A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 51
CHAPTER 151 .......... The ‘Power’ of a Kiss

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Kitti Power was way more sexy than Wendy Peffercorn.  Before Kitti could even say “Whaaaaa??!”,  I planted my round mouth over hers and pressed hard.  Her head was tucked in by my left elbow, so she couldn’t escape.


I forced my tongue to ‘paint’ her lips.  I made sure not to go into her mouth, so as not to give her an opportunity to bite my tongue.


Kitti had no idea it was me.  With her eyes open, all she could see was the hair on the back of my head.  He arms flailed about, but she couldn’t really hit me with any force.


All 14 of my teammates surrounded us … and were whooping and hollering the ‘hoo! hoo! hoo!’ call and twirling their fists above their heads.


I considered this a proportional response to the sports physical she had given me a few weeks ago.  Sammantha would say I was exhibiting the part of my personality that was type ‘A’.


When the clock struck ten seconds, I took a deep breath and blew hard into her mouth, filling up her lungs with air.  That’s always a great  move to do when you want to surprise the person you’re kissing.


Then I released the lip lock and raised my head.  “Hey darling,” I cooed.  “Want to get lucky?”  As I said the word ‘lucky’, I used my left hand to give her left nipple a pretty good titty twister.  (The ability to multi-task came in handy.)


(Uh oh, here come the bulging eyes again.)


“YOU FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!” She screamed.


With my head now up, I was vulnerable to a retaliatory strike to my face by her fists.  As quick as I could, (maybe a billionth of a second) I lowered her body to the floor, making sure I didn’t drop her on her head.


And then I ran like hell to our school bus … with my teammates blocking any pursuit by Kitti.


I didn’t realize that Goro brought his phone that day too, and filmed the whole ten seconds which we reviewed with great interest on the ride back.  Then I gave them all another surprise when I told them who the girl was.


“Are you fucking serious, amigo?!” said Goro.  “THAT was the girl who gave you your physical and milked your prostate?!   If this were a bullfight, I’d give you an OLE!”


The afternoon back at middle school was glorious.  The Adams family was becoming legendary … and I was $14.00 richer.





At the end of football practice, one of my teammates stopped by at my locker, and I acknowledged his presence.


“Hey Putz, what’s up?”


He quietly replied, “How’s Precious?”


Did he really ask me that?  “Pardon?”


“No pardon, Derrek.  I knew that you were Precious from the split second you sat down at our lunch table on the first day.”


I stood and faced him straight on.  “So you want to beat me up now?  Should I prepare to defend myself?”


Putz was taken aback by my response.  “Stop it, Derrek!  I’m not here to beat you up.  I here to invite you to a sleepover at my house on Saturday night.  We could split a pizza, relax in the hot tub, and do ‘whatever’ … Oh, and when you come over, wear the dress, the same one from the Olive Garden.”


(Wow, I was mortified.  What could I say?  What should I say?)


“Putz, I didn’t think you were gay.”


“I’m not gay, Derrek.  I’m more of a ‘bi-curious, experimental metrosexual’.”


“Oh?  I don’t think I saw that category on the smart board at this morning’s lecture.  Are you just trying to say that your hormones are fucked up?”


“I suppose that would be one way of putting it.”


“Putz are you sure this isn’t a setup where I’m going to be ambushed by 13 of my teammates?”


“Hardly, Derrek.  My parents will be home.”


“Yeah?  And how will they react when they see me in my dress again?”


“That won’t be a problem.  Both my parents are super liberals  They’ll love Precious … even if she does have a penis.  My dad said he’s totally fine with it, and my mom is even more lenient.  She’ll probably want to adopt you into our family.”


I nodded.  “That could work … I’m already circumcised.  Hey, how did you know I was Precious on the first day of school?”


“Your face and your voice were a perfect match.”


“I see.  So why didn’t you rat me out to the rest of the team … since they all seemed to know the story behind you and Precious?”


“Two reasons, Derrek.  One is that we needed an extra body for the team … and two, I was the one who acted like an asshole that night.  You were just having fun doing ‘cosplay’.”


“So you want me to do my cosplay again?”


“Yeah, I think it would be fun, Derrek.  Don’t you?  Just bring a ‘male’ change of clothes.”  Then Putz whispered to me, “In case you’re worried, I never enter through to back door.”


(So Putz isn’t interested in butt-fucking.  I guess that’s a relief.)


“What would you put in your hot tub, Putz?”


“What would work for you?”


“A fifty-fifty mix of milk and water.”


“That’s a lot of milk … but we could do it.”


I told him, “Well, I’d have to get my mom’s permission first.”


He scoffed, “Come on, Derrek.  I know your mom lets you do anything you want.  Ask her to drop you off at my place Saturday at 7 pm … Later, bro.”






I couldn’t wait to get back home.  “Mom, can we talk?”


“Do you mean can you assume the position, sweety?”




We went to the living room sofa and I hopped up on her thighs facing her.


“So you still like this position, Derrek?”


“Well, when my legs are spread apart and I’m looking at you, I always get a boner, and I feel like talking openly.”


“What would you like to talk about?”


“Well, I think you know, Mom.  Your lecture today just reinforced in my subconscious, how much I love being your little boy.  All the kids loved you and cheered you … but I’m the only one who gets to call you ‘Mom’.”


“You know that feeling is mutual, sweety.”


“Yeah, I know, but after today, I’m not so sure I want to go back to being an adult right away.  Maybe I should just grow up nautrally from age twelve.”


“But I don’t think that would work, sweety.  Your goal in going back to school was to play sports … and after just a few weeks, you seem to be doing quite well.  Derrek, what if I’m not ready to raise a teenage boy?  What happened to ‘getting married and having my own kids?”


“So you wouldn’t want Daniel?”


“Derrek, I don’t love Daniel.  I love you.  And anyway, Daniel was right.  You can’t have two males vying for the sexual attention of one female.  The math doesn’t work.  Eventually, he would kick you out of the household to fend for yourself.”


“What about growing back up after the end of eighth grade?”


“That might be doable, sweety.  I can envision your teammates insisting that you return for a second year.  Your popularity is going through the roof and I worry about more girl trouble for you.”


“Alright, so would it be okay just for tonight if we had a little naked sleepover with no sex?  I just want to cuddle next to your body … I love you and it.”


“Sweety, are you sure you don’t want to do the sex part?”


“Well, I want to go to my room first and jack off fantasizing about Kitti Power.”


“I thought you hated Kitti Power.”


 “Well, the thing is …  I kissed her today.  (Then I took out a little wad from my pocket.)  “And look!  I made $14 for doing it!”


“What?!!  When you mentioned that this morning, I thought you were just joking.”


“Well, I was then.  But I kissed her on a dare from my teammates and I caught her by complete surprise.”


“And Kitti didn’t slug you in your face?”


“Well, she tried, Mom, but I used the ‘blow air into her lungs’ trick and then I twisted her nipple.  See? I used my type ‘A’ personality … and boy, was she pissed.”


“You little stinker!”


“Yeah, the Adams family has quite a reputation now.  I can show you the ten second video.  Goro uploaded it to my phone.”


“Sure, let’s take a look, sweety … Wow!  You really were type ‘A’ on Kitti … Look at her arms flopping around all over.  You had her in a perfect position.  Ouch!  She really felt that little titty twister at the end.”


“Mom, I was reliving the Sandlot pool scene with Squints and ‘whats-her-name’, the life guard.”


“Wendy Peffercorn?”


“Oh, you know the scene?”


“Yes, but Squints never twisted Wendy’s nipple.  Doesn’t matter.  After what Kitti did to you, I have neither sympathy nor empathy for that girl.”


Just then, Sammantha’s phone rang and she slipped it out of her back pocket.  She looked at the caller ID and told me, “I’ll put it on speaker.  Don’t say a word.”


“Hello?  Dr. Adams speaking.”


“Yes, Dr. Adams, this is Peter Pantz, Randy’s father … Randy came home today with a very  ruined phone and he says that you broke it.  Is this true?”


“Oh yes.  I smashed it with a hammer four times.”


“And why would you do that?  Is it in retaliation for the ‘Viagra’ incident?”


“Oh no … Randy was using his phone to take nude photos of me this morning.”


“What??!!   What??!! … Nude photos?! … Would you kindly explain?”


“Of course.  Randy has a clothing filter on his camera that removes a subject’s clothes so that they appear naked in the photo.”


“Hold on a second … Randy, is that true?”


(We could hear Randy’s voice in the room.)


“Not exactly, Dad.”


“What do you mean ‘not exactly’?”


“Well, the nude parts weren’t even hers.  They were computer generated.”


Sammantha added, “That’s true, Mr. Pantz.  Randy said my boobs and my pussy were very athletic looking.  And I did tell Randy that I would replace his phone if his parents called me.”


“No, no … Nobody’s replacing Randy’s phone for a long time … as in ‘forever’.  You’re not going to sue me for this, are you?”


“No, Mr. Pantz.  I have no reason to.”


“Thank you, Dr. Adams.  Sorry to bother you.  Goodbye … click.”


“Mom, didn’t Peter Pantz fight Captain Hook in Never Never Land?”


“A different one, sweety.”




End Chapter 51

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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