A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 73
CHAPTER 173 .......... Sleepover – Part Three – The Bath

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Maddie led me by the wrist across the hall and into the bathroom.  She shut the door.  It was still so embarrassing with her being fully clothed and me being nude.  It was all about power … and I had none.  Even though I had just ejaculated, I started getting hard again.


She took my growing member in her hand and gave it a little tug.  “Get over here, Derrek,” she ordered.  It was such a small gesture and yet it multiplied the humiliation I was feeling.  With the bathroom door closed, in a way I felt ‘trapped with no clothes on.  I wished I could just run away instead of having my whole body become a ‘play toy’ for my sister … who was obviously enjoying my discomfort.


Maddie swished her hand in the milk/water and declared, “The temperature is good.  I want you to step over, into the tub and sit down.  Come on, right now.” 


She gave me a light slap on my butt which was totally unnecessary because I was doing what she said.  Every little dig that she could get in to further embarrass me, she did.


Maddie quickly dumped a full bucket of water on my head and lathered up my thick hair till my whole head was sudsy.


“Now spread your legs apart, Derrek,”


That’s another classic demeaning remark … but apparently, my sister wasn’t satisfied.  She punched both of my inner thighs with her fist.


“Owwwwwwww!!  Stop it!”


“Wider!” she ordered.


“I AM wider!” my voice cracked as I nearly started crying again.  I pressed my knees against the sides of the tub to give her the fullest access for washing my package.


She rubbed soap on a wet wash cloth and began unceremoniously scrubbing my crotch, with a little more force than was necessary to get the job done.


“Maddie, can you ease up a bit please.  You’re scrubbing too hard.


“No I’m not.”


“Yes you are!  You’re pressing on my balls.”  I grabbed for the was cloth to slow her down, but she gave me a little slap on my face.”  Everything she did to me hurt.


“Back off, baby bro … This is my job.”


At least she set aside the rough wash cloth and switched to using her soapy hand.  I’m not saying that was better, but at least she wasn’t pressing as hard.  She was just ‘firmly’ petting me, and handling my ‘junk’ in a squishy manner.


Then Maddie starting yanking my soapy penis up and down.


“What are you doing?” I asked.


“I’m cleaning your dick.  What does it look like I’m doing?”


Then she started cupping my balls and stretching them outward.  It was unpleasant and she was working me to a point where it was becoming slightly painful with each pull.


I tried to grab my own balls.  “Stop, it hurts!”


She returned to firmly petting me with a soapy hand and that went on for several more unnecessary minutes.  I was getting hard again.


“Now lift your legs up out of the water.”




“Because you’ll get a spanking if you don’t.”


I lifted my legs, but I whined, “Why does everything always have to lead to a spanking?”


Maddie grabbed the insides of my two knees and stuck her right soapy index finger up my anus and twisted it around.


I complained, “Didn’t you do this to me enough at lunch time today?”


“Don’t be a smart ass, Derrek.  There’s more.  I still have to clean the inside of your penis with a Q-tip.”


“But that  will hurt!”


“No it won’t.  Don’t be a baby.  Put your hands down if you don’t want to piss me off.”


I put them down and gritted my teeth.  Even Kitti Power didn’t do this to me at my physical.  Maddie pulled up the head of my penis and stuck the soft instrument into my urethra … where the nerve endings were very sensitive … and she twisted it around.


“Oooooooooo … Ooooooooooo … That hurts!  Stop!  Stop! … Are we done now?!” I cried out.


“Almost.”  She said, as she took the same rough wash cloth and smushed my face all over, first with soap, then with rinse.  She did the same to my ears with her index finger, but it felt like she was digging for buried treasure.


“Ow!  Enough already!”


“You want to get out, little boy?”


“Yes, I do … please.”


“Hold on.” She advised, grabbing the bucket and dumping about ten loads of water over my sudsy hair.  “Okay, stand up.”


I was so happy that my bath was over with.  I never want to let her wash my penis ever again.  She’s so rough with it.  When I stepped out, she started patting me dry with a giant towel that practically wrapped me up … but I knew what was coming, as it always does.




She blew raspberries against my belly button and made me giggle.  (What a surprise.)


Then she stood up and said, “Okay, Derrek, now go pee and brush your teeth.”


“Brush my teeth?” I questioned.  “But I haven’t had my bedtime snack yet.”


“Derrek, I watched you stuff your face like a pig with pizza at dinner.  You don’t need any bedtime snack.”


“Can I at least have some privacy when I pee?”




“Why do you have to watch me pee?”


“Because I’ve never seen a boy pee with an erection before.  This should be interesting.”


“I’ll let it go down first.”


“No Derrek, do it now.  I’ll help you.”


Then Maddie wrapped her arms around my naked body and turned me around to face the bathtub again.


“You need a bigger target, Derrek.  The toilet is too small.  Pee in the tub.  It’ll drain out with the water.”


Then she tried to grab my penis to aim it, and I started to struggle against her.  We were wrestling over who got to hold onto my penis when I finally peed.  She went back to her old bag of tricks … tickling and pinching me.


The tickling made me squeal, but the pinching and twisting was horribly painful.  I don’t think she even knew how much those hurt me.


I cried out, “Oww!  Stop!  Stop!  Okay!  Stop!”


“Put your hands at your sides, Derrek,” my sister ordered me … and I complied.


Maddie stood directly behind me and reached around, taking hold of my erect penis with both of her hands.  I felt like such a child cuz that’s the way she treats me.  My life was miserable because I happened to have a sister who was five years older than me.  She was relishing her power trip.


“Any time you’re ready, little bro.”


When I had an erection, it was harder to get the flow of urine started.  When I did, it nearly shot up to the ceiling in long arc.  Maddie started playing ‘fireman’, aiming my pee all over the tub area … and laughing about it.


“Your boy toy is so fun, Derrek.  You should let me do this more often.  Did you want to jack off again now?”


“No.”  (Why the hell would I want to double my humiliation in front of my sister?)


Maddie handed me my toothbrush, adding “Don’t forget to floss.”


“Can I put my PJ’s on first?”


“No.  Start brushing.”


My sister was acting as if me being naked all the time was normal.  It wasn’t.  I was just as embarrassed now as when she undressed me for my spanking.


I finished my brushing and using the flossing stick and I put everything away.  I was angry that she wouldn’t let me have a bedtime snack, but I figured it would make things worse if I whined about it.


“Can I get in my PJ’s now, please, Maddie?”


She took hold of my wrist and led me back into my bedroom and shut the door.  She asked, “Derrek, why is there a crib in your room?”


(Oh shit.  I should have taken that thing down immediately after Sammantha punished me some months ago.  Now I was really worried that Maddie was getting ideas.)


I tried to explain, “I used it when I was little.  We just have no place else to put it right now.”


Maddie grabbed the top bar of the crib and shook it.  “It seems pretty well put together.  Who built it, Derrek?”


I swallowed hard and replied, “I did.”


“Well, you must have been very talented when you were little.  Do the front bars still slide up and down easily?”


“I don’t know,” I muttered.


“Well, show me how it works, Derrek.  Show me how the front gate slides down.  You’ve obviously done it before.”


“Can I put my PJ’s on first?”


“No, first show me how the front gate works.”


I tepidly approached the crib and took hold of the two tabs situated on the left and right sides.  I squeezed them together simultaneously with my thumbs and forefingers.  The gate slid down.


“That looked pretty easy, Derrek.”


“Can I put my PJ’s on now, please?”


“You know, Derrek, I was just wondering if you could still fit in the crib at age twelve.  Why don’t you hop up on the pad and see.”


“Well, actually Maddie, I’d rather not.”  (I didn’t realize when I said that, that Maddie had picked up the wooden ruler again … and she used it.)


“Owwwwwwww!!  Stop it!”  I rubbed my buttocks again.  The wooden ruler really stings.


“Want some more, Derrek?” she asked.  “Come on now … hop, hop, hop.”


This time, I hopped up into the crib and tried to sit.  I could, except I had to cross my legs. Maddie came forward and raised the bar till it clanged shut.


My sister then informed me, “I’m putting you to bed early, Derrek.”





End Chapter 73

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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