A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 65
CHAPTER 165 .......... Empathy Day- Part Six – Madeline’s Problem

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If she’ll now hate me for the rest of the school year, then so be it.  I brought this on myself and the only right thing to do now was to allow her to finish her revenge … regardless how long she’d abuse me.


“Fuck me HARDER, Madeline!!”  I called out.




“Fuck me HARDER, Madeline!!”  I repeated.




This pattern repeated only a few more iterations until Madeline figured I had had enough.  My unusual request must have signaled to her that I admitted fault and would accept my punishment without making excuses.  It was the right thing for me to say.


Madeline withdrew from my very sore asshole and I collapsed on the ground.  She tried to assist me.


“Sorry, Derrek.”


“No,” I replied.  “I’m the one who needs to apologize to you.”


Madeline gave me a tissue to wipe my anus, and then I quickly pulled the panties with the hearts back up.  We didn’t say much else as we turned to walk back, and Madeline tossed the strap-on unit into a trash can.


Once we neared the school door, Madeline quickly stopped and patted her pockets.


“Oh, shit!” she exclaimed.  “I left my phone under the bleachers!”


I challenged, “I thought we weren’t allowed to have phones in school.”  (except me of course.)


Madeline did an ‘about-face’ and began sprinting back to our spot under the bleachers.  “It’s for medical emergencies,” she called back to me.


That seemed odd.  I didn’t think a young healthy girl like that would have any medical problems.  I was going to question her about that when she returned with her phone, but instead, I heard a blood-curdling scream explode from near our spot under the bleachers.




Nothing about her very loud cry made sense.  Did she fall and get hurt?  Did someone attack her?  My view of her was blocked by the large maintenance shed.


I started running back to her.  My heart pounded with concern. But my pace was slowed by the pump shoes … which were hard to control over uneven ground.  When I finally turned the corner of the shed, Madeline was just ten feet away.


When the girl saw me, she dropped to the ground and covered up her head with her arms.


“DON’T LOOK AT ME!!” she screamed.  “DON’T LOOK AT ME!!”


At that moment, I was sure that the best detectives in the world would be just as confused as I was.  Madeline didn’t appear hurt.  There was no blood anywhere.  She did have her phone in her right hand.  Was there anything different from a minute ago?


Yes!  The automatic sprinklers on the football field had turned on and I could see water droplets on the lowest bleacher stands in front of me.  Common sense told me that when water hoses are first turned on, there’s usually a lot of pressure built up near the nozzle from when they were shut off the last time … So when they’re turned on, the very first spritz goes much farther than normal.


I was better than the best detectives.  If water was dangerous to me, it could be dangerous to Madeline.  That’s why she carried a phone.  So why wasn’t she using it?


The girl on the ground was now crying hysterically.  I had to act even if she didn’t want me to … So I walked up to her and saw what I largely suspected.  Her shoes had fallen off and her pant legs extended past her feet.  No one else but me could have recognized the water curse.


I got down on the ground and put a hand on her back.


“GET AWAY!!” she screamed at me.


I put my mouth closer to her ear so that I could speak quietly.  “Madeline, listen to me.  I’m here for you no matter what.  I will support you no matter what.  You’re my friend and I won’t abandon you.  We’ll get through this together.  You’ve got to trust me on this.”


“I’m a monster!” she whimpered, as her upper body began to shrink inside her long sleeved sweatshirt.


“No you’re not!”  I countered. 


She continued to cry, only now, in a higher pitched voice.  “I’m so … so … sorry, for what I did to you.  You should hate me.  I deserve your hate.  I’ve been lying to you the whole school year … My life is over now.”


I re-positioned my hands to try to coax her up.  “Madeline, look at me … Come on, I really need you to look at me.’


When she finally tilted her head up, I was looking at the face of a very pretty nine-year-old girl.  I hoped that she didn’t get too great a dose of water because I wasn’t anxious to be changing diapers for a baby girl.


“Madeline, I can’t do this by myself.  I’m going to need your help if we’re going to get through this.  Tell me now, Madeline.  Will you help me?”


I took the loose sleeve of her pullover and dabbed her eyes a little as she sniffed back her tears.


With little more than a whisper, she answered in the affirmative.  “Uh huh.”


“Okay, let’s just hold each other in a light hug … Now I want you to take some slow, even, deep breaths and try to relax all your muscles.  The body contractions you’re feeling now will be ending, and hopefully soon.”


“Okay,” she responded.


“Now, Madeline, I want you to tell me who you’re supposed to call in case of a medical emergency.”


Her voice kept sounding more childish and she looked lost in her big clothing.  I would guess she was about eight now.


“I would call my parents … but they both work downtown but I think my phone broke.  It cracked on a rock when I dropped it.”


“Okay, well Sammantha’s a lot closer.  You remember seeing my mom at the high school lecture?”


The girl nodded while I took out my own folding phone, or ‘flippy’ as some people call it.  I was glad that Sammantha didn’t have to go downtown for her office.  I rang her up.


“What’s up, kid?”


“Code 9, under the football bleachers.”


Mom replied, “I’ll be there shortly …*click*”


I wasn’t done with my calls.  It was time to ‘phone a friend’.


“Hello, Daniel?  It’s Derrek.  I hate to bother you at work, but I really need your help at our apartment.  Are you able to take Friday afternoon off?  It’s important.  I wouldn’t call you if it wasn’t.”


“Absolutely, Derrek.  I’ll let Gottfried know.  And he happens to like you and Precious, by the way.  See you soon.”





When Sammantha arrived, she drove straight to the football field and exited her car quickly.  She saw me (in my black dress) carrying what looked like a bundle of clothes.


“Sweety, you don’t look any younger.  What’s going on?”


I walked closer to her and explained,  “Mom, this is my friend, Madeline from school.  She got hit by water when the auto-sprinklers came on.”


Without missing a beat, Sammantha looked at my bundle and smiled, saying.  “Hi, Madeline.  I know you.  Derrek and I are going to help you.  Why don’t we go back to my place now and get you fixed up in some clothes that will fit you for now and then some for later, okay?  How does that sound?”


The little girl nodded.


I sat in the back seat cradling Madeline and her pile of clothes in my lap … and holding her tight.  I didn’t bother with the seat belts as we were close to home anyway.  I further carried her up in the elevators to our apartment.  She couldn’t have walked without tripping anyway.


Daniel was already waiting for us outside our door in the hallway.  “Hey folks,” he greeted us.  “What’s the big news?”


I showed him the little girl in my arms.  “Daniel, this is my friend from school, Madeline Dazilme.  There’s three of us now.”


The man nodded.  “Thanks for calling me, Derrek.  This is big news.”


I set Madeline down on the living room couch for a moment while I got everyone a glass of ginger ale.  (I wasn’t going to chance anyone with a glass of water.)


Sammantha kneeled down next to the little girl.  “Madeline, I have to say … you’re a cutie pie at any age.  Are you about seven now?”


The girl sipped her drink and shrugged.


I needed to take over.  “Mom, I’m going to take Madeline into my bedroom now and find her something that fits.  I think her body contractions have stopped now, fortunately.”


I carried Madeline one last time and set her down gently on my bed.  I told her, “If you like, I can pick out several outfits and then leave the room so you can change in private.”


“No, Derrek.  After what I did to you, I don’t care if you see me naked.  Since I’ve been lying to you all this time anyway, god knows I have nothing to hide now.”


Madeline haphazardly threw all her oversized clothes on the floor.  I tried not to stare at her pristine nude little form but the ‘Humbert Humbert’ in me would agree that she wasn’t any less sexy at seven than she was at twelve.  I reminded myself to stop staring at her smooth hairless twinkie ... a nice little mound.  I wondered if she’d let me touch it.


Madeline hopped off the bed in her birthday suit and came to the bedroom door to check herself out in the mirror.  (That made two of us.)


I asked her, “How old are you in real life, Madeline?”


In a somewhat squeaky voice she answered, “I’m thirty.  Like I said, Derrek, I’m sorry for lying to you.  I feel like I’m a child predator, lusting after an innocent, but sexually attractive twelve-year-old boy.  In school, I undress you with my eyes and imagine playing with your little package and getting you as hard as a rock.”


(Her words were making me as hard as a rock right now.)


“But Derrek, with you being a child, I know that what’s inside your pants will forever be forbidden fruit to me.  I know that I’m a bad person, and I hope that you will be able to forgive me for the unforgivable act that I did to you today.”


“No you’re NOT a bad person, Madeline.” I disagreed.  “And you’re not alone either.  I’m twenty-eight.”


He head immediately popped up.  “Really?!!  But how?  I thought I was the only one.”


“No, actually, there’s three of us that I know of, who have the water curse. Daniel is the other one.”


It was like a thousand stars suddenly brightened the little naked girl’s face.  “So we’re both adults?!!” she squealed.  “And we can have sex legally?!!”


Madeline jumped up into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist … as she applied some serious hickies to my neck.  She licked my right ear and spoke into it … “yum, ‘yum, ‘yum … let me blow you right now.”




End Chapter 65

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated May 19, 2024


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Love the story!

NxK · Feb 13, 2024

Loving the story! I can't wait for more! I wanted to log in and let you know I've been enjoying it a lot!

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