A Comedy of AR's

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Chapter 75
Freaky Friday (21) – Playmates

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I was very happy to get dressed again and start on our 20 minute walk to the Walden Galleria Mall.  While other malls were dying off, this one was probably the biggest mall in western New York with over 200 stores.  I usually avoided coming here because it was too tempting to spend bocu bucks.


But our mission today was the food court and I was just hoping we could get inside, since we weren’t being accompanied by our ‘parents’.


“I have to compliment you, Derrek.”


“What for?” I wondered.


“You were a real trooper this morning … putting in your first tampon while maintaining such class and dignity.”


I shot back, “You want me to smack you, Sam?”


“No, I want you to save us a seat, Derrek.  The round table booth is empty.  Why don’t you grab it, and I’ll get the food.  You still want Charley’s?”


“Oh yeah … the Philly cheese stake and strawberry lemonade, can’t beat it.”


“I’ll be right back,” said the boy.


It was nice to get out of the apartment.  And the round booth gave us plenty of room to stretch out.  But I wasn’t the only one who coveted this prime space.  Two figures approached my table.


I sat down first.  But the blonde and black haired girls had other ideas.  Holy shit … it was none other than Starline and Duchess.  I swear they must be stalking me.


Starline always led off.  “Um, excuse me, whoever you are.  We have friends meeting us at the food court, and whenever we come here, this is always our table.”


“Really?” I said with a surprised look.


“Oh Yes,” answered Starline.  “So I’m sorry, but you’re going to have leave and find another table.”


I smiled and nodded.  “Oh, that’s okay, I don’t mind staying here.”


Starline presented open hands.  “Didn’t you hear what I just said?  You need to leave and find another table … now.”


“Fine, I’ll leave, but first you’re going to have to lie down next to me here on the soft bench.”


The blonde was puzzled.  “What?  What are you talking about?”


“Because then I’m going to pull the string on my tampon, take it out, and shove it right up your cunt with my fist.”


The two girls called out in unison, “Ewwwwwwww, gross!”


“You are a horrible person,” added the black-haired Duchess.


I followed up with a threatening fist, “Not yet bitches … because if you’re still in my face after ten seconds, then you’re both going to be bleeding badly, only not out of your pussies, if you get my drift.”


Starline huffed, “Well, you’re the bitch, bitch,” and the two of them ‘about-faced’ and walked away.”


A few minutes later, Sam returned with the cheese steaks.


“You missed all the excitement,” I told him.


“Why, what happened?”


“Starline and Duchess wanted to kick us out and steal our table.”


Sam’s eyes widened.  “Wait, are you talking about the same two girls who pierced my ear at the school?  So what did you tell them?”


I repeated my conversation with the two girls.


Sam just shook his head.  “I have to agree with the girls … That sounds really gross.”


“But I didn’t give up our table.”


Sam handed me my sandwich.  “I can see that, Derrek.  It seems that while you’re in my body, you’re also acquiring some of Sammantha Adams’ personality traits … You’re stubborn and aggressive.”


I shrugged.  “Maybe so … I’m starting to appreciate having a strong body, but I’m not so sure what to do with these ‘training boobs’.”


“You know, Derrek, this is the first time we’ve been about the same height since our first week of dating.  You’re going to pass me by tomorrow when you hit thirteen … So we should be playmates today … before I have to start calling you ‘Mom’ again.”


“What did you have in mind, Sam?”


“Ummm, maybe a little rough sex?”


I wasn’t so sure I wanted to get into that.  “Sam are you talking about the kind of s-e-x where after we beat the hell out each other, Derrek the girl ends up getting fucked?”


The boy explained, “Derrek, as long as you are a girl, I would think that you would be very curious to find out what it’s like to get fucked.”


“I found out this morning when you stuck a mouse up my pussy.”


“That’s not the same at all.  Come on, Derrek, how many times did I let you fuck me when I was the girl?


“Sam, those bucket list items were not exactly romantic liaisons.”


“Okay, but aside from those, the answer is lots and lots.  So I think it would be very nice if you were willing to reciprocate a little bit.  There’s nothing better than losing your virginity to someone who loves you.”


“Are you hitting on me, Sam?”


“Penelope was right, Derrek … You’re funny … Now don’t make me get on my knees and beg.”


“Sam, how can you fuck me when I’m wearing a tampon?”


“You’ll take it out when we wrestle.”


“But won’t I ‘drip-drip’ on the bed sheet like a leaky faucet?”


“Not too much,” the boy answered.  “We can wash the sheet after.”


He made me think about it more.  “Sam, you do know that right now, my eleven-year-old girl body is stronger than you’re boy body, and I’m afraid I might hurt you.”


“I like it rough, Derrek.  You know that.  But keep in mind our rules forbid injuring your opponent.”


“Are you going to punch my training boobs?”


“I’ll certainly try.  Remember, we’ll be nude except for socks.”


“Sam, if you get me riled up, I might not be so nice to you this time.”


“I ask no quarter from you, tough girl … Just please try to be gentle with my testicles.  All the years as a girl, I had no idea how bad those nuts would hurt.  I think it was god’s penalty to males for not getting periods.”


“Sam, are we going to allow pinching and tickling?”


“Hmmm … Let’s say at only a 50 percent effort.  I don’t think purple nurples should be a main weapon of attack.”


“I have a feeling, Sam, that we’ll be calling for ‘breaks’ a lot more times than in our first match.  As adult Derrek, I was just following a script then.”


“That’s why I’m so excited about this match.”


I scoffed, “Ahh, you just want to fuck me, Sam.  You want to dominate.  What if I turned the tables and put on a strap-on and fucked you?”


The boy shrugged.  “You could probably do it, too.  But I would hope that you’d be a sport and give me a turn in the driver’s seat.  I’m done eating, are you?”


“Yeah, but I want to make a stop at our ‘friends’ table on our way out.  Why don’t you head downstairs to the entrance where we came in and I’ll meet you there.  It would be a bad scene if they caught you hanging around with me.”


The boy shook his head.  “Derrek, can’t you just leave well enough alone?”




“I don’t want you getting into a fight and getting nabbed by mall security.”


“I hear you, Sam … don’t worry.”


“Don’t worry?  I don’t trust you, Derrek.  You’ve got an ‘attitude’ now.”


I pushed the boy away.  “No fighting, Sam, I promise.”


I walked to the other end of the food court and saw the five girls sitting at a rectangular table.  I snuck up behind Starline and started massaging the trapezius muscles on her shoulders.


I said to the group, “S’up, bitches?  Too bad that bully kicked you out of your round table.  People these days can be so rude, you know?”


Starline flipped out.  She stood up and yelled, “Take your fucking hands off me, bitch!  In case you can’t count, there’s five of us and only one of you.”


I huffed back while pointing at her, “You may be good in math, but when the rumble starts, the only one I’m going to cripple is you, Starline.”


The girl was shocked.  “Wait!  How did you know my name?”


I explained dryly, “One of your friends at this table gave you away … and I ain’t saying which one.”  Then I turned my back with a farewell address.  “Later, bitches.”








I recounted my confrontation to Sam as we left to walk back.


“Interesting strategy, Derrek,” he said.  “So you wanted to sew the seeds of mistrust among Starline’s social group.  Well, you were right … I’m glad I wasn’t there.


“Sam, it’s a powerful feeling knowing when people are afraid of you.”


“That’s why we have bullies in this world.  And I hope you’re not one of them.”


“Nope, but sorry to say, I’m carrying around a serious grudge after what she did to me in the women’s bathroom at the grocery store when I was a two-year-old boy getting my diaper changed … and you missed the whole thing.”


“So what was it that Starline did?”


I grumbled, “Same as the nun … She tried to yank off my penis.”


Sam sighed.  “In that case, I concede to your grudge.”


“You know, Sam, there was a time once when we were both eleven years old in the past.  We could have been playmates back then.”


“That would never have happened, Derrek.  I hated boys.  In fact, one of the reasons I’m so looking forward to today, is that for the first time, I’ll get to fuck a boy in real life, or at least a former boy.  So I admit that I’m a bad person.”


I shook my head. “Naaaaaah, you’re not a bad person, Sammantha.  You’re just a freak.”




End Chapter 75

A Comedy of AR's

by: Sammderr | Story In Progress | Last updated Jul 6, 2024


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