A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 66
CHAPTER 166 .......... Empathy Day- Part Seven – Little Madeline

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It was like a thousand stars suddenly brightened the little naked girl’s face.  “So we’re both adults?!!” she squealed.  “And we can have sex legally?!!”


Madeline jumped up into my arms and wrapped her legs around my waist … as she applied some serious hickies to my neck.  She licked my right ear and spoke into it … “yum, ‘yum, ‘yum … let me blow you right now.”


Our faces were an inch apart and she couldn’t stop smiling.  I told her quietly, “Madeline, we have to keep in mind that I’m betrothed to Sammantha.”


“That’s okay,” she replied.  “Kind of like Simba and Nala in The Lion King.  I think it’s so cute that you call her ‘Mom’.  But we could still be friends with benefits, couldn’t we?”


“Maybe, but I’d have to get Sammantha’s consent, and we could only do it if we’re both still kids”


“That’s fine.  I hope you’ll invite me to your wedding.  I’m only enfatuated with the super-cute, totally hot, twelve-year-old version of Derrek.  But since I’m aware of how Sally stalked you, I promise not to create another horror for you.  I just like you … a lot.”


“Let’s not repeat any of this to Hoshiko.  We still need her as our friend.  She’s a good person … one of the best I know.  And she saved my ass this morning.”


“Well, I sure didn’t, Derrek, and I regret it.  But if you can forgive me for my sin, then I would like to forgive you for not locking the door on Sally.”


I chuckled, “Good deal, Madeline.”


The girl wiggled her way back to the floor.  “Now Derrek, do I have your consent to give you a blow job now?”




“No?!” she said with surprise.  “Why not?”


“Because I’ve already dropped my panties once for you today, and I don’t feel like doing it again so soon.”


“Okay, I can understand that.  But can you do me a much smaller favor then?”


I put my hands on my hips.  “Like what, Madeline?”


She took hold of my right hand and bent me forward a little.  “Can you finger my twinkie in the mirror, please … just to get me wet and bothered?”


She wasn’t waiting for consent on that request.  She just took hold of my middle finger and pulled it farther down and started me into a rubbing motion in her miniature vulva. 


The feeling was titillating for both of us, but I had mixed emotions … trying to decide if I was stimulating a seven-year-old or a thirty-year-old.  This reminded me so much of playing with Penelope in St. Thomas … a sweet, but not all that innocent young girl.  Almost too quickly her little body started vibrating and convulsing … cycling through the movements of a female orgasm.


The Madeline I was seeing today was certainly different than the one I fantasized about on the first day of school.  Reality was closing in on my fantasy.


Her eyes rolled upward and I could tell that this naked shaking seven-year-old was about to squeal very loudly.


“OH----------- “


With my left hand I covered her mouth and tried to mute her orgasm as best as I could … which wasn’t quite good enough.  Sammantha knocked on my door.


“Derrek, is everything okay in there?”


“Yeah, Mom.  This first outfit was a little tight.  I’m going to give her one that’s a size larger.  She’ll be fine.”


Little Madeline was on her hands and knees.  “That was great, Derrek.  It’s been so long since someone did me like that.”


“Madeline, the panties we have here are too large.  I’m going to give you a pair of tighty whities for a second grader.  Is that okay?”


“Beggars can’t be choosers.  I’ll take whatever.  Do you have sizes for ages 8 through 12 when I get bigger this weekend?”


“We’ve got everything.  I’ve been through this several times.  But when you get a chance you should call your parents and let them know what’s going on.”


“OH!  But could I please stay with you over the weekend?  PLeeeeeeassssssssseee??  I promise I’ll be good.  I just want to sleep next to your body.  It’s such a wonderful thought … and there’s no taboos to worry about since we’re both adults.”


“I’d have to run that by Sammantha, and your folks too.  I assume they’re familiar with your water curse?”


The little girl squeaked out, “More than familiar.  They hate it.  They think it’s wrecking my career.”


“In what?” I inquired.


“Law … I’m a public defender for Erie County … or was.  Okay, I’m dressed now.”


Madeline didn’t wait for an invitation to leave the bedroom.  She headed out wearing a smaller version of today’s tomboy outfit … jeans, tee shirt, sneakers.


Sammantha and Daniel were waiting for us in the living room.  Sammantha handed her a cell phone.  “Call your parents, Madeline,” she ordered.


“Yes, Ma’am,” the girl obliged, punching up the numbers.


“Mom?  Hi, it’s me, Madeline.”


“What’s going on, honey?  And what happened to your voice?”


“I encountered some water at the school, and right now I’m being cared for by the Adams family, but not the one on TV.   You know my friend Derrek, and I told you about his mom doing a lecture at the high school.”


“Yes, I saw the caller ID come up as Sammantha Adams.  So tell me, Madeline, how old are you?”


“I’m seven, but if you do the math, I’ll be twelve again by Monday morning in time for school.  Can I please stay with Derrek and Sammantha till Monday?”


“Absolutely not.  I’m coming to get you right now.  What’s the address?”


Sammantha wiggled her fingers indicating for the girl to pass over the phone.  “Hello, Mrs. Dazilme?”


“No, I’m Debbie Davenport, Madeline’s mother.  I want to thank you for helping my daughter today.  Her little adventures can be very difficult to deal with and I appreciate that you and Derrek could come to her rescue.  Can I get your house number?”


“We’re actually in an apartment, but I think I have a better idea on getting together because there’s a lot we need to talk about.  And Derrek needs to get back to school to finish his day and play a football game.  You heard about ‘Empathy Day’?”


“Oh yeah.  It should be renamed ‘Principal Glass has Rocks in Her Head’ Day.”


“Agreed.  Well, my suggestion is … Let Madeline stay with me and we’ll go to the football game to watch Derrek at 4 pm … I can call you when it’s over … and then let’s all get together at Pizza Hut for dinner.”


“I don’t know, Sammantha.  Madeline can be such a trouble maker, especially when she messes with water … wait a second …”


There was a ‘pregnant’ pause on the line … just silence.


“Debbie?” said Sammantha.


“Sammantha, aren’t you going to ask why there’s a seven-year-old Madeline with you now, and Derrek also has a twelve-year-old friend named Madeline at school?”


“That’s why it’s so important for us to talk, Debbie.”


The little girl yelled into the phone, “Bring Dad to Pizza Hut too.”


“Okay, fine, Sammantha.  We’ll wait for your call.  Bye.”


“I still want to stay with you guys this weekend,” said Madeline.  Then the girl’s head snapped to the right.  She thoughtfully stared at Daniel and gradually lifted an index finger pointing at him.  “I think I know you.”


Daniel grinned back.  “Well, that would be a surprise to me.”


“No, really,” the girl went on.  “But it was several years ago in a courtroom … What’s your name?”


“I’m Daniel Prestek.”


“O…M…G !!!” the girl squealed so loud I had to cover my ears.  “We opposed each other in the Allred prostitution case!”


Daniel’s eyes widened with shock.  “Come again??” he replied.


“Don’t you remember me?  I was the public defender and my name at the time was Madeline Davenport.”


Daniel shook his head in disbelief.  “Now it’s my turn to say OMG.   Jeez, you were super cute.  I wanted to ask you out.”


“Why didn’t you, Daniel?”


“Things got out of hand.  The hooker started a big fight with us and it wasn’t an appropriate moment to seek romance.”


Then it hit me like a lightning bolt.  All the pieces of the puzzle came together at once.


“O…M…G !!!” I loudly repeated the other two.  You both worked the same case for the county with Queenemma Allred!  She put the water curse on both of you!  She hit Daniel because he was prosecuting her and she hit Madeline probably because she didn’t get her off.”


“But I’m a public defender!” Madeline squealed.  “I’m supposed to lose all my cases.  Anyway, when I came home that night, I took a shower … and twenty minutes later, my mom was changing my diapers.  Life was really hell for awhile.  So I thought middle school would be more fun.  What about you, Daniel?”


“I was banging my secretary on my desk after work and we spilled a bottle of water.  It was enough to quickly turn me into a twelve-year-old, and the bitch was nothing but pure evil after that.  She made me her child sex slave and kept me handcuffed for two years.”


The girl frowned.  “That’s awful, Daniel.  How did you get out?”


“I was rescued by two wonderful people named Derrek and Sammantha.”


Madeline looked up at me with glowing eyes and gave me a hug.  “You’re as wonderful as I thought, Derrek.”


I checked the time time and noted, “Hey, I’ve got to get my little dress back to class now!  If I’m charged with ditching school, then I’ll fail the assignment.”


Daniel took out his keys.  “I’ll drive you back.  Let’s go.”





I got back in time for seventh period Biology Lab and I told Hoshiko that Madeline got sick after eating her lunch so we took her home. 


Hoshiko escorted me to eighth period study hall and later … down to the football locker room.  Then she wished me good luck in the game.  Not a second too soon, Empathy Day had finally come to an end and I couldn’t wait to doff the dress.


When I opened the door to the locker room, the scene before me was nothing like I expected.  What I saw was sheer bedlam … panic … lockers being kicked … vulgar words being screamed … teammates running amuck in their girly clothes.  Even the four coaches looked rattled.


I ran to the captain.  I said, “X … what the hell is going on?”


For the first time since I had known him, Dilinger X VonChompion had a look of death on his face.  He answered, “Someone stole our uniforms … the jerseys, the pants, even the gym shorts.”





End Chapter 66

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Apr 13, 2024


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