A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 32
Girly Girl

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“I want you to dress up as a girl.”


I just went ballistic.  “WHAT?!” I screamed.  “No way in hell!  You never said anything about that.”


“Derrek, I think you’d look cute as a girl.  And everything you’d need is in the next bedroom.”


“Uh uh.  Sammantha would break me in half if I went rummaging through her drawers.”


The rabbit scoffed.  “Not if you don’t get caught.  Just remember where everything goes back.  It’s that easy … and Sammantha won’t be home till the end of the day, so you have plenty of time to do this.”


I still didn’t like the idea and asked, “But why should I want to be a girl?”


The rabbit explained, “Because you already know that Sammantha is a boy trapped in a girl’s body.  And I know for a fact, Derrek, that you’ve always wondered what that would feel like. This would be your one chance to check it out.  And you could have everything back in its place long before Sammantha returned home.


I paused to think it over.  Bunny rabbit was correct in that I always wondered how Sammantha felt about her predicament.  I suppose it wouldn’t hurt anything to do a little experimenting … if I was careful not to leave any evidence.


“What should I do first, bunny rabbit?”


“Let’s get your face made up first, but don’t overdo it.  Here’s some lipstick, blush, and eye shadow.”


“Flaming Red lipstick?” I pondered.


“That’s the sexiest, Derrek.  Remember, you’re becoming a girl.


I carefully applied the lipstick as I stood close to the mirror.  “Eye shadow?”


“Just close your eyes and apply it to your eyelids.”


“And blush goes on the cheeks?”


“Yes, but not your butt cheeks.  Again, don’t use too much.  You’re no longer a clown.”




“And now, use the tiny scissors to trim your eyebrows really thin.  They should come to a point on the outsides.”


“How’s this look?”


“Good, you’re getting there.  Now make sure you ‘poof’ out your hair in all directions.  Give it more volume.”


“Okay.”  I turned to the mirror and then back to bunny rabbit.  “Like this?”


The rabbit gave me the ‘once-over’.  “Very good, Derrek, but there’s one more task that you might not find so pleasant.”


I tilted my head.  “Like what?”


“Well, if you’re going to be a girl, then you can’t have a bulge in the front.  I’m going to have to pull your penis back between your legs and duct tape it near your anus.”


“Uranus?  Oh, you mean the seventh planet.”


“Shut up, Derrek … and spread your legs.”


I hate when he says that, but I have no choice.  Bunny rabbit walked behind me and reached between my legs.  That felt creepy.  He grabbed my penis and yanked it upward with a good amount of force.


“Ow!”  I had to stand on my tip-toes to reduce some of the pain, after what Karots the cop did to me.


But bunny rabbit kept pulling on it and he led me on my tip-toes in a walk around my room.


I yelped in a high pitch, “Ow, ow, ow, ow.”


“Hold still!” Bunny rabbit scolded me.  “I need to get this tape on straight.”


The tape was applied somewhere up my butt crack.  The new arrangement for my penis and testicles was most uncomfortable, but I guess a necessary sacrifice in order to look more like a real girl.


“Shall we go pick out your new wardrobe now?” the rabbit asked me.  “You may lead the way.”


We walked into Sammantha’s bedroom, but I felt uneasy.  I knew this was a forbidden place.


“What are you going to pick out first, Derrek?”


I felt embarrassed saying it.  “Bra and panties?”


“Good, make your selections.”


I knew I liked her panties with the valentine hearts on them and I memorized their location in the drawer.  I picked them up and paused.


“What’s your problem?” Bunny rabbit asked me.


I shook my head.  “I don’t know.  It’s just that I feel super creepy putting on a pair of Sammantha’s panties.”


“Why don’t you try smelling them first.”


I gave them a whiff.  “There’s no odor.”


The rabbit pointed to her hamper.  “Try smelling a soiled pair.”


I declined the offer.  “That’s okay.  I’ll just put on the ones with the hearts.”  I slid them up my legs slowly, then went to check them in the mirror on the back of her door.


“Panties look great on you,” said the rabbit.  “They make a perfect letter ‘V’ by your vagina.”


My vagina?  Another creepy thought.


“Derrek, Sammantha’s got a ton of black sports bras.  Just pick one and decide what you’re going to fill it with.  Do you have any tennis balls?”




“Well, then just use some socks.”


I was surprised that Sammantha’s bra was a pretty decent fit for me.  I added the socks and checked myself out in the mirror. 


The rabbit laughed mockingly, “Hey baby!  Show us your tits!”  Then he added, “That was actually a compliment, Derrek.  Your first time with boobies is a success.”


They almost did make me look like I had real boobies.  They gave me a strange feeling of being vulnerable as a girl.  I wondered if Sammantha hated putting these on every day.


“Don’t stop there, Derrek, you’re on a roll.  Go pick out an outfit.”


Sammantha’s closet had plenty to choose from, but a lot of it was athletic gear.  I think for this experiment, I needed to pick out something more girly.  I came upon a medium length, black and white dress which was pleated in the skirt portion.


“So, bunny rabbit, do I step into the top part, or do I put the dress over my head?’


“For this outfit, put it over your head and find where your arms go.”


“Okay … is this right. It’s weird.  My legs feel very airy.”


The rabbit nodded.  “Stunning … now pick out some matching footwear.”


I glanced over all the possibilities on her shoe shelf.  “How about these?” I asked the rabbit.


He studied them intently.  “Hmm … I like … Bebe Janysa platform pumps with double straps.  They really do make a bold statement.  The reds stand out but why don’t you go for the matching black for today … and you won’t need socks for our little experiment.”


“Okay … I think Sammantha and I have the same shoe size.  That’s convenient … but how do I walk in these?  I feel kind of klutzy.”


“Derrek, if you walk toe first, you’ll definitely look like a klutz.  These are wide heels.  You walk heel first and balance on the balls of your feet.  Do some practice walks first and try to shimmy your hips so you look more feminine.”


I wasn’t so sure about the ‘shimmy’ part, but it took me about five runs on the ‘catwalk’ to get the hang of the pumps.  Then I ‘shimmied’ over to the full length door mirror and my jaw just dropped.  That wasn’t me looking back.


Bunny rabbit put his arm around my shoulder and asked, “What do you think?”


I swallowed hard and responded breathlessly, “She’s gorgeous.”


“Would you like to fuck her?”


“Well, yeah, but I think she might be out of my league.”


Bunny rabbit scoffed, “Nahhh, don’t sell yourself short.  I hear she gets pretty horny when she meets guys with the name ‘Derrek’.




“Oh yeah … So what kind of music do you think she likes?”


I thought it over while continuing to stare at the pretty girl.  “Well, with what she’s wearing, I think she’d like something fun and active where she could shake her dress and move around a lot.”


“I’ve got an idea for you,” the rabbit noted.


“Tell me, bunny rabbit.”


“Cyndi Lauper … Girls just Want to Have Fun.”


“Oh, that’s so cool!” I exclaimed.  “The 80’s really had the best music.”


“I agree,” said the rabbit.  “Hey, why don’t you bring your laptop over here where there’s more room and see if you can dance to it.”


I nodded eagerly.  “Okay, cool … Wait here while I go grab it.”  Wow, I can’t believe bunny rabbit came up with such a great idea.


I returned with my laptop to Sammantha’s bedroom and placed it on her computer table.


“Do you know how to find it on Youtube?”


“Yeah, sure,” I answered.  “It’s one of the best videos ever … Okay, here goes.”


When the video came on, I studied Cyndi’s moves intently and tried to copy the way she shook her dress and spun around in the streets amongst so many people.


‘I come home in the morning light, my mother says when you gonna live your life right?  Oh moma dear, we’re not the fortunate ones, and girls just wanna have fun.’


I was really getting into the music, big time.  I was a real girl.  I was like Cyndi.  I strutted across the room swishing my dress around … and then back to the full length mirror where I laughed with glee, watching how good I was, dancing and bobbing like the characters in the video.  Even bunny rabbit was clapping his paws with delight.


Some boys take a beautiful girl and hide her away from the rest of the world.  I want to be the one to walk in the sun.  Oh girls just wanna have fun.  Oh girls just wanna have fun.


Dancing to this video in a girl’s dress … I was having the time of my life.  Nothing would ever come close to the unrestrained reckless abandonment of wild joy that I was now experiencing.  It was my highest high ever.  I shook my dress and I shimmied my hips back in the direction of the door mirror, while singing along with the lyrics.


When the working day is done, oh when the working day is done, oh girls, girls just wanna have fun.


But the mirror was now gone.  There in the doorway stood Sammantha, making a video of me with her camera phone.






End Chapter 32

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 21, 2024


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