A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 64
Freaky Friday (10) – Who Needs Whom?

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I gently washed his penis and concluded, “Sammantha, I just don’t need you anymore.”


The boy was sniffing.  I think he was crying under all the suds.  “So then what’s going to happen to me?”  he asked quietly.


“Well, Sam, I have several options besides boarding school.  You want to be independent, so you could take a week to grow back up to an adult, and then go out on your own.  You could work at fast food places for minimum wage.  That’s what I was doing before we met. But as an adult ‘Derrek’, I also had anxiety, loneliness, and depression … It was not a pretty picture.”


“I don’t think I’d want to do that, Mom.”


“Well, Sam, if you’re going to stay here, maybe I could make you my personal sex slave like Daniel.”


“You’ve mentioned Daniel before, Mom.  Who is he?”


“He’s Mr. Goldfarb’s missing law partner.  But he’s not actually missing.  I met him as a twelve-year-old at the Goodwill store.  He has the water curse too, and when his secretary found out about it from the spilled water, she kidnapped him and is keeping him chained up in his own house.  He even has to wear a chastity belt so he can’t get erections or jack off.  She probably butt-fucks him every night.”


“That sounds awful.”


“Yeah, one of these days, Sam, we should try to rescue him.  I know the address.  My fourth option for you is keeping you here as a pet … a cute, blonde, two-year-old.  I could send you to the daycare to play with Dorcus Crudup.  Or if I’m home doing remote sessions with patients, you could have fun playing in your crib, or your playpen, or your high chair.”


The boy was very quiet now, but he spoke.  “Mom?”


“Yeah, sweety?”


“Could you like maybe postpone making your decision on what you’re going to do with me?”


I flipped him over onto his stomach so I could wash his butt and legs.


“Yes, sweety.  I’ll postpone it for now … Oh, by the way, I ran into your dad at the grocery store today.”


“You did?!” the boy cried out.  “Did you tell him about us?”


“No, I just told him we had a great time, and I did mention that our plane was struck by lightning, but I didn’t say much else.  He wants us to come over tomorrow for hot dogs on the grill.”


“Should we tell him then, Mom?”


I nodded.  “I think we probably should, since he’s our emergency backup.  I’m just not sure how we’ll convince him that his daughter is now a son … Okay, why don’t you sit up now and close your eyes so I can rinse off your hair with the bucket.”


Of course when I asked him to step out of the tub to get toweled off, I blew him the obligatory ‘raspberries’ on his tummy.




“You weren’t expecting that, sweety?”


“A person who didn’t need me wouldn’t do that.”


Sammantha’s nude boy body was soft and sensual to the touch.  It was so weird to be feeling up myself this way.  Some people joke, “Go play with yourself,” and here I was doing exactly that. 


When you go through life, you never actually see your own face, except through mechanical devices.  But right now I could gaze into the little boy’s face and be absorbed in a genuine affection that I could never get from looking into a mirror.


“Sam, I have to admit you’re a damn cute little kid.  Now why don’t you go get your PJ’s on now so you’ll be ready for your 8:30 bedtime?  But it’s early yet.  So let’s go chow down in the kitchen.  I bought a lot of goodies today.”


This time, I got no argument, just an “Okay, Mom.”






I broke out a new toothbrush for Sam before bedtime.  Even though it was the same mouth, a fresh start was called for.  I tucked him in bed on time at 8:30 without a fuss and kissed him on the forehead.  “Good night, Sam.”


“’Night, Mom.” he echoed.





I returned to the master bedroom to relax and watch some TV.  An hour later I received a knock on my door.  “Mom?”


“Yeah, sweety?”


The boy walked up to the side of my bed.  “I’m having trouble sleeping.


“Did you want to crawl into the big bed with me?”

He shook his head.  “No, but I was just wondering … do you think it would be okay if bunny rabbit slept in my bed tonight?”


“Well, I don’t know, Sam.  Maybe we can ask him.”  I grabbed our favorite stuffed animal with my left hand.  “What do say, bunny rabbit?  You want to cuddle up with Sam tonight?”  Then I wiggled the animal’s head forward.  “Okay, but you gotta be nice to Sam.”


The boy smiled and walked away.  “Thanks, Mom.”






I slept fairly well through my first full night as a female … although I did have a little trouble when I tried sleeping on my stomach.  The bed was so lumpy, until I realized those were my boobs.  Jeez, what do those women with the basketballs on their chests do?


Out of habit, I reached down to scratch my balls, but they were still missing.  All I found was the same damn hole as yesterday.  I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy the idea of having a hole between my legs.  The most vulgar word in all languages is ‘fuck’.  It’s a fun word for guys, but now I’m the one who gets to be fucked.  I might as well play with my clit while I’m doing nothing.  Sam was undoubtedly enjoying his second morning walking up with a penis.


Along with the hole and all that, Aunt Rosie or Bloody Mary or the Red Baron is going pay me a visit one of these days, and won’t that be fun?  I don’t know how women can stand being women.


There was a knock at my door.  The boy didn’t wait for me to reply.  He just barged in.


“Good Morning, Sunshine!” he practically sang out in loud musical tones.


I quickly had to stop rubbing my clitoris and act normal.  But then I got quite a shock.  The boy was walking in with two large TV trays, one on top of the other.


“Scoot over and sit up please,” he ordered … and I wasn’t going to argue.


Sam set the trays down on the bed and then hopped up.  He set up one tray for me and one for himself.  It appeared to be a breakfast banquet.


I asked, “Wow, to what do I owe this incredible honor?”


“Eat first, talk later,” he advised.


“But where do I start?  This is a feast!  You’ve got French toast, scrambled eggs …”


“It’s an omelet, Mom,” the boy pointed out. “It has cheese, pepperoni, and veggies in it.”


“Okay, let’s go back to ‘wow’.  You’ve also got sausage, strawberries, cottage cheese, orange juice …. Are you feeding an army here?  Yesterday, you said you ‘hate hate hate’ me.  Are you sure there’s nothing funny in my food?”


“C’mon, Mom.”  Sam reached over with his fork and grabbed a bite of sausage and eggs from my plate.  “You want to switch plates?”


“No, sweety.  Thanks for doing this.  I’m really impressed.”


“You don’t remember that I often made you breakfasts when I was an adult?


“But never in bed, sweety.”


“Eat now, talk later,” he repeated.


I gave him a mock salute.  “Yes, sir, sergeant.”






I stretched.  “Sam, I am stuffed.  And I have to say that was the best breakfast ever … and thank you.”


“Your welcome, Mom.  Now we need to talk.  Shall I assume the position?”


Sam was being awfully blunt this morning.  I answered, “Assume it.”


The boy set aside the two trays and waited for me to sit on the edge of the bed.  Then he jumped up on my lap, facing me with his legs spread around my thighs.


I noticed something odd.  “Sam, are these the same PJ’s you went to bed with last night?”


“That’s not what we’re talking about.”


“Okay,” I responded, “Then you lead.”


“Mom, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to our talk in the tub last night when you said you didn’t need me.  That really bothers me.  I don’t want you to not need me.


I looked the boy in the eye and said, “Sam, when I look at you, I see a face that I want to like.  I’m listening.”


“The boys boarding school idea would do me in,  I couldn’t live with the demotion from doctor to schoolboy trouble maker. Middle School was my nightmare. You might like it because you wanted to play the sports that you missed.”


“Go on.”


“Going out into the world as an adult fast food worker at minimum age would do the same.  That’s was caused you to come to our clinic in the first place … You had anxiety, loneliness, and depression.”


“I did.”


“Becoming your sex slave like Daniel would be the worst outcome.  But I don’t think you would do that because as Derrek, you’re too nice of a person … and turning me into a two-year-old might be a novelty for one day, but you would tire quickly of changing poopy diapers.


I tilted my head.  “Okay, Sam, so what’s the punch line?”


“Mom, the punch line is that I want us both to forget that yesterday happened.  I was acting as if I was on LSD or something.  But now, you’re talking to the real Doctor Sammantha Adams, only with a brain transplant.  And I have to get back to my number one priority and that’s the welfare of my patients.  I can’t just abandon them.”


“So what are you planning to do, Sam?”


“Train you, Derrek.  I can give you the background on each of my patients and how I’ve been dealing with each situation.  I can give you the passwords to my laptop so you can review my files.  Very few people could step into my shoes and do my job adequately, but I know that you can.  If we ever switch our bodies back, fine … but for now, we have to assume that the change is permanent.”


“Sam, wouldn’t that violate ‘HIPPA’ laws, sharing confidential info?”


“Mom, in this case, saving patients supercedes following the letter of the law.  I think that under the circumstances, you and I both have an obligation to help these people.”


“I see … I never thought about it quite like that.  What about your avatar idea, Sam?”


“Oh, I’d still like to try it, but maybe with a child or teenager who enjoyed the two Avatar movies.”


“You mentioned ‘switching our bodies back’.  I thought you wanted to keep my penis.”


“Oh, I do … But living selfishly is no way to live.”


I put my chin in my hand in thought.  “Sam, I have to admit you’re making a pretty good case for why I do need you.”


The boy leaned forward.  “Mom, we still have two more things to discuss and both involve embarrassing things that happened to my penis.”






End Chapter 64

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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