A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 54
CHAPTER 154 .......... My Date With Putz

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As we might have expected, the Goldfarbs lived in a nice neighborhood with a beautiful home … something appropriate for a successful attorney.  I got out of the car, walked up to the front door … and just stood there, too afraid to ring the bell.  I froze.  I just couldn’t do it.


Then Sammantha decided to help me ‘ring the bell’.


***** HONNNNNNNNNNK *****     ***** HONNNNNNNNNNK *****


When I turned around, she was already backing out of the driveway.  I was on my own.  I heard footsteps coming to the door … and it opened.  It was showtime.


We smiled at each other.  “Hi, Putz!”


“Hey Precious.”


I stepped up into the foyer and put my arms around him in a good hug.  He did the same.  I rested my face sideways on his chest and looked up at him.  I told him, “It’s really great to see you again.”


“Same here.  It looks like you brought something along with you.”


“Yep, Forrest Gump treats.”


“Ha, funny, Precious.  Well that was very thoughtful of you.  Come on, let’s step inside the house.”


Off to the side was some type of specialty room that Putz’s dad had set up as an office.  He immediately stopped his work and came over to greet us.  I reached forward to shake his hand, but not as firmly as I normally do, since I was playing a girl.


“I’m pleased to meet you again, Mr. Goldfarb.  In case you were wondering, near the end of the movie, Tom Cruise did escape and the battle was won by his IMF team.”


“Well, I’m happy to see you again too, Precious.  We both felt bad about the way that evening ended, and Putz said he still liked you very much and wanted to make it up to you by inviting you over for pizza.”


I wrapped my right arm around Putz’s left as a show of affection.  “I’m glad he did, Mr. Goldfarb.  I’ve thought a lot about Putz ever since that night.”


“Well, you two have fun.  The hot tub has the milk and water and is set to the right temperature if you’d like to use it.  I won’t bother you.  Putz, I left some cash on the counter whenever you want to order your pizza.”


“Thanks, Dad.”


I was relieved that Mr. Goldfarb didn’t congratulate me on the touchdown I had scored yesterday.


Then the mom, who had been waiting patiently in the kitchen came out to talk to us … well actually just to talk to me.  She may have been over-acting a little but she meant well.


“Precious!  Welcome!  I’ve heard so many good things about you!  And your name is so appropriate.  Aren’t you a little cutie pie?!”


“Thank you, Ma’am.”


Then Mrs. Goldfarb walked right in front of me and placed both of her hands on the tops of my shoulders.  She peered down and smiled warmly at me.


“Now, Precious, I want you to know that we are totally 100 percent on your side.  Any time you want to come over and just chill, you will always be welcome here, no questions asked.  You’re a good person, Precious.”


I looked up and smiled at her.  “Thank you, Ma’am.”


Obviously, the ‘no questions asked’ part meant that they would not hassle a boy who wanted to dress up in a skirt.  What’s the big deal anyway about a girl with a penis?  And yet she still knew that this dainty little girl was the same person who, in game one, bashed Mister Two into next week.


I’m sure that both parents assumed that ‘dress-up’ was my full time hobby.  For me, it was just a ‘one-off’.  Like Putz, I was a ‘bi-curious’person, whatever the hell that meant.


Then Putz whispered in my ear, “Let’s go upstairs.”


Putz had the first room to the right, upstairs, and the first thing I noticed was that there was a bar stretched across the door opening near the top.  “What’s that?” I inquired.


“A chin-up bar,” he answered, while taking a moment to demonstrate.  “You want to try it?”


I smiled at him.  “Nah, you just want me to do it so you can look up my dress, you pervert.”


The boy laughed and then pointed a hand through the entrance.


“Putz, do you ever use the chin-up bar to do coregasms?”


“What’s that?” he responded.


(I’m still amazed that … if all males have the same plumbing, how come so very few of them know about coregasms.)


“Putz, it may be something I can teach you … a different way to jack off.”


With a touch of sarcasm he came back with, “Ha!  A girl is going to teach a boy how to jack off?  Come on, let’s close the door.”


I walked into his boy cave and looked around.  “Wow, you got so many posters … athletes, racing cars, girls in bikinis … I’m surprised the girls aren’t nude.”


“As liberal as my parents are, they still won’t allow porn on my walls.”


“What about in your head?”


“Different story.  As long as I get good grades, they don’t care what I look at online.”


“You’re lucky, Putz.  My mom would still spank me if she caught me looking at porn. 


“Precious, an innocent little girl like you shouldn’t be looking at that kind of stuff anyway.”


“Gosh, how many trophies do you have … a few short of a zillion?”


“I got the first one when I was three.  I compete in usually four sports every year … and you know first hand that I like to win.  Turn around, Precious.  Let’s look at the door.”


By that, the boy meant that we should look at ‘us’ in the full length mirror.  He stood behind me and was significantly taller, gazing over my frizzy hairdo … and then the hands came out, but at least I expected it this time.


Putz reached around and placed his hands over the laces on my tummy.  Then he bent forward and kissed the nape of my neck in several places.  Then we both gradually turned till we faced each other and ebraced in a deep French kiss with plenty of tongue action.


At that moment, I didn’t care what the rest of the world would opine about our behavior.  I knew neither of us was gay.  It was cosplay.  It was experimentation.  Fuck the rest of the world … but in the same thought, let’s not do this in public.


As we kissed, my right hand dropped to a lower level and I started rubbing his crotch, like petting it up and down.  A strange bulge pressed itself against the zipper of his fly.


While I patted his package, Putz dropped his arms down … and then brought them back up under my dress and panties.  He enjoyed massaging my buttocks, but oddly, his hands never ventured frontward.  I think he was trying to maintain the illusion that I was a girl.


He faced the mirror.  I didn’t, so I guess he must have been enjoying watching the show.  I wondered if we were going to be doing ‘everything’ before even ordering pizza or taking a dip in the hot tub.


I figured, what the hell … I’ll keep going.  I gently lowered myself in a lady-like fashion and took hold of his zipper.  It’s good to tease the other person by pulling down their zipper as slowly as possible.  I only pulled it an inch and then stuck in my index finger to poke around a little and see what I could feel.


Another inch and I could insert my thumb and forefinger and ‘tweak’ whatever was in the way.  When I discovered the tailored opening in his boxer’s fly, the monster showed himself.


It was hard to believe that this kid was just twelve years old.  He easily possessed an adult sized cock and it was already throbbing as I licked it like an ice cream cone.


I told him, “Putz, you need to lie down on the bed.  It’s way too early to get your rocks off.  Go put your head on the pillow.”


Well, how about that?  He actually followed my instruction.  The rest was easy.  I got up on the bed and proceeded to peel down his jeans and boxers.  Then I slid back onto the floor at the foot of the bed and removed all, till he was down to his bare feet.


He relaxed his hands behind his head with an impish grin, wondering what ‘Precious’ would do next.  I guess he really trusted me now.  That might not have been the case if we weren’t such close teammates in football.


I didn’t remove his shirt … just pushed the bottom of it up to his chest.  He was almost nude now.


“Aren’t you going to take off your clothes, too?” he asked me.


“Nope, last time you took care of Precious.  This time, Precious is going to take care of you.”




“You’ll see, Putzaroonie.”




I began searching through the drawers in his desk.


“Hey, what are you doing?”


“Looking for something … and I think I found it.”


“A pair of scizzors?!  Precious, if you intend to cut my cock off, I’m afraid that I will have to protest vigorously.”


“I would never be that mean to you, Putz.  All I’m going to do is shave your pubes.”


The boy was no less alarmed at the new plan.  “Wait!  What?!  Why would you do that?”


(Note that Putz did not jump off the bed in panic.)


“Putz, I guarantee you’ll feel much better.  You’ve got a swamp down there.  It’s sweaty and smelly.  But with a smooth pallet like mine, you’ll feel fresh and ‘airy’.”


He had a concerned expression.  “I don’t know, Precious.  Won’t my teammates tease me if I show up in the locker room with no pubic hair?”


“Just say you wanted some fresh air and it feels good.  I think you’ll probably start a fad.  But if they still want to tease, just tell them ‘thank god my cock will never be as small as yours.”


The boy shook his head and said, “Precious, you are flippin weird, you know that?”


“Just relax.  It’s more sensual if I give your hairs a little ‘yank’ before I snip them off.”


“Aaagh!   Like that?  Hey, that yank was more than just a little.”


“Aaagh!  Precious, is that supposed to be pleasurable?”


“If you think about how vulnerable you are, the sheer embarrassment will give you a raging hard on.”


“Aaagh!  I’m getting there already.”


“And when I spank you later on tonight, the intensity will be even greater.  But if you feel close to exploding you have to let me know so I can stop and let you rest.  It’s too soon to have a climax.  We need to let it build till you get blue balls.”


The boy’s audible volume increased.  “Precious!  You are a god damned SADIST!!!”





End Chapter 54

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated May 19, 2024


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