A Visit to Aunt Millie's

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Chapter 2
Part 2

Chapter Description: Cindy was just getting used to looking so much younger than her her little sister when she found out they would have to go visit their Aunt Millie.

"AUNT MILLIE’s??!" Cindy’s heart was racing, her eyes wide and breath shallow as the horror of the words sunk in. "Mom!! Y-you can’t be serious!"

"Now, honey, it’s only for a few weeks..."

"But MOM!" cried Cindy, her voice now a high childlike whine, "Just look at me!! I can’t go like THIS!!"

Mrs. Richards looked down at the distraught little figure before her. The youth formula had worked all right - almost too well! Poor Cindy had shrunk to the size of a child, her head now well below her mothers shoulders, her little chest now perfectly flat! Over the past few days Cindy had been mortified to find herself slowly regressing to the size of an innocent little 9 year old, while her younger sister’s nubile adult body towered over her! She was now well below the age of puberty, and was horrified to see her young woman’s sexuality replaced by a childish innocence - a flat chest, protruding child’s tummy, bare vagina and skinny little girl’s bottom!

Being a little child at home around her precociously sexy little sister was bad enough, but she just COULDN’T go to Aunt Millie’s!! She knew the family well - although they weren’t any relation to the Richards’, she had spent so much time with them, they had gotten so close that Cindy and Mrs Richards had come to calling her "Aunt."

Although she hadn’t seen them since before she went to college - over 3 years ago - Cindy used to go almost every week to see Aunt Millie and her three children all through her high school years, when she baby sat her two younger children. Cindy shivered as she thought of how the family would react to seeing herself - now a junior in college! - shrunk to the size of a little girl!

The more she considered it, the worse it seemed - their bratty daughter Missie would be about 8 years old, and Cindy realized with horror that in her shrunken condition they might now be almost the same size! Cindy used to baby sit Missie and her little baby brother Billie regularly - and now they’d look just like little playmates!

But even worse was Missie’s older brother Mark! Cindy had gotten to know Mark - he was about her own age, and would sometimes stay and help her during her baby sitting jobs - and she had become very fond of him over the years. In fact, she had something of a crush on him. Cindy often fantasized about their first kiss - a romantic embrace after one of their late evenings baby-sitting the kids. Although it had been their only intimate moment, it had grown into monumental proportions in Cindy’s mind, and often was the subject of her romantic daydreams. The two exchanged friendly letters at Christmas and Valentines Day, fanning Cindy’s hope of romance, and she often daydreamed about seeing Mark again. But not when she looked like this - not as an innocent little child!!!

Mrs. Richards sat down and ran her hands through her little daughter’s pretty brown hair, smiling maternally at Cindy’s distraught little child’s face. "Honey, I know it must be embarrassing for you, but we simply have no choice! Your father and I both have to go on these business trips - it’s important for our careers! And you know you two can’t stay at home by yourselves." Cindy objected that she was now 21, but her mother was adamant. "No, sweetie - I know you’re in college, but we have to face facts - you’re physically just a child now. You’re simply too small to handle the household by yourself. And though Mary looks mature, she’s only 16. You two really need to have adult supervision!"

"But MOM..." cried Cindy, her high child’s voice cracking.

"I know, honey, I know..." smiled Mrs. Richards reassuringly. "You’re worried about Mark. Well don’t - I checked, and Aunt Millie says he’ll be away - he’s taking some extra summer courses at college! So you don’t have to worry about a thing! He’s supposed to be away all summer, and I bet you that by the time you see him, you’ll be a grown up girl again!"

Cindy’s little face burst into a big child’s grin as she hopped up and hugged her mom. "Gee, thanks Mom! You’re the greatest!" But after a moment she became thoughtful, moving away with a little pout on her face, "But mom... It’ll still be real embarrassing to have those kids, Missie and Billie, see me all little like this! I’m so ashamed to have to explain how I shrunk and everything..."

Suddenly, Cindy’s face lit up as she remembered her experience at the mall. "Hey, wait a minute! I know! - let’s pretend I’m Mary and that Mary’s me! They haven’t seen me for a long time, and they’ve never met Mary before - I bet nobody would know the difference! And if its only the kids, it doesn’t matter - they wouldn’t care anyway! It should work - if we dress Mary up, I bet she would look like she could be in college anyway - and the way I look now we could just tell them I’m her 9 year old little sister!"

After they talked it through, Mrs. Richards agreed to go along with the idea - it seemed to be a harmless little subterfuge, and if it spared Cindy some embarrassment it would be worth it. Luckily, Mary was willing to do her part, too - in fact she was thrilled at the idea! She thought it would be really cool to pretend to be a grown up college girl, and spent the next few days eagerly practicing for her role. With her mother and little Cindy as her tutors, she learned how to put on makeup, and to walk and dress like a mature young adult.


Even though her big worries about seeing Mark were addressed, the next few days still very hard for little Cindy. She was always very sensitive about her lack of development and, now that she had shrunk to a pre-pubescent child, sharing the house with her sexy younger sister - who as she perfected her makeup skills seemed to be getting more mature every day - was mortifying for the little child-sized girl. Cindy hardly went out at all - after her trip to the Mall she decided it was too embarrassing to have people talk to her like she was a little child - and so she ended up just sitting in front of the TV all day, watching cartoons.

Mary on the other hand was having the time of her life - trying on new dresses, parading her sexy body in front of the mirror, practicing her makeup, painting her nails and often giggling uncontrollably as she gaily practiced for her new role. Poor Cindy felt more envious than ever of her younger sister’s long legs, mature face, and fully-developed figure, now accentuated by her sophisticated, adult clothes. Especially after Cindy had helped her with her dress and makeup the effect could be striking - she could have easily been mistaken for one of the sexy cheerleaders at Cindy’s college!

And Cindy realized that she had to start practicing her role, too! She started wearing Mary’s childish hand me down clothes, and even began playing with dollies. The youth serum seemed to affect her demeanor as well - Cindy sometimes caught herself talking and even thinking like an immature little girl.

Even little every day things could be traumatic - like when Cindy discovered she was too short to reach the breakfast cereal in the kitchen cabinet, and had to go ask Mary for help. Or when Cindy walked by her younger sister’s bedroom and saw Mary’s big bra lying on the floor, realizing with a start that she was now much too young to need one!


One afternoon the two girls decided to try a dry run - each dressing up as the other before their big trip to Aunt Millie’s. Mary helped little Cindy into one of her old dresses - a floral print with a big frilly bow in the front - that fit her skinny little child’s body pretty well. Meanwhile, Mary chose one of Mrs. Richard’s sophisticated dinner dresses - a striking low cut dark gray dress with a short skirt that really showed off her long legs and mature figure.

After Mary went through a quick makeup session, the two girls stood together before the full length mirror, Mary happily primping and striking pose after sultry pose as she adjusted her dress and checked her hourglass figure, while Cindy just stood flat footed, looking forlornly at her little childish frame in her cute frilly print dress.

"Boy, just look at the two of us, Cindy!" exclaimed Mary, a huge grin on her face "I think this is actually gonna work - we’ll really have ”em fooled! Nobody’d EVER believe you were really my older sister! Isn’t this just great?"

"Ummm, yeah, Sis - just g-great!" replied Cindy, a little less than enthusiastically, as she jealously eyed her big younger sister’s sexy cleavage and long legs. She was beginning to wonder what on earth she had gotten herself into!


One evening Cindy went into the bathroom to take a bath and found Mary in the tub, her large sexy breasts like two big islands rising out of the soapy water. Mary happily invited her sister to join her, sitting up in the tub so that little Cindy could squeeze in, the warm bath water dripping from her large perky breasts. Little Cindy, her flat little child’s body clad in only a towel, turned beet red with embarrassment as she stammered an excuse and scampered back to her room. Later that night, as she lay in bed, she tossed and turned - every time she closed her eyes the vision of her nubile younger sister’s big adult mammaries rising from the water seemed to confront her. When she finally fell asleep, Cindy had a funny dream - she dreamt she had turned into a baby and was nursing at her mother’s breasts. Little Cindy felt so warm and comforted, so safe and protected... But it soon turned into a nightmare - when she looked up at her mother’s smiling face it changed into Mary’s!


It was at the end of another frustrating day when little Cindy felt she really needed to see her mom - sometimes just being in her arms made Cindy feel so much better. She entered her parents bedroom and was happy to see her mother standing in the shadows, facing the mirror. Little Cindy approached her from behind and wrapped her short arms around her mother’s big waist, leaning her little head against her mother’s warm body. As she held on tight, her mother’s hand reached down and began caressing her little head.

"Oh, mommy! It’s so hard sometimes. I really hope I did the right think, getting littler and all... This whole thing just seems to take forever! Do you think I’ll EVER get big again?" She held on tight, and snuggled her head in towards her mother’s warm body, as her mom’s big arms embraced the skinny little child.

"Mommy? If I stay little and never grow up again will you take care of me always?" She heard the soft murmur of her mother’s voice as she gently agreed.

As Cindy held fast, burying her head in her mother’s breasts, she suddenly felt her mother giggling. Surprised, she broke free and stepped back, looking up in confusion at the big adult. "M-mommy? What’s funny, mommy?"

"So now I’m your mommy? (giggle) Hey, I thought I was supposed to be your big sister!"

It was all little Cindy could do to keep from screaming in horror! The woman she was holding wasn’t her mom - it was Mary! Her big sexy younger sister was standing looking down at Cindy with a bright grin on her face, giggling and laughing!

"Mary!!!! W-what are y-you doing h-here??"

"Oh, I was just trying on one of mom’s dresses! Looks like it fits me pretty well, too! Hey, I guess I really fooled you, huh?"

Poor Cindy was so shocked she could hardly speak! She looked up in amazement at her big younger sister, her adult curves poured into her mother’s sophisticated low cut dress. As the little child wrestled with her emotions, she began to feel an overpowering wave of helplessness, as the emotional shock made her little body begin to tingle all over. Suddenly she felt like her small, thin child’s body was becoming even smaller, as her sexy little sister seemed to grow before her!

"Cindy? Hey, are you all right? You look kind of scared..."

"N-no! No!" cried little Cindy as she turned and ran crying from the room. The frightened child scampered into her bedroom, slamming shut the door before she burst into tears. When she finally calmed down, she noticed that her dress was looser than before, and the room seemed a little bigger. Her little heart pounding with fright, she hurriedly took out a tape measure and measured herself - she had shrunk another two inches! She was now barely 4 feet 3 inches tall!


But soon the big day arrived, and the little family set off for Aunt Millie’s, little Cindy and Mary sitting in the back while their parents drove. Mr. and Mrs. Richards were late for their plane, and so had only enough time to drop off the two girls in Aunt Millie’s driveway. As the car pulled away, little Cindy took off running ahead of Mary, her little legs bounding up the stairs to the house. She wanted to be sure she was the first to introduce herself - so everybody would think SHE was really 9 year old Mary! She banged on the door and stood, her skinny little child’s body at attention as she smiled up expectantly at the door.

But to Cindy’s horror, the door opened to reveal Mark! His smile froze on his face as he looked down in confusion at the skinny little child on his doorstep. "Well hello there, little girl! What can I do for you?"

Cindy’s little mouth dropped open as her child’s eyes popped wide, her neck craned skywards. "Mark?? W-what are YOU d-doing here?"

Suddenly, Mary appeared behind Cindy and, smiling broadly, leaned over to give Mark a kiss, her full breasts straining at her T-shirt and brushing him on the chest. "Hi, Mark!" She grinned down at little Cindy and laughed. "What’s the matter? Didn’t your mom tell you that little Mary would be coming?"

Mark smiled, "Oh, Cindy? Is that you? Great to see you! Boy, you look so different! - just look at you! You’ve really grown up!" He smiled down at Cindy and grinned, "Sorry, Mary. I guess I thought you were one of Missie’s little friends."

"Yes, this is my little sister Mary - isn’t she just the cutest little thing?" grinned Mary, smiling down at little Cindy. Then she stepped back from Mark, inviting him to look her over. "Well, what do you think of me - have I changed much?"

Mark’s eyes popped out as he regarded Mary, her stunning figure and long legs highlighted by her cut off jeans, tight T-shirt and beautiful smiling face. "Wow Cindy! I’ll say you’ve changed! You always were kind of little and immature before - but just look at you now! I’d never have believed it! Boy - when we heard you guys were coming, Aunt Millie asked me to change my plans so I could be here to see you - and I’m sure glad I did!" Mark smiled down at little Cindy. "And its great to meet you, too Mary. Boy, what do you think of your grown up big sister?"

Poor Cindy was mortified! She smiled up bravely at the two adults and stammered. "Y-yeah, Mark. It’s really something. S-she’s really g-gotten grown up!"

Mark grinned at the timid little child, and patted her on her head. "Don’t you worry, Mary! You’re a very pretty little girl, too and I’m sure you be growing up yourself real soon! Now why don’t you run along and get your things, while Cindy and I catch up on old times!" Little Cindy looked up in silence, a confused expression on her little child’s face. "Go on!" encouraged Mark, "Missie is waiting for you upstairs! She says she can’t wait to play with you!"

Poor Cindy was in a confused daze as she scampered back down the steps and got her suitcase. She kept looking back up to the doorstep to see Mary and Mark chatting intimately. Mary looked so grown up in her tight shorts and T-shirt, and Mark seemed to be really captivated by her, giving her his full attention. And with her now having to play the humiliating role of a little child in front of her old boyfriend, Cindy was really wondering how she was ever going to survive this ordeal!

Mortified, Cindy hoped she could just try to be invisible and sneak past the two young adults without further comment. It didn’t help when Aunt Millie, all 250 pounds of her, showed up with her bright red frizzy hair and voice that could be heard a mile away. "Why look who’s here!" she practically screamed. "Could this be little Mary?"

"W-why, yes, Aunt Millie. T-that’s me all right." smiled Cindy timidly, looking up at the huge apparition towering over her.

"Well I want you to come stand right here so I can have a good look at you!" roared Aunt Millie. "Come on! Don’t be shy now!"

Little Cindy obediently scampered over and presented herself to the huge redhead, as Aunt Millie loomed over her. "Well, aren’t you getting to be the big little girl! You know, it seems just like yesterday when your mother was telling how me she was still changing your diapers! And now just look at what a cute little girl you are!" She leaned over to smile at Cindy’s little face. "And just how old are you now, Mary?"

"Er, I-I’m 9 years old, Aunt Millie."

Suddenly Aunt Millie’s face lit up as she looked behind Cindy. A sound like a cross between an air raid siren and a foghorn emanated from her as she stood up, her arms open wide. "And just look at THIS! Who on earth could this grown up young lady be??!"

Cindy turned to see Mary standing behind her, a big grin on her beautiful face as she reached over to hug Aunt Millie. "Hi Auntie! It’s me, Cindy!!"

Aunt Millie embraced Mary, then stood back to look her over. "Well, just look at you! My, my, what a stunning figure you have young lady! Well, I bet all the boys at college are just going crazy over you!!" She grinned as she nudged Mary, "I hope you’re not taken yet, Cindy - does my Mark still has a chance with you?"

Mary just giggled and shrugged her shoulders.

Aunt Millie started up the stairs, the two girls following behind. "Well, come on girls, lets go find your rooms! Now its going to be a little crowded here, I’m afraid..." she pushed open a door, gesturing inside to Mary. "we’ve only got the three bedrooms for you kids, and Mark is keeping his, so Cindy, you’ll take Billie’s bedroom."

As Mary took her things into Billie’s room, Aunt Millie continued, "... and Mary, that means you’ll have to share Missie’s bedroom with Missie and Billie. Hope you three don’t mind, but I thought it was best to keep the young children together and let the adults have their privacy." She smiled down at Cindy, "Is that all right, Mary?"

"Sure. I-it’s fine, Aunt Millie" smiled Cindy bravely.

Aunt Millie pushed open the door. "Well, here we are!! Missie, Billie, look who’s here! It’s your little friend Mary!!" Cindy forced a bright smile to her face as the two children approached. She realized with a start that Missie was now almost as tall as she was! And little 5 year old Billie, who was barely out of his diapers last time she saw him, was now above her shoulder height! Smiling self consciously, she felt so little and funny, standing together with the young children she used to baby sit!

"Hiya, Mary!" smiled Missie casually, the cute little brown haired girl barely giving her a glance before she returned to her book. "This is my room, so don’t touch anything unless you ask first. Now I’m keeping my bed, and Billie is going to be sleeping on the bottom bunk, so that means you get the top. Just put your stuff over there."

"Er, t-thanks, Missie." smiled Cindy uneasily, as she dragged her big suitcase inside.

Cindy had just enough time to get her things in order before Aunt Millie’s foghorn voice blared out again. "Dinner’s ready in ten minutes! I want everybody dressed and down here pronto!!!"

As the other children got ready, little Cindy pulled on one of Mary’s old hand me down dresses, a cute white frilly dress with red bows on it. She finished up and had just stepped out into the hall, when suddenly a door opened and Mary’s smiling adult face appeared. "Oh hi, Cindy! Good - you’re all ready for dinner. Well, don’t you look nice and dressed up tonight!"

Cindy couldn’t help staring up open mouthed at her sultry younger sister! Mary was wearing another one of Mrs. Richard’s sophisticated dinner dresses - a striking "little black dress" that clung to her hourglass figure like a second skin, her mature curves and deep cleavage well displayed by the revealing outfit. She seemed to tower over Cindy, too - she was wearing a pair of new three inch high heels that augmented her statuesque figure and beautiful long legs, and made little Cindy feel even smaller and more childlike than ever!

"Gee, t-thanks, Sis. You l-look just g-great, too!" replied Cindy in her little high child’s voice, as she followed her big younger sister’s sexy rear and long legs through the hallway and down the stairs.



End Chapter 2

A Visit to Aunt Millie's

by: Dreamtales | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 12, 2005


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