A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated May 27, 2024

Chapter 27
A Knock at the Door

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When I opened my eyes Saturday morning, I laid awake for awhile thinking about the previous night … wondering what had caused me to change my opinion of Kitti.  I guess I had thought of her body as ‘forbidden fruit’, an un-obtainable object.  And then when it became easily available, I could only think about the ‘wrongness’ of my desires.


I just wanted to get the next 24 hours over with and return to my day job as Sammantha’s little boy.   We had a late breakfast at Bob Evans and then went to a movie theatre for a matinee showing of an animated feature in which I had little interest.  When Kitti’s right hand wasn’t occupied throwing popcorn kernels into her mouth, it was busy rubbing my crotch, on the outside of my pants, I should point out.  This was one of those times when I wished I could suppress a boner … but not surprisingly, I couldn’t.


When the movie ended, I suggested she take me to one of the school playgrounds nearby.  This would give my penis a good opportunity to separate itself from Kitti’s fingers and her mouth.  I played nicely with the other children for maybe two hours while Kitti occupied herself with her cell phone.


On the way home, we stopped at McDonald’s and I actually got to drink coke with my burger and fries.  Now the coke felt like a real treat this time and I enjoyed the taste. As we left, my mind was filled with dread as to what possible further molestation my child’s body would be subjected to by this horny bitch masquerading as my babysitter.


As soon as she unlocked the door to our apartment, the first words out of her mouth were, “Okay, little man, let’s get ready for your bath.”


(After last night?  You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.)


I yawned.  “That’s okay, Kitti.  I’m really tired from the playground.  I think I’ll just get my PJ’s on and go bed.”


The girl looked at me crossly and put her hands on her hips.  She positioned herself directly in front of me and looked down.  “Derrek, do you remember what your mommy said about you disobeying me?”




“She said I should give you a spanking if you didn’t follow my instructions.  Is that what you want?”


“No,” I said meekly.


“Okay, so why don’t we go into the bedroom now and take off all your clothes.”


I walked into my bedroom with Kitti but stopped and looked up at her.  I really and truly didn’t want to take off all my clothes again.  “Kitti, I have a bad tummy ache.  I think it’s from McDonald’s.”


My babysitter lifted me up and sat down on my bed.  I couldn’t believe that she placed me in ‘the position’ with my legs spread and facing her.  This did not bode well.


“Derek,” she said, “I’ve been babysitting little boys for a long time, and one of the things I can always tell is when a little boy is telling me a fib.  You say your tummy hurts.  But I don’t think that’s true.  You’re telling me a fib, aren’t you?”


I lowered my head and shrugged my shoulders.


“Derrek, your mommy has a set of rules for you to follow.  I also have a set of rules for the children in my charge.  One of my rules is … if a child tells me a fib, they get a spanking.”


Tears started streaming down my face and I whimpered, “I’m sorry, Kitti.”


She lifted my head up and said, “So am I, Derrek.”


Kitti lifted me up by my armpits and placed me over her lap in the typical ‘spanking’ position with me looking at the floor.  I already started crying louder with ‘Noooooo’.


I felt my pants being pulled down to my ankles.  Then I felt the same with my underpants.  My worst fears about having a babysitter were coming true.  Kitti didn’t waste time smacking my buttocks with authority.


But there was something weird about this spanking.  Kitti’s blows had barely half the strength of Sammantha’s.  I had to fake my loud cries to convince her that she was actually punishing me.  I had been spanked by the strongest woman in the world during rough sex and if I had to be honest with Kitti, I would tell her ‘you hit like a girl’.  I was hoping that this confrontation might reduce her horniness when we got to the tub.


Kitti gave me maybe ten swats and I wailed as loud as I could while trying to hold in my laughter at what a pathetic spanker she was.  She set me back flat on my bed and finished stripping off my clothes.


Then she grabbed my wrist and ushered me to a corner of my room with a reprimand.  “You will take a time out in this corner until I am ready with your bath.”


I continued the theatrics for a few minutes, whimpering, jumping up and down and rubbing my butt.  What a stupid bitch.


After a while, I could hear her pouring in the pots of liquid into the bathtub.  Then she walked back into my room.


“Are you ready to take your bath now, Derrek?”


I decided to be conciliatory for my own sake.  “Yes, I’m ready.  I’m very sorry I fibbed to you, Kitti.  May I please bring my rubber duckies to my bath?”


This time she smiled.  “Of course you can.”


When I brought my toys in, I made sure that the temperature of the milk-water was similar to yesterday and I climbed in. I figured I would pre-occupy myself with the ducks and let her do whatever the hell she wanted without reacting.  Maybe this would turn out to be just a normal bath, without all the tickling and prostate pressure.  When I first met Kitti, I thought she was a junior goddess … Now I just thought she was some dumb young cunt with shit for brains.


We heard a knock at the door.


(What the fuck?!  Nobody’s supposed to be knocking on our apartment door.  I remember watching Spiderman movies and whenever his ‘spider sense’ was tingling, he knew something was wrong.  Mine was tingling.  But I could hardly do anything about it in my current naked state.)


“I’ll be right back, Derrek,” Kitti told me.


I was sitting there in my birthday suit waiting for bad news … and I got it.  Kitti was followed into the bathroom by some punk … a tall gangly teen piece of shit, with scraggly hair going all over the place.  He peered over into the tub and asked, “Who’s the little douche bag?”


What I wanted to do at that moment was stick a knife in his scrotum, but circumstances were not favorable for that to occur.  Right now, personal safety was my main concern and it was imperative that I not piss off the piece of shit.  I would have to play it cool … continue my act as a mentally deficient ignoramus.


I picked up my ‘astronaut’ duckie, raised him high in the air and said, “This is a little douche bag.”


Kitti spoke next.  “Derrek, I’d like you to meet my boyfriend, Chikon Crudup.  He’ll be staying with us tonight. His name isn’t like ‘chicken’ the bird.  It’s spelled c-h-i-k-o-n.”


Chikon followed up, pointing at my crotch.  “Ha!  This kid has a little baby prick!  My four-year-old brother Dorcus has a bigger prick than yours, kid.”


I raised my ‘football player’ duckie.  “This is a little baby prick.”


(Wow, I was facing the brother of my arch nemesis.  If he found out what I did to Dorcus, I would be a dead boy.)


Kitti looked up at Chikon and asked, “Did you remember to bring the extra sheet and the condoms?”


Chikon gave her the ‘shush’ sign, adding, “The kid is listening to this.”


Kitti scoffed, “This kid doesn’t know what a condom is.”


I raised my ‘fireman’ duckie and said, “This is a condom.”


Kitti clapped for me.  “What a smart boy you are, Derrek … Now tell Chikon what you promised me yesterday.”


I raised more ducks and asked Chikon, “Wanna see my duckies?”


Kitti redirected me.  “Derrek, just tell us what you promised.”


I continued to look at my ducks, but replied, “I promised I wouldn’t tell Mommy about anything that happens this weekend.”


“And you’re not going to fib are you?”  she followed up.


“No, fibbing is wrong.”


Chikon added, “Well, you better not, if you know what’s good for you.”


(Jesus H. Christ … these two dipshits are going to have sex on my mom’s bed and I have to listen to the bouncing?   If Sammantha were here, these two would be in an ambulance right now making a quick trip to the ER.  Chikon’s only redeeming quality is that the two of them would be molesting each other tonight instead of me.)


Apparently, Kitti was in a hurry now.  She lifted me out of the tub before the normal scrubbing was finished.  She didn’t even bother to wash my penis this time.  Good for me.  And she didn’t bother blowing raspberries on my belly either.  I think she was in a hurry to get fucked.


After she dried me off, she asked Chikon, “Could you please help Derrek get his PJ’s on while I clean up the tub?”


Chikon was not a nice person.  I could easily see how four-year-old Dorcus learned to become a bully.  Chikon must beat the crap out of him every day.  He grabbed my wrist in the bathroom and dragged me roughly across the hall into my bedroom. 


Then, for no reason he gave me two really hard swats to my buttocks and yelled, “Hurry up, you little shit … I’ve got business to take care of.”


His swats were a lot harder than Kitti’s and I ran to my bed, wailing bloody murder.


Kitti came rushing in asking, “What happened?”


Chikon pointed at me and said, “This little shit was being a slow poke.  He needed motivation.”


Kitti, fortunately, didn’t buy it.  “Well you don’t just hit a child.  What’s wrong with you?  Why don’t you go set up the other room?”


She tried to sooth me.  “Come on, sweety.  Let’s get your PJ’s on so you can go to bed.”


I didn’t even brush my teeth.  I just grabbed bunny rabbit while I still cried, and Kitti tucked me in. 


My hatred now for the Crudup family, Chikon in particular, was extreme.  I had to hold a very serious discussion with bunny rabbit.  I told him that when Bugs Bunny is ever wronged in his cartoons, he always makes a vow … and that vow is “Of course you realize, this means war.”






End Chapter 27

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated May 27, 2024


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