A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 42
CHAPTER 142 .......... More Robo-Tricks in the Offing?

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“You did ask me to spank you, did you not?”


“I did, Shilo, but I’m not so sure I want it now.”


“Why not?”


“Because you have an arsenal of very painful surprises.”


Shilo frowned.  I had never seen her do that before.  She released the iron grip on my arms and I had to rub them because there were indentation marks on my wrists.


Then she barked the order, “Take off all your clothes, human … and be quick about it.”


The idea of having sex with a beautiful android had really appealed to me.  Now I wasn’t so sure.  I felt like her little plaything.  But I still had too much self pride to utter the word ‘break’ and end it all.


Shilo just sat and watched as I untied my sneakers and pulled off my pants, underpants, and socks.  Then I pulled my polo shirt over my head.  I sat there red-faced.  I shouldn’t have been embarrassed, but I was.  I sat up against the head board and twiddled my thumbs, waiting … as my little bobbing boner refused to go away.


The artificial girl who was no bigger than me swayed her head a bit, but just continued to stare at me in my birthday suit.


“What are you looking at?” I asked her.


“Your nude body, Derrek.”


“Why? … Are you a pervert robot?”


“In my opinion, Derrek, you are not the epitome of your species.  Your body has no outstanding muscular definition.”


“I told you, Shilo … That’s cuz I’m just twelve years old right now.”


“Is that always your favorite excuse, human?  I’ve learned enough to be able to judge the human species as weak and stupid … including you, Derrek.”


She reached forward quickly and caught the head of my penis between her thumb and forefinger.  Then she pulled it upward, but not quite as hard as the nun in St. Thomas … but just enough to annoy me.


“Is that why your sex organ is so small, because you’re twelve?  Is that why you’re so helpless … because you’re twelve?  Are you just as helpless as a baby human?”


“No,” I replied, squirming.  I tried with two hands to pry her one hand off me, to no avail.


“Maybe I should turn you into a baby human and judge for myself.  I could just fall off the bed and drag you on the floor by your penis into the bathroom and give you a bath.”


With an expression of angst I asked, “Without legs?”


“I wouldn’t need legs to do that.  I could push you up and into that tub.  And you would look cute in diapers.”


I almost started to cry again.  “No, Shilo!  Please no water!  I’m sorry I’m such a weak human.  I’m sorry I called you a pervert.  I’m just having a tough night.  Can we please do the spanking now and get it overwith?”


“Say ‘break’, Derrek.” The robot taunted me.


“No,” I insisted.


She squeezed the head of my penis harder.  “Come on, say it … and this will all be over.”


“No,” I whimpered.


“Come on, Derrek … Say break break break, BREAKiTY break break … Hey, breaker-one-nine for a radio check.”


I raised my head and asked, “Where did you come up with that?”


“I found it in a Wikipedia article about citizens band radio.”


“Okay, well my answer is still ‘no’.  Can you please give me my spanking now?  I’m ready.”


“You should be careful what you wish for, kid.”


I was so frustrated and said, “Why didn’t you tell me that the first time I asked if I could have sex with you?”


“Derrek, all of my previous interactions have been with humans who were larger than me.  I was subservient to their wishes.  Until an hour ago, I never realized that teasing a smaller, weaker, human would be so enjoyable for me.”


“Shilo, teasing is a human personality flaw … and it’s not a good thing.”


“But Derrek, you’re obviously enjoying being a sub because you still haven’t said the safe word ‘break’ a single time.”


I shook my head.  “I guess that’s one of my own personality flaws.  It’s time to put me over your knee.”


I began to wonder how bad this could be.  She did give me the option of softer swats, but so far, everything had a catch … some booby- trap contraption to make me miserable, as if Inspector Gadget was a villain.


“So be it, Derrek.  I am sitting up with my feet on the floor.  Shall I lift your little body myself or would you like to crawl to me and assume the position?”


Assuming the position meant something else when I was with Sammantha, but I knew what Shilo referred to.  I accepted my humiliation and doggy-crawled onto her lap with my butt up and my fingers almost touching the floor.


Shilo held my back down with her left hand and began rubbing circles around my butt with her right.


“Derrek, I want you to breathe evenly and try to relax.  Let your mind drift off to a happy place that is peaceful to you.”


She sounded like Dr. Frumpy when I got hypnotized.


“Understand that the pain of a single spank lasts only for a millisecond … and then calm is soon restored.”


I gritted my teeth and awaited the first blow.  In my peripheral vision, I sensed Shilo raising her hand.




I screamed out, “Oh god!  What was that?!  It felt like a thousand tiny bee stings.  Are you electrocuting me?!  Did you really use your hand?!  Shilo, answer me!!”


“Derrek, this special technique releases stress, anxiety, and pent up emotions.  The pain is so great that it causes the brain to ignore all other pain in the body.  Let’s try your other buttock.”




I breathed harder and asked, “Shilo, will I be dead by the time this is over?”


“No, Derrek.  I’m using a technique that simulates Sadhu nail boards.  In India, people can actually walk on nails, and doing this energizes the body and mind … and deepens presence and meditative state.”


“But why does my butt feel like it’s been stung by a thousand bees?”


“Oh, it’s much less than a thousand, Derrek.  There are 300 hypodermic needles in a geometric pattern protruding one millimeter from the palm of my hand.  As long as the needles strike you with the entire surface of the palm evenly, you will suffer no harm.”


“Yeah?  Tell that to my poor rear end!”


“Would you like a break, human?”




“Yogi’s have practiced this for over 2,000 years, Derrek.  Pain will start to fully disappear into a calm presence after a few minutes.  I want you to try long exhales, making meditative ‘Om’ sounds, and relaxing your whole body.”


She further added, “Derrek, your buttocks have thousands of energy points and nerve endings linked to the entire body.  Just as in acupuncture, striking the buttocks with hundreds of sharp hypodermic needles helps to relieve tension, improve blood circulation, and release endorphins, the body’s natural ‘feel good’ hormones.”


I think Shilo’s list of advisements were just a bunch of psycho-babble or toro caca.  I cried and cried.  I wondered what ever made me think that spankings were an enjoyable form of sexual foreplay?


I was quite thankful that this tortuous spanking session was brief.  It just seemed longer than it actually was.  Shilo probably gave me three swats to each buttock.  Her forthcoming announcement surprised me.


“You have achieved your objective for a sexually stimulating spanking, human … You have cried real tears and you do not need the medical assistance of a hospital.”


I got off of Shilo’s lap and grabbed a tissue from the nightstand to wipe my eyes.  Then I ran over to the full length mirror and twisted my body so that I could see most of my rear end.  As expected, each of my buttocks was covered by about 900 red dots, but surprisingly no blood.


I was still really pissed … and really stubborn.  I turned to Shilo and angrily asked, “Can we get down to some serious fucking now? … the kind that doesn’t hurt the human?”


Shilo nodded.  “Yes, Derrek.  You have earned your fuck.  I revise my previous opinion in which I called you weak.  You did not even once utter your safe word ‘break’ to alleviate your torment.  Therefore I consider you to be one of the strongest humans I have ever met.  My godmother, Sammantha, will be pleased to hear that.”


“Yada, yada, yada … Take your fuckin’ clothes off, robot.”  (I was still pissed.)


“Derreksan,” she addressed me, “I would be pleased to have you dominate me by ripping my clothes off with a ‘rough sex’ level of your desiring.”


“You added ‘san’ to my name, Shilo?  That is a Japanese honorific.  It’s like saying ‘honorable’ when referring to a judge.”


“Yes, Derreksan.  That is true.  I now have much respect for you.  You are a credit to your species.”


“I appreciate that, Shilo.  But it isn’t necessary for our sex to be rough.  Can you raise your arms, please?”


She did so.  I crawled back onto the bed behind her and lifted her halter till it slipped past her fingers (her normal fingers now).  I wrapped my arms around her slender body and played with her perfect boobs again for a couple minutes.


“That feels good, Derreksan,” she encouraged me.


Her nipples obviously had sensors, but I was half expecting them to pop open with little samori swords to cut my hands … but thankfully they just felt like real boobs … which were not too big to make her fall forward.


I lowered my hands and made circles around her tummy and belly button.  Her smooth synthetic skin felt so realistic, that I couldn’t imagine doing this with a latex or rubber girl.  I went a bit lower and unbuttoned the top of her hip-hugger jeans.  She had no belt.


I thought her narrow hips were really sexy … just an inch wider than her waist.  This is what I was going ga-ga for when she first greeted me at Major’s front door.  This time it was my turn to pull down someone’s zipper.  I asked her to lay down, like doing the reverse of a sit up.


Then I returned to the carpeted floor and stood in front of her.  I gently grabbed the pockets of her jeans and slid her pants all the way down … and past her feet entirely.  I had forgotten that she was barefoot.


Now it was my turn to stand there and just stare at her perfect slender body with the perfect breasts.  And last but not least, the panties.  I drew them down slowly, then reached forward to comb her muff with my fingers. 


Her totally nude form amazed me.  I could view no seams between body sections.  And no monstrous gargoyles popped out of her vagina like a jack-in-a-box.


She lifted her head a few inches and said, “Derreksan, I would like to perform fellatio.”





End Chapter 42

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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