A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 68
Freaky Friday (14) – All Hell Breaks Loose

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“With a smile, Johnny.”


Sam smiled.  “I like to eat pussy.”


“You know, Yolanda,” I said, “Most of us in the group like a little variety to spice up our lives.  The same boy cunt everyday gets a little monotonous.  Johnny, turn around and show the nice lady your boy cunt.”


Sam bent over and spread his butt cheeks.


“You can see that’s pretty fresh meat … and Johnny’s always very obedient.  You wouldn’t need to retrain him.  He’s like a dog that understands your commands. He obeys without crying or complaining.”


I could tell now that Yolanda was seriously mulling over the offer.


“For how long?” she asked.


“We start with a week.  See how things go.  If either party’s unhappy we trade back.  Otherwise we extend the visit.  You still maintain ownership of Daniel.  And I own Johnny.  This would be the third time I’m trading him.  He’s seems to do okay with it.”


“Hmmmm.”   Yolanda turned around and shouted, “Daniel!  Get your ass in here now!”


The twelve year old boy came running into the living room, nude, but still wearing his male chastity belt.  Otherwise, he looked the same as I saw him at the Goodwill.


“Yes, Mommy?” said Daniel.


The boy’s eyes grew wide when he saw that the two strangers were people that he recognized.  But when he saw Sam with his penis sticking out, then I was sure he must have thought that I, the adult woman, was a ‘bad guy’ too, just like Yolanda.


The boy’s ‘mommy’ told him, “Daniel, you’re going on a little vacation with this other nice lady, for maybe a week.  You are to address her also as ‘Mommy’.  And her little boy, Johnny, will be staying with me for a week.  Doesn’t that sound nice, Daniel?”


“Yes, Mommy,” answered Daniel.


Then all hell broke loose.  I reached in my pocket and threw a pair of handcuffs on the floor in front of Yolanda.  Then I pulled out a razor sharp 17 inch fishing knife that Sammantha used on outings in her father’s boat.


“Put the cuffs on, Yolanda!” I shouted.  “Buffalo PD!  You’re under arrest for child trafficking.  Everything you said tonight has been recorded.”


Surprisingly, the other woman remained calm.  Daniel ran away.


“Well isn’t that a fine how-do-you-do?” she offered a snarky comeback line.  “And to think that I actually trusted you.  But doesn’t it seem odd, Martha Frumpy, or whoever you are, that if you were really with the Buffalo PD, your partners would have already raced through the front door by now?  And is that a standard issue fishing knife that’s handed out to all the Buffalo policemen?”


I hollered, “Put the cuffs on, or I’ll cut your throat, bitch!”


Yolanda appeared smug.  “Martha, isn’t there an old adage that they taught you at the police academy … Never carry a knife into a gunfight?”


The woman reached behind her back and under her belt.  She now brandished a 38 caliber revolver … and she pointed it at me.


I slowly put the knife down and said, “Yolanda, please, let the boy go.  It’s me that you want.”


“Let the boy go?” she laughed.  “Oh honey, we all know he’s really an adult man.”


With his pants down, Sam hopped in front of me and yelled.


“I’ll be your boy!  Really … Please just let my mom go … See, I’m taking off all my clothes.  I’ll be a second boy for you.  I’ll do whatever you want!  Just let my mom go, Please!”


Yolanda snarled, “Nice try kid.  But the second I let your mommy go, she’s gonna call the real Buffalo cops and smash through my front door.”


The naked boy was emphatic in trying to save my hide.  “No she won’t!  The deal is … if anyone tries a rescue, you kill me.  I’ll be dead!  I accept that!”


Yolanda pointed out the remaining problem.  “Doesn’t work kid.  The cops will just wait till I leave the house and then bust in.”


Sam kept at it.  He was trying hard to save my life.  “No!  There’s got to be a way!  Look, we can set up a booby trap in a chastity belt so that my balls get electrocuted and I die if anyone enters the house!”


Then the boy turned and looked up at me.  “Mom!  You have to promise on your life and my life that you’ll never try a rescue or tell anyone what happened, ever!  Say the promise!!”


I couldn’t believe how pathetic of a person I was at that moment.  A ‘deer in the headlights’ would have been an apt description … but I went ahead and said the words.


“Okay, I promise on your life and on my life, that I will never try a rescue or tell anyone what happened ever.”


He turned to look at the busty blonde with the gun.  “See, we can do this!  You’ll be my new mommy!  And I’ll help you make that thing to electrocute my testicles.  This can work!  Please!”


Yolanda showed no emotion.  She thought it over for a few seconds and then gave her answer.


“You know kid, I have to give you a lot of credit for being creative and pretty brave in trying to wiggle your way out of this … But the fact remains … The best option for me right now, is to keep you as my new boy anyway … and just get rid of the adult.”


“NO!!” Sam yelled.


Yolanda concluded, “Say goodbye to Mommy, kid.”


Sam jumped up in front of me, raised his arms, and screamed, “NO, you can’t!!!”


***** B O O M *****


We made a lot of mistakes in coming here tonight, thinking we could rescue Daniel. Dying is scary.  It seems odd that something as small as a bullet can end a human life so quickly … And the sound of it is deafening when you’re standing so close.  It’s a normal reaction to close your eyes and wince, not knowing if your time on this earth is about to end.


And it did end.


Yolanda Schmeckpepper dropped to her knees in front of us.  Then she fell forward, smashing her face into the floor.  The handle of a large butcher knife protruded from the left-center of her back.


A twelve-year-old boy wearing nothing but a male-chastity belt now stood in her place and said, “It’s about fucking time for you, bitch.”


Then he looked up at Sam and me with a small grin.  His voice was definitely from a child, although slightly lower and ‘sandpapery’ in tone.  “That actually felt pretty good.  I want to thank you two for thinking of my welfare and coming out here.  That was very brave of you.”


“And very foolhardy,” I added.


He shrugged.  “Possibly true.  Yolanda is one nasty mother fucker.  And at first, I thought for sure, you would be another one.  Back at the Goodwill when I met Derrek, I warned him to get out while he still could.  Obviously, that didn’t happen.”


Daniel pointed to the mess of clothes on the floor.  “Why don’t you get dressed, Derrek?  And Martha, can you help me pull her body onto a smaller area rug.  She’s starting to bleed some.”


I figured this was no time to start explaining who’s who.  So I helped him move her.  Then he asked if he could see my 17 inch serrated fishing knife.  I should have asked him ‘why’, but no, I just said ‘oh sure’.  So he took the knife, jumped up high in the air and then came crashing down on his knees, plunging the second knife into Yolanda’s back.


“Daniel quipped, “That one felt better than the first.”  Then he twisted the knife 90 degrees clockwise.


I shook my head.  “Daniel, I hope this helps you get past some of your ‘Mommy’ issues.”


“I think that’s going to take a while, Martha.  But you guys gave me my life back.  Thank you again.  I just have a question for Derrek … If Martha’s not keeping you as a slave, then why are you still a little kid?”


This could get really confusing because he didn’t know that Derrek’s body was being inhabited at the moment by Sammantha.  I just decided to step in and answer.


“Daniel, we both were enjoying the role play, traveling around and just having fun with it.  We even had dinner with your partner, Gottfried Goldfarb.”


“What?!” the boy clamored.  “Did he talk about me?”


“He did,” I acknowledged.  “He said he was a lot happier two years ago when you were there.”


“Wow,” Daniel exhaled.  “Then there might be a chance I could return.  What did he think happened to me and the blonde bitch?”


“Your partner, Gottfried, suspected foul play, but the police just figured you were two star-struck lovers who took off for Mexico or someplace.  That’s why they stopped looking for you.  Gottfried knew you were banging her in your office.”


“Yeah, and so was his sleaze-ball son.”


My jaw dropped.  “Wait, are saying that Putz was fucking Yolanda, too?


Daniel explained, “Putz was in the office one day.  Gottfried and I went out for a quick bite, figuring Putz would do his homework and Yolanda would catch up on her own stuff.  But when we got back, that ten-year-old little bastard was on top of her like flies on shit.  If we could get this chastity belt off me and onto Putz, the world would be a better place.”


“Can we take your belt off now?” I asked.


Daniel hesitated.  “Well, we would need to disarm the wires in it first.  If we don’t, my balls will be electrocuted and I might die.  Derrek was on the right track about that.  Why don’t I check her pockets first?”


The boy tried both pockets with no luck.  “Let’s check her bedroom.”


All three of us set off in the same direction, and were immediately drawn to a sizeable collection of junk on her nightstand.  One cord led into the top drawer where one item was being recharged that looked like maybe a controller for radio controlled device.


Daniel picked it up and pressed the first button on the left.






End Chapter 68

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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