A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated May 27, 2024

Chapter 23
CHAPTER 123 .......... A Kidnapping

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“You won’t need your backpack, Derrek.  Put everything back and shut your locker.  You’re coming with me.”


Saying this was not good was an understatement.  I had trouble controlling my voice.  “Uh … Hi, Sally, what’s going on?”


Then I felt the sharp object again.  “OWWwww!  Sally, stop!  I think you cut my throat!”


The girl retorted, “Stop wiggling, Derrek.  So far, there’s only a few drops of blood, and I don’t think you want to see any more.  A new box-cutter knife is like a new razor.  It would be a shame to slice through your jugular vein and watch you bleed out.”


The pace of my breathing quickened.  I pleaded, “Sally, what do you want?”


“You know exactly what I want, lover boy.  And if I don’t get it, I will definitely ‘go for the jugular.”


I tried to reason with her.  “Sally, the school has cameras.”


“Maybe … Maybe not,” she retorted.  “We’re going out the back entrance, so start moving.  And if you scream or try to draw attention or try to break away, there’s going to be one dead Derrek in this hallway … and you know I’m not just messing around.”


My voice quivered.  “Sally, you don’t want to do this.”


She answered my advice by increasing the white hot pain of the box cutter against my neck.


“Shut up, Derrek.  I want you to cradle your fingers together in front of your belly-button and start walking, unless you want me to cut you some more.  I’m not waiting.”


It was late and the hall was empty.  No one else hung around this back corner of the school.  As I suggested to Daniel, it was now my turn to face my fears.


Sammantha always said that it was useless to try to talk common sense with a crazy person.  I kept that in mind as I did my ‘perp walk’ to the rear exit of the school.  Almost no one used these doors.  You couldn’t come in, but they did swing out to leave.


Only a few feet past the doors, Sally’s mother sat in their car with the back door open and the engine running.  The plot to kidnap me had now become a conspiracy.


“Lay down on your tummy on the back seat, Derrek … slowly.”


For a moment, Sally had to remove the knife from my throat and I looked up, thinking I could maybe excape out the opposite door.  But Mrs. Sukkemsilli now stood outside that door and threatened me with a long screwdriver.  Jeez, I hoped they weren’t intending to sodomize me.  These people were both crazy.


Sally got on top of me and grabbed my arms, one at a time … and brought them behind my back.  She took out a pair of handcuffs from the glove box, and within seconds, made me her captive prisoner.


From here, the possible scenarios of my captivity swirled around in my mind.  Right now, I couldn’t get to my cell phone to send out a signal to Sammantha so I was left to contemplate a variety of sexual tortures.  Sally did use the words ‘lover boy’.


What if she wanted to keep me as a sex slave the way Yolanda kept Daniel?  What if she intended to cut off my penis like Lorena Bobbitt did to her husband?  What if she wanted to shove unpleasant objects up my rectum?  What if she wanted to do terrible things to my testicles?  What if she wanted to sit on my face and make me eat her cunt?


The above menu was all very unappetizing.  And I was was very uncomfortable having my face smooshed into the car seat.  I turned my head sideways and tried to speak up.


“Uh, Sally and Sally’s mom?  I would appreciate if you didn’t kill me.  My mom has the money to pay any ransom that you’d like, and all you have to do is give her a phone call.”


“Shut up, boy,” said Mrs. Sukkemsilli.  “You really hurt Sally’s feelings.  Shame on you!”


Stupidly, I tried to reason.  “That wasn’t my intension, Ma’am.  My mother is very strict and she ordered me not to have dates with any girls.”


Sally scoffed, “You’re such a bull shitter, Derrek.  Everyone in school can see you have  the hots for Madeline and Hoshiko.  Those are your real girlfriends, not me.  You treated me like a hooker, like I have some kind of disease.  Do I disgust you that much?”


I answered back, “No, Sally.  It’s just that you came on strong in the beginning.  You were smothering me.


“Smothering you?”


“Uh … Please don’t get any ideas, Sally.  Look, I’m sorry for the way you were treated and I certainly didn’t mean to upset you.  Is there a way I can make it up you? … Preferably, a non-violent way?”


The girl smiled.  “We might find out about that in a few minutes … lover boy.”


(There she went again with ‘lover boy’.  There was no doubt now that my torture would be of a sexual nature.)


Sally’s mom arrived at their house and she pulled into the attached garage.  (attached, meaning none of the neighbors could see a handcuffed boy being led into their house.)


I was pushed and prodded forward till we entered Sally’s bedroom, the same one where we recently danced to Cyndi Lauper’s hit song ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun.’


Sally pushed me into a sitting position on her bed near the left pillow.  She appeared to be well prepared for whatever her intensions happened to be … because she immediately pulled out another  pair of handcuffs from her nightstand drawer.


The so called ‘headboard’ of her bed consisted of vertical iron rods coming to a semi-circle on top … which made them perfectly suited to handcuffing a person spread-eagled on top of the mattress.


Once she secured my right wrist to the left-most iron post, she removed my original handcuffs … and then she and her mother ‘stretched’ my left arm as far as it could go to the other side, the right-most iron post … and attached me there with the original set of handcuffs.


“Here’s some nice pillows, Derrek.  Is your head comfy?” Sally asked.


“Yes, but the cuffs are fastened too tightly!  They’re really hurting hurting my wrists!”


“Don’t be a wimp, Derrek,” she huffed.  “You’ll be just fine.”


With my arms outstretched, I felt like Jesus on the cross … completely helpless before my tormentors.  And if Sally could possibly think up a way to maximize my torment, she would go to her smart TV and pull up the same Cyndi Lauper Youtube video that we danced to several days earlier.


And she did.


‘I come home in the morning light, my mother says when you gonna live your life right?  Oh moma dear, we’re not the fortunate ones, and girls just wanna have fun.’


When Sally turned up the volume, I figured it was because she didn’t want any of the neighbors to hear my upcoming screams.


Sally’s mother exited the room and left my body as a playtoy for her bat-shit crazy daughter.  The girl got up on her bed and kneeled, straddling my thighs.  She sported a very wide grin.


“This is how I’ve always imagined you, Derrek … completely helpless to my carnal desires, with no one around to rescue you.”


“Sally, that’s impressive that you know what ‘carnal’ means.  But I would be a lot more fun to play with if you remove the handcuffs.  I just never realized how much you wanted me … and you put on our perfect song, too.  If all you want me to do is make love to you, I’d be happy to.”


The girl lightly tapped my facial cheek.  “Silly boy.  I’m not that stupid.  What was the thing I kept telling you at my house, and then later at your house?”


“That you want to be …”


“That’s right.  I want to be the mother of your children.  I hope you shoot cum, Derrek.  If not, I’m going to have to keep you captive here till you reach puberty.  And I timed your kidnapping so that it would coincide with my height of ovulation.”


“That was convenient,” I replied.


“Yes, Derrek, and I think we’ll have beautiful children together.  You’ll be a proud daddy … So why don’t we start the thing with the birds and the bees right now, while both our body clocks are ticking ‘hot’.”


“I don’t want to do this, Sally,” I protested again.  “You would be raping me.  That’s illegal.  You could get into a lot of trouble.


This time Sally gave me a swift, hard, slap in the face.  “Shut up, Derrek.  You’re going to enjoy it whether you want to or not … and while we’re at it, I’m going to place my cell phone here on the book case so we can make a video and enjoy watching our love-making session over and over together … you and me.”


I rolled my eyes and wondered how many times in the last few months have I been forcibly compelled into the same embarrassing predicament … to unbuckle my belt, yank down my zipper, and pull down my pants?


Sammantha did it a bunch of times, but those don’t really count.  Kitti Power did it twice, So did Dr. Frumpy.  And so did Dr. Penice once, when I was a girl.  Then there was Senorita Gato, Mrs. Bullutis … and let’s not forget Penelope Point duJour, although I’d have to say that I was a willing captive on that one.


So Sally would become my ninth ‘suitor’, although that might be a poor way to describe it.  Ever since I became a kid again, so many people want to pull down my pants.  It’s like ‘Since I’m just a kid, it must be okay’.  A child’s feelings don’t really matter.  And neither does his dignity.


Because it never ends with the pants.  Sally was delighted to put her fingers inside the elastic waistband of my briefs and yank those down too.  It never gets easier.  It’s always very humiliating to be stripped naked against my will.


“Awwwwww, how cute you look,” she cooed.  Mind if I play with it a little?  No pubes yet?   Are you still a little boy?  You better hope that you can shoot cum.”


“Yes, I can shoot cum,” I burst out angrily.


“How very nice.  How about if I start by slapping you back and forth a few times.  Would that wake up the little fella?


A few times turned into more like 50 or 100 times … back and forth constantly till my organ was red.  Now I was rock solid erect.  Then she did the ‘catapaults’ for a while, bending my penis down and watching it slap back on my belly.


“That’s fun, Derrek.  You must have a lot of fun with it playing by yourself.  I’d like to give you a hand job right now, but that would defeat our purpose here of trying to have a baby.  You seem to be kind of clumpy around your ankles right now and it’s restricting your movement.  So lets get it all off.”


Sally slid back to stand at the foot of the bed and yanked off everything at that end … shoes, socks, pants, and briefs.  Only my shirt remained and she slid it up past my nipples.  Then she kissed my nipples.  Then she licked the tip of my penis.


“Now watch how fast I can strip, Derrek.”


I imagined that Sally could do pretty much anything with great haste, if she wanted to badly enough.  The girl was not bashful in baring it all.


Then she sighed.  “You’ve got me all hot and bothered now, Derrek.  Don’t cum yet.  My pussy is nice and wet.  Do you like what you see, lover boy?  Does it turn you on?”


(Well, not really.  At this point, I certainly was not going to be honest with her and say that she was a little on the chunky side … but certainly, she could afford to miss a meal.)


“Wait,” I said roughly, as if I had pebbles in my mouth.




“Aaaaggggghhh,” I sort of gargled.  “My mouth is too dry.  I’m gagging.  Please, I just need a sip of water.”





End Chapter 23

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated May 27, 2024


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