A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 92
CHAPTER 192 .......... Little Buddy Day – Part 4

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The teacher nodded his head.  “Oh yeah.  I remember having your older brother in my class, kid.  He was a real prick … a first class trouble maker … obviously there’s a strong family resemblence.”


The boy spat back, “Eat my poop with a rubber scoop, you dickless, shit faced, ball sucking orangutan.”


I looked at the coach and pointed to the other side of the room, while mouthing the words, “Do the window”.


“Are you sure?” the instructor asked out loud.


I nodded my head and mouthed the words, “Yes, yes.”


“It would be my pleasure,” Coach Bimbo said, as he reached forward with his powerful hands and grabbed the boy off my lap.


“Randy, open a window,” the coach followed up.


And Randy laughed as he obeyed the order because he himself had nearly been thrown out the second story window on his first day of school.


Dorcus was a lot smaller than Randy and Coach Bimbo slid the kicking and screaming youngster head first threw the opening and held him by his two ankles.


The classroom of big and little buddies began to clap and yell, “Throw him out!  Throw him out!”


It’s possible that the five-year-old had never before known such terror.  He was dangled by his ankles about 15 feet off the ground as he squealed for mercy.


“NO!!  Please NO!!  Don’t drop me!!  Bring me back in, PLEASE!!  Help me!  Help me!”


“I’ll help you, Dorcus,” said the coach … who then completely let go of one ankle, making the boy dangle even farther.


“AAAAAggggghhhhh!!” he squealed.


“You know, kid,” the teacher chortled, “falling out a second story window doesn’t hurt a bit.  It’s the landing that smarts.”


At that moment the P.A. squawk box on the wall sounded.  “Coach Bimbo?” came the voice of the principal, Dr. Glass.


Everyone hushed up quickly as the instructor put his index finger to his lips.  “Yes, Dr. Glass?”


“Coach, I just received a call from Professor Clinkenbeard.  He said he was glancing out a classroom window and when he looked up, he saw what he thought was a little boy playing in an open window in what looks to be your room.  Do you see that?”


“Hold on a second … Oh yes!  I see him!  Let me go grab him quick.”


Coach Bimbo made stomping noises on the floor so it sounded like he was running to the window.  Then he reeled Dorcus back inside and gave him back to me while he talked again to the squawk box.


“Oh, thank goodness the professor spotted that little boy.  He could have slipped and fallen and gotten hurt really bad.  We should remember to thank the professor.”


“And you need to shut your windows, Coach.  These are five-year-olds we’re talking about.”


“Will do, Dr. Glass.”


The instructor spoke up, “Okay, kids, this is a health class and we’re going to talk about health.  Did any of you see the movie ‘Kindergaden Cop’ with Arnold Schwarzeneggar?”


“I did,” said one kindergardener, raising his hand.”


“What’s your name, kid?”




“Okay, Oliver, what did you learn about sex from that movie?”


In a squeaky voice the little boy answered, “Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.”


“Very good, Oliver.  Now I’m going to pull down a wall diagram that displays in great detail, the inner workings of both a penis, on the left, and a vagina on the right.  Do you have any questions?”


“Yes, teacher,” said Oliver.  “If I fuck my sister every night, how come I still can’t shoot cum yet?”


“How old is your sister, Oliver?”


“She’s twelve.”


“Really?  Does she go to this school?”


“Yeah,” said the boy, pointing an index finger.  “She’s sitting in this room, right over there … Cathy Gallops.”


“Shut UP, you IDIOT!!” yelled Cathy.


“Do you suck his dick too?” asked Showkat.  “And does he suck your tits?”


“Does he give you orgasms?” laughed Goro.


“Are you two having insects?” laughed Batty.  “Are they beetles or grasshoppers?”


“To answer your question, Oliver, most boys are able to ejaculate semen for the first time between the ages of 11 and 15.”


The boy seemed disappointed.  “So I gotta wait at least six years before I can knock her up?”


“Do any girls have a question?” asked Coach Bimbo.


“I do, teacher.”


“And what is your name, little girl?  And go ahead with your question.”


“My name is Jennifer and I have a question about beastiality.  I love my golden retriever, Duke, and we want to get married.  Whenever I take a bath, he humps my twinkie after ...  He sticks his thingy in deep.  When he fucks me hard, doggy style, it feels good, and I want to have his puppies.  My parents don’t approve … so me and Duke are thinking about running away together to elope.  Do you think that would be okay?”


“How old are you, Jennifer?”


“I’m five and Duke is 21 in dog years, so he’s legal.”


“But you’re not, Jennifer … and the two of you don’t have any jobs to support yourselves.”


“We can just go on welfare.”


“Jennifer, don’t be surprised if you receive a knock on your door from a policeman tonight.”


“Why?  Does he want to have sex with my dog too?”


“Does anyone else have a question?” the coach asked.


“I do,” answered a five-year-old boy who was sitting on Randy’s lap.”


“What’s your name and question?”


“My name is Kelly and I want to know if you can recommend a good penis enlarger?”


“And just why would you want one?” asked the coach.


“Because every time I look at porn, the guys there have these enormous cocks … and mine is so little that I’m afraid I’ll never be able to get a girlfriend.”


“Look, Kelly,” said the coach, “it’s perfectly normal for a five-year-old to have a small penis … and you shouldn’t be looking at any porn at your age anyway.”


The child snapped back, “And who are you, my father?”


“Look, kid … As you get older, your penis will get larger.  I guarantee it.”


“Yeah?” the child’s voice grew louder.  “Well, since you’re a health professional, I want you to take a look at mine right now.  Tell me if you think it’s growing normally.”


The coach sighed.  “Kelly, I really don’t think it’s appropriate for me to be looking at childrens’ genitals in the classroom.  I could get arrested.”


“You see little boy cocks in the locker room, don’t you?”




“Then do your duty, Coach,” the five-year-old said, hopping off Randy’s lap.


Without hesitation, Kelly approached the teacher and pulled down his own pants to a chorus of giggles from around the classroom.


“Go ahead … take a peak inside.”


Norton Bimbo looked uncomfortable pulling forward the waistband of the kid’s Spiderman underpants … and looking inside.


The instructor looked up with a puzzled look on his face.  “Kelly, this isn’t working,” he said.  “You’re going to have to pull down Spiderman too.”


The child followed the instruction and was greeted with more giggling, but mostly from his five-year-old classmates.


The coach grabbed the child’s thighs and moved them slightly apart.  The man’s eyes grew as wide as saucers.


“Kelly, I have to be honest with you,” said the coach.  “Your penis is not small.  You see, you don’t have a penis.  The slit between your legs is a vagina.  You’re actually a pretty little girl.”


“WHAT???!!!” the child screamed.  “You’ve got to be KIDDING me!!!”


“It’s okay, Kelly.  Let me help you pick up your pants now.”


“BWAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!   My parents LIED to me!!!”


“What did they tell you?” the coach asked.


In tears, the newly minted little girl whined, “They said if I wanted to be a boy, I could be a boy and they would support me.  I thought my penis would get bigger when I got older.”


The child curled up on the floor next to the teachers desk, covered (her) head and continued to cry.


I set Dorcus on my chair and went to try to find some way to comfort this child.  I lifted her up off the floor and held her with my hands under her butt.  I spoke softly into her ear.


“Kelly, you’re not alone.  This will get better, I promise you.  My mom went through the same thing growing up.  You need to talk to her.  The world isn’t going to end.  You’re going to have a great life.  My mom’s name is Dr. Sammantha Adams.  She knows what you’re going through.  You have to trust me on this … Will you trust me?”


Through the last of her tears, five-year-old Kelly replied quietly, “Okay.”


At that moment, the sqauwk box broke in again, interrupting this very awkward class disturbance.


“Coach Bimbo?”


“Yes, Dr. Glass.”


“Sorry to bother you again, Coach, but could you please send Derrek Adams and his little buddy down to my office now?”







End Chapter 92

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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