A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 45
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“Sometimes, he likes to blow bubbles into his penis to make his scrotum sound like a croaking bull frog.”


“Have you actually seen him do this?” Illuminada asked.


“Oh yes.  After he’s done with a ‘number 2’, Derrek stands there with his pants and his underpants still mashed in a clump down by his ankles.  Then he raises the bottom of his shirt and tucks it under his chin.  So that leaves his hands free to pump air bubbles into the little hole at the tip of his penis, using his fingers.  Once he pumps enough air into his penis, he pinches it shut and squeezes his scrotum to produce the croaking sounds … and some of them are really loud.  Same deal as his bedroom … He thinks ‘cause he’s in the bathroom, I can’t hear it.”


Penelope burst out, “Oh, wow!  That is so cool!”  Then she took bunny rabbit out of my hands and tossed him on the bed.  She turned to face me and put both her hands on my shoulders.  “Derrek!  You’ve got to show me how you do that … right now!  Please!  Show me how you make your scrotum croak.”


This evening was turning from bad to worse.  I shook my head.  “No, Penelope, I don’t want to do it now.”


“Pretty please?”


“No.  Stop it.”


The girl cupped my balls with her right hand and leaned into me so that we both sat down on the bed.  She put her left arm all the way around my left shoulder.  Then she told me, “If you’re not going to do it, then you have to tell me about other games you play with your penis.” 


Penelope gave me a gentle, but moderate, squeeze on my testicles, and I realized that none of the three adults were coming to my rescue any time soon.


“Talk to me, Derrek,” she rang out in her sing-songy voice … while moderately increasing the pressure on my testicles … till it began to feel quite uncomfortable.”


“Okay, okay,” I blurted out … and she eased up a bit, but didn’t release her grip.  I felt trapped into revealing more embarrassing secrets.


“Well,” I started … and then drifted into a long pause … so she gave me a sharp squeeze.


“Okay, I’ll tell you!” … Then I started again.  Sometimes I pretend that I’m a puppy dog, and then bunny rabbit comes over and puts a leash around my penis and balls and makes it snug.  Then bunny rabbit pulls my leash taut and pretends he’s taking me for a walk around the block where we enter a bunny parade.  When I don’t walk fast enough, he yanks the leash strongly several times … and that gets me hard.”


“Aw, that’s sweet,” the girl cooed.  “Do you have to go to a special penis store that sells leashes?”


“No, I just bought a small one at a pet shop.”


“And how did your mom react when she found out you bought a penis leash?”


“Uh, she just said that I’m a curious little boy.”


Sammantha nodded.  “That’s perfectly alright, sweety.  Now tell Penelope about your puppet show.”


I hesitated.  I really didn’t want to go into this subject matter.  “Umm …”  I grabbed the girl’s right arm and tried to move it away from my ball sac.


Penelope then squeezed a lot harder than was necessary.


“Ow, you’re hurting me! Stop it.”


“Do you want to cry … or do you want to tell me about the puppet show, Derrek?” the girl asked, while maintaining a smile and a big squeeze on my testicles.


“Okay, okay, I’ll tell you.”  I let go of her arm, and she eased up on the painful pressure.


This was sheer torture. I begged, “Can we just talk about this later?”


“Ow!  Owww!”  Penelope was being very mean to my testicles. I was forced to speak.


“Well, sometimes when I’m by myself, I have a penis puppet show with bunny rabbit.  I use a marker to draw Peepee the clown or some other face on the tip of my penis, so that the little hole becomes the nose, and I draw eyes, ears, and a mouth around it.”


“Interesting,” Penelope commented.   “No wonder you don’t have any friends.  So what character does Peepee play in the show?”


“He always plays the bad guy, the villain … He’s an evil clown, and the ridge around the top of my penis is his clown collar.  Bunny rabbit is the good guy. He plays ‘Karots’ the cop.  He always brings a ruler and repeatedly strikes the evil clown on his head.  Those hits really sting.  It hurts the top of my dick a lot, but I keep doing it until it turns red or purple … That gets me hard, and then I—“


“Then you what, Derrek?”


“Uh … … … then I jack off.”


Illuminada posed a question.  “Sammantha, does the boy ejaculate?”


“By that, do you mean—“


“I mean … is he potent?


Sammantha shook her head.  “Nope, all his ejaculations are dry.  He shoots blanks.”


Penelope attempted to clear her throat.  “Ah humm … Ah humm.”


I quickly put a finger up to my lips and uttered, “Shhhhh.”


She whispered back, “If you don’t tell them, I will.”  Then she gave me another squeeze on my balls.


Sammantha took note and demanded, “What’s going on here?  Derrek, if you have something to say to me, then let’s have it.”


Penelope blurted out, “Derrek just reached puberty.”


“Oh really?”  Sammantha reacted.  “Derrek, would you care to fill me in on the details of Penelope’s discovery?”


I looked at Penelope and told her, “You can stop squeezing my balls now.”  When she removed her right hand, I lowered my head and explained, “I found a drop of semen on my penis tonight.”


The girl boasted, “And one drop contains five million sperms … I tasted it and it was salty.  It’s the real deal.”


Sammantha further inquired, “You two didn’t have sex tonight, did you.”


The girl answered, “Oh no … only the bunnies had sex.  So Nicolet could have a big litter of stuffed bunnies soon.”


I looked up and pleaded, “Mom, can we go back to the hotel now?”


“Are you getting tired, sweety?  You sure you don’t want to play with Penelope some more?”


“No, I’m ready to go.”


“Well, Gladstone has something interesting to tell us before we leave.”


The man revealed, “Derrek, I’ve invited you and your mom on another diving trip with me and Penelope tomorrow morning on my private yacht.  I know a shallow spot where the water temperature is over 82 degrees, so you won’t need wet suits.  It feels a lot freer to dive in just your swim suits.”


“But Mr. Point DuJour,” I inquired, “Why were you on a public boat today?”


“Oh, they give Penelope her lessons … all the advanced technical stuff in the swimming pool before the dive … So, Sammantha, can you and Derrek be back here at the house early tomorrow, like about 8 am?”


She nodded.  “Will do, Gladstone … Derrek, is there something you’d like to say to our hosts?”


I immediately responded, “Thank you very much for the cookout, Mr. and Mrs. Point DuJour.  I had a great time.  And thank you, Penelope, for the fun tonight and of course, for helping me with those bullies.”


Penelope, still the nude little girl, took my hands and pulled me off the bed.  She gave me a big hug, not caring that her tummy was pressed against my stiff member. 


“You are most welcome, Derrek … and so is your bunny rabbit.”  Then she turned to Sammantha and suggested, “Hey, why don’t you guys leave the snow in Buffalo and move to St. Thomas permanently?  I would love to have Derrek as my playmate every day.”


Sammantha grinned.  “That’s a great idea, Penelope.  It might present a slight problem with my job, but it’s certainly an interesting thought.”






Then Sammantha and I did something unusual … We put our clothes on.  Then we said our goodbyes, picked up bunny rabbit and got back in our rental car.  I didn’t want to remove his carrot in front of Penelope, but my own star-spangled boner was going to take a long time to wear off.


Sammantha immediately glanced over at me and grinned.  “Sounds like you had quite the remarkable evening with Penolope.”


I nodded.  “She’s what I would call a free spirit.”


“So what’s the deal with you shooting cum?  I thought that wasn’t supposed to happen.”


“As Penelope said, Mom, I just dribbled a few drops.  I didn’t really shoot anything.  I should still be eleven now, or twelve at the most.  One of my theories is that maybe the salt water speeds up my aging process.”


“I see.”


“So what did you and Gladstone do?”


“Oh nothing.  He just showed me his etchings.  They were quite nice.”


“I’m not stupid, Mom.  Wouldn’t Illuminada have been a bit perturbed if she found a naked woman and her husband fooling around in her own bedroom?”


“Not if she was a participant in a three-some.”


“What?!  Are you kidding?  What was that like?”


“Just leave it for the adults, sweety.”


“Come on, Mom.  I’m not a child … Tell me what happened.”


Sammantha took in a deep breath and exhaled.  “Well, if you must know, there was a lot of fucking and sucking.  Illuminada brought out her toy-box full of strap-on vibrating dildos along with her imaginative menu of, let’s say … ‘positions’.


“So who did whom, Mom?”


“We all did each other.  There were more combinations than a Rubik’s Cube.”


“That’s funny, Mom, but I wish you could give me some examples.”


“Okay … I sucked his cock while he licked my pussy and she fucked his butt hole … Then I fucked her pussy while she blew him.  Then she and I fucked each other with a two-ended dildo while he worked the vibrators inside.”


“Sounds like you could have used a traffic cop, Mom.”


“That was definitely a first time for me, sweety.  Gladstone offered to give me another first … one that was on my bucket list.”


“Let me guess … sex on the ceiling.”


“Nope, sex underwater … tomorrow morning.”


“You gonna do it, Mom?”


“Uh uh, I turned him down.”




“I told him that I wanted my first time to be special … to do it with a man I loved.”


I scoffed, “Well you might be waiting years for that, Mom.”


Without taking her eyes off the road, Sammantha reached across the front seat and punched me with authority in my left shoulder.


“Owww!!”  I reacted with surprise. I rubbed my shoulder with my right hand.  “What was that for?!”


“Silly boy,” she retorted.  “YOU are the man I love.”


I stopped rubbing my shoulder.  “Really?” I responded with awe.






End Chapter 45

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 21, 2024


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