A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 41
Naked and Unafraid

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They wore nothing ... Not a stitch.


It must have been someone’s birthday because our four hosts were all wearing their birthday suits.


Penelope stood one foot in front of me and I was immediately enchanted by the glow of her kind green eyes.  She was a budding goddess both figuratively and literally.  This afternoon, I had not stared at her ‘training bikini’ as this was obviously forbidden fruit. 


But now I had to try very hard to keep my head and eyes up.  Her frame had not yet assumed a classic hourglass shape, but for eleven, it was quite attractive (with or without clothing).  ‘Do not glance at her chest or her pussy’ I told myself.  That would be very rude.  In turn, I hoped that she did not notice that I was pitching a tent in my cargo shorts.


This was sheer torture.  I was once again confronted by the character of Lolita, forcing me to renew my role as Humbert Humbert.  Except this time, unlike Kitti Power, Penelope was the same age as Lolita in the story.  My eyes looked around, pretending to peer at the inside of the foyer … but I made the immoral glance.  I prefer the gentle Latin names of vulva and labia.  However, I hoped that my shocked reaction was not too obvious.  (No, she didn’t have a penis or any anatomical oddities.)  The girl had vajazzled her vajayjay.  In other words, she had decorated her pussy with a triangle of glitter … and I doubt this was a project sanctioned by her sixth grade art teacher.  Mixed with the glitter was just a wisp of vellus blonde hairs.


I was much less impressed by Gladstone’s uncircumcised bellicose schlong, but its owner was the first to speak.  I imagined we were at a puppet show being engaged by a talking cock, a more mature version of Peepee the clown.


“Welcome Sammantha and Derrek!  We were hoping you would join us.  All our friends here today enjoy meeting new ‘off-islanders’ as guests.  There’s plenty of food, games and beach volleyball in the back yard, hot tub, swimming … you name it.  Please come in.”


“Oh, and I’d like you to meet my wife, Illuminada Point DuJour and my sixteen year old son Fitzroy Point DuJour.”


Sammantha appeared unfazed, smiling and shaking hands with the other members of this elite clan.  Then Penelope took my right hand and shivers went down my spine.  I would call it a very nervous pleasure that shouldn’t be happening … and I wanted to scream out ‘Why the hell are all you people naked?’


Gladstone went on. “Here, let me give you a little tour of the first floor … and I don’t mind at all answering all your questions before you ask them.  The house is seven million dollars, six bedrooms, seven baths, 8,000 square feet, an eight car garage, two acres, and a private beach front.  You can tell sugar’s a big business down here.”


What I can really tell is that Gladstone likes to show off his name, show off his house, and show off his cock.  If not for Penelope, I wouldn’t be very impressed.


“Let’s open up the doors to the backyard now.”


(Holy shit!  There’s got to be fifty naked people running around. Did we happen upon a nudist colony?)


The host added, “Oh, I forgot to mention—“


(Really, Gladstone?  Just now you figure to tell us?)


“Tonight’s cookout is clothing-optional … completely voluntary of course.  But you might feel more comfortable joining in.  Feel free to use one of the bathrooms to change if you like.”


I thought I would take my cue from Sammantha.  She just shrugged and said, “When in Rome, do as the Romans … and I won’t need a bathroom.”


I couldn’t believe it.  Sammantha just started peeling off her clothing right in front of us all.  I guess if I had a perfect body, I wouldn’t be shy about eye witnesses either.


Suddenly, Penelope grabbed my hand and yanked me in the opposite direction. She seemed so giggly.  “I’ll take care of you, Derrek, you’ll see.”


She escorted me into one of the large bathrooms and shut the door.  I was practically trembling as she instructed me to lift my arms so she could pull off my shirt.  I tried to explain to the little nude eleven-year-old girl that I had a problem ‘down there’.


She giggled again.  “Ha! Did you think I didn’t notice that?  I told you I’d take care of you.”


Penelope unbuckled my cargo shorts and let them drop to the floor.  The flagpole in my tighty whiteys was extremely embarrassing and I had to close my eyes as she pulled those down too.  The blood pressure in my face was tremendous.  My boyhood was hard as a rock and nearly vertical.  What could be worse than being manhandled and undressed by a little girl?  I knew that anything that happened from here on, was morally wrong and probably illegal.


“Wow, Derrek, I’m impressed.  How did you know to dress for dinner?”


That question certainly puzzled me.  “I beg your pardon?”


“Your smiley face.  Too cute!  All the kids decorate their pubes for our picnic.  You got a name for it?”


I responded, “An embarrassing one … Peepee the clown.”


The girl broke into a wide smile.  “Ha!  I love it!  Most of the boys draw monsters, but yours is unique.  Here, sit on the toilet cover so I can finish you up.”


I did as told and Penelope removed my shoes, socks, and everything.  Aside from my raging boner, I was now one of the crowd.


Penelope signaled me to stand and when I did, she grabbed the shaft of my penis with her left hand, and put her right arm around my neck.  We were both about the same height.


“Just relax,” she advised me.  And then she engaged me in ‘lip lock’ with plenty of tongue exploration.


My blood pressure skyrocketed.  I felt like a really bad person and was grateful that she didn’t take it further.  But before she let go of my privates, she tousled my hair and said, “I don’t know if you realize this, Derrek … but you are one gorgeous boy.  Now let’s get you over to the frig, because going outside like this would be considered bad form.”


I nervously responded, “The frig?”


Penelope filled up a glass with a little ice and a lot of water.


I instantly broke away from her.  “Aagh!  No!  I can’t touch water, remember.”


The nude young maiden nodded.  “Oh yeah, you did tell me that.  Can we use something else?”


“Sure … milk, soda, it doesn’t matter.  Just not water … and not ice either.”


Penelope took a can of cold coca-cola out of the frig and poured it in the glass.  Then she bent my penis downward and pushed it into the coke.


I cried out, “Yikes!  That’s freezing.”


“It’s supposed to be.  But look how quickly your erection goes down.  “Now we can go outside and play.”


(Play?  In the nude?  Oh dear, I haven’t ever done that before.)


Penelope escorted me through the French doors and out into a patio and yard which was maybe half a football field in size.  There were nude forms of every size, shape, and gender.  Sammantha appeared quite statuesque talking to an elderly woman who reminded me of a Ferengi female from Star Trek.  The Ferengi always kept their females nude.  She was quite hideous.  I tried not to stare at her pendulum breasts or anyone elses.  But for those looking at me, there was no such luck.


Penelope gave me a yank on my wrist and pointed toward the beach volleyball court.  “Derrek, come over here.  I want you to meet my friends from school.”


There were about a dozen happy young nubiles, naked boys and girls our age who stopped their game to wave at us.  One girl spoke up first.


“Hey Penelope!  Who’s your new boyfriend?”


“I’d like you all to meet Derrek.  He’s from Buffalo and he was my diving partner today.”


Another added, “Look at that hair … He’s a cutie pie!”


I was shocked at how uninhibited these kids were.  And like Penelope, each girl had decorated the part of her body where the top of her legs met up to form a letter ‘Y’.  I was impressed by the originality of their artwork.  Even the boys had gotten in on the act by painting their members as (what else?) snakes and dragons.


Several of the kids came up and didn’t hesitate to give me a few friendly pats on my shoulders and buttocks.  None of them stared at my penis … that is until something bad happened and both the girls and the boys started pointing and giggling.


“Hey Penelope … I think your boyfriend is very excited to meet us but his happy face is getting just a little too happy.”


I was about ready to pass out from the embarrassment.  I tried to cover up my groin with my hands.  “Sorry,” I squeaked out.


Penelope came to my rescue.  “Hey, guys, let’s cut Derrek some slack.  This is his first time and he’s really shy.  They probably don’t have nudie fests in Buffalo ‘cause it’s too hard to hold one in a blizzard … We’ll be right back.”


(Nudie fests?  Is that what you call this?  Oh, sure … In Buffalo we have them every weekend in January.)


Penelope took me back to the kitchen and dunked my boner in freezing coke again.


I begged her, “Penelope, I’m really sorry, but I don’t think I can go through with this.  I’m afraid to go back out there and have this happen again.”


Her voice was very soothing and she put a hand on my shoulder.  “Derrick, it’s okay.  Just relax.  In school, teachers would tell us that if we had to speak in front of a large group, the best way to get over our nervousness is to picture everyone in the audience naked.  Well here, it’s just the opposite.  We’re going back to the volleyball court and, in your mind, you’re going to picture everyone there, including yourself … wearing clothes.”


I removed my limp penis from the coke and asked, “Do you think that will really work?”


She nodded.  “Uh huh.  Just try it.”


Back to the patio we went.  Sammantha was now ‘holding court’, having attracted the attention of many adults, none of whom could compare to her magnificent physique.  To the island folks, she must have seemed a very exotic specimen.  I wished I could have had even a portion of her confidence.


The kids at the volleyball court, now (in my head) all nattily attired in shorts and polo shirts, eagerly welcomed us to join the game.  Penelope was right.  Instead of looking at the various nude forms all around me, I concentrated on hitting the ball and setting up my teammates.  (Yes, we actually played volleyball in Buffalo, although indoors during winter.)


Bodies dove everywhere.  All the little penises and vaginas got caked with sand and nobody cared … not even me.  It gradually felt good to lose my inhibitions and actually have some fun.  Across the patio, Sammantha took note of my participation and gave me a big thumbs-up signal … which I returned.


“Dinner Time!!” the portly naked chef yelled out.


The volleyball kids all knew it was time to run to outdoor shower heads and rinse off all the sand.  Penelope was quick to attend to my needs and I explained my options.


“Penelope, if you have a two-liter of soda, I could stand in one of the bathroom showers.  That would work.”


“Sure, we can do that,” she replied.


Penelope grabbed a two-liter of root beer from the cookout and took me back to the same bathroom where she undressed me earlier.  What I wasn’t expecting, however, was that she intended to step into the shower with me.


She poured some root beer onto a couple of wash cloths and handed one to me.  I was puzzled.  I wasn’t sure if she was being horny or helpful.  But she immediately started washing my balls and guided my right hand (with the wash cloth) into the nether regions between her legs.


My eyes peeled back widely.  She smiled and asked, “Doesn’t this feel good?”







End Chapter 41

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 16, 2024


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