ll let you know what it’s like.  I experimented with a robot, and that was weird, so I’m willing to give it a go and see … and you know we’re both circumcised so you should be okay with that.  He wants me there at seven.”


“Fair enough, sweety.  Would you like to jack off before or after dinner?”


“I’ll go now while I’m in the mood.”


“And while you have a raging boner … Up you go.”


Sammantha lifted me off her lap as if I were a feather.  She is so incredibly strong.  Then she smacked me in my butt like a football teammate would.  I said ‘Ouch!” for the effect.  Then I ran to my room and shut the door.


I was horny.  My face was flushed.  I wanted to fuck something.  Having an adolescent sex drive was fun.  I grabbed the cover from my bed and folded it the long way twice.  Then I put my pillow on top of it to pretend in my mind’s eye that it was Kitti’s face.


When I’m this horny, I don’t need a 100% accurate sex doll like Shilo.  It’s all playing out in my head.  I stood and held the length of the blanket in both arms, the way I held Kitti.  Then I smothered my mouth against the pillow … very aggressively, like I did earlier today.


But instead of dropping her body on the floor, I brought her up standing and shoved her hard against her school locker.  Then I rammed my knee up into her cunt.


(I know that was rude and I would never do it in real life, but since this was my own fantasy, I felt like taking out a bit of revenge against Kitti Power … and not proportional.)


I balled up my fists and let fly a medley of vicious combinations of ‘one-two’s’ against my two punching bag targets … Kitti Power’s breasts.  Kitti was bawling and crying hysterically and began to slump to the floor.  She tried to cover up her bruised boobs.


I was actually punching the pillow against my bedroom door.  Then I heard a knock from the other side of the door.  Sammantha blurted out, “Don’t kill Kitti!”


“I won’t, Mom.”


I threw the blanket and pillow back onto the bed and began stripping.  Then I brought my raging hard-on up to the pillow and said ‘Suck it bitch!’  (Since it was my fantasy, she wasn’t allowed to bite off my penis.)  This was really impressing my teammates.


She licked me enough to bring me close to the peak so I withdrew and went to strip off her jeans and panties.  Then I punched both her thighs and yelled, “Spread your legs, bitch!”   Then I used two fingers to fuck her pussy, machine-gun style till she was raw.


Now she was bawling her eyes out, and I lectured her, “Roses are for smelling, violets are for plucking … Girls named Kitti are ready for fucking.”


I plowed in roughly (into my pillow)  and it didn’t take long to reach a violent climax.  This time both Kitti and I were screaming out,  “No!  No!  No!  No!  No!” … and I collapsed on top of her.  I hoped I had taught Kitti a good lesson.




I never complained that Sammantha’s dinners were too basic.  Neither of us were great chefs.  She just boiled up some spaghetti straws and added prego.  That was good enough for me.


“Are you ready to go shopping, sweety?” she asked me.


“Mom, are you sure you can afford to buy legs for Shilo?”


“Derrek … I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, and believe me … rich is better.”


“Mom, are you rich enough to buy Gladstone’s mansion in St. Thomas?”


“Obviously, you haven’t discovered the 7 million dollars I have stuffed under my mattress.”


“Is that why your bed’s so lumpy?”


“Let’s go check the website, sweety.  Maybe they’re having a leg sale today.”


We moved to the computer desk in Sammantha’s bedroom and clicked on the ‘Shilobot’ website.  The main menu had all kinds of categories to look at.  And there were a lot of different body parts to choose from. 


When we arrived at the leg section, we were both shocked.  The skins had not been added on yet so we were able to see all the insides of every model.


I pointed at the screen to the top-of-the-line model.  “Mom, these are wild!  They look like a Lambourghini!  No wonder they cost 50 thousand dollars.”


“Well, now you’ve got me worried, Derrek.  Is it 50 thousand for the pair … or for each leg?”


“The picture shows both legs, Mom.  But how do we know which pair matches up with Shilo?”


“We don’t, sweety … So I guess I’m going to have to call Major … even though I wanted it to be a surprise.  Let me ring him up now.”


We waited several rings.  “Hello?”


“Major, hi, it’s Sammantha.  Are you able to talk without Shilo listening in?”


“Not with this phone.  It’s built into her brain.  Let me call you right back on a secure line.  Okay?  Bye.”






“Hey, Sammantha.  That’s one of the dangers of AI.  They can pick up satellite signals from almost any phone.  The one I’m on now scrambles up zeros and ones before they’re sent out.  So what’s up?”


“I was wondering if you could tell me Shilo’s serial number?”


“Is this about the legs, Sammantha?  I told you, that’s way too much money for you to spend on something that’s not necessary.”


“I could give them to her as a surprise birthday present, Major.  She is my god-daughter afterall.”


“Yes, but I don’t think we should spoil her.  I don’t want her thinking she can order up anything at once, anytime she wants.  Being sentient is one thing.  Feeling ‘entitled’ is altogether different.”


“Major, I’ve seen the legs online.  Thy’re extremely sophisticated, and can probably outperform human legs.”


“That wouldn’t surprise me.  Having bionic legs would make her like Steve Austin, the six million dollar man … better, stronger, faster.”


“I think if we got them, both you and Shilo would enjoy a greatly enhanced quality of life.  You could actually go out together.”


“Sammantha, I’m concerned that she would demand an equal partnership.  When I heat up a pizza, I put it in the microwave and press a button.  When I want sex, I want to be able to do the same thing.”


“But won’t your penis hurt when you close the door to the microwave oven?”


“Sammantha, did you ever turn the key in your Porsche, and the Porsche said, sorry, I don’t feel like going for a drive today?”




“Okay, so let’s clarify.  You don’t consider your car as your slave, but you do consider yourself it’s owner because you bought it.”


“I agree with that, Major.”


“Then what do I do when the day comes that Shilo isn’t comfortable with me as her owner because that infers that I consider her my slave?”


“Major, are you concerned that a war between the AI’s and the humans might start in your house?”


“Hell, yeah.”


“Well, then why don’t we just talk to Shilo about it.  She seems very perceptive and I believe she will give us her honest opinions.  She herself has said she’s concerned about possible dangers of human vs AI conflict.”


“Fine … I’m busy this week, but why don’t you and Derrek stop by on Sunday afternoon  and we can go over the information with Shilo.  If you want to browse the correct legs, her serial number is SH55517923.



End Chapter 52

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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