A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 61
CHAPTER 161 .......... Empathy Day- Part Two – My First Attack

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I made up my mind that I would hold my head high when I entered homeroom and just laugh along with  everyone else.  I even did a few ‘curtseys’ and daintily held the ends of my dress … like doing a curtsey for the queen.


I would describe our homeroom scene as wall-to-wall laughter.  Miss Premo took a lot of pictures with her phone since the students were not allowed to have phones in school.


A lot of the boys were dressed sloppily and looked like nothing more than boys wearing dresses.  I was fortunate that most of the attention in our classroom centered around Randy Pantz who created a very professional makeup job.  He was ‘Hollywood’ cute and could be easily mistaken for a boy or a girl.


Randy swished his mini-skirt around as he walked.  I think he enjoyed a feminine look.  He didn’t need to change his first name either since it ended in an ‘ee’ sound.


As for girls looking masculine, that was debatable.  To me, they just looked like a bunch of grungy tomboys … jeans, sweatshirts, baseball hats, white socks, and sneakers.  I wasn’t about to make sure if they were all wearing regulation tighty whities.


Madeline (Madlock for today)  and Hoshiko (Hoshock for today) were very complimentary to me.


“Derry,” said Hoshock, after checking my name tag, “You’re presentation as a female is quite elegant.  I do not mean to embarrass you, but if you came to Japan, you could pass as a Geisha Girl with the right preparation.”


Madlock whispered, “Can we peak at your panties?”


“Uhhhhh … okay …. Let me face the class.  I’ll lift up the back.”


They both laughed at my hearts.


“Derry, I have a very strong feeling that your mom helped you with your outfit.”


“Yes, she did, Hoshock.”


“And you can actually walk in these … what are these shoes?”


“They’re called pumps and it just takes a bit of getting used to.”


“Derry,” Hoshock added, “I think you will have a lot of fun today.”


Sarcastically, I answered, “Yes, and I’m already feeling more empathetic.”




When the bell rang, I departed homeroom feeling ‘light-hearted’ or slightly amused at my situation.  I carried my books in a feminine posture with both hands in front of my waist.


But I didn’t walk more than a few rooms down the hall when one of the ‘new-boys’ deliberately blocked my path.  ‘He’ was Manhattan Sneeze who wore the nametag, ‘Manrock’.


“Going somewhere, Derry?” asked Manrock.


I chose to play along because I figured that this was the whole purpose of the exercise … practicing role reversal.


“Oh, hello, Manrock.  Why, yes … I’m on my way to my first period Math class.


Manrock tilted ‘his’ head.  “Guess again, Derry,” ‘he’ said slyly.


I tried to walk around my classmate.  “If you’ll excuse me, please, I need to get to class.”


Without warning, I was grabbed by two people on both of my upper arms.  Duchess Hartless (Duchrock) put her right hand up into my left armpit … And Starline (Starlock) held tightly onto my right arm.  They started moving and shoving me diagonally to the left.


“What’s going on?!”  I said with some alarm.  It was so embarrassing being led around while in my little dress.


“Math can wait,” said Starlock.  “First we’re taking a little detour.”


In a few seconds, I could see that we were headed toward the boys’ lavatory.


I tried to explain, “I can’t go in the boys’ room, Starlock.  I’m a girl.  It’s against the rules.


“Well, lucky for you, Derry,” the ‘boy’ replied.  “You’re so incredibly cute, that we’re going to make an exception, and allow you to enter our secret domain.”


Together, all three ‘boys’ shoved me into the boys’ room against my will.  My heart started beating rapidly.  I didn’t believe that this was part of the school exercise.


Manrock raised a fist and slapped my books out of my hands and onto the floor.


“Look, guys,” I said nervously.  “I know that today is supposed to be all in fun, but I really should be getting to class now.”


“Hold her!” Satarlock ordered the other two ‘boys’.  “You’re right, Derry.  It is all in fun … and the fun is about to start.”


In total disbelief, I watched Starlock take out a strap-on penis and begin to attach it to her waist.


“No!  You can’t do this!” I hollered, while struggling to escape the grip of the other two ‘boys’.


“Derry,” said Starlock, “there’s nothing in the rules that says ‘new-boys’ cant sexually harass ‘new-girls.’   “Do you remember an old time basketball coach from Indiana, named Bobby Knight?  He said that if rape is inevitable, then you should relax and enjoy it.”


The erect stap-on penis that Starlock was approaching me with, wasn’t a very big penis, but was nonetheless quite intimidating to a ‘new-girl’ like me.


I cringed.  “Stop, please, Starlock!  I’m begging you.”


“Ohhh, you’ll be doing a lot more begging before I’m through with you, Derry.”


The other two new-boys kicked the back of my knees simultaneously, forcing me to kneel down in front of Starlock.


“It’s coming closer, Derry,” said Starlock.  “First, YOU are going to suck it … Then WE are going to fuck it … So I hope you’ve saved a virgin pussy for us.”


The rubber penis began to press upon my lips.  Suddenly, the bathroom door slammed open.  Another new-boy entered and studied the scene.


“What’s up, bitches?” asked the ‘new-boy’.


Starline turned her head around and was clearly startled by the presence of the newcomer. “This is none of your business, Hoshock.  So you can just turn around and leave.”


Hoshock put ‘his’ hands on ‘his’ hips.  “I don’t think so, Starlock.  “That pussy belongs to me.  She’s one of my ho’s, and only I can say who she fucks and who she doesn’t … And she sure isn’t going to fuck any of you three pathetic pricks.”


Starlock wanted to continue talking smack.  “You know, Hoshock.  It’s too bad you’re missing out on your Math class.  Cuz then you would be able to tell that there are three of us and only one of you.”


“Then the odds are in my favor, idiot,” retorted Hoshock.  “Are you ready to bust some balls?”


“Hey, just so you know, Duchrock and I have taken karate classes for the last four years.  We are both first degree black belts.”


“How pathetic is it when any five-year-old in Japan trained in real martial arts can beat the shit out of any American who studies ‘baby’ karate.”


Starlock had heard enough.  ‘He’ turned and set up in the karate ‘attack’ position and thrust a right arm forward, with a twist, meant to dislodge the nose of ‘his’ opponent. 


Hoshock easily blocked the punch and held Starlock’s right wrist tightly, bending ‘his’ right arm downward.  With lightening quickness, Hoshock used her right foot to land three solid kicks to Starlock’s crotch, stomach, and face. 


Starlock slumped to the floor against the wall as the two other ‘new-boys’ left Derry and were determined on attacking Hoshock simultaneouslyfrom two sides.


However, Hoshock was quite capable of doing mid-air splits and caught both of ‘his’ opponents with toe kicks under their chins.  They both joined Starlock in a pile on the floor.


I got up and did a straight Japanese bow to my friend.  “Thanks, Hoshock.  You have some hidden skills I didn’t know about.  Perhaps you can teach me some day.”


“I would be happy to be your sensei, Derry … And please excuse my usage of the word ‘ho’ to describe you.  I felt that male bravado was called for in this situation.”


“How did you know where to find me?”


“I didn’t.”  When I saw that you did not arrive for Math class, I left and started searching the school in a panic.  I am glad you are safe.”


“Do we still have time for Math class?”


“Perhaps half if we hurry.”





At the end of Math class, Hoshock asked me if I wanted ‘him’ to escort me to Spanish class, but I told ‘him’ it wasn’t necessary … and Hoshock’s second period class was at the other end of the school.


Randy Pantz never made it to Math class.  I wondered if he was having similar difficulties as I had.  I thought he was dressed way to ‘pretty’ to be ignored by the ‘new-boys’.


As I headed down the hall toward Spanish, someone tapped me on my right shoulder.  I turned and saw BillieJo Rippatoe, today known as ‘Billrock’.


She rested her hand on my shoulder and said, “How’s it going, girl?”


I quietly said, “Okay” with my eyes pointed toward the floor.  I tried to continue walking but her hand slowed me down.  Billrock was one of my taller classmates and ‘he’ was at least as big as me.


He smiled and said, “Hey Derry, I have a joke for you.  Why did the twelve-year-old girl have square boobs?”


“I don’t know,” I mumbled.


“Because she forgot to take the Kleenex out of the boxes … Haaaaaaaaaa!!   So did you pad your bra today, Derry?”


I tried to speak while looking straight down the hall.  “I have to get to class, Billrock.”


My forward progress (a football term) was suddenly stopped when Billrock reached through the back of my dress and held onto my bra strap.  Then she pulled it back and let it snap forward.


“Oww!  Stop it, Billrock!  Leave me alone.”


“Jeez, ease up, girl.  You don’t have to get your panties in a bunch.  Did you just get your period?  Do you have PMS?”




Billrock gradually leaned me toward the lockers and kept me boxed in by gripping my upper right arm.


“Derry, I know you’ve been glancing at me the whole school year … And every time I look back at you, you quickly avert your eyes.  If you like me so much, then why are you disrespecting me now?”


I mumbled back, “But that isn’t true, Billrock.”


Billrock started running ‘his’ fingers through my hair.  “Come on girl, smile!  You’re so much hotter than all the other bitches in this school.  Wouldn’t it be great for just you and me to snuggle under the staircase right now?  Derry, you’re so amazing.  I adore everything about you.   I’ll bet you have a beautiful labia majora.”


Then Billrock brushed up against my ear and whispered, “I want to put my cock in your pussy right now.”



End Chapter 61

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 21, 2024


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