A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 33

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Dictionary:  Fainting … Put simply, fainting happens when there is a drop in blood flow to the brain. When the brain isn't getting the blood (and more importantly, the oxygen) it needs, it causes you to lose consciousness and fall down.


I wasn’t sure how long I was out.  When I opened my eyes, I knew that my head was on Sammantha’s pillow and I was lying in her bed.  Sammantha was sitting on her bed, looking down at me.


I guess the ball was in my court to speak first.  “Uh, hi Mom.  You’re home early.”


“Yes, I am, sweety.  There were some no-shows in our group session today.  And since every person gets some individual attention, once they all had a turn, we ended the meeting.”


“Oh … well that was nice.”


“And how was your day, sweety … being all by yourself for the first time?”


(At least she wasn’t screaming at me … yet.)  “Oh, it was good, Mom.  Mostly, I played with bunny rabbit.”


Sammantha nodded.  “I see … but I do have one question for you.”


(uh oh … here it comes.)  “Yes, Mom?”


“Why is my computer chair in the closet?”


(Not why am I dressed as a girl?)  “Uh, well I was just borrowing your sorority paddle.  I’m only 4 foot 7 and I couldn’t reach it.  But I planned to return it before you got home.”


Sammantha’s eyes got wider.  “But why would you need a paddle, sweety?”


I knew that if I lied, she would stop calling me sweety in a hurry.  “Because bunny rabbit had to spank me after I drank his soda from the frig.”


“Really?  Are we talking about that bunny rabbit?” she asked, pointing to my companion who also was sitting on her bed.”


“Yes, Mom.”


“I see … Well, one of these days, I think we should sit down and have a nice long chat with bunny rabbit.  He should not be allowed to hurt you … And did you really drink his soda?”


“Oh, no, Mom … We were just doing role play.”


“Ohhh, well that explains it.  And how long have you been doing role play today?”


I admitted, “Since you left this morning.”


“Wow, you’ve been a busy boy.  Why don’t we go back to your bedroom and retrieve the paddle?”


“Uh, Mom, before we do that, do you think you could help me a little bit with a problem I have with my … um … wardrobe?”


“Sure, sweety.  What’s going on?”


“Well, this is kind of embarrassing, but bunny rabbit duct taped my penis next to my butt hole so that I wouldn’t have a noticeable bulge in front.”


“That seems logical.”


“And then, when I saw you in the doorway, all of my blood drained out of my head and into my penis.”


“I hate to say it kid, but …typical male.”


“Well, that got me stiff in a hurry, which right now is very painful because my boner wants to point forward, not backward.  Do you think you can gently remove the duct tape without ripping it off quickly like a band aid?”


“Of course, sweety.  Why don’t you stand up and put your elbows on the bed so I can take a look.”




“I’m going to pull up your dress a little so I can take down your panties.”


(She still hasn’t asked why I was wearing panties.”)


“Now, you need to take one shoe out of the panties so you can spread your legs.”


(That’s what bunny rabbit’s been telling me to do all morning.)


“Well, this is interesting … Sweety, why is your penis smiling at me?”


“Bunny rabbit asked me to put on a puppet show.”


“I see.  But there will come a point when we should stop and question bunny rabbit’s motives.  Okay, hold still while I remove the tape.”


“Ow, ow.”


“Just hang on … I’m doing it slow.  You know, duct tape was not the best choice for this.  There, all done.”


I stood up and turned around.  “Thanks, Mom … But I have a question.”


“Go ahead.”


“Are you going to punish me?”


“For what, sweety?”


“For going through your drawers without asking permission?”


“You didn’t mess with the sex toys, did you?”


“Oh, no.  Those are like really personal.”


“Did you break any of my stuff?”




“Did you break any laws?”


“No, none.”


Sammantha bent down to my level and put her hands on my feminine shoulders.


“Sweety, I’ve always known that you were a curious little boy and I wouldn’t punish you for what comes naturally.  I would only punish you if you lied to me … and withholding the truth is the same as a lie.  Do we understand each other?”


I nodded enthusiastically, relieved that I would not face more paddling, “Yes, Mom.”


“Okay, now let’s go take a look at your room.”


Anxious to reveal the truth now, I led Sammantha directly to the objects on my student desk.


She folded her arms across her chest and commented, “Well, well, what do we have here?  I see a paddle, a small marker, a large marker, a 12 inch ruler, a pacifier, a small scissors, some lipstick, eye shadow, and blush, a role of duct tape, a dog leash, and a jar of vaseline.”


“See, Mom? … I’m showing you everything.”


She turned and looked back at me.  “Sweety, if I were a detective, I would probably deduce that there had to be some pretty kinky activity going on in this bedroom today.”


So began my full confession …  “Bunny rabbit said I had to be punished for drinking his soda, so he held up the paddle and ordered me to take off all my clothes.  When I tried to cover up my boner, he told me to do 20 jumping jacks so it would keep smacking against my belly.  Then he picked up the dog leash and said he was taking me on a walk around the block, completely naked.”


Sammantha stopped me.  “Wait, let me guess … He put the leash around your balls.”


“My penis and my balls … Then he yanked it upward and told me to suck on a binky because I was whining too much.  So we started walking, and ran into the same girls that attacked me in the grocery store … and they did it again.  And bunny rabbit didn’t do anything to stop them.”


“Why is bunny rabbit so mean to you?”


“I don’t know.  And then he told me to pick him up and march in a bunny parade with all the children of Buffalo. The whole way, the other children laughed at me and smacked my rear end.”


“Children can be so cruel … but you never actually left your bedroom?”


“Uh uh … After the walk, bunny rabbit spanked me with the paddle.  He told me to put my crotch on the pillow so that my butt would stick up higher in the air.”


“How many swats did he give you?”


“Just three, but they really hurt.”


“Sweety, do you mind if I check something?”




Sammantha pulled up the back of my dress and checked inside my panties.  “Oh my, I didn’t notice that when I was untaping your penis.  Your posterior really is red … and has a white polka-dot pattern from all the air holes … Did the rabbit let you go after that?”


“No, Mom.  I’m kind of embarrassed to tell you this, but after my spanking, bunny rabbit … he sort of … raped me.  He asked me if I had ever been fucked by a rabbit before.”


“That’s awful, sweety.”


“Yeah, he used the large marker for that.”


“Is that why it looks greasy … he put vaseline on it?”


“Yeah, but I still felt violated.”


“I can’t blame you.  So was that the end of it?”


“No, than he said I had to do a puppet show with him.  That’s why you saw the smiley face.  I was Peepee the clown who just robbed a bank, and he was Karots the cop who had to stop me.  So he grabbed the ruler and hit the top of my penis about a hundred times till it turned purple.”


“Sweety, do you know what the term ‘masochist’ means?”


“Is it someone who likes pain?”


“Right, someone who gets enjoyment out of sexual pain and humiliation.”


“But Mom, you like rough sex.  So maybe I like rough masturbation.”


“You do have a point.”


“So then, bunny rabbit ordered me to jack off.  I did, but it hurt.  So finally, when I went to get dressed again, he said I had to wear girl’s clothes.  I asked why, and he said so I can feel what is must be like for you every day … you know, a boy who has to dress up in girls clothes.”


My last line obviously affected Sammantha emotionally.  She picked me up and then sat down on my bed, keeping me on her lap, sidesaddle, since I was wearing a dress.  She gave me a tight hug.


“Sweety, from what you’ve been telling me, I was getting ready to throw bunny rabbit in the trash dumpster.  But now you’re saying that he’s actually capable of expressing empathy and he wanted to pass that empathy on to you.”


“Oh, he did, Mom.  I love you and bunny rabbit.  So that’s all that I did today.  Should I go change my clothes now?”


Sammantha smiled and gave me another big squeeze.  “No way.  I need to show you off to the world.  I’m taking my new daughter out to dinner at a nice restaurant to celebrate … maybe Olive Garden.  You look gorgeous, sweety.  Did bunny rabbit help you pick the outfit?


“Oh yeah, and the shoes too.  He even taught me how to walk in pumps.”


“Well I have to say, your bunny did a nice job.  The Bebe Janysa pumps are a great match for the black and white dress.  The pleats are perfect on you.  And your hair?  I can’t believe you’re such a girly girl.  You look precious!”  Then she pointed at my chest and asked, “May I?”


“Sure, Mom.”


In the vernacular … she squeezed my tits.


“Very nice and presentable, sweety.  I hope you didn’t use botox.”


“Nope, just some socks … Should I tape back my penis again?”


“Nah, just leave it.  As long as you don’t get stiff, you should be fine.  And let’s go with ‘Precious’ as your name for tonight since it fits your looks … Okay?  Now just hold still while I snap some pictures … god, are you adorable. 






End Chapter 33

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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