A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 36
CHAPTER 136 .......... Go Nads! - Game Two

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Then suddenly, the door in the back of classroom opened, and a lone figure stepped in.


The figure’s voice struck with thunder.  “BUENOS TARDES, SENORITA GATO.”


My Spanish teacher looked like a deer in the headlights.  She’d been caught red-handed and panic mode set in.  She first dropped the ruler on the floor, and then dropped me on the floor under her desk, with my pants still at my ankles.  Her floor was dirty.


Sammantha walked forward, while simultaneously reaching behind the base of her neck, and sliding out a 17 inch serated steel fishing knife.


The teacher pushed her rolling chair away from the desk with her feet.  She crawled on the floor to the furthest corner of the room and covered her head with her hands while pleading ‘Por favor, no … Por favor, no’.  (Please, no.)


Sammantha raised the enormous knife and slammed it down hard into the teacher’s desk.  It stuck.


Then she barked out an ultimatum for my teacher.


“Si alguna vez vuelves a tocar a mi hijo, regresaré a este salón de clases con este cuchillo … y te cortaré los pechos.  Lo entiendes?”  (If you ever touch my son again, I will return to this classroom with this knife … and I will cut off your breasts.  Do you understand?)


By now, Senorita Gato was curled up in the corner and bawling her eyes out … but she managed to whimper out an answer, “Si, entiendo.”  (Yes, I understand.)


Her confident demeanor had certainly changed and I wondered if maybe she was one of these people who was sexually driven by being ‘in control’ with boys.  Maybe she didn’t like adult guys hitting on her.


Sammantha pulled out her knife and peeked around the front of the desk.  I must have looked pretty silly on the dirty floor with my pants down and my boner up.  I normally wasn’t embarrassed being nude in front of Sammantha, but I was now.  The appropriate word for my status was ‘awkward’.


She advised me, “Derrek, get dressed.  You have a game to get to, and you don’t want Coach Parker getting on your case.”


When I pulled myself together, we departed down the hallway.  “Thanks for the rescue, Mom.  Are you fluent in Spanish?”


“For the most part.  Sweety, your phone recorded all the evidence if we should ever need it the future.  You should probably copy it to a thumb drive and then erase the whole thing from your phone.”


“So you don’t think we should turn Miss Gato in to the authorities?  As far as I can tell, I’m her only ‘amorcito’ … her ‘little love’.”


Sammantha surprised me with her response.  I thought she always wanted ‘proportionate’ revenge.


“I’m going to leave that up to you, sweety.  You seemed to want to go pretty easy on Mrs. Bullutis last time.”


“I felt sorry for her cuz she had a rough life.  With Miss Gato, it’s a little different.  I mean, other than the molestations, I actually kind of like her.  I think she’s a good teacher.”


“Fibber … you just like her because she’s cute.”


“No, really, Mom … This is her first year of teaching and I don’t want to derail her whole career at the start.  You scared her pretty good and I don’t think she’ll be bothering any more kids.  I think she learned her lesson.”


“Derrek, sometimes I think your heart is TOO soft.


“Maybe so, Mom, but that’s how I feel.”


“So we’re back to the ‘Frozen’ movie again.  You want to let it go?”


“Yeah … and oh, I wanted to ask you something.  How come you’re not wearing your blonde wig to today’s game?”


“Derrek, the cat’s out of the bag.  Putz’s dad already knows that I’m Martha Frumpy from  our Olive Garden dinner … and Putz knows that you’re Precious.”


“And he hasn’t said a word.”


“Well, as long as they don’t bring up the subject, I’m going to do the ‘Frozen’ thing too … let it go.”





I hurried to the locker room and got my uniform on and ran down to the field before anybody started ‘missing’ me.  The team had just started calisthenics.  Today we were playing John Wilkes Booth Middle School and they were not noted as being a particularly stong team.


By week two, our team was functioning as the proverbial ‘well oiled machine’.  Big-O and Goro acted like ‘road graders’ bashing through opponents lines and opening up large holes for Showkat to run through,


Putz and I enjoyed our roles as the primary wide receivers and we looked to each other for a potential ‘hook and ladder’ play every time one of us made a catch.  Our current opponents had a poor learning curve and we pulled off the play five times.  I had a good time flipping the ball back to Putz and watching him take off.


At half time, we were up 31-6 when Randy called me over to show me something.  His uniform was spotless since Coach Parker’s mood had not yet warmed up enough to give him any playing time.


“Take a look at this, Derrek,” he said in a loud whisper.  “You’re not going to believe what you see.”


There wasn’t much I could trust coming from Randy, but he was fumbling around with his cell phone which he wasn’t supposed to have on the field anyway.


When he handed me his phone, all I saw on the screen was his penis, not something I cared to be looking at.  I said ‘Ewww’ and handed the phone back, looking around to make sure the coaches weren’t eyeing us.


‘Derrek!” he hissed.  “You’re not using it right.  Use your fingers to bring up the zoom lens and aim it at the base of the bleachers.”


When I did as instructed I immediately uttered, “Holy shit!  This is the fucking clothing filter!”


My eyes bulged so large, they almost hurt.  I was staring at the screen and seeing my secret crush, cheerleader Madeline Dazilme, completely and totally stark naked.  (except for her pom poms.)  I momentarily took my eyes off the screen looked up at the whole cheerleading squad.


The girls were definitely all wearing their cheerleader outfits with short-sleeved bare midrift tops and pleated skirts … but the clothing filter app made their entire wardrobe invisible.


It reminded me so much of the nude college basketball game.  I felt so guilty ogling all these pretty naked girls, but I just couldn’t pry my eyes away … especially from Madeline. 


She was so nice looking, but she would kill me if she knew I was zeroing in on the whispy pubic hair above her va-jay-jay.  I thought about my fantasy of her when I was in the hallway, where I had a hand down there rubbing her clit till she copied the ‘Meg Ryan’ movie orgasm … ‘yes! yes! yes! yes! yes!’


There still wasn’t yet much to brag about when it came to her late blooming chest.  Well, so what, she was only twelve.  Actually, her nipples looked kind of ‘perky’.  I’m glad we talked to each other, but she was still my ‘secret’ crush.  I was mesmerized by her ‘girl-next door beauty.


The other girls were in various stages of boob explosion, and at this point, all of them could still pass the pencil test with ease.  I figured that as long as I felt guilty when I looked at naked girls, then I was still a good person.


“Mr. Pantz!”  yelled Coach Parker.


Since our backs were turned toward the coach at that moment, I quickly handed the phone back to its owner and he slipped it into his pocket.  (Some football pants do have pockets.)


“Yes, Coach?” Randy replied.


“You have a huge personal debt of gratitude to pay to Mr. Adams and I haven’t heard you say too much lately.”


“Can we gather the team?” Randy asked


Captain X heard the request and yelled out, “Team meeting right now!  Right here!  Let’s go!”


In a few seconds, the dozen or so teammates formed a semi-circle and as per tradition, they took a knee.


Randy began his impromptu speech.  “I want to  thank Derrek Adams very much for asking Coach Parker and Principal Glass to reinstate me in school and on the team.  What I did to him was stupid and irresponsible and I’m sorry.”


He continued, “I know that none of you wanted me back, so thank you for listening to Derrek.  He’s a good teammate.”


Coach Paker concluded the meeting.  “Randy, just because you’ve been reinstated to the team doesn’t mean you’ll get to play.  You’re on the bench for this game and maybe for every other game … depends how I feel at the time.”


I was worried that Randy would come back with some smartass reply … but he accepted the penalty without complaint.  “Yes, sir.”


Jerry Sandusky Middle School rolled to an easy victory over John Wilkes Booth Middle School  47 – 12.  We carried an air of confidence now.  We expected to win.  I really liked our attitude.


The team showered and dressed quickly in order to attend the teacher talent show in the auditorium.  All families attending the game were invited to move inside and most accepted the invitation even though we were getting into the dinner hour.  The concession stand remained open for those who had the ‘hungries’.


Principal Tiffany Glass and Superintendent Michael Saint Michael welcomed in the throng of spectators who were unaware of exactly what type of talent they would be witnessing from an odd collection of middle school teachers.  Sammantha and Daniel took seats more toward the back.


Members of the football team rushed to the front row to get the best view of the event.  And why not.  They were the first middle schoolers in history who would get to see all their teachers naked.  Randy had better be careful.  If he was caught now after just coming off a suspension, I don’t know what the powers that be would do to him.  He was taking a big risk.


Randy didn’t go around advertising the clothing filter app on his phone.  But it wasn’t surprising that Starline and Duchess got wind of the rumor and came down front to join the team and check out the commotion.


“Good evening, everyone,” said Dr. Glass.  “And welcome to the annual teacher talent show.  This is the best crowd we’ve ever had for this event and we’re going to do something a little different this time.”


Showkat yelled out, “Will the teachers be nude?”


That’s all we needed.  My teammates shoved him away with a harsh order.  “Shut up, Showkat!”


“What’s new for this year,” continued Dr. Glass, “is that instead of competing individually as in the past … this year, the teachers decided to come together and form a new band, displaying all of their talents in one eclectic ensamble.”


The entire audience began clapping in response to the announcement.  I wasn’t yet impressed because I thought we might be about to witness a kazoo band.


“So without further ado, we will now lift the curtain on a new sound … from a new band known as … THE INDESTRUCTIBLE INSTRUCTORS.”





End Chapter 36

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 21, 2024


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