A Visit to Aunt Millie's

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Chapter 6
Part 6

Chapter Description: Cindy has gotten even smaller...

Momentarily safe inside Mary’s bedroom, Cindy stood trying to catch her breath. The room was pitch black - maybe Mary had gone to bed already? Little Cindy called out in her tiny frightened child’s voice, "M-Mary? Sis? (sniff) Are you s-sleeping?" She heard a low moan coming out of the darkness. "Mary? Is t-that you? I-it’s me, Cindy." Another grunt came from the pitch black, then the rustling of sheets.

Cindy reached up and switched the lamp on, the bright light suddenly revealing Mary, the sultry curves of her huge sexy body stark naked and glistening with sweat, lying on top of her bed, her beautiful rear upended. Her head was buried in the sheets, and she seemed to be wrapping her arms around something lying below her ...

A male voice whispered angrily, "Jesus Christ, what the fuck..."

Cindy’s little mouth dropped open as she belatedly realized that Mary and Mark were... "G-GOSH!!!"

Suddenly Mary pushed herself up, her sexy nude breasts silhouetted in the sharp light. Then Mark’s head appeared from behind the covers, as the two lovers first squinted in the bright light, then glowered down angrily at the little naked child standing before them. Mary was plainly incensed by the disruption caused by Cindy’s intrusion, snapping angrily at the frightened little figure. "MARY!! Just what do you think you’re doing! How dare you interrupt us?!! Didn’t I just tell you to go to bed??!"

As frightened as she was, the angry look on her sister’s big adult face shocked and scared little Cindy even more! "I-I’m s-sorry, Sis. Please... M-Missie and Billie, they.. (sob) I just really n-need to..(sniff)"

From her low perspective, lying prone on the bed, Mary couldn’t tell that Cindy had shrunk. Looking down at Cindy, Mary’s face flashed in anger as she noticed her sister’s little nude body. "Hey! Where’s your nightgown? Why are you running around naked like this??"

"N-no! It’s not my fault!! (sniff) You see, Missie and Billie, they took my nightie..."

Mary could see that little Cindy seemed really upset and softened her tone, sighing in frustration at the little crying child. She tried to calm down her frightened sister, speaking seriously like an adult would to a little child. "Sis! Ohhh... c’mon, honey! REALLY dear!! Can’t you children work this out among yourselves?!"

"(sob) B-but I-I c-CAN’T..." wailed Cindy, overcome with tears.

"Ohhh SIS! Honestly! Mark and I need to be alone, honey. Can’t you just go back to bed for a little while sweetie?"

Mark sat up and spoke gently to tiny Cindy, "Look, Mary - it’s very late and Uncle and Auntie want to be alone right now. Now why don’t you just go back to bed and..."

"No!! N-no!! You c-can’t send m-me b-back!! I-I n-need you to HELP m-me!"

Mary couldn’t believe what was happening! Why did Cindy have to interrupt her NOW - right when she and Mark were on the verge of making love?!! Why did she have to pick this very second to come barging in on them? A sudden thought struck her - maybe Cindy was up to something?

Of course - it was all so clear now! The more she considered the situation, the more suspicious she became that her jealous older sister’s histrionics were just another childish ploy to break up her and Mark. She couldn’t believe that Cindy would stoop so low - actually trying to stop her making it with her new boyfriend - and here it was her very first chance at having a sexual experience! Now convinced that Cindy’s crying was all for show, her compassion was replaced by anger at Cindy’s brazen ploy - just imagine the nerve of that little brat!!

Positive that Cindy was just pretending to be upset, Mary relaxed and turned back to Mark. She shook her head and smiled - she couldn’t believe that her sister would go to this length to keep them apart! Just imagine - humiliating herself by bawling like a little child and parading around naked in front of her and Mark all in a pitiful attempt to stop them from making love! She laughed to herself - knowing Cindy, she had probably been standing outside in the hallway listening to them the whole time, just waiting for her chance!

What a little actress! thought Mary. She decided it was time to teach Cindy a lesson - if she wanted to act like a helpless little child, she’d be happy to treat her like one! After all, children need to know their place!

"OK, sis! (giggle) I’ll help you... but first Mark and I have a little... (giggle) business to attend to! How about if you just wait outside for a little while?" She turned to Mark, grinning as she kissed him on the mouth, then laughed breathlessly. "Mmmmm... Mark, honey... how much time do we need? (giggle) A half hour? Ohhhhmmm... (smack) Hour? ....(giggle) ... two? (kiss)"

Mark, although enjoying Mary’s attentions immensely, was a bit concerned. "Er, Mary? (kiss) Shouldn’t we... uhmm... wait until your little sister ...ohhh.. goes back to bed?"

Mary giggled and spoke to tiny Cindy "Mary? Did you hear your Uncle Mark? ...(giggle) ... It’s time for the grown ups to be alone... ohhhh...and for little girls to be back in bed!" Mary sighed deeply and leaned in for a long french kiss, slowly rubbing her big breasts against Mark’s chest and grinding her hips against his. As she squirmed in ecstasy, Mary turned and, grinning from ear to ear, winked at her tiny sister, "Mmmmmm... Ohhhh, Mary... don’t forget to... uhhmmmm... turn off the light on your way out... (giggle)..."

"Mareeee! (SOB) P-PLEASE! Help m-meeee!" squealed Cindy, jumping up and down, suddenly desperate with fear that her grown up sister - now her only hope - might leave her alone to be tormented by the giant children!

As she watched her sexy younger sister ignoring her pleas and happily seducing her dream boyfriend right in front of her, Cindy snapped! Suddenly all of Cindy’s frustrations seemed to break loose at once! Her resentment of Mary’s smug sexuality, her helpless rage at being humiliated as a child in front of her dream boyfriend, and her horror at being tormented by Missie and Billie culminated in an overwhelming fury!!

Suddenly everything snapped into focus! How dare Mary ignore her desperate cry for help!! It was all HER fault!! SHE was the one that started it all!! SHE was the one that teased her and made her shrink in the first place!! And then to steal her boyfriend and laugh right in her face!! Tiny Cindy ran towards the two big adults making out on the bed and started pounding on them, hitting her huge sexy sister with her little fists, her high child’s voice breaking with anger!!

"Y-you!!" cried Cindy, tears streaming down her face as her tiny fists bounced off Mary’s sweaty back, "It’s all YOUR fault! Y-you teased me an’ let Mark see me n-naked! An’ then you kept teasing me again an’ again! YOU did it! You made me shrink an’ then Missie and Billie picked on me!! An’ now you’re teasin’ me just ”cause I’m scared!! I HATE you!! I hate you more than ANYTHING!!"

Amazed at being so rudely interrupted from her passionate lovemaking, Mary was incensed - she couldn’t believe that little Cindy would stoop so low! This time she had gone TOO FAR!! Pushing away from her intimate embrace with Mark, she sat up on the bed and shouted angrily at her tiny assailant. "You little brat!! Stop it! You stop it this INSTANT!! Now you listen to ME! I’m giving you just one minute to get your little butt back in bed, you hear me??!!"

Cindy wasn’t intimidated by Mary’s scolding - her angry little eyes glaring back at the huge angry visage before her. "NO!! YOU shut up!! You can’t tell me what to do!! You’re not my big sister!! You’re not my baby sitter!! You SHUT UP you big stupid dummy!!"

Cindy was completely frantic now, screaming at the top of her little lungs, her tiny fists swinging in a blur as she ran at Mary and clambered up onto her big lap, focusing on Mary’s gigantic sexy beasts heaving before her. To the irate little child, Mary’s huge breasts seemed to epitomize everything she hated about her sister. To her tiny eyes they seemed huge - two pendulous orbs each bigger than her head that seemed to hover teasingly in front of her, a constant reminder of her own childish helplessness and her little sister’s adult superiority!

"An’ I hate your stupid boobies!" cried Cindy, striking out with her tiny fists, "I HATE ’em! Big stupid boobies!!"

"Ouch!! Goddammit!!" yelled Mary, as Cindy’s little fists struck her nipples, still aroused and sensitive from her foreplay. "That DOES it!!! I’ve HAD it with your whining and crying!" Incensed, Mary grabbed tiny Cindy by her thin little waist and, flipping her over, lay her tiny squirming child’s body across her long sexy legs. In her blind fury, Mary still hadn’t noticed that Cindy had shrunk almost to the size of an infant!

As tiny Cindy desperately squirmed and kicked her little legs in a pitiful attempt to escape, she was mortified to see Mark sitting up and looking down at her helpless naked child’s body! Suddenly finding herself helpless, her anger disappeared, replaced by an overwhelming feeling of utter humiliation!! "N-no! No! You c-can’t!! (sob) MARY!! P-please d-don’t spank me - not now!! Not right in front of Mark!!!"

As Cindy desperately struggled, Mary leaned over and whispered teasingly, "Too bad, little girl! You should have thought of this before you came in and interrupted us with your little temper tantrum!! Think you were embarrassed before, little girl? Afraid of having your big Uncle Mark see your little naked bottom? Think your little childish antics can keep him away from me?? Well, THIS will teach you to listen to me once and for all!!!" With that, Mary began spanking Cindy as hard as she could, mercilessly swatting the little child’s rear as Cindy squealed in pain, her short little legs kicking desperately.

Poor Cindy had never been so humiliated - spanked as a little naked child by her big sexy younger sister as her dream boyfriend looked on!! She squealed with pain and humiliation as the blows rained down, her tiny ass cheeks glowing hot pink with the punishment! As the frantic child squirmed helplessly, her little body continued to tingle all over, as she continued to slowly dwindle still further!

Finally satisfied with her punishment, Mary picked up tiny Cindy and stood her up - poor Cindy was now so tiny that, even standing on her lap, her little head was now below eye level with her angry younger sister’s chin! Mary’s huge face still flashed in rage as she held her tiny helpless shrunken sister before her. "Are you going to stop crying now, you little brat!?? Or do I need to spank some more sense into you??"

Cindy was now utterly at her sister’s mercy - her tiny thin shoulders heaving in sobs as she held by Mary’s big strong adult hands, her tiny body shivering helplessly in abject terror as she stared up at her huge angry sister!

But suddenly Mary’s angry scowl was replaced with open mouthed shock as she realized for the first time what had happened to Cindy! She looked down in mute amazement at the tiny frightened nude figure. "Sis!! L-look at you! You’re so tiny!"

Mark, who now was sitting up on the bed next to Mary, was also shocked at Cindy’s transformation. He touched Mary on her shoulder, "Hey, babe, what’s the matter with your sister? She’s so little..."

Cindy was struck dumb with fright and gasped involuntarily as she saw how huge Mark and her younger sister now were to her! Her heart raced as she stood staring open mouthed at Mary’s huge nude breasts hovering before her!

"Sis??!! Speak to me!! W-what happened to you??" exclaimed Mary.

Suddenly Cindy’s emotional ordeal finally overwhelmed her! Bursting into tears, she made a pitiful attempt to hit her huge older sister, then collapsed against her, her tiny arms flailing as Mary held her close, trying desperately to comfort the frantic child!

Looking down at the tiny pitiful figure clutching at her breasts, Mary had to fight back tears. How COULD she have been so insensitive to her poor helpless older sister?! She could see now that Cindy really was all along just a tiny frightened child! Her little temper tantrum wasn’t a ploy - it was a desperate cry for help! And here instead of helping her she had teased her, thinking she was making it all up! Overcome with remorse, Mary reached out and stroked Cindy’s little tear streaked face, clutching her to her breasts and murmuring maternally. "Oh, sis! You poor little dear..."

Cindy, her tiny body heaving in sobs, continued to hit Mary. Mary wasn’t hurt in the least by little Cindy’s blows, as her tiny fists bounced off of her. But she was worried for Cindy - her emotional histrionics threatened to make her shrink even more as the stress caused the shrinking process to accelerate! She decided to speak sternly to her in order to calm down the frantic child. "Now Sis! You stop that right now!! I want you to calm down this instant!"

"NO!! I HATE you!! You big stupid..." cried Cindy, now finally completely giving up her half hearted attempt to hurt her huge sister and collapsing in tears against her.

Now realizing what she had to do, Mary let out a long sigh. She hated more than anything to leave her handsome new lover right in the middle of her first sexual experience! Her body ached to consummate with Mark, her nipples and vagina still feeling like three points of fire! But as excited as she was about having sex with Mark, she could see that her tiny sister needed her more. She realized she had a responsibility that couldn’t be ignored! Mary turned to Mark, holding her sobbing sister against her large nude breasts, and forced a smile on her face as she gently spoke above the whimpering of the little crying child, telling him of her decision.

Mark’s disappointment showed clearly, but he understood that the tiny frightened child needed to be with her sister. Mary, kissing little Cindy on the forehead, gently set her down on the bed and rose to embrace Mark. They kissed passionately, their nude bodies pressed hard against each other’s. Mary’s parting smile was genuine - she knew they had the rest of the week to make up for lost time!

Turning back to the bed, Mary’s eyes welled up in tears as she looked down at her tiny sister, her little nude body curled up in a fetal position, sobbing gently. Poor Cindy was so tiny now, so fragile and helpless - barely the size of an infant! Mary felt almost guilty at her own voluptuous nude body, her huge breasts now dwarfing the tiny sexless figure. She sat down on the bed and gently stroked Cindy’s little nude form, gently whispering words of comfort.

"Cindy? It’s all right, honey. Mary’s here now. Everything will be all right..."

"I-I want M-Mommie!" cried little Cindy in a high frightened voice.

Mary picked up the tiny frightened figure. As she clutched tiny Cindy to her breasts, she gasped in horror - the poor tiny thing was literally shivering with fright! Feeling her tiny body shudder against her, Mary felt like she was comforting a tiny frightened animal! The poor little dear!

"Oh, sweetie! Mommie’s not here now, honey. Remember? She’s in Europe on a business trip..."

"N-no! I w-want m-mommie! (sob) Right N-NOW!"

Mary looked down at the tiny figure, her face buried in her breasts, her little body shivering with fear. Taking a deep breath, she knew what she had to do. Forcing a smile to her face, she took tiny Cindy’s frightened little face in her hands and lifted her little face towards hers, as she looked down maternally at her wide eyed sister.

"Don’t worry dear! Mommie is right here, Cindy!" Mary guided Cindy’s little body to her breasts, gently patting her back as she felt her tiny body finally relax, her little hands wrapping around her breasts, her little mouth reaching for her nipples.

Mary smiled with relief as she felt her tiny sister’s mouth finally begin to suckle her breasts. "That’s right, sweetie... Everything’s all right... Mommie is right here!"



End Chapter 6

A Visit to Aunt Millie's

by: Dreamtales | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 12, 2005


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