Karting with Mommy and Daddy

by: Achuloh | Complete Story | Last updated May 7, 2021

Chapter 4
Chapter 4

Chapter 4

“Hewe’s the plan,” Tim said. “I’ll distwact hew from the other side, and try to get her in a conversation. You sneak up behind her and twy and get the device from her pocket or whewevew she’s got it. Sound good?”

“Sounds good to me!” Gloria said.

Tim waddled towards the sandbox, and Gloria got into position.

“Mawy!” Tim said. “Thewe you awe.”

Mary looked up at Tim’s approach.

“Hey, Timmy,” she said excitedly. “Look at all the new friends I made!” She motioned to the three five year olds next to her.

Tim recognized Bethany, the 5 year old high schooler from before, but he didn’t know these two newcomers, who seemed to be swamped in clothes far too big for them.

Bethany wasn’t paying attention to Tim and Mary’s conversation.

“Come on, play with me, mommy and daddy! You know what Mary said she’d do if you didn’t.”

The little boy tried to stand up, but his clothes were making this difficult. “No, Bethany! Whatever your friend did, make her reverse it. Graduation is a big day, and we need to start thinking about your future. Soon you’re going to be six, and you’ll have to start thinking about college or what career you want to do.”

Bethany stuck her tongue out at her dad. “Nuh uh. That sounds super boring! I just wanna play and have fun all day.”

The other little girl freed herself of her clothes, “But honey, you can’t be our little girl forever! You’ve got to grow up some day.”

Bethany crossed her arms. She interrupted the conversation Mary and Tim had been having, “Mary, my mommy and daddy don’t want to play with me, make them play with me like you said!”

Mary looked over and pulled out the device. She pointed it at Bethany’s mom and pressed down.

Bethany walked up to the dazed girl, “Do you wanna play with me now?” she asked.

The little girl let her remaining adult clothes fall off and jumped up excitedly, “Sure!”

“Elizabeth?” the little boy asked. “Did she make you think like a kid?”

“Don’t worry,” Mary said. “You’ll soon be joining her!”

Before she could press the button, though, someone jumped on her from behind. The device went flying and Gloria and Mary both scrambled to be the first to get it. Mary was the taller of the two of them, and she was almost upon it when Tim jumped on it.

“Give it back to me, you meanie!” Mary said, trying to pry the device away from Tim.

Tim put up a good fight, deciding to bite and scratch to make up for the massive physical difference between the two of them, but his efforts were in vain. All the hands on the device pressed one of the buttons, and Tim ended up with a glazed, empty look in his eyes that gave Mary time to get the device.

However, Mary didn’t have much time to celebrate, as Gloria also grabbed the device and they were soon playing tug of war with it. Finally, Mary was succesful and pushed Gloria to the ground and stood up.

“You won’t be doing that again!” Mary said, pointing the device and not realizing she had it backwards. She pressed a button, and her eyes glazed over as well.

Seizing the opportunity, Gloria kicked it out of Mary’s hand and tripped her to the ground. Gloria grabbed the device and pointed it at Mary.

“Don’t you dare, you bitch!” Gloria said.

“Woah, what are you, like, doing?” Mary asked. “Where am I?”

Gloria understood what must have happened. “How old do you think you are?”

“I’m, like, 15,” Mary responded. “What is that thing? Where are we?”

“Look at yourself,” Gloria said. “This device has changed everyone’s ages here. You regressed me during a speech and made a fool out of me.”

Mary could hear the hurt in Gloria’s voice.

“Wow, I don’t remember any of that,” Mary said. “But I’m, like, really sorry if that’s true!”

Gloria stood up.

“Oh, it’s true!” Gloria said. “And now you’re going to pay for what you did to me.”

Gloria expected Tim to object to this turn of events, but Tim was sucking his thumb and watching the conversation non-plussed. It seemed his mental age now matched his physical age. All the better.

Gloria pressed the button and Mary tried to shield herself with her arms, but there was a spark and then a bit of smoke came out of the device.

“It… broke?” Gloria said, trying a few other buttons. Nothing was working.

Mary breathed a sigh of relief. Then she tried to extend the olive branch again.

“Gloria, I’m really, like, sorry about all this. I know what I did must have totally hurt you, but it looks like your age thingy is busted and everyone’s still changed. If you want to, like, put things right, you need to calm down and listen to me.”

Gloria tried a few more buttons, but finally let out a huff and lowered her hand.

“Alright, I guess I don’t have a choice,” Gloria said.

Mary smiled, “Okay, first tell me what ages everyone is supposed to be.”

Gloria surveyed her surroundings.

“Well, you were babysitting Tim and he was supposed to be 13, but you made him a 3 year old-”

Mary couldn’t contain her surprised reaction. “Woah, that’s Timmy? If he’s supposed to be 13 and he’s 3 then I must be, like, 18 or 19?”

Gloria nodded.

“And who are all those five year olds?” Mary asked.

“Well, one of them is my classmate, Bethany,” she pointed. “You didn’t change anything about her.”

Mary had a passing doubt about a 5 year old being a high schooler, but she shrugged and continued to listen.

Gloria continued. “The other two are her parents - that’s her mom and dad.”

Bethany’s mom was ignoring all the silly talk that was happening and making a great big sand castle with her daughter. Bethany’s father, Phillip, was trying to get her to remember something of her previous life.

“Come on, Elizabeth,” he said. “Don’t you remember being a mother, or my wife?”

“Nuh-uh,” Elizabeth said. “I don’t want to play house now! I want to make a great big castle. And don’t call me ‘Lizbeth, I’m Lizzy.”

“Okay,” Mary said. “I think I’m, like, all caught up.”

“Not quite,” Gloria said. “I think you were also made older - you don’t seem 18. You look more mature than that.”

Mary looked down, and had to agree. “I guess I did, like, fill out even more.”

Gloria nodded.

“Oh, I almost forgot myself!” Gloria said. “Tim told me I’m supposed to be 18, but right now I only remember being 13.”

Mary was shocked. “Oh, wow! The way you talked I was sure you were, like, older than me. But you’re only 13.”

Gloria rolled her eyes. Mary seemed like kind of an airhead at this age, and yet she was two years “older” than her. Gloria was reminded why she tended to avoid hanging out with kids her age, and tended to prefer adults.

“Well,” Mary said. “I think we need to, like, get all of these people to Tim’s dad’s house. Tim’s dad is a super smart inventor and we might be able to find something in the basement that would help us out.”

Gloria nodded.

“Alright, kids! Let’s get going.” Gloria said. “We’re walking to Timmy’s house.”

“I’m not a kid,” Phillip protested.

“Well, if you don’t want to be a kid soon, you’ll have to come with us and get your wife and daughter to come with us.”

“Come on, Eli-, uh, Lizzy,” he said. “Don’t you want to be old again?”

Lizzy crossed her arms. “No!” she said petulantly. “I’m having fun. Being a mommy sounds boring! Let Bethy do it.”

“Yeah, daddy!” Bethany said. “I wanna be the mommy. Then I can boss you and Lizzy around.”

“No, Bethany!” said her father, “You’ll do no such thing. Your mom and I are going to be returned to normal, and then you’re going to be grounded for a month!”

Bethany stuck her tongue out at her dad. “Not if I make myself a big girl first. If I’m big, you won’t be able to stop me!”

Mary and Gloria didn’t know how to react to this.

“Uh, yeah,” Gloria finally said. “We’ll get everything sorted back at Tim’s house. Let’s go kids, and Bethany’s dad.”

Mary took the hands of Bethany and Lizzy and Gloria took the hands of Timmy and Phillip. Phillip wrestled his hand away and insisted on walking by himself.

“How far is this place,” Phillip complained. “These tiny legs take forever to get anywhere. Why can’t we take our car?”

Mary frowned. “I only have my learners permit, and Gloria doesn’t, like, know how to drive. And I doubt you’d be able to reach the pedals. It’s really not that far away - just walk and all this will be over before you know it.”

“Whatever,” Phillip said, crossing his arms.

* * *

The six of them arrived at Tim’s home and let themselves inside.

“Alright, somebody needs to watch the kids, while somebody else fixes the device,” Gloria said.

Mary crossed her arms, “Well, I’ve babysat Timmy since he was little, but I don’t have any experience taking care of four little kids at once. I don’t know if I can do it.”

“Three little kids,” Phillip said crossly. “Why do you keep forgetting I’m a grown man with a wife and kids?”

“Oh, right,” Mary said. “Maybe you could, like, take care of them?”

“No,” Phillip said, “We need people who actually stand a chance of fixing the device working on it. I have a little experience with broken electronics, and that girl is the high school valedictorian. Even if she’s just mentally 13 now, she probably stands a better chance of helping me out.”

Mary pouted, “I’m, like, smart too! I could totally help.”

Gloria suddenly had a wicked thought. Forcing Mary to take care of the kids now seemed like the perfect payback.

“No, Mary,” Gloria said. “Phillip’s right, I think the two of us should work on fixing the device before Tim’s parent’s get home and you should take care of the kids. We don’t need a bimbo helping us out.” Gloria gestured to the outfit Mary had put on when she was mentally 5, which left almost nothing to the imagination.

“I’m not a bimbo!” Mary retorted. “I’m in the top, like, 20% of my class. I have no idea why I’m in this super skimpy dress!”

However, Gloria had already started to guide Phillip down to the basement lab.

Mary turned back to the kids, and muttered to herself. “I’m not a bimbo.”

* * *

Gloria and Phillip had trouble navigating the massive basement. There were dozens of mechanical contraptions and devices of various description, and rats nests of wires and screens.

“Okay,” Phillip said. “Let’s see what we’ve got here.”

They poked around, and finally Gloria shouted excitedly.

“Look,” she said. “I’ve found the schematic for the device!”

“Perfect!” Phillip said. “Now we just have to open it up and see what’s gone wrong.”

* * *

Mary had her hands full. Timmy was a nightmare at 3, and she kept having to stop him from getting under the bathroom sink with its many chemicals, which took her attention away from Bethany and Lizzy who seemed quite adept at getting into trouble themselves. Mary had only left them for 10 minutes, before she came back and found that they had broken into some cookies in the pantry and had eaten half the box and left boxed everywhere.

“Ugh,” Mary said. “They should, like, be helping me! I can’t take care of all these kids by my self.”

* * *

Phillip’s hands were too unsteady for any serious work, so he directed Gloria through the process of soldering some wires and replacing one of the chips that thankfully had a backup on the table.

“It’s done!” Gloria said. “Now, I should be able to make you normal again.”

“Do it!” Phillip said. “I can’t take care of my wife and daughter like this.”

Gloria pointed the device at Phillip, and he could feel his body changing. Yes! He was going to leave his child body behind. Except.

“Wait, why did you stop?” Phillip asked. His body seemed to be about 15 now. The athletic body of a star football player.

“I think it’s leaking or something,” Gloria said. “I could feel my clothes getting tighter.”

Sure enough, Gloria now looked to be in her late 20’s now. She had been a bookish wallflower in appearance before, but Phillip had to admit that she had bloomed into an attractive young woman. Someday, a man would be very lucky to have her. Smart and sexy - a killer combination.

“I’m going to try to make you younger again to see if it fixes me,” she said.

She pressed down and nothing obvious changed with Phillip, though he had a faraway look in his eyes.

“Woah,” Phillip said looking around. He was in a strange basement with a total hottie in tight clothes that were straining against her assets. “Who are you? And more importantly, are you single?”

Gloria blushed, realizing what must have happened. Phil was mentally younger now.

“I’m Phil,” he said, extending a hand. “I’m sorry if I’m being a little forward. It’s just that you’re gorgeous, and I have no idea what’s happening right now. Am I in heaven? Am I dreaming.”

“Gloria,” she said. “And no, you’re awake on Earth at the moment.”

“Well, there’s one way to find out,” Phil said. He leaned in and gave Gloria a kiss on the mouth.

Gloria’s 13 year old mind was going into overdrive. She had never gotten attention from boys, and had decided that she was going to put academics ahead of romance in the years to come. It didn’t help that she wasn’t very confident, being in the middle of an awkward adolescence. But now she had an adult body, and an older boy was kissing her! Was this what the girls in her class who had developed early went through?

Gloria returned the kiss passionately, but then got a hold of herself and pushed Phil away.

“No, we can’t do this,” she said. “You’re m-” She cut herself off. She was going to say ‘married’, but he clearly didn’t remember this. And maybe she didn’t want to remind him.

“Are you worried about my mom?” he said. “Don’t worry, she’s cool. She won’t mind me bringing home an older woman.” He paused. “It wouldn’t be the first - I like mature women. And you,” he stepped closer to her. “Are very mature.”

He kissed her again, and her knees melted. She let out an involuntary giggle. Her young and inexperienced mind didn’t know what to do in the face of moves like this from an older boy.

Phil grinned. Just as he had suspected. Gloria was incredibly sexy, but she seemed naive and pliant. The perfect combination - a sexy body and intellectual abilities on par with a high school drop out. He was a very lucky boy to end up with a ditzy woman like this.

“Do you know if there’s a bedroom around here?” Phil asked.

Gloria was flustered. “Uh, yes, but we need to-, I need to-,”

Phil stroked her thigh. “I’m sure whatever it is, it can wait.”

Gloria’s skin had goosebumps. She definitely needed to fix things. For sure. It would be the responsible thing to do. However…

“I-I guess a short break wouldn’t hurt...” she said.

“Great,” Phil said. “Why don’t you show me the way?”

Gloria took his hand and lead him quietly up the stairs. They heard Mary chastizing the kids, which caused Phil to give Gloria curious look. Gloria shushed him and continued to sneak up the stairs, expecting him to follow.

Phil took a quick peek over the banister, and saw a woman in her mid-20’s taking care of two five year olds and a toddler. He was too aroused to question what the meaning of that was, and followed Gloria up the stairs.

* * *

Mary had managed to get the kids sat down in front of a TV, and was going to make dinner for them when she heard a creak from the basement door. She wondered if Gloria and Phil were finally done with their efforts.

She went to the door to check, but when she called down, there was no answer. She walked down the stairs and found an empty workshop. Where were those two?

Then she saw the device. It looked like it had been put back together. Why had they left, then?

Oh well, she was eager to return all the kids to normal, so she grabbed the device and ran upstairs. She pointed the device at Lizzy, and pressed up on the physical age button.

The devices display was still dead and did not display a number, but Lizzy started to grow, and the blouse she was using as a dress started to not be sufficient to cover her. However, Lizzy wasn’t the only one who was growing. Mary noticed that Timmy and Bethany seemed to be getting bigger as well, though at a slower rate. And… it was probably in her head, but she felt a little different as well. A little… tired?

Lizzy looked about 10 now, while Bethany looked around 8 and Timmy was probably 6. She tried to reverse it, but instead of everyone getting littler Lizzy’s eyes glazed over and then she went from sitting in front of the TV in rapt attention to lying on her back. It was as if she had forgotten how to sit up.

“Lizzy?” Mary said.

“Uga bah!” Lizzy emphatically said, wiggling in place.

Shoot. So the physical age up button worked, but made everyone else older too. While the physical age down button reduced a person’s mental age. Gloria and Phil had somehow messed up. Is that why they were MIA? Had they tried using the device and discovered one of the buttons made you so young you were erased from existence or something?

Mary looked nervously at the device. Well, here goes nothing.

She tried the mental age up button.

Lizzy started to get smaller and smaller.

Mary sighed, and let up on the button. Lizzy was now 1 year old, and she was practically swimming in her blouse. Mary really just needed a break from babysitting small children. Was that too much to ask?

There were only a few more buttons left. She tried the mental age down button.

Mary smiled. Lizzy seemed perfectly normal now! Mary had no idea that if the display had not been broken, it would have read, “Global Awareness (Elizabeth): Off | ERR: Pointer error detected, awareness retention for device weilder may not function as intended.” The infant Lizzy was cooing and babbling happily - blissfully unaware of anything but her own hand when it occasionally came into view.

“Okay, now what do the remaining buttons, like, do?” Mary wondered aloud. She decided to use Timmy as a guinea pig. She pointed device at him, and pressed the Global Awareness button.

Timmy looked dazed for a bit, and when he blinked and looked around he was confused.

“Did Gloria and I’s plan work?” he said.

“Not quite,” Mary said. “But it’s good to see you back. How old do you think you are?”

“Thirteen,” he said. “Can you make me big again as well?”

“Well,” Mary said uneasily. “The remote isn’t working quite right, but I suppose so.”

She threw blankets over everyone for decency and pressed up on the age button, and soon Timmy was 13 again. Meanwhile, Bethany looked about 12 and Lizzy looked 4 again. Mary could tell that Bethany had changed, but even though Lizzy had clearly been affected as well, it seemed like it had just made her the correct age. Tim and the rest of the world saw nothing strange about Bethany and Lizzy’s current state.

Bethany looked down at her mom, who was smaller than her. This wasn’t unusual of course, but she still liked her idea from earlier. “Now I get to be the mommy! Yay!” She picked her mother up and started rocking her.

Tim started giving Mary a strange look. Along with his proper physical and mental age, his crush on his older babysitter had returned. However, she was now even older than before. She looked to be in her mid 30’s, but this didn’t lessen his feelings at all. He wondered if she had noticed.

“Uh, M-Mary,” he gulped out. “Have you seen yourself in a mirror recently?”

“No, why?” she said.

“You’re a lot older than you were.”

It must have been a result of the faulty device. Mary stood up and walked to the full length mirror in the hall. She gasped. She had been about 25 before but had never really gotten a good look at herself, but she was definitely older than that now. It was so bizarre to expect her teenage self, and to instead seee a woman who could have been her mother staring back at her.

Tim soon appeared behind her.

“Uh, Mary,” Tim said nervously. “I don’t know how old you are mentally right now, but you don’t seem to be 5 anymore…”

“I’m 15,” she said quietly.

So she had lost 3 years. And in the process, the two of them were now closer in age than they had ever been. At least mentally.

“Well, Mary,” Tim said. “I’m not a little kid anymore, and you’re not an adult anymore. At least up here,” he pointed at his head. “I know you’re going to have to change us all back eventually, but I, uh, I was wondering if you’d be willing to stay this way for a little bit. I-I,” at this point his mouth was starting to turn to mush. He squeezed out the words, “I really like you, and I was wondering if you’d be willing to be my girlfriend.”

Mary looked at him stunned. The Tim she remembered was just 10 years old. He was starting to show the signs of a puppy love recently, but she had been sure he would get over it. Had Tim really carried the torch for her for 3 whole years?

She looked at Tim as if for the first time. Three years had done wonders for him. He was still a little young for her tastes, but he was actually kind of cute and she could see he had the potential to be a total hunk in a few years.

Mary gave a mischievous smile. “Alright, your parents won’t be back for about an hour or two. Maybe you and I can get to know each other as equals for a little bit before we get everyone back to normal.”

Mary pointed the device at him, and pressed a button. He started to grow before her eyes. Soon she was looking at a 19 year old version of Tim. The blanket and ripped shirt could barely hide the fact that he was tall and muscly now. Mary bit her lip. This was definitely a welcome change.

“Here,” Tim said. “Give me the device, I can fix your physical age.”

Mary handed the device to Tim absentmindedly, fantasizing about what she’d see under the blanket.

Tim pressed down on the physical age button, just as Mary was shocked out of her reveries.

“Wait, Tim! The buttons-”

And just like that, a year of mental maturity melted off Mary. She was now a 14 year old in the body of a 40 year old, with a hot 19 year old in front of her.

“Oh, no,” Tim said. “How old are you, Mary?”

Mary decided to lie to the man. She wanted to seem mature, and flirt with him. “I’m, uh, 18.”

Tim frowned. Well, there went the plan of spending the rest of the evening as equals.

“I don’t suppose you’d consider making the next hour or two a date still,” Tim said.

“A d-date?” Mary said, her face turning bright pink. “Of course I’d, like, date you!” That lost year of maturity was getting rid of any composure and tact she might have had before.

“Really?” Tim said, surprised.

“Of course!” she said.

“Alright,” Tim said. “Let me just try to figure out the right button.”

Mary had said something about the buttons before he had made her mentally older. He didn’t know which to try, so he tried mental down just in case. And just like that she was normal.

[Global Awareness (Mary): Off | ERR: Pointer error detected, awareness retention for device weilder may not function as intended.]

“Well, Mary,” Tim said, satisfied. “Shall we go to my room?”

Mary’s heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest. A hot older guy, dressed in only a blanket was asking her to go back to her room. Her middle school friends were going to be so jealous when she told them.

And so Tim led Mary to his room. They heard moaning from his parents room. Were they - were they home? Tim was too aroused right now to care. He decided he was going to risk whatever punishment they decided to throw at him.

Mary shut the door behind her, and Tim let the blanket drop.

Mary gasped. She had never seen a man naked before. She could also see that Tim’s cock was at full attention right now. He smelled so manly. So sexy.

However, even as she felt her own arousal grow she also couldn’t help but be a bit shy.

“Are you okay?” Tim asked.

“I’m fine,” Mary said. “It’s just, uh, well… I’ve never, you know, had sex with anyone before.”

Tim was surprised. Mary had always mentioned boyfriends over the years, and he had always felt a little jealous. But here she was, claiming to be 18 and still a virgin. Maybe he owed her ex-boyfriends an apology for all the evil eyes he had given them over the years.

“It’s okay,” Tim said. He wanted to admit he was virgin too, but he was suddenly embarrased by the fact. He decided to say his own white lie, “Don’t worry, I’ll let you know exactly what you need to do. I’m a pro at this.”

Mary took a step back. Was this man just a player of some sort? Would he just use her and then discard her like it was nothing? He was hot, he wanted her, and she couldn’t help but want him so badly.

“Oh, really?” she said looking at her feet. “Maybe you can, uh, start then?”

Mary stood frozen in place, a mix of arousal and nerves. There was so much she wanted to do, but it was like she was suddenly paralized.

Unbeknownst to Mary, Tim was having a very similar experience.

Stupid! Why had he told her he knew what he was doing. She had babysat him for years, she knew he never talked about having a girlfriend. It was such a stupid lie. And the worst part was, now he was choking at the most critical juncture. He had no idea what to do.

Tim and Mary stood staring at each other, not quite knowing what to do, when finally, Tim got up the courage to make the first move. He lifted his trembling hand to Mary’s face and went in for a kiss.

It was both of their first kisses, and they didn’t quite know what to do with their lips and tongues. Mary was a little surprised when Tim put his tongue in her mouth, but soon the two of them were both clumsily making out. Mary tried biting his lips in a playful manner, but she could tell from Tim’s reaction that it had been more painful than sexy.

Tim started awkwardly rubbing his hands over Mary’s back, and when he found the bottom of her scnadlously short dress, he tried pulling it off. She wasn’t ready for it, and he got stuck on her head, so she had to do the rest of taking her dress off.

Tim looked greedily at her body. It was the body of a fit 40 year old - Mary’s breasts were definitely starting to sag a little, and she had wrinkles and she no longer had the flat stomach of a teenager, but she was still a knockout as far as Tim was concerned.

Tim struggled to pull her bra off by unclasping it in back, but he eventually gave up and just pulled it off over her head.

The two of them continued to sloppily make out and made their way to the bed. Tim pushed Mary lightly onto her back, and looked down at her fantastic body. All she had on was some panties.

Tim got on top of Mary and the two of them kissed each other all over. He could feel his cock pressing up against her underwear - there was almost nothing separating him from heaven. Finally, when he could almost bear it no longer, Mary pulled down her panties.

Tim tried to get inside her without looking, but this proved tricky. He eventually had to pull his face away from hers and look down as he used his hand to guide his cock into her pussy.

Mary moaned as she felt him enter her. In her 14 years of life, she had never experienced something as magical as this. It was like like her 40 year old body had finally found its true purpose. Making love to men, to this man.

Both of them breathed heavily as they got into a rhythm. Tim had to stop a few times, because he wasn’t sure if he was doing it right, but eventually he could tell from her breathing that something was working and he just kept doing that.

Tim could feel the pleasure and pressure building and building, until he couldn’t handle it any more and he felt himself cumming inside of Mary. He was spent, and he just stopped moving inside of her for a few seconds taking the moment in, and then flopped beside her on the bed.

“That was amazing!” Tim said. “You’re wonderful.”

Mary felt a little cheated. Tim had cum, but she still wasn’t finished yet. She just sat there waiting for him to be a gentlemen, but instead he just cuddled with her and started lightly running his fingers over her chest and stomach.

Her indignation let up a little. She may not have had an orgasm, but it was surprisingly nice just cuddling with this man. She looked into his eyes and felt emotions she had never felt for another person before. Was this love?

Mary realized she had never even asked this hot stranger his name.



End Chapter 4

Karting with Mommy and Daddy

by: Achuloh | Complete Story | Last updated May 7, 2021


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