A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated May 19, 2024

Chapter 42

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My eyes peeled back widely.  She smiled and asked, “Doesn’t this feel good?”


Truthfully, it felt traumatizing.  I wasn’t supposed to be doing this.  Then she poured some more root beer on the wash cloths and gave them both to me.  She raised my hands and, without speaking, instructed me to move them in circles against her budding breasts.  My condition was truly a curse.  I knew right from wrong, and this was wrong … Humbert Humbert knew it was wrong.  Lolita, here, obviously did not.  Showering with Sammantha was one thing.  Showering with a kid was a whole different ballgame.


“You missed some sand, Derrek.”


“I did?”


She guided my right hand back down to her nether world and this time made sure that I washed her pussy thoroughly inside and out.  (Oh god, help me.)


“All set?” she asked.  “Are you hungry?  Come on, let’s fix you up before we eat.”


Fix me up?  What a surprise … another erection.  This time she reached between my legs and led me back to the kitchen by my boner.  A dog leash would not have been more humiliating. (That was actually the game I played with bunny rabbit but I wasn’t going to tell her that.)   I was too weak to say no.  I was her guest and I didn’t want to make her mad.  Another dunk in an ice cold glass of Coca-Cola made me presentable.


“What’s your pleasure, stranger?” she kidded.  “Hot dogs, burgers, or barbeque chicken?”


“The chicken sounds great.”


“Don’t forget the fixin’s … baked beans, potato salad, cole slaw, and save some room for dessert.”


I saw Sammantha ahead of me in line and I asked, “Do you want to eat together?”


“Eat with your friends, sweety.  I’ll be with Gladstone.”


(Oh, yeah, the guy with the wealthy schlong.  I wonder how much his cock is worth?)


Nothing like getting exiled to the kiddie table … reminded me of Thanksgiving.  So here I am, eating with all the young nubiles … how lovely.  And I was one of them.  At least my paper plate could cover my lap if another accident poked up.


All the island boys were uncircumcised … must be the tradition here.  At public hospitals in Buffalo, the ‘snip-snip’ was usually routine.  When I was in the sixth grade, the biggest whisper around the boys at recess was which girls were getting their boobies started.  The outing today would have been the school lunch of our dreams. But I’m not sure I could have handled it. The boys in my class were all highly embarrassed just by the sex-ed movie in health class.


After dinner, all the kids went down to the private beach for a swim.  Oddly, I felt like I was really fitting in, doing this activity.  We were skinny dipping in the ocean.  And it was fun splashing around.  Salt water was my savior. 


And sex games were now the rage.  What required ‘fixing’ on land became the girls’ goal in the sea.  There were no rules under the water.  Every girl dove under the surface and ambushed my penis at least once.  A few of them didn’t want to let go.  Some of them ‘goosed’ me.  I was pretty surprised when they stuck their index fingers up my rectum.


I totally lost my inhibitions and admittedly, copped some good feels of my own, both above and below their belly buttons.  I was evil … heathenish.  I hoped that this would be the last time I ever participated in such a wantonly lascivious event.


We returned to the patio and toweled off.  Guests started leaving.  In a little while, Gladstone and Sammantha came our way.


“Penelope dear,” said the man, “Sammantha and I are going upstairs for a bit.  I want to show her my etchings.  Why don’t you entertain Derrek for a while?”


My little nude host smiled.  “Sure, Daddy, I’d love to.”  She took my hand, but before she could run me upstairs, Sammantha gave me a stern warning.


“Derrek … no intercourse and no showering together.”


“Yes, Mom.”  I wasn’t about to tell her that part two was already a ‘been there, done that’.  She must have been referring to regular water anyway.


Penelope ran me up to her bedroom and shut the door … and locked it.  (Oh shit … my immorality play continues.)


She pointed to her bed.  “Lay down with me, Derrek.  The cover is soft.”


I did lie down, but terrible thoughts flashed through my brain.  I felt that Penelope was actually a space alien who had come down to earth to kidnap me in order to perform horrible sexual experiments on my body.


She laid down next to me till our bodies touched, and she tried to reassure me.


“I want you to relax, Derrek.  I know that today hasn’t been easy for you and that it’s hard for an off-islander to adjust to our ‘free’ lifestyle.”


I was lying on my back.  “You’ve been really kind to me, Penelope.  I had a great time here tonight and I want to thank you.”


I shivered as Penelope kissed me started running her index fingernail down the length of my torso.


“You’re most welcome, Derrek.  And I don’t want you to feel any pressure now.  Just rest your hands under your butt and let me play with your body.”


“Okay.”  I had gone too far to say otherwise.


Once I complied, she switched her fingernail to the shaft of my penis.  It didn’t take long for me to get hard again. She rubbed the shaft up and down slowly … trying to get me off?


Then she posed a question.  “How come your mom won’t let you have sex, Derrek?”


“She doesn’t think I’m ready.”


“Should I show her the size of Peepee the clown?”


“I mean … emotionally.”


“You and I both know that’s not true, Derrek.  How about if we do it and just not tell her?”


I swallowed hard and answered, “I can’t lie to my mom, Penelope.  The punishment isn’t worth the risk.”


“You can’t lie … or you won’t lie?”


“My mom sees right through me.  If I ever lied to her, she wouldn’t hesitate to swat me with her fifteen inch sorority paddle.”


“You’re kidding … Is it the kind with the air holes drilled through to reduce wind resistance?”




“Wow, your mom is really strict.  So tell me more about your penis.  I never realized that a circumcised cock is so much cuter than the ones we have here.  Why did they do that to you?  Are you Jewish?”


“No, I think it’s just more traditional in hospitals in the northern cities.”


“Can you shoot cum?”


“Not yet.”


“Oh cute, you’re still a little boy … but at least you have no mess to clean up.  And you can’t touch water?  Are you allowed to be licked?”


“Licking’s okay.”


Penelope immediately bent over me and began flicking her tongue across my nipples.  I shivered again.


“Oh, you like it?” she inquired.  “How about down here?”


She treated my member like a popsicle … biting, chewing, licking, sucking.  I felt like her captive.


Then she moved to the ‘on top’ position and straddled my waist … and grinded her pubis against my erection so that the tip of my member rubbed harshly against her clitoris.  This was about as close to intercourse as two people could get without technically performing the act itself … and she was getting glitter all over my penis.


“Penelope, I think we’re going to have matching crotches.”


The girl paused her grinding for a second and looked down at my organ.


“Hey, that’s a great idea!” she exclaimed.


Penelope then got off my body and pointed back at me, warning, “Don’t you move, now, Derrek.”


I quietly answered, “I have no place to go.”  (especially with my hands still tucked under my butt)  I guess the space alien wanted to perform more sexual experiments on her captive prisoner.


Penelope opened a drawer in her student desk and brought back a fairly large tube of glitter and a jar of non-toxic ‘Halloween’ glue.  My head was elevated enough on the pillow that I could watch her use the built-in brush on the glue jar cap to slather my penis, scrotum, and pubic region with heaps of sticky goo.  My hairless crotch offered her a perfect blank canvass … and my erection wasn’t fading anytime soon.


Penelope didn’t waste any time.  She poured the entire tube of glitter on my boner and then began to massage the whole sparkling mess around with her fingers. This was one of the weirdest feelings I’ve ever had in my groin.  The head of my penis now looked like the torch held up by the arm of the Statue of Liberty … so much for the smiling face.  It was shining brightly in the reflected light.  I was now the proud owner of the ‘star spangled penis’.


My little host was delighted by her handiwork.  She helped me sit up and then brought me over to her full length mirror.  I was mortified. The sight of my sparkling reproductive organs should have been enough to give me a boner that would last for the rest of my life.


“You are so gorgeous!” she squealed … and she took my picture (into the mirror) with her cell phone before I could ask her not to.  “Don’t worry,” she reassured me.  “That pic is for me only … strictly private.”


(‘Yeah, private,’ I thought.  ‘Private for you and all your classmates I met today.’)


When I turned to face her, something odd caught my eye.  Penelope had a shelf full of stuffed animals, and one of them looked familiar.  I approached the shelf and picked up the animal in question.  Then I softly let out a ‘wohhhhh’.


The girl smiled.  “You like Nicolet, Derrick?  She’s one of my favorites.”


“Penelope, you’re not going to believe it, but this rabbit is my favorite too … I have the same one, except mine is a boy rabbit.”


“That’s terrific, Derrek!  What’s your bunny rabbit’s name?”


“Well, that sort of is his name.  I just call him bunny rabbit, and I’ve had him since I was … well, since I was younger.”


“Did you bring him on your trip?”


“I did.”


“Did you bring him with you?”


“Yeah, I never took him out of the rental car.”


“Oh, you have to go get your bunny rabbit, Derrek.  Go now.”






End Chapter 42

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated May 19, 2024


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