A Visit to Aunt Millie's

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Chapter 9
Part 9

Chapter Description: The conclusion - with surprises all around...

"M-missie!! W-what do y-you want with m-me?" Cindy was now shivering with fright, her attention trapped by the image of the huge eye outside her doll house window.

"What’s a matter, Shrinker? (hee hee) Scared?" teased Missie. "Don’t cha like being tiny like a little dollie?"

"L-look Missie! Let’s just try to talk this over now..."

"So! Ya LIKE stayin’ in MY room, Shrinker?"

"N-no, Missie! I didn’t mean to..."

" ’Cause a’ you I got booted outta my own bedroom! I even got kicked outta my own house! I been sleepin’ on the floor at my friends place! An’ it’s all YOUR fault, Shrinker!!"

"Yeah - I gotta leave and you get MY room! An’ here you are livin’ in a DOLL HOUSE!!" As Cindy stood in helpless horror, Missie’s huge eye came closer until it filled the window. "Lemme see you, Shrinker! I never seen a real live doll girl before!"

"N-no, Missie! Stop! D-don’t..."

Suddenly Missie’s huge hand appeared at the window, her giant fingers forcing their way inside. "C’mere Shrinker! I’m not gonna hurt ya! Now, just hold still a minute..."

"NO!!!" screamed Cindy, suddenly turning and running for her life! She scampered into the dark room at the center of the doll house - the same room where she’d tried to hide from Mary just minutes ago! She prayed that Missie wouldn’t see that the doll house roof was detachable. Maybe if she could hide there and somehow hold Missie off until Mary and Mark returned...?

Misie’s loud giggling boomed throughout the doll house as she watched Cindy’s tiny form scamper away. "Ha ha! Lookit the little Shrinker running away all scared! Little scaredy Shrinker!!"

"Missie!! Y-you stop t-this right n-now!!" squeaked Cindy, shivering in the darkness.

"C’mon Shrinker!! Missie wants to play! Doncha wanna come out an’ play with Missie??" laughed the huge girl. "What’s a matter? Doncha like me??" She began shaking the doll house, hitting the outside walls and causing the little structure to rattle and shake all around tiny Cindy.

"M-missie!! Stop it!! This isn’t f-funny!" Cindy’s fright escalated as the walls and floors shook around her, her breath now coming in gasps, her heart beating wildly.

Suddenly the floor moved beneath her! Cindy screamed as she felt momentarily weightless, then tossed off balance like she was in an earthquake! She fell to her knees, thrown by the lurching of the doll house, and looked about her in sheer terror as the walls, ceilings, floors all wildly shuddered about her, snapping and creaking like they were about to burst asunder! Crawling to the entrance of the inner room, she leaned around the doorway and peeked out into the outer room. To her astonishment she saw that the view out her window had changed - it was moving! Her entire doll house was being lifted, carried across the room by the huge angry child!!

"MISSIE!!! W-what are you d-doing??" screamed Cindy, hearing only loud giggling coming from above.

The wild ride continued for another few seconds, then came to an abrupt end with a crash to the floor, again knocking Cindy off her feet. She scrambled up and ran to the window, looking out to see - darkness!!

Suddenly Missie’s huge eye appeared again, and her booming voice shook the house. "Hope ya like bein’ in the closet, Shrinker! You just wait here until I get back. Then we can play!!" She paused, her eyes shining merrily as she laughed at her tiny shivering audience. "I just LOVE ta play with dollies!!"

Cindy was almost deafened by Missie’s loud laughter, quickly followed by a huge crashing noise as the door to the closet was firmly shut, leaving tiny Cindy trapped in a world of total darkness!!

Cindy had never been so scared in her life!! Literally shivering with fear, trapped in the dark and now eerily silent closet, she desperately thought through her options. She could feel that her stark fear had already caused her to shrink still smaller, her doll sized nightie now dragging on the doll house floor!

Desperate to somehow escape before Missie returned, she quickly climbed out the doll house window and ran to the closet door. But she could see it was no use - it was closed tight, the only exit a tiny gap between the door and the floor now illuminated by a thin crack of light! How ironic, thought Cindy: here was the only way out of her prison - but tiny as she was she was still too big to squeeze through it!!

But suddenly she had a thought - what if she WERE small enough to crawl under the doorway? Yes!! Maybe she could use her fear to shrink further, to get out of the closet before Missie returned! Looking at the crack of light she estimated that it was less than 1/4inch high - to get through it she’d have to shrink to about one inch tall! That would be awful to be so tiny, so utterly helpless! But the alternative - hopelessly waiting for Missie to return - was unthinkable!!

Cindy stood before the door, concentrating with all her might on frightening herself. It wasn’t hard - she was truly terrified of Missie and her imminent return! As she stood shivering, her heart almost bursting through her chest, she felt her nightie first become looser, then slide off her shoulder, finally dropping from her tiny frame and pooling at her feet! As the terrible minutes dragged on, the world grew huge about her, the doll house now looming like a huge multi-story office building, until finally the tiny crack of light before her glowed brightly, rising to well above her ankles.

Cindy, her minute body now completely nude, quickly crawled under the doorway, barely squeezing herself through and pushing into the bedroom outside. As she stood, blinking her eyes to adjust to the bright light, she gasped as she realized just how tiny she now was. The child’s bedroom was now like a miniature universe to her, the hall door now more than the length of two football fields away!

Now desperately trying to control her terror to keep from shrinking still further, Cindy ran across the room towards the huge doorway. She felt almost like an insect as she frantically ran as fast as she could, now terrified that she might be caught by Missie, or even accidentally stepped on! It seemed to take forever to get to the hall door, her minute size making her feel like her desperate progress was taking place in a slow motion movie!

Outside in the hallway, Cindy looked wildly about for signs of Missie, or of Mark and Mary’s return. She could hear a the huge footfalls of someone moving about in Mary’s room. But was it Mary or Missie? Shivering in fright, she scampered to the edge of the doorway and peeked around the corner.

Cindy almost cried out in joy! The huge figure towering above her was almost too big for her to see in one glance, but she could clearly see the outlines of the curves of her hips, the giant mountains of her breasts. It was Mary!! She must have come back!!

But as Cindy ran inside the room she realized that her troubles were far from over! At her tiny size, she couldn’t get Mary’s attention - her voice was much too faint! And if she ran up to her, she might accidentally be crushed under her huge feet! Those feet were gigantic - each as big as two story houses, shaking the floors as they boomed to the ground. Cindy was amazed at the size of the huge sexy woman - at her gargantuan size she seemed almost an abstract figure to her!

But she HAD to get her attention! What if Mary left without her? She’d be alone in the house, with Missie coming back for her any minute! Cindy would be completely helpless and in her present condition even if Missie meant her no real harm she could easily be accidentally injured by the child - even crushed!

Cindy decided to risk everything in a desperate gamble! She ran out in front of the huge giantess, frenetically waving her tiny arms, and running around in circles on the floor. Above her she couldn’t see her face - only see the huge columns of her legs soaring to the heavens, the giant hills of her breasts floating above like clouds in the sky!

Suddenly out of the air above came a giant dark shadow - some huge object falling down towards tiny Cindy! She tried to run away but it was too big! In an instant, it was upon her - covering her like a giant cloth tent, slamming her to the ground and cutting off the light, trapping her in darkness! In a mix of horror and embarrassment Cindy realized it was Mary’s panties! She quickly found herself choked by the overpoweringly pungent scent of the nubile young woman’s under things!

It took Cindy a few minutes to struggle out from under the giant underwear, and when she emerged she could hear the sound of rushing water - Mary must have gone in the bathroom and was taking a shower! Cindy quickly followed her inside, finding the shower door closed, Mary’s voluptuous sexy curves outlined on the frosted glass. She waited, heart pounding desperately, until the water stopped and her huge sister emerged.

When Mary stepped out, Cindy gasped in shock before the colossal expanse of naked flesh - she had never seen anything so huge, so overwhelmingly sexy in her life! She felt like a tiny bug beneath the enormous curves of her sultry younger sister!

She had to wait for her chance - Mary would never see or hear her until she finished drying off, as even the rustling of the towel would drown out her faint squeaks. Cindy waited until the huge giantess finished drying herself, then ran out in front of the gargantuan figure, again risking her life just to get Mary’s attention! At first it looked like the huge foot might sail right past her, and Cindy desperately jumped and screamed, waving her tiny arms wildly. But suddenly the giantess slowed, bending slightly, the huge feet turning - towards Cindy!! Yes - she saw her!! The gigantic form bent down towards her, and Cindy saw a face looming far above her so big it was like an abstract painting.

Then a hand the side of a house dropped to the floor. Cindy ran as fast as she could and leaped onto it. She lay shivering in a tiny nude ball as she was lifted up, up in the air, past the endlessly long legs, the huge curve of the hips, the gigantic breasts, until she came up to an ear that seemed to be 20 feet tall! Cindy jumped up and squeaked at the top of her lungs, screaming for Mary to help her, to protect her - to stop Missie!!

As Cindy finished her frantic plea, she hoped against hope that Mary had heard her, and somehow understood her anguished plea! The giant hand slowly lowered itself, bringing her tiny body away from the giantess so that she could face her. Cindy stood and waited helplessly in the palm of the huge giantess’ hand as the gigantic face receded, the huge features slowly coalescing into a recognizable form. Cindy watched intently - she had to see Mary’s face, to be certain that she understood her desperate plight!!

Cindy stood blinking, for a long moment completely uncomprehending, then all at once the face snapped into focus. Cindy screamed in horror as the giantess’ huge mouth opened in a predatory grin and the booming voice overwhelmed her, shaking her tiny body to its core!

"Well, well - lookit what I found! Hey - thanks for the growth formula! You gotta try it some time.... Shrinker!!"


"Mary, I simply can’t BELIEVE that you would be so irresponsible as to go out and leave your poor sister in such a helpless condition! What on EARTH were you thinking of??"

"But Mom..."

"We should all thank our lucky stars that I was there to save her! I shudder to think what would have happened if I hadn’t come back when I did!! The poor little thing at the mercy of that nasty child!! And thank goodness the growth formula’s effect on Missie can be reversed!! Just LOOK at all the trouble you’ve caused - and all because you tried to take matters into your own hands!!"

"But Mom, y’see Mark was taking me to see Dr. Johnson..."

"Dr. Johnson!! That’s a whole other subject!! How DARE you go to see him without telling me! And why in heaven’s name didn’t you let me know about what happened to poor Cindy??!! Just what was going on inside your head, young lady??"

"But Dr. Johnson said Cindy would grow back..."

"That’s NOT your decision to make Mary Richards!! I’LL be the judge of what’s right for my daughter - for BOTH of you girls!! Why didn’t you TELL me about all this??"

"Well, y’see Mom, Aunt Millie left Mark an’ me in charge, so..."

"OHHHHH! Aunt MILLIE!! The NERVE of her taking off and leaving you and Mark - mere CHILDREN!! - in charge of the household!! Just wait until I see HER!! I wish I’d never HEARD of your Aunt Millie!!!"

Suddenly the door flew open and a smiling face with bright red frizzy hair appeared. "Well HELLOOOO everyone!! I’m back!! Did I hear someone mention my name??"

Mark followed the huge woman inside, smiling as he bent under the weight of her bulging suitcases. "Oh, hi Mrs. Richards!! Hey, great to see you back again..."

Mrs. Richards turned and, hands on hips bellowed at the top of her lungs. "AUNT MILLIE!!! WHAT is the meaning of this?? How DARE you go away and leave Mary and Mark in charge of our children??!! Do you have ANY IDEA just how much trouble these kids got into??!!"

Aunt Millie was taken aback by her vociferous greeting, and replied defensively. "B-but Mrs. Richards, I DIDN’T leave MARY in charge - it was CINDY!! She’s got a good head on her shoulders! Y-you know, she’s been baby sitting for us for YEARS! Isn’t that right, Cindy?"

Mary blushed and mumbled nervously, "Well Aunt Millie, actually, I’m NOT Cindy, I’m..."

"What?? Speak up dearie, I can’t quite hear you!"

Mary huffed and blurted out, "Well, I’m really Mary - Cindy’s sixteen year old little sister!"

"WHAT???" screamed Mark and Aunt Millie in unison.

"Well, yes." Chimed in Mrs. Richards. "You see, Cindy was undergoing a special hormone treatment which caused her to temporarily become younger, while Mary’s treatment was making her become more mature, so we decided to have them switch places..."

"WHAT??" repeated Aunt Millie. "You mean you KNEW about this? And you even HELPED them to pretend to be each other?? Goodness gracious! Why didn’t you TELL me?"

Mrs. Richards shot back, "Now you look here, Aunt Millie! None of this would have mattered if you hadn’t gone and left these kids alone with no adult supervision!! If I had any IDEA you were going to take off like that..."

Meanwhile, Mark was hitting himself on the forehead and muttering to himself. "Jesus fucking Christ!! I don’t BELIEVE this!! Six-TEEN!! Fuckin’ hell!!"

Aunt Millie was by now getting really hot under the collar, "Now I have a bone to pick with YOU, Mrs. Richards!! I really don’t think you’re being completely fair about this!! Now you might question my methods, but at least I was being completely honest with you! I CERTAINLY wouldn’t have left them alone if you had only TOLD me what was going on!! You had a RESPONSIBILITY to let me know what I was getting into!!"

The shouting match between Aunt Millie and Mrs. Richards escalated until Mary finally waved her arms and screamed. "WAIT!! Just you two WAIT a minute!! Now there’s been no harm done, can’t we all just try to stay friends??!!" There was a brief silence as all eyes were on Mary. "And besides, Mark and I have a very important announcement to make - don’t we Mark??"

Mark was visibly nervous, twitching and breaking out in a sweat. "Er, BABE!! I DON’T think this is a good time to..."

"Oh, come on Mark - I think mom and Aunt Millie need some GOOD news! You see, Mark and I are..."

"Honeeey!! Noooo!!" whispered Mark desperately, gritting his teeth.

"Well, we’ve decided we’re going to get MARRIED!! Isn’t that GREAT??!!"

"WHAT!!!??" screamed Mrs. Richards and Aunt Millie.

Mary’s bright smile was a little jolted by the shocked reaction. "Well, ...ummm, YEAH, y’see..."

"Mary Richards what has gotten INTO you??" yelled Mrs. Richards. "Do you HONESTLY think that at SIXTEEN years of age I would have any INTENTION of letting you..."

"Well, gee Mom. WE thought it was a good idea! Look, I know what you’re thinking - teen marriages mostly end up in divorce, right? Well, y’see there’s this article in Cosmopolitan magazine that says..."

"Hey, babe!! NO!!! Not that!!" yelled Mark.

"...it says that the cause of failure of most marriages is sexual incompatibility. So me an’ Mark decided that since that, like, wasn’t a problem, we should..."

"MARY!!! ENOUGH!!" screamed Mrs. Richards. "I’ll be taking this up with you LATER, young lady!! I don’t want to hear another WORD about this!! We have quite enough to worry about as it is!!"

Aunt Millie’s face by now was a bright crimson, and she had taken to fanning herself with a little lace handkerchief. "Oh, dear! Oh my!! This is all a bit much, really..." Mark pulled out a chair for her, and her full 250 pounds collapsed into it. "I just can’t seem to understand what’s happening here!" She blinked her eyes at Mary, her brows furrowing in thought. "Now if this is Mary, then where on earth is my dear little Cindy?"

"Oh, Cindy??" smiled Mary, picking up a small box from the table and holding it under Aunt Millie’s face. "Why here she is Aunt Millie. See that tiny girl down there? That’s little Cindy!"

"Hi Aunt Millie!!" squeaked the minute girl, smiling up out of the little box.

Aunt Millie took one look and, her eyes rolling back in their sockets, fainted dead away. Her huge bulk slid off the chair and landed on the floor with a thundering plop that shook the house!

As Aunt Millie lay unconscious, her immense body spread-eagled on the floor, Mrs. Richards sent Mark to get some smelling salts. It took fifteen minutes and the combined efforts of the whole troop to finally get her up on her feet. They all helped her to gingerly walk across the room towards the couch, her huge arms supported by Mary and Mrs. Richards on one side and Mark and a young woman on the other. As they slowly walked along, Aunt Millie was shaking all over and muttering to herself, "Oh dear... oh, my!!! T-this is all just SO unusual... I just... oh dear... oh my..."

Seeing an unfamiliar face, Aunt Millie smiled at the young woman holding her up next to Mark, glad to be distracted by SOMEONE who wasn’t involved in this whole horrible mess! "Oh, hello miss! Aren’t you nice to help an old lady like me! You must be from the doctor’s office - you’re one of the nurses, right?" The young lady just smiled, not answering, so Aunt Millie continued. "Yes, it’s enough to make a person want to run for the hills! Have you ever HEARD of such goings on?? Just imagine!!" She shook her head, then smiled again at the young woman. "Well, I don’t want to bore you with MY troubles! What’s your name, dearie?"

"Hiya Mom!! Don’cha recognize me?? It’s me - Missie!!"


This time everybody just decided to leave her there. After all, Aunt Millie’s yellow print dress DID go nicely with the red and green throw rug...

The End



End Chapter 9

A Visit to Aunt Millie's

by: Dreamtales | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 12, 2005


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