Karting with Mommy and Daddy

by: Achuloh | Complete Story | Last updated May 7, 2021

Mary makes her babysitting jobs easier with a special device. But tables are turned when the device starts switching hands.

Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Mary was going to be sad when Tim Smith was too old for her to babysit. The thing she would miss the most was the incredible money his parents would pay for a few hours of easy work. They lived up in the rich side of the suburbs, and they apparently didn’t realize that the prices they paid Mary for her services were more than enough to hire a good professional nanny on short term notice. (Or maybe they did realize, and thought they were doing Mary and her family, who were long-time friends of the Smiths, a favor?)

However, there was one more thing she would miss. Tim’s father was an inventor, and Mary had discovered that one of his inventions made babysitting Tim a piece of cake.

Mary stood in the hallway for a quick conversation with Tim’s folks before they went out, and could see Tim “studying” in his room. Tim was 13 and like other boys his age, had shown a growing interest in girls for the last few years. Moreover, he had long had a painfully obvious crush on his babysitter Mary. It was clear that he had stopped typing and was stealing peeks at Mary every chance he got.

“Oh, yes,” Mrs. Smith said, “We’re so proud of our little boy. He’s turning 14 soon, and then I’m afraid we won’t be needing you any more.”

Mary gave a false smile. She was used to their overprotective parenting style by now. Most kids would have shed their babysitters a year or two ago, but the Smiths were absolutely determined that their son not fall in with the “wrong crowd” after school. Mary was a freshman at a local college now, and she realized what happened to boys like Tim. She was pretty sure that Tim was going to become a party boy when he got an ounce of freedom in college, and maybe even drop out, but right now she was happy to pretend that everything was perfectly normal for the money she was being paid.

Mr. Smith looked over the notes he had prepared making sure they had told Mary everything she needed to know.

“Ah, yes,” he said. “He has an essay due tomorrow. Don’t let him do anything else until he’s done with that.”

Mary forced herself not to roll her eyes. You’d think they’d trust her after doing this a million times, but nope.

“Of course, Mr. Smith,” she said, still giving that same fake smile.

“Alright, that should be everything,” Mrs. Smith said. “I guess we’re off. Bye, Tim!”

“Bye, mom!” Tim said, briefly tearing his eyes away from Mary’s chest.

After the parents left for whatever fancy date they were going on, Mary told Tim she was going to the restroom, and snuck down into his father’s basement instead.

Thankfully, the device was exactly where Mr. Smith had left it. It looked like a remote control with wires and other electronics sticking out of it. She grabbed it, and she snuck up the stairs until Tim was barely in view. He had returned to work now that Mary wasn’t in his line of sight, and Mary thought about how far back she should put him.

He had developed his crush on her at the age of 10, so the oldest he could be was about 9. However, she knew from experience that his vocabulary rapidly shrank earlier than 11 years old, which would make it very difficult for him to do his essay and get an acceptable grade on it.

She ultimately decided that 9 and a half was probably a decent compromise, and pressed down on the “mental adjustment” button until the little display on the remote read “9.5.” She decided to test to see if that was early enough to escape his puppy love, and walked up to him.

Tim had been hard at work on his essay, trying not to get distracted by the thought of what Mary was up to at that very moment, when he suddenly felt a strange tingling sensation in his head. He shook his head to clear the sensation, and when he looked back at the paper, he had to gather his thoughts again, as he had completely lost his flow.

“Hello, Timmy,” Mary said, entering the room. “Do you want me to keep you company, or are you alright with me hanging out in the TV room?”

This was Mary’s usual test. When Timmy was too old, he’d always want her to keep him company.

Timmy considered the question. “Uh, I think I’d prefer if you hang out in the TV room, if that’s alright with you!”

Mary smiled. His eyes weren’t constantly sneaking peeks at her chest, and he wasn’t a stuttering mess trying to hit on her. She was just his babysitter. Mission accomplished!

“Alright, well if you need anything just come out and get me! I’ll check up on you when dinner starts coming up.”

And just like that, Mary had the evening more or less to herself. In the 7-10 age range, Timmy was a very well-behaved kid. Good self control, polite, everything a babysitter wants in a charge.

Timmy tried to get back into the flow, so he read back through what he had wrote, and realized that he must have used a thesaurus or something, because there were a few big words he didn’t recognize in there. Funny that he didn’t remember doing that! He decided to rewrite the sentences with simpler words that he actually knew, and then continued to type his essay.

When Mary came up to ask if he was hungry for dinner, she found him playing video games on the TV in his room.

“Hey, Timmy,” she said, “You finished your essay, right?”

“Yeah,” he said happily.

“Alright, can I see it?” she asked.

“Of course!” he said.

She quickly read over the essay. It was… adequate. Timmy had lost almost four years of schooling and was trying to write a high school essay with the mind of a middle schooler, but he had always been a a smart kid and his best work at 9 years old was still probably going to pull a C or C+. Mary figured that was good enough.

“Good work, Timmy!” she said cheerily. “Do you want me to join you for a quick game before I make dinner?”

“Sure,” he said. “Can I sit on your lap?”

Mary gave a small smile. Timmy loved sitting on her lap when he was mentally young. She didn’t see any reason not to indulge him here, as he wasn’t old enough to be crushing on her.

She sat down, and patted her lap invitingly. Timmy handed her a controller and sat down.

They were playing one of Timmy’s favorite Kart racing games, and at first Timmy’s attention was on the race alone, but Timmy became increasingly aware of Mary’s body pressing agains his own. He felt her breasts pressing into his back, and her warm lap, and he could smell her sweet scent.

“Wow, Timmy!” she said, “You’re really losing your edge, you usually don’t fall to fourth very often.”

Timmy was shocked out of his thought, and managed to return his attention to the game. However, he had a funny sensation between his legs, and his mind kept wanting to pay attention to Mary’s warm embrace beneath him.

He ended up winning, and when they finished, he realized he didn’t want Mary to leave.

“Uh, M-mary,” he stuttered. “C-could you please stay. I just want to race one more time, if that was okay.”

Mary frowned. She recognized this behavior. Apparently, Timmy wasn’t quite young enough to not develop a crush on her (at least not while sitting on her lap.) No matter, she could make him younger now, especially now that he had finished his essay.

She pulled the remote out of her pocket, but accidently dropped it on the floor as she did so.

A button was pressed as it hit the floor, and Timmy tried to be helpful by sliding off of her and picking it up to hand it back to her.

Blushing, he said, “Here you go, Mary.”

However, his babysitter had a blank look on her face, and she burbled happily at him before falling back onto the bed beneath her.

“Uh, Mary, are you okay?” Timmy asked.

She gurgled happily and waved her arms above herself in a random pattern.

“My babysitter… is acting like a baby?” he said confused.

But then he looked at the device, and saw the display said “1.”

It seemed impossible, but could it be?

Timmy pressed the up button on “Physical Adjust”, and was surprised when Mary seemed to get older! The number on the display rose from 18 to 19, and as it continued to rise he noticed Mary’s breasts growing and straining against her bra and her pants getting tighter.

Eventually, the display reached 25 and Mary looked stunning. He was still unfamiliar with all the new feelings Mary was awakening within him, but he knew that he liked the way she looked right now.

However, she was still burbling like a baby. He tried a different button, this one said “Mental Adjust.”

The “1” reappeared and started counting up. Eventually, it said “5.”

He let go.

“Uh, Mary! Are you okay now?” he said quietly.

She sat up looking around the room confusedly.

“Where am I?” she said in a childish voice.

“Uh, you’re in my house,” he said. “I’m, uh, babysitting you, Mary. My name is Timmy.”

“Well, hi Timmy!” Mary said happily, then she saw the TV behind him. “Ooh, what’s that?”

“It’s a game,” he said. “Do you want to play?”

“A game?” she said excitedly. “That sounds fun! Let’s play.”

She jumped up excitedly, but looked down curiously when she felt her breasts bounce.

“Too tight!” she said petulantly, touching her breasts experimentally. “I think there’s something wrong with my shirt.”

Timmy didn’t know what to do - her well-developed 25 year old body was positively overflowing the clothes that had perfectly fit her 18 year old self. He was about to try to reverse it with the remote, when Mary just pulled off her shirt, and then with some struggle her bra as well. With her 5 year old mind, she didn’t seem to care about her state of undress.

Timmy, on the other hand, was mesmerized. He had never seen a naked girl before, and now he was being treated to the naked breasts of a beautiful woman.

“Uh,” Timmy said. “Can I, uh, touch your boobs?”

Mary looked at him strangely, “Uh, only mommies and big girls have boobs silly! I just have a chest.”

Timmy was feeling that same strange sensation between his legs again. “Can I touch your chest, then?”

Mary was taken aback. She didn’t really see any reason why not, but she also didn’t understand why Timmy had that weird look on his face as he asked the question.

“Okay…” said Mary, “but then you have to let me play the game thing as much as I want!”

Win-win in Timmy’s book. He reached out and grasped his babysitter’s breasts in his hand. The feeling surprised him. He liked how squishy her breasts were.

“Ooh,” Mary said softly, “that feels good!”

Timmy felt a funny feeling in his tummy, and knew he wanted to do something more with Mary, but he didn’t know what. So he decided to ask the question that had recently popped into his mind.

“Uh, Mary, will you be my girlfriend?”

“Kay,” Mary said nonchalantly, “But you have to share any cool toys you have with me! Now lets play the game!”

She picked up the controller and started playing.



End Chapter 1

Karting with Mommy and Daddy

by: Achuloh | Complete Story | Last updated May 7, 2021


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