A Visit to Aunt Millie's

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Chapter 8
Part 8

Chapter Description: Cindy is now young... and doll-sized to boot.

"Well, I must say your sister’s shrinkage is absolutely extraordinary! In all my years of practice I haven’t come across anything quite like it!"

Mary was sitting in Dr. Johnson’s office, while tiny Cindy was running around on the desk top between them, giggling happily and playing hide and seek behind the huge paperweights. "Yeah, like I said on the phone Dr. Johnson, she’s tiny all right - yesterday we even had to get her a little doll house to live in! But you still think that Cindy can, like, get back to her old self?"

Dr. Johnson strained to be heard over the high pitched giggles and squeals of the playful little doll sized child. "Oh yes, Mary! Of course it may take a bit more time - perhaps a few weeks extra - but definitely she can revert back to normal without any side effects."

"Well, you see the other thing is that Mark - that’s the guy waiting outside - and I were getting kinda worried about her behavior. You see, she been actin’ sorta weird lately..." Mary, leaning forward to speak to Dr. Johnson, had accidentally lowered her chest on the desk top and now was trying to shoo away tiny Cindy, who had scampered over to give her well endowed sister a big hug.

"You mean her infantile tendencies? Well, yes... now, luckily we’ve found that those tend to be the last symptoms to manifest themselves and the first to disappear once the growth treatment begins. So as soon as we put her on the growth hormones those should go away..." Dr. Johnson had to raise his voice to speak above the wails of Cindy who, frustrated in her efforts to get to her sister’s breasts, had promptly burst into tears.

"But gee Dr. Johnson, where ARE those growth hormones? I thought you said they’d BE here by now..." Asked Mary, reaching out to pick Cindy off the desk top, the tiny girl squealing in protest as Mary carried her miniature squirming figure over and dropped her into her pocket book. Looking down with a maternal smile, Mary snapped shut the purse, drowning out her squeaking protests.

"Well, that is a puzzle, Mary. According to the Swiss lab they were shipped last week. Of course, it’s not unheard of for these things to get lost in transit. In fact, we’ve arranged for another shipment to be sent directly to our offices. Now, in the meantime the hormone shots we gave Cindy today, while not as potent as the Swiss hormones, should help to start the process."

Dr. Johnson stood and led Mary out of his office, smiling reassuringly, "At any rate, worrying won’t solve anything. Just sit tight and we’ll call you as soon as it arrives. In the meantime, just please try to keep your sister from having any more emotional shocks - I certainly wouldn’t want to see her any smaller than she already is!"


The next morning Mary awoke, a deeply satisfied smile on her face as she languorously stretched her nubile nude body. Everything seemed right with the world - it was all so beautiful! She loved the warm feeling of Mark’s hard muscled body against hers, the morning light streaming in through the windows, and the sweet smell of summertime in the air.

In fact, she had come to cherish these few precious days at Aunt Millie’s as much as any part of her young life. Her experiences as she pretended to play the role of a young adult were nothing less than a complete revelation for her. It wasn’t just the sex - as much as she enjoyed her lovemaking sessions with Mark, she also looked forward to her playtimes with little Cindy. It was amazing for Mary to think of how, just six months ago still an adolescent, she now felt so sexually fulfilled with Mark, so full of the feeling of young motherhood with little Cindy.

Cindy - her dear little Cindy!! Mary loved the feeling of mothering her tiny childlike sister, and had come to look forward to their playful little games every bit as much as her tiny sister obviously did. Even thinking of little Cindy brought a smile to her face, and set her breasts to tingling with anticipation, her nipples hardening under the thin cotton bed sheets. She wondered if her sweet little shrunken sister was still sound asleep this beautiful morning? Or maybe Cindy was also lying awake in her tiny bed, in her little doll house, eagerly waiting for her mommie Mary to appear?

Careful not to awaken Mark, Mary slid her lovely nude body from under the sheets and began tiptoeing across the hallway towards Cindy’s room. She was giggling to herself in happy anticipation, looking forward to their joyful games and remembering how her appearance always made little Cindy burst into a happy grin. As she crept into Cindy’s bedroom Mary decided that Cindy had been such a good little girl lately - and the poor little dear was so sweet, so trusting - that today Mary would give her a really nice happy surprise! Yes, Mary decided - especially on a beautiful morning like this her cute little Cindy definitely deserved a VERY special treat!!


Ohhhhh, jeez - where am I? thought Cindy as she awakened to a strange room. She quickly sat up in her bed, for a moment completely disoriented. What the heck was going on? Where had she been these past few days? What had happened to her?

Checking herself, she could see that she had grown! She had turned back into a young adult - still as small chested as ever, but at least she was back to being her old skinny 21year old self!! How the heck had THAT happened!? As she racked her brain, the images slowly came back to her. Of course! The visit to Dr. Johnson’s office... the shots she received must have somehow counteracted her age regression!

And now she remembered - yes!! Mary had bought her a doll house to live in! THAT’s where she was - sitting in the bedroom of a child’s doll house! She remembered Mary saying something - how now that she was the size of a doll she could fit in the house. That meant she was now only about 10 inches tall!!

And before that... Cindy shuddered as she remembered her torture at the hands of Missie, her mad flight to Mary’s room, the confrontation with Mary right in front of Mark. But then what?

Cindy’s little mouth dropped open as more images appeared. What on earth had she been doing these last few days? Oh dear! Playing with her little sister’s huge breasts? Cindy’s tiny heart raced with shock and embarrassment as she thought back over her sessions with Mary. Had she REALLY been so immature, actually sleeping with Mary, treating her like a mother figure?? Oh GOD - had MARK seen her do this?? Cindy was completely mortified - how could she EVER face him again after acting like such a tiny little - INFANT!!

Cindy had just made up her mind to go wake up Mary and talk this whole thing over when she heard something. It sounded almost like a knock on her front door. But how could that be? - who went knocking on doll house doors? Nobody she knew - unless Barbie and Ken were coming over for a visit!

Cindy got out of bed, dressed in her little dollie nightie, and cautiously tiptoed to the door. "Hello? Who is it?" There was a giggling sound outside the door. "Mary? Mary, is that you?" Oh good, thought Cindy - at least she and Mary could finally start talking this whole thing over!

Cindy opened the door to reveal a huge nude breast filling the doorway, its erect nipple pointing towards her like a big upended flower pot! "Aaaaggghhh!!" she screamed, "What the fuck??"

"Guess who, little cutie!" giggled a booming voice from above. "It’s mommie Mary!!"

"Mary??!! What the hell are you doing?? Christ, you scared the shit outta me!!" squeaked Cindy, now trapped in the doll house by the huge nipple. "Look, sis - we gotta talk!! No more playing games, okay?? I’m not a little girl anymore!!"

But Cindy’s little voice inside the doll house was too faint to hear, as Mary happily continued with her fun and games. "Look who’s here, little Cindy!! Come and get it - it’s time for your ten minutes with mommie Mary!!"

Seeing the giant breast start to push its way through the door, Cindy turned on her heels and scampered away, desperately trying to escape from the giant mammary! Looking back, she saw that the huge nipple was now replaced by Mary’s bright smiling eyes, watching tiny Cindy escape. "Ohhh, you bad little girl!! Look at you - are you trying to run away from your mommie Mary? " called Mary in a teasing voice that boomed throughout the doll house. "Just wait until I get my hands on you!!"

Cindy ran to a room in the middle of the doll house and waited, hoping that Mary would tire of her game. At least she was safe for the moment - the little doorway and doll house windows were much too small for Mary’s huge arms to reach inside. "M-Mary?" called Cindy timidly. "L-look I’m b-back to normal now -I’m not into these little kiddie games any more! Just please c-calm down, okay??"

As Cindy stood, shivering in shock inside the dark doll house, she heard May’s thundering voice above her, calling out in her teasing high voice. "Now where IS that little cutie? (giggle) Oooohhh - I hope she’s not being a bad little girl again!!"

Cindy crouched inside, looking desperately around her, trying to think of a way she could somehow evade her little sister’s overwhelming maternal playfulness. Maybe if she ran out the back door? As she looked about for an escape route, she suddenly heard a huge tearing sound directly above her. Looking up, she screamed in horror as she realized that the entire ceiling was being ripped away!!

"Oh THERE you are, you bad little girl!!" giggled Mary, her huge smiling face and gigantic voluptuous nude form towering over the little doll house. She was holding the roof in her hands, grinning down at tiny Cindy, her beautiful mountainous breasts suspended directly overhead, looking as big as two huge hot air balloons!

"N-no! Mary!! S-stop goofing around!! It’s ME!! Cindy!! You’re b-big sister!!" squeaked tiny Cindy.

But Mary just smiled, ignoring Cindy’s faint squeak of a voice, as she set the huge doll house roof aside and lowered her gigantic grinning face just over Cindy’s tiny shivering body. "Ohhhh! Such a bad little girl! Hiding from mommy Mary! (giggle) Well, Mary knows what to do about THAT!!"

As Cindy watched, horror stricken, Mary grinned and, stretching her lush body over the doll house until it seemed to fill the skies, began lowering her gigantic breasts into the doll house!! Cindy screamed and backed away as the huge automobile size mammaries poured into the room! She stood frozen in fear until, just as they threatened to crush her against the walls, she turned and started running for her life! Cindy barely escaped the room, the deep sound of Mary’s happy giggling ringing in her ears, before it became filled to bursting with Mary’s huge breasts!!

Rushing into the adjoining doll house room, Cindy stopped and looked up to see Mary’s huge smiling face grinning down right above her. She started to try to yell up at her but her tiny squeak was drowned out by Mary’s happy booming voice. "So you want to play hide and go seek, my little sweetie?? (giggle) Well you’d better find a goooood hiding place! When I find you I’m going to give that cute little bottom of yours a big, big spanking!!"

Desperate to escape, Cindy dashed into another room - her bedroom! - and threw herself under the bed. She lay panting for breath as she heard the deep rumble of Mary’s laughter overhead. "Now where could that little girl have gone? Is she hiding from me again? Let’s see..." Peeking out from under the bed, Cindy could see Mary’s gigantic hand reaching down to pick up the huge pieces of furniture one by one - her big dresser, the nightstand, the chairs each flying up out of sight - and each time Mary’s teasing voice thundered from above. "Ohhhh! Where IS that little girl?? SUCH a bad little Cindy!! (giggle) She’s gonna get SUCH a big spanking THIS time!!"

Finally Mary plucked the bed from above Cindy, revealing the shivering girl curled up in a tiny ball on the floor. "Oooohhh! I KNEW it! THERE she is!! It’s that bad little CINDY girl!!"

Cindy, screaming as Mary’s huge hand reached down for, hopped up to her feet and started running for the doorway! She got about half way there before she felt Mary’s huge fingers circle her waist and effortlessly pluck her tiny body into the air! In a flash she found her tiny body suspended high in the air before her huge sister’s grinning face, Cindy’s minute body shivering in fright as Mary’s bright happy grin loomed before her!!

"Oooohhh! SUCH a bad little girl!! Time for your spanking!!" boomed Mary.

Ignoring the faint squeaks of protest, Mary took Cindy’s tiny struggling body and flipped it over, holding her upside down in her overpowering grip. With one finger of her other hand, she pulled Cindy’s little nightie up over her rear, exposing Cindy’s defenseless little bottom. Grinning down at her helpless tiny sister kicking her little legs (and still not noticing that her doll sized quarry had returned to adulthood) Mary began giggling and swatting the tiny rear with her two huge fingers!

"(giggle) Here we go spanking Cindy girl, Cindy girl, Cindy girl..." Mary sang teasingly, her spanking keeping time to the beat.

"Mareeee!! You fucking idiot!! L-let me g-go!!" squeaked Cindy, struggling desperately.

"...here we go spanking Cindy girl.. (giggle) ... so early in the morning!!" laughed Mary, happily swatting the soft tiny mounds of Cindy’s upended bottom.

"Mary!! Stop!! What the fuck are you DOING??!!"

"Ooooohhhh! (giggle) Is little Cindy saying something?? (swat, swat) Speak up, little girl!!"


Suddenly the spanking stopped and Cindy found herself turned around to face Mary, who was thoughtfully furrowing the brows of her huge beautiful face. "Er, what did you say there, Cindy?"

"I SAID PUT ME DOWN!!" squeaked Cindy at the top of her little lungs, then relaxing as she saw the first signs of comprehension dawning on Mary’s gigantic expression. "Mary, it’s ME - the old me! Cindy!! Your older sister!! I’m not acting like a little kid any more!!"

"Oh! Y-you mean you don’t like playing with mommie Mary any more?" asked Mary, the disappointment clearly showing in the big pout on her beautiful giant face.

"No!! Look at me Mary, I’m grown up again! Er, I mean I’m back to being an adult again, anyway - even though I’m still little. I think it was that stuff from Dr. Johnson! So no more of these kiddie games, understand?!"

"Oh..." said Mary. Then, as she considered the situation, her eyes popped open in embarrassment. "OH!! Oh, gosh, Cindy - I’m really sorry!! I didn’t realize that..."

"Oh that’s all right, Mary" Cindy sighed in relief as she sat up in the palm of Mary’s hand and straightened her nightie, her little face finally breaking into a relaxed grin. "No harm done! I know you were just trying to be nice..."

Suddenly the door opened and Mark’s face appeared. "Mary! That was Dr. Johnson on the phone - he says the growth hormones have arrived at his office!"

Everyone was really excited at the news, but Cindy asked Mary and Mark to go by themselves - she hated the intrusive examination Dr. Johnson put her through yesterday and didn’t want to repeat it. Mary gently returned little Cindy to her doll house, putting the roof back on, and went off to get ready for their trip to the doctor’s office.

Finally able to relax by herself, Cindy began searching through the little collection of doll clothes inside her miniature home, looking for something suitable to her new more mature figure. She finally found a dress she liked, and was just finished putting it on when she heard the sound of footfalls and giggling in the room.

Not again! Thought Cindy. Didn’t Mary get the message yet? She wished her huge sister would just let her have her privacy - at least while she changed clothes! Cindy tried to ignore the sounds, but was really irritated when a huge eye appeared in the window. The nerve of Mary! Didn’t she understand that Cindy wasn’t her own little dollie any more? - she was a real person, with a real person’s need for privacy!

"Mary!! C’mon, scram Sis!!" called Cindy, glaring out the window.

Outside, the huge eyes remained in place, unblinking as the loud giggling continued.

"Look, Mary! This isn’t funny! I thought you understood that..." but suddenly Cindy’s voice caught in her throat as she noticed something - something terribly familiar about those eyes! Her tiny body began shivering uncontrollably, consumed by stark fear as she suddenly realized the true identity of her huge audience!

And then the voice came, booming through the doll house...

"Hiya, Shrinker!!"



End Chapter 8

A Visit to Aunt Millie's

by: Dreamtales | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 12, 2005


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