Karting with Mommy and Daddy

by: Achuloh | Complete Story | Last updated May 7, 2021

Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Timmy kept beating Mary, race after race. Timmy already tended to beat his babysitter since she wasn’t much of a gamer, but now that she was mentally 5 years old her situation was hopeless. And she wasn’t a good sport about it either.

“No fair!” she whined, “You’re cheating.”

“Nuh-uh!” Timmy replied.

“Uh-huh!” she responded back.

Timmy almost gave in to the childish desire to keep this going in a loop for a while. But he was the more mature one at the moment, and he managed to bite his tongue long enough to think up a diplomatic solution.

“Tell you what,” he said calmly. “Let’s do one more race, and if you catch me cheating all my wins earlier don’t count.”

Mary crossed her arms and pouted. Timmy couldn’t help but admire the way she looked in this posture. Her top was still off, and the unique combination of her bratty attitude with her gorgeous 25 year old body was making Timmy care less and less about the game.

“Alright,” Mary eventually said. “One more race. But if you do cheat, I’m telling on you! And I’m never playing with you again.” She stuck out her tongue at this.

Far from being offended by this, Timmy found it kind of endearing. His mind was far away from winning at this point, and much more on the side of getting on Mary’s good side. He set the AI racers to “Very Easy”, and resolved to make as many “mistakes” as he could through out the match.

Sure enough between his self-sabotage and his growing distraction by Mary’s body, she ended up winning. She was so excited, she jumped up and down - something Timmy watched with enraptured interest. When she had calmed down, Timmy had enough presence of mind to try and continue his plan get on her good side.

“Well, do you believe I wasn’t cheating now?” Timmy said. “You just needed a little time to warm up.”

Mary gave a gloating smile, “Yeah, you’re just the worstest at this game, and *I’m* the bestest!”

“You are pretty good,” Timmy admitted.

Mary put her hands on her hips and looked confidently down at Timmy. “You never stood a chance! You’re just a loser. L-O, uh… A loser!”

Timmy thought she was getting a little carried away with her victory, but he was pleased that she was in a good mood. He let her carry on like this for a little longer, before pouncing on the opportunity.

“Uh, Mary, since you’re my girlfriend and everything, did you want to kiss me?”

Mary’s jubilant attitude faded.

“Ew! Why would I want to kiss you? You’re a boy. You have cooties!”

Timmy frowned. “But you’re my girlfriend. Shouldn’t a girlfriend kiss her boyfriend?”

Mary thought about it for a second.

“Nuh-uh,” Mary finally said. “Boyfriends and girlfriends hold hands and play games and share toys with each other.”

Shoot. Timmy wanted to do so much more with Mary. He wasn’t even sure what he wanted to do with her. Making out might be part of it, but he couldn’t help but feel like there was more.

“Alright,” he conceded. “Can we at least hold hands?”

Mary happily agreed to his proposal, and the two sat in silence for a moment as Timmy enjoyed the touch of the older woman.

“I’m hungry,” Mary said after some time had passed. “Make me food!”

Ah, that’s right. Mary had come up in the first place because it was dinner time. Timmy had been so distracted playing video games with her, that he had completely forgotten.

“Uh, okay,” Timmy said uncertainly. “I *am* your babysitter, so I have to make you food.”

Timmy’s parents usually left some ingredients and a recipe in the kitchen for Mary when she babysat. However, Timmy had never used the oven before, and he thought it might be dangerous to try to learn now.

“Tonight's meal,” he declared, “is cereal!”

Timmy used a chair to get the cereal down from the shelf, and got the milk out of fridge. He set some bowls down on the table, and poured himself a bowl of cereal. When he went to do the same for Mary, she protested.

“Nooooo!” she said. “I’m a big girl. I can do it myself.”

Timmy was doubtful of this, but the funny feeling in his tummy made him give in to her demand. This quickly proved to be a mistake, though, as she clumsily poured the milk and the jug ended up falling out of her hands and getting cereal and milk all over.

Mary started crying.

Timmy didn’t know what to do. He tried to remember what his mom and dad said in these kinds of situations.

“Uh, there, there, Mary. It’s not that bad,” he said uncertainly.

“I ruined everything!” Mary sobbed dramatically.

Timmy went and grabbed some paper towels.

“No, no!” he said. “It was just a little mistake. We can clean it up, no problem.”

He started trying to soak up the puddle on the floor and on the table.

“But what am I going to eat now!?” she wailed.

Timmy hugged her to try and calm her down. “It’s okay, you can have my bowl. Just move over there so I can mop up your seat.”

Mary’s sobbing subsided, and she smiled at Timmy.

“O-okay,” she said.

She got up slowly and moved around the table to Timmy’s bowl. Just before she sat down, Timmy put a paper towl under her, and handed her a loose one to help with the milk that was soaked into her pants at this point.

Seemingly overcome with gratitude, Mary gave Timmy a quick peck on the cheek.

Timmy’s head was elsewhere as he cleaned everything up. Mary had kissed him. She had kissed him! His elation didn’t last long though. After the mess was mostly taken care of, Mary pouted again.

“My pants are still wet!” she said.

Mary was such a handful at this mental age. However, all roads in Timmy’s mind seemed to lead to the new feelings Mary was awakening in him, and he had a great idea. His still empty belly was quickly forgotten in the face of it.

“Mary,” he said slowly. “Why don’t we play dress up with my mommy’s stuff?”

Mary smiled, “Could we do that?”

“Yeah,” he said. “Let’s go and check out her closet.”

The two held hands as they walked up the stairs. Finally, they had arrived at his parent’s large walk-in closet.

Mary wasted no time in tearing off her pants and underwear, oblivious to the effect that it would have on her companion. She started excitedly pulling all the clothes that caught her eye off of the rack and throwing them in a pile on the floor.

Timmy probably should have stepped in so that she didn’t make a total mess of his mother’s clothing, but he was too distracted by her naked body to care. The funny feeling was back, and this time, Mary seemed to notice it.

“Uh, Timmy,” she said curiously, “what’s that in your pants?”

She pointed down to the tent that had appeared in his pants. Timmy didn’t quite know what was happening himself, but he was starting to panic.

“Oh, this?” he said “This is just, uh, a remote control!”

He produced the device from his pocket.

“But your pants are still…” she trailed off, closing the distance between them and touching just above Timmy’s thigh curiously.

“Woah! Don’t, uh,” Timmy started, but then he realized that her touch felt really good. He gulped. “Um, Mary… can you keep doing that?”

Mary took her hand off of him, “You’re acting really weird. Why are you breathing so hard?”

Timmy could barely contain himself at this point. A sexy, naked women touching him down there nearly short circuited his young mind.

“A game!” he shouted, a little louder than he intended.

“What?” Mary asked.

“A game,” he said. “Let’s play a game. It’s called, uh, ‘I touch, you touch.’ We both take turns touching each other between our legs.”

“Sounds boring,” Mary said.

“Oh, it’s not!” he said desperately. “It’s a lot of fun. You have to give it a try.”

“Okay…” Mary said unconvinced.

Tim couldn’t take it anymore and took off his pants. Mary was transfixed.

“Is that what boys look like down there…?” she said curiously.

“Yeah,” Timmy said, a little surprised by what he was seeing. “It’s your turn if you want to touch it.”

The game was at least a little more interesting to Mary now. She reached down, and grabbed him firmly but gently.

“Oh, wow,” Timmy said closing his eyes. He clenched his fist around the remote.

“It’s shrinking,” she said. “Is that normal?”

Timmy’s eyes snapped open. He saw himself in the mirror on the door - clearly smaller and younger. And on the reversed display of the device’s reflection, he saw the number “7.” Not only that, but his penis was the tiny, hairless and flaccid penis of a pre-pubescent child now.

No! He had to turn himself back.

He was about to point the device at himself when Mary plucked it out of his hands.

“This thing is so cool!” she said. “You have to share it with me now.”

“No, Mary - you have to give it back! I need to turn myself back so we can, uh, play ‘I touch, you touch.’”

Mary stamped her foot. “No, I want to play with your cool toy now. I want to make you even smaller - then I can be the babysitter!”

She pointed the device at him, and pressed a button. She frowned when it seemd to have no effect on him. She tried a different one, and was pleased to see him shrinking again.

Tim blinked and his head swam. A confusing jumble of memories was in his head, and it took him a few moments to get his bearings. But seeing Mary naked, pointing the device and giggling caught him back up.

“No! Stop!” he said. “Don’t make me any wittler!”

To his amazement and relief, Mary did let up on the button.

Tim was swamped in his clothes, and as he took steps towards the mirror his pants fell off of him and his shirt was down to his shins.

“Mary, what did you do?” he said. “I’m thiwteen, not thwee!”

Mary giggled again. “No, the thingy says ‘3’ - so that must be how old you are! And,” she added excitedly, “since I’m five, that makes me the oldest and I get to boss you around.”

This was a nightmare. One moment, he had been about to have a sexy moment with his hot babysitter, and the next he was a three years old. He needed to get bigger so he could pick up where he left off - and while he was at it he could make her mentally the same age as him so she wouldn’t be such a handful. But that was an idle thought until the device was back in his hands.

“Give it back to me!” he said.

Mary just ignored him, and went back to playing dress up. He hoped she would forget about the device and put it down, but when she finally did, she put it up on a shelf that he had no hope of reaching at his new height.

She went through several outfits, and all he could do was watch. Mary was a little taller, and curvier than his mom, so a few of them didn’t quite fit. Finally, she settled on a dress that was scandalously short and tight on her.

Tim looked down at his tiny, pathetic three year old body. If he was his usual thirteen year old self, he could do all of the adult things he’d always wanted to do with Mary. But right now, his pecker was miniscule and inert.

“Alright,” Mary said. “Since I’m the boss, I say we’re going to the park. I want to try out this toy on more people!”

Tim was pulled away from his frustrated fantasies by that horrific thought. A five year old lose in the neighborhood did not seem like a good idea.

“Wet’s do something ewse instead,” he suggested. “I’ve got a lot of toys in my pway woom, we should pway something inside.”

“No,” Mary shouted. “I’m the boss, and I want to go outside.”

“We can’t!” he shouted back, almost panicking now.

“Are you being a naughty boy?” Mary said.

“What? No, we just can’t-”

“I think you are,” she said puffing out her chest. “And you know what happens to naughty boys!”

“Pwease, no! You have to wisten-”

“They get spankings,” she said with an evil grin.

Her twenty five year old body easily overpowered his three year old body, and soon he was on her lap with the overly large shirt pulled up to reveal his bottom.

“Let’s see,” she said. “How many times should I spank you?”

Tim was flailing, but she used one hand to hold him firm, and there was a SMACK as her other hand came down on her bottom.

“Fuck, that weally huwt!” he said.

“Ooh, that’s a naughty word. Another spanking!”


“F-, uh, ow, ow, ow!” he said.

This five year old was mad with power, and it was his worst nightmare.




Tim was tearing up now, but he was too proud to let himself cry. He was thirteen years old. He wasn’t going to let a five year old have the pleasure.

“Okay, that’s enough,” Mary said in a satisfied voice. “Now we can go to the park.”

Tim stood up and rubbed his aching bottom.

“What am I supposed to weaw?”

Mary frowned. She hadn’t thought of that.

“What’s wrong with the big shirt?” Mary said.

“What about shoes!?”

“Oh, I got just the thing!” she said going up to one of the shelves. Sure enough she pulled down a pair of old sandals that Tim must have worn years ago.

He put them on. They were a little loose, but they would do.

Mary smiled, “Now we can go to the park. I wonder who I’ll get to use the device on first!”



End Chapter 2

Karting with Mommy and Daddy

by: Achuloh | Complete Story | Last updated May 7, 2021


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