A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 16, 2024

Chapter 43
Fucking Like Bunnies

Chapter Description: Images for this story can be found at the following web: https://sites.google.com/view/comedy-ars-characters/home

“You have to go get your bunny rabbit, Derrek.  Go now.”


“Penelope, I can’t go outside like this,” I said, pointing at my pubic art show.  I’ll put some clothes on first.”


“No, you have to let the glitter dry.  Look, there’s no one on the street, and in this neighborhood, no one cares anyway.  I want our bunnies to play together.  Just grab your mom’s car keys in the kitchen and bring him up … pleeeease.”


I relented.  “Okay, okay, but I have to do it really fast before anyone sees me.


“Great!  Go get the bunny.”


I went downstairs, grabbed Sammantha’s key and then opened one side of the French front doors.  The coast was clear … at least I thought so.  I ran down the driveway, unlocked the car, grabbed bunny rabbit, slammed the door shut, and turned around.


Three boys about my age confronted and then surrounded me.  (Where the hell did they pop up from?)  And they didn’t seem very friendly when they started up a dialogue.


The largest one said, “Well, well, what do we have here?  It’s the fairy princess with her little bunny, how cute.  That’s a pretty fancy dick for a princess.  What’s your name, honey?  Is it ‘Sissy’?”


The other two boys laughed hard.  This was one of those times when I wished I was really 28 years old again and I would have wiped the sidewalk with these idiots.  For now, all I could do was shout, “Leave me alone!” and try to make a run for it, back to the driveway.


I didn’t make it.  The biggest boy caught up and shoved me hard in the back, forcing me down onto the front lawn.  He grabbed my animal companion from my hands.


“Well, princess … It doesn’t look like you’ll be needing your little bunny anymore, does it? … sissy … “


The second boy added, “He needs to be taught a lesson, Bongo.  He can’t be walking around our turf looking like this.”


Bongo agreed.  “Jimbo and Frank … hold him down while I jack off his pretty cock.”


I struggled mightily to escape, but the two boys were too strong for me.  They held me in a sitting position on the grass.  Bongo approached me and said, “You’ve been a naughty princess, haven’t you?”




All four of us suddenly looked up to see my courageous nude host standing in her driveway with a JBL Carbine diver’s harpoon gun.  The spear lodged into the grass between the largest boy’s two legs.  Now he was seriously pissed, and he turned to look at the shooter.


“Christ, Penelope!  You could’ve killed me!”


“Sorry, Bongo,” the girl replied. “I was aiming for your ball sac and I missed.  Can you just hold your pose for a few more seconds while I load up my second harpoon?”


“Fine!” the boy yelled back.  “We’re out of here … But how come you don’t invite us to your nudie parties like the other kids?”


Penelope answered smugly, “Because our parties require a maturity level on a scale higher than a cockroach.”


Bongo flipped her the bird.  “Screw you, Penelope.


“Hey Bongo!” she yelled back.




“Lose the rabbit.”


Bongo turned and threw bunny rabbit back at my face, while adding, “Fuck you, Princess.”


I got up and pulled out the spear, returning it to its owner … and tossed her a compliment.  “Hell of a shot, Robinhood.  Thanks for the rescue.”


Penelope shook her head.  “I’m sorry I sent you out, Derrek.  Those boys are all troublemakers and they don’t even live on my street.  Let’s go back upstairs, but I want to get something out of the frig first.”


That ‘something’ turned out to be a carrot.  I inquired, “Do you intend to feed our bunnies?”


“You’ll see.”


Along the way, Penelope also grabbed a roll of duct tape.  (Something looks kinky here.)  When we got back to her bedroom she closed and locked the door again.  Then she gave me some instructions.


“Okay, Derrek.  Since you’re not allowed to have sex with me—“


“Intercourse, technically,” I interrupted.


“Okay, intercourse … In that case we’re going to do a little role play.”


(Oh shit, I think my brain just short-circuited.)


“Derrek, our bunnies are going to have intercourse in our place.  I want you to take the carrot and fashion a bunny penis between the legs of your generically-named ‘Bunny Rabbit’.  That way, we’ll be able to tell our bunnies apart.  Use the duct tape and wrap it around his bunny butt to keep the carrot in place.  It’s going to be a pretty big cock for a medium sized bunny but I don’t want it coming off in the middle of his orgasm, so do a good job.  Got it?”


I sheepishly nodded.  “I think so.”  (God, this is so weird.)


“Okay, and for Nicolet, I’m going to do a little snipping here and there to make a perfect pussy for her favorite beau.  Pretty soon, they’ll be fucking like bunnies.”


(So to set the scene, we have two naked eleven-year-old children with glitter glued to their pubic areas, about to have sexual intercourse vicariously through their stuffed toy bunny rabbits … nothing out of the ordinary here, just move along.)


“Okay, Derrek.  Now I want you to lay down on the bed next to me so that our shoulders are touching … your right against my left.  Now hold up Bunny Rabbit with your left hand and search for my ‘human’ clitoris with your right … Wow, that was fast.  Are you sure you’ve never had sex before?”


“Never,” I lied.  “I’ve just seen the diagrams of lady parts on the internet.”


“Okay, well I’m going hold up Nicolet in my right hand with her legs spread, to offer the horny male a tempting target … while my left hand goes to work on your stiffy.  This way, while the bunnies are going at it, you and I will still feel like we’re actually fucking each other … This is so exciting, Derrek!  I’ll go first.”


            “Oh!  I’ve always wanted you inside me, Bunny Rabbit!  I’m so wet right now!


(I didn’t realize that the role play was going to be verbal, but I quickly made up some dirty thoughts to play along.  I did this recently with bunny rabbit myself.)


“You have one smoking hot pussy, Nicolet! … but you’re going to forget your own name by the time I’m done fucking you tonight!”


(This was definitely a test in multi-tasking.  I had my bunny rabbit make his first thrust with his carrot into the opening between Nicolet’s legs, while at the same time, I started rubbing, between Penelope’s legs, her clit with my middle finger.  Bunny Rabbit’s pointed orange cock plowed through Nicolet’s stuffing like the proverbial hot knife through butter.)


            “Ohhh!  Your cock feels amazing!  I want you deep inside me.  Harder!  Deeper, you naughty rabbit!  Fuck me like an animal!


“I AM an animal!” I yelled out.  “I’ve been thinking about doing this to you all week long.  Slutty little whore, your pussy’s tighter than Jessica Rabbit!  I’m gonna stretch it out! 


            “And your cock is bigger than Bugs’s!  I’ve never been fucked like this before!  Fuck me harder , Bunny Rabbit!  Oh right there, that’s the spot, Bunny Rabbit!  Faster! Faster!  Don’t stop!”


(By this point, the action had sped up.  I had my character’s carrot pounding and thrusting into Nicolet’s pussy with an angry rhythm.  I was aggressively flicking Penelope’s clit with my middle finger.  And the girl was roughly grabbing my shaft up and down like an automobile piston.  My blurred mind actually thought I was having sex. Had anyone else ever done this?)


“You like that, baby?  You like me ramming your cunt?  Is my love muscle giving you a good workout?  I never want to stop fucking you!”


            “Ohhh … Ohhh … You fucking bastard!  My nipples are so hard right now! Pound my little pussy with your big cock!  I want you to fuck me until we wake up the neighbors!”


“I’m gonna ram your cunt so hard!  I’m gonna make you cum so hard!  I own this pretty little pussy!”


            “Make me cum, baby!  Fuck me harder!  Ohh … Ohh … Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!


(At that moment, Penelope’s entire body began to shudder and tremble.  It progressed to violent shaking.  I shoved my middle finger into her vagina and hung on as the convulsions continued … going on fifteen seconds now.  Simultaneously, her left hand grabbed my shaft tightly … and rapidly jacked it up and down in a fast machine-gun cadence. She brought me to the brink, the point of no return … and then I had to violently cum.)


“No! … No! … No! … No! … No!”   My body stiffened and thrust upward in the most powerful explosion I’d ever experienced … far greater than the one I had earlier today in the airplane lavatory.


Our bunny rabbits fell.  Our two nude forms settled into the bed as our chests heaved up and down gasping for air … while our hands remained connected to our partner’s genitals. After about a minute, our heads turned to face each other.


“Derek, that was the greatest orgasm in the history of orgasms.”


“Mine too, Penelope … You were great!”


“And let’s thank the bunny rabbits for sure, too.  They had as much fun as we did.  We should tell everybody.”


“I’m not so sure that would be a wise idea, Penelope.”


“Hey Derrek, what’s going on down here?” the girl said, tapping my deflating organ.


I looked across my chest and stomach.  “What do you mean?”


She rubbed my little hole with a finger.  “The glitter glue on the tip of your penis is still sticky.  It should have dried a half hour ago.”


I took my right hand out of Penelope’s pussy and wiped it on the bed cover … and then used it to check out the ‘problem.’


My jaw dropped and I muttered, “Oh shit.”


“What is it, Derrek?”


“It’s not glue.  I think it’s pre-cum.”


The girl frowned.  “Derrek, there’s no such thing as pre-cum.  Cum is cum … With one drop, you could impregnate five million girls with five million babies.”


Penelope put her index finger in her mouth for a taste test.  “Hmm … a bit salty.  Congratulations, Derrek.  You’ve reached puberty.”






End Chapter 43

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 16, 2024


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Loving the story

NxK · Feb 3, 2023

Loving the story so far! How many chapters are left? Is it correct to guess every 3 days is a new story? Thanks again for writing this!

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A Comedy of AR's

Sammderr · Feb 4, 2023

Hello NxK ... Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I figure that one chapter every three days is a good pace for both readers and myself. I'm currently writing chapter 69 (no laughs please). And I figure this story might top out at 120 - 150 chapters. My goal is to write something totally outrageous every day. And I will be adding more images to the photo site as those chapters come up. I'm really shocked to be averaging about 600 readers per day. Maybe the story will go viral. I'm also surprised that the readers come from all over the world. The stat counter on my photo page keeps track of that and I even have one reader in Russia and one in Ukraine ... along with Japan, Australia, Indonesia, various Euro countries, & quite a few in the U.K. since they speak English. I like this site because as far as I can tell, they don't get into censorship.

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