A Visit to Aunt Millie's

by: Dreamtales | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 12, 2005

A petite young woman takes a version of the experimental treatment that helped her younger sister develop into a more mature looking woman than her.

Chapter 1
Part 1

Chapter Description: A petite young woman takes a version of the experimental treatment that helped her younger sister develop into a more mature looking woman than her.

Rats! This is just not going to work! thought Cindy, frowning at her reflection in the mirror as she readied herself for her date. She quickly tried fluffing up her long brown hair, but the effect was still wrong - flat and a little stringy. No doubt about it, she decided, I’m definitely gonna have to do my hair.

Cindy couldn’t afford to take chances with her looks - she needed all the help she could get! Not that she wasn’t a good looking girl. With her cute brown eyes, and pretty delicate features she was definitely very attractive - the problem was her size. At 21 years of age, Cindy was still a couple of inches under five feet tall, with the cute skinny figure of a young teenager. Even now, as a junior in college, she was forever getting carded in bars, or even mistaken for an adolescent girl! She had to be extra careful with her clothes - she had become an expert in applying her full repertoire of padded bras, high heels, and fluffy hairdos - especially before a big date!

She hadn’t planned on having to shower, and now she’d have to start all over again! Kicking off her shoes, she ran out of her room and down the hall, pulled open the bathroom door and ...

"Mary! What are YOU doing in the tub!!? Lets go! Amscray lil’ Sis!"

"Jeez, Cindy! I just got in here a minute ago - give me a break!"

"Look, Mary, I don’t have all night! I’ve got a date coming to pick me up in 20 minutes! I NEED to take a shower NOW!!" Cindy was pulling off the last of her clothing, hopping around from foot to foot as she spoke.

Mary sat up in the bath, glaring up at her older sister, an angry pout on her cute face. "Cindy! C’mon! Just ”cause I’m your little sister doesn’t mean you can order me around all the time! Just remember I’m 15 years old now - I’ve got my rights too, y’know! It’s not fair! I don’t need to be baby sat any more! You’re still treating me like a little kid!!"

Tossing off the last of her clothes, Cindy stopped and, hands on her hips, stared down impatiently at the angry little figure occupying the bathtub. Looking at Mary’s skinny undeveloped body, she could see why the cute little girl was so sensitive about being treated like a child. She sure didn’t look like she was 15 - the poor thing wasn’t even in puberty yet! Most people would have pegged her at 11 - at the most! Not that Cindy was that big either, of course. Cindy was still very sensitive about her own lack of development - but at least she was clearly still way ahead of little Mary!

"Well I NEED to take a shower because I’ve got a date tonight. What are you gonna do - play with your toys?" teased Cindy, sneering down at her flat chested sister. "Don’t tell me YOU’VE got someone interested in you? (giggle) You can’t even wear a bra yet!"

"CINDY!! I can’t believe you’re bein’ so queer!" The angry child jumped to her feet in the tub, water sloshing about her as she squealed in anger. "You take that back!!"

"Oh, come on, Mary! You’re too sensitive..."

"MOM!!" Mary was on the verge of tears as she hopped out of the bathtub and grabbed a towel. "Cindy’s teasing me!!"

"Now, Mary! I was just kidding..."

Mrs. Richards stuck her head in the door. "Girls? What’s going on here? Mary, why are you crying like that?"

Mary scampered over to her mother and threw her wet arms around her. "Mom! (sob) Cindy made fun of me an’ said I can’t get a boyfriend ’cause I’m too little!"

"Oh, goll! Mary, you’re WAY over reacting! Look, Mom, I just needed to take a shower and she got all upset!"

Mrs Richards shot Cindy a reproachful look while she gave little Mary a reassuring hug. "Honestly Cindy - you of all people should be more sensitive about your younger sister. Don’t you remember when you were her age - how difficult it was for you to be so little? Please try to be more thoughtful!"

"Jeez, mom! Don’t YOU get all bent outa shape too! Look at it from my point of view - I’ve got a date coming in 20 minutes! And it’s not like Mary’s got anything to do!" called Cindy, yelling over the sound of the water as she hopped into the shower. "Mary just doesn’t understand what its like to be an adult, y’know? Besides, she’s just a little kid. She’ll get over it!"

As Cindy showered, Mrs Richards walked Mary back to her room, whispering gently. "Now Mary, I want you to remember that you’re a very pretty young girl! Now everyone is different and just because you’re a late bloomer doesn’t mean you’re any better or worse than anybody else. You understand what I mean?"

Mary nodded, wiping away her tears. "I just wish I could be big like all my friends! I hate always bein’ so little like this!"

Mrs Richards smiled and continued - it pained her to see little Mary so upset about her lack of development. The poor girl was only 4’ 4" tall - well over a foot shorter than her mother! She stopped and held Mary’s head up by her chin, smiling down at her cute daughter’s little face.

"Well, I think this is a good time to let you know something, Mary. We’re going to see Dr. Johnson next week, and he says he might be able help you to develop more quickly. There’s a new growth hormone treatment that might be just the thing for you!"

Mary’s cute little face broke into a big grin. "Gosh Mom! That’d be great! D’ya really think it could work on me?"

"Well, let’s not get too excited, Mary. But he says that most kids show results within six months. I’ll bet you that by this summer you’ll be a lot bigger..."

"Maybe as big as Cindy?" grinned Mary.

"Well, I don’t know about that, honey. But we can always hope..."

"Wow!" giggled Mary. "That’d be the greatest! Boy, six months...hmmm.... Cindy leaves for college next week, and she won’t be back until summer... Just imagine if the next time she sees me we’re both the same size! What a great surprise THAT would be!"


It was a beautiful early June day when Cindy arrived home for summer break. Tired from her long bus ride, the pretty little brown haired girl clambered down the steps of the bus carrying her duffel bag, and looked around in the crowd at the bus station for her Mom and Mary, a bit confused at not seeing them anywhere. Funny - Mary had even written her a special note, saying she had a "big surprise" for her! As she scanned the crowd, a pretty young woman with long brown hair about a head taller than her came up to and smiled brightly. "Cindy? Hi!"

For a moment Cindy was disoriented - who on earth was this young lady? She had a big bright smile on her face like she knew her well. She was very good looking - and more than a little sexy, with her perky breasts, thin waist and curvy hips highlighted by her tight faded jeans and close fitting T-shirt. Maybe she was an old friend from High School? The girl stood smiling down at Cindy for what seemed an eternity before the sudden realization sank in. "Mary?? Oh my G-God! L-look at you!"

"See! I told ya you’d be surprised!" Mary giggled and walked right up to Cindy’s face, looking almost straight down at her as she compared her new height to her older sister’s. "Hey, look at us, Sis! I’m almost a head taller than you are!"

Wow! thought Cindy. She was right! Looking up at this tall, sexy young lady with her kid sister’s grinning face, Cindy felt a sudden pang of shock and embarrassment. This was incredible! What had happened to the cute little kid that used to follow her around everywhere? She felt like her whole world was crumbling - all her life it seemed like everyone she knew grew up while she stayed little, and the one person that had always stayed little and looked up to Cindy was little Mary. And now Cindy was the little one looking up at her!!

"Hey, sis! (giggle) Don’t look so shocked! It’s just me! I’m still your little sister Mary - even if I AM bigger than you are now!" She burst into a huge smile and opened her big arms wide. "C’mon Cindy! Don’t just stand there with your mouth hanging open! Give your little sister a big hug!"

In a daze, Cindy put her bags down and went up to Mary. The little college girl had to stand on her tip toes and stretch her arms wide to get then around her little sister’s big, sexy frame, while Mary’s big perky breasts pushed themselves against Cindy’s chin as they stood holding each other.

Stepping back as she craned her little head up towards her younger sister, Cindy was still having a hard time letting it all sink in. "Boy, Mary! I guess I’ll just have to get used to you being taller than me! It really feels so funny that I have to look up at you now." She giggled nervously. "I mean... wow, I still really can’t believe it!"

Suddenly, Mrs. Richards, came across the room, smiling at the two sisters. "Hi girls! Oh just look at the two of you! You look so cute together!" She stopped and started to take a picture of them. Despite their size difference, the two girls still both looked very much alike, their pretty smiling faces and big brown eyes both framed with long curly brown hair. And while Cindy was now much smaller physically, she was still very pretty, her cute thin boned frame well proportioned.

"Now, Mary and Cindy stand up straight." Cindy felt so funny having her picture taken with this big well developed girl! Cindy felt wave of embarrassment as the two stood side by side, her little head barely above Mary’s shoulders. For a moment she felt a twinge of helplessness, like she was shrunk to a little girl, lined up and grinning beside her tall, well built little sister! She really hoped she could get used to this... somehow!

Cindy’s Mom came over and gave her a big hug and kiss - as Cindy suddenly noticed to her chagrin that Mary was now almost as big and tall as her Mom was! Mrs. Richards smiled down at Cindy. "Now what do you think of your grown up little sister?"

Cindy really was amazed! "Gosh, Mom, it’s really unbelievable! She just took off like a rocket! Are you sure you didn’t get her mixed up with some other girl at school?"

After everybody laughed at Cindy’s little joke, Mrs. Richards and Mary helped Cindy carry her things to the car. Mrs. Richards was really sympathetic - she could see in Cindy’s eyes that she was more than a little bit embarrassed by the situation. It always pained her to see her daughters so small and undeveloped compared to their schoolmates - and even though she was happy for Mary, she knew that Mary’s rapid growth might make things more difficult than ever for Cindy. "Oh, honey, it’s just so good to have you home again! Daddy and I are so happy to see what Dr. Johnson’s treatments have done for Mary. And you know, we’ve been talking to him about you, too. He sounds like he might be able to help - so we’re all going to go see him first thing tomorrow!"

Good old Mom! Thought Cindy, She always knew how I felt! "Gee, thanks, Mom! I sure hope he can do something for me, too!"

"Well, don’t get your hopes up too much, honey!" smiled Mom, "We’ll all wish for the best! But no matter what, we love you just the way you are! Let’s see what Dr. Johnson has to say tomorrow!"


The next morning Mrs. Richards took the two girls to see Dr. Johnson. The nurse took Mary and Cindy aside and started by taking some blood samples. Then she asked both girls to undress while she made some measurements.

Poor Cindy was so embarrassed - she always hated having to go to the doctor’s office, and especially when she had to strip her slight, under developed body naked in front of strangers. But now it was even worse, having to reveal her skinny small breasted frame and standing right next to her tall sexy little sister! Cindy kept peeking out of the corner of her eye at Mary’s big mature body - her sexy boobies, big perky rear and long shapely legs. She was really impressed - this was the first time she’d seen Mary in the nude since her growth treatments began, and she looked even sexier than some of her big college friends - just like one of those sexy nude models in the girlie magazines!

"OK, girls. Lets check your measurements!" called the nurse, as Mary pulled off the last of her clothes and stepped up on the scale. The nurse adjusted the height measurement rod and the scale, then scribbled notes on her pad. "Let’s see... 5 feet 8 inches tall.... 123 pounds... " She took out a tape measure and quickly checked Mary’s development. "Oh, very nice, Mary! I’ve got you at... 35 inch chest, 24 inch waist... and 34 inch hips! Good for you, Mary - you’re really coming along beautifully!"

The nurse smiled down at little Cindy. "OK, your turn." As Cindy hopped up on the scale, the nurse reached up and lowered the height indicator - down, down, till it touched Cindy’s head. "Now what have we here... that’s 4 feet 10 inches... 88 pounds..." Cindy blushed a deep red as the tape came out again and the nurse quickly noted her measurements, "...and that’s 31 inches... 23 inches... 31 inches." She smiled at little Cindy. "Thank you, Cindy, that will be all for now. Why don’t you get dressed and go see Dr. Johnson!"

While the nurse gave some more tests to Mary, Dr. Johnson came in and sat down with Cindy and her mother. First, he gave them an overview of the treatment her sister was getting, explaining how the injections of growth hormones stimulated her pituitary glands, causing accelerated growth and rapid sexual development. Then he sat back and put on his glasses, closely examining Cindy’s chart, and checking the results of the blood tests. He seemed lost in thought for a minute and both Cindy and her mother waited nervously, holding their breath until he finally spoke.

"Well, Cindy, according to these tests you are a very healthy young girl - physically strong in all respects." Cindy and her mom exchanged smiling glances. "Now I understand you’d like to undertake the same treatment that’s been working so well on Mary." He paused and looked seriously at Cindy over his glasses. "Now I’m afraid for you this will not be so simple."

"Y-you mean I can’t use the growth hormone?" asked Cindy, wide-eyed in anticipation, her voice shaking in disappointment.

"Well, let me put it this way - I’ve got good news and bad news for you."

Uh-oh, thought Cindy. "Er, w-what’s the bad news, Doctor?"

"Well, the bad news is that you’re chronologically too old for the hormones to have an effect on you. I’m afraid, Cindy, your pituitary glands will no longer respond to stimulus - you’ve simply stopped growing!"

Cindy looked down at the floor in dismay as her Mother touched her shoulder and whispered reassuringly. "Well, I guess that’s just too bad, dear. What’s the good news, Doctor?" asked Mrs. Richards.

"Well, the good news is that we may be able to address the situation - by making you temporarily younger!"

"W-what??!" exclaimed Cindy and her mom in unison.

"You see, the pituitary gland ceases to function around age 20, as growth stops in most mature adults. But with today’s modern technology, we can actually help people to regress to an age where growth is still possible. And if growth is possible, then the treatment can work, too!"

"B-but you said I have to get YOUNGER?"

"Temporarily younger, Cindy. The regression will only be for a short period of time - a few weeks at most, before you can start on the growth treatment. Just enough time to reactivate your pituitary glands so that they can be stimulated by the growth hormones. The way we look at it, you need to take one step backwards before you can take two steps forward."

Cindy was shocked - her head spinning as she thought through her options. Age regression? She had never heard of such a thing - but it did seem to make sense. If the growth treatment didn’t work on grown-ups, it seemed logical to make them younger. But she hated to think of her getting even less mature - she already felt like a little kid next to her big sexy younger sister! Getting even smaller and more childlike would be... well, she didn’t even want to think about it!

Cindy’s mom asked about how the youth drug would affect Cindy. "Its effects vary with each individual." explained Dr. Johnson. "Some patients regress more than others, but for most the youth process brings them back to adolescence, just young enough to start growing again. Normally, the regression is over in two weeks, then there’s a waiting period of about a week or two before we can start the growth hormone treatments. Once started, growth should be very rapid. If all goes well, you’ll be over the process and back to your current state of development within four to six weeks." Dr. Johnson leaned back and smiled. "And after that... the sky’s the limit!"

"There are some potential side effects you need to be aware of..." cautioned Dr. Johnson. "Most subjects regress normally, but we’ve found in certain cases that unusual circumstances - especially for subjects undergoing certain emotional shocks or traumas - can cause accelerated reduction in physiology."

"Er.. accelerated reduction in physiology? W-what’s that mean?" asked Cindy.

"Oh, in layman’s terms, you might call it... shrinking." smiled Dr. Johnson.

"S-shrinking? Gosh, that sounds scary!"

Dr. Johnson smiled reassuringly. "I wouldn’t worry too much about it, Cindy. This side effect is very unusual, and as I said it only manifests itself under strong emotional stress - certainly not something that I would expect to see in a happy family like yours!" He took off his glasses and started cleaning up his papers as he got ready to leave. "Anyway, I’m sure you have a lot to think about, Cindy. I want you to take your time and carefully consider the various options we discussed today. And there’s no need to jump into something you don’t feel comfortable with. Just remember - you’re perfectly healthy as you are!"

But Cindy had already made up her mind. All the while she was listening to Dr. Johnson, she had been watching Mary go through the rest of her examination, staring hungrily at her sexy younger sister’s nubile young body, her big perky breasts jiggling as she was being measured by the nurse. Little Cindy wanted more than anything to have a body like that! Sure, it might be a little embarrassing to be even smaller and younger looking for a while, but a few weeks of inconvenience was a small price to pay for her lifelong dream! She took a deep breath and blurted out "That’s all right Dr. Johnson, I’ve already decided! I’ll do it!"

Mrs. Richards was cautious, but Cindy was adamant - she wanted to start the procedure right away! She insisted on getting her first shots then and there, and as the three left the doctor’s office, Cindy was filled with excitement over what the future would bring.


The next few days were filled with small humiliations for Cindy as the youth drug slowly took effect. Poor Cindy had never felt so helpless in her life - first she had barely gotten over the shock of seeing her little sister suddenly transformed into a sexy adult, and now she was grappling with the utter humiliation of watching herself slowly shrink to the size of an innocent adolescent girl!

The changes at first were gradual, almost imperceptible - Cindy’s bra became a bit looser, and her panties kept sliding down her thin hips. She was becoming a bit shorter each day, and she tried to minimize the effect by wearing thick soles, or standing up on her toes, especially when her tall well developed little sister was around. She tried everything - first buying a padded bra, then stuffing it, and she went through several smaller sizes of panties. And she was spending more and more time every day on makeup, trying to do the best she could with her increasingly innocent features, her little upturned nose and thin lips. She wanted desperately to keep up appearances, but it was a losing battle.

"Cindy? You ready? Mom says she’s ready to drop us off at the Mall!"

"Coming, Mary! I’m just finishing up!" Cindy came running down the stars, purposely stopping on the next to last step so her short little frame wouldn’t be dwarfed by her tall sexy younger sister. "OK, you guys, I’m all set!"

Mary was standing with her arms folded over her ample breasts, looking very mature in her tight revealing V-neck T-shirt and skin tight jeans. She took one look at Cindy and started giggling softly. Mary tried her best to hide it, but just couldn’t stop chuckling.

"And just what’s so funny, Mary?" demanded Cindy, her hands on her thin little hips, an angry look on her face.

Mary put her hand to her mouth and attempted to control her giggles. Cindy looked - well, she looked like a little adolescent girl playing dress up - and doing a very bad job of it! Her young girl’s face was caked with makeup, her thin mouth slathered with a particularly inappropriate shade of dark red lipstick, and her wide little eyes circled with a rather deep purple mascara. And she was wearing shoes with super thick platform heels that looked like something you might wear if you were trying to learn how to walk on stilts! But what really gave Mary the giggles was poor Cindy’s little bra - she had stuffed it full of kleenex and in her hurry hadn’t centered it properly. One of her "boobies" had almost slid off her little chest and they both were pointing off in different directions!

"I’m sorry, Cindy. It’s just... (giggle)" Mary buried her face in her hands, turning her tall sexy body away to hide her amusement as her body shook with laughter.

"MOM! Tell her to stop! She’s makin’ fun of me!" cried Cindy in her high childish voice.

"Oh, don’t be so sensitive, Cindy." objected Mary, "I was just..."

"Girls! Girls, now that’s enough." Cut in Mrs Richards. "Now Mary, Cindy is your older sister and you should treat her with respect."

"Hey, mom! C’mon! I didn’t SAY anything! All I did was..." protested Mary.

"Never mind Mary! You wait right here for us. Cindy and I will be right back." Mrs. Richards took little Cindy up the stairs and, after a little heart to heart talk, changed her outfit, removing the makeup and the stuffed bra, the kleenexes falling out on the floor as she helped Cindy undo the straps. She gently convinced her reluctant daughter to face facts, helping her pick an out old training bra and one of Mary’s old girlish dresses from last year. Cindy pouted as her mom buttoned her up in the childish outfit.

"OK, I’ll wear it. But, she’d better not make fun of me again!" complained little Cindy, as Mrs Richards gently assured her not to worry about Mary.

When the two came back down the stairs, Cindy glared at Mary, ready to react to even the slightest giggle or comment. Poor little Cindy in Mary’s old dress now looked just like a little adolescent, and stood over a foot shorter than her nubile little sister, her eyes about at nipple level of Mary’s large breasts. Mary tried her best to behave - she didn’t want to risk another outburst - and the three hardly spoke the whole way to the Mall.

Cindy relaxed a bit after they finished some shopping. The two girls were almost done when they passed by Victoria’s Secret. "Oh, look Cindy! I need to stop in here for a sec."

Inside, Mary started looking through the lingerie, eagerly picking out some interesting bras and panties, while little Cindy just stood awkwardly in the middle of the store. She was now much too young for the clothes, and she didn’t know what to do with herself. She tried to hide her embarrassment as she waited for her nubile younger sister.

"Hi there! What’s your name?" The salesgirl was smiling brightly. She was about as tall as Mary and pretty well built, too. As Cindy craned her little head to look up at her, she realized with a start that she knew her - the girl had been in Cindy’s High School and they had shared some classes together. Obviously she didn’t recognize Cindy as a young preteen girl!

"Oh, um... hi! My name’s.." Cindy thought quickly - she didn’t want to be recognized! "um... Amy!"

"Oh, well, nice to meet you, Amy! Are you helping your big sister today?"

Oh God, how embarrassing! thought Cindy. But she had to keep pretending - or else! "Ummm... yeah!"

"And how old are you, Amy?" grinned the salesgirl.

"Er, I’m ... Uhhhh eleven years old!"

"Oh that’s the same age as my sister! Gee you look kind of familiar - maybe I’ve seen you before. Do you go to Hill Vale Elementary School, Amy?" continued the salesgirl, smiling brightly.

This was getting too close for comfort, thought Amy. "Er... excuse me, Miss. I need to go talk to my sister!" Cindy quickly turned and scampered off to find Mary.

"She’s in the dressing room, Amy!" called the salesgirl, giggling as she watched the cute young girl hurry off across the store.

"Psst! Mary! You in there?" called Cindy as she walked into the changing room entrance.

Mary’s muffled voice came out from behind one of the doors. "Oh, hi Cindy! What’re you doin’ back here?"

"Er, nothing, Mary. I just um... got tired of waiting for you. Mind if I come join you?"

"Sure, come on in! Oh - hey, wait a sec - can you help me out?" The door opened a crack and Mary handed out a sexy black lace bra. "Can you go ask for a larger size? This one’s a bit too small on me." Mary checked the label, "Let’s see... this is a size 35C, so why don’t you ask for a 36D?"

Oh Christ! Just what I need! thought Cindy as she carried the big sexy bra back out to the sales floor. At first Cindy walked unconsciously holding the huge black bra in front of her chest, but she suddenly looked down and realized that the big sexy bra completely dwarfed her tiny budding breasts. Turning beet red with embarrassment, she couldn’t figure out what to do with the big piece of lingerie, and finally ended up holding the bra behind her back as she approached the salesgirl. "Er, excuse me." Called Cindy in her high adolescent’s voice. "Ummm... my sister says she needs a bigger size bra. Uhhh... you got a size 36D?"

The salesgirl happily complied, handing little Cindy the big bra and complimenting her on being so helpful. "Boy, you’re really nice to your big sister, Amy. I wish MY little sister was as good as you are!"

Cindy breathed a sigh of relief when she finally got back and joined Mary in the dressing room. But as soon as she sat on the bench little Cindy started having second thoughts - as embarrassed as she was with the salesgirl, she felt even worse as she sat watching her big sexy younger sister try on the revealing lingerie. Poor little Cindy sat forlornly as Mary happily stripped and tried on piece after piece of black lace undies and bras, gaily striking poses as she checked the reflection of her sultry figure. It just seemed so unfair - every time she saw Mary undress she just seemed to be getting bigger and sexier than ever! The little room was lined with mirrors, and it seemed that everywhere Cindy looked she saw multiple images of Mary’s big full breasts and beautiful sexy rear highlighted by the skimpy lingerie, with her own pouting young girl’s face hovering in the background!

After what seemed an eternity, Mary finally finished. The salesgirl was ringing up Mary’s purchases, complimenting her on her sophisticated choices. "You’ll love this one!" she gushed, holding up the big black bra, "It’s soooo sexy - especially on a great bod like yours!"

Mary was grinning from ear to ear, while little Cindy tried to hide behind a clothes rack, not wanting to chance another encounter with the salesgirl.

"And I just love how Amy is so helpful with you!" the salesgirl continued happily. "She’s such a little cutie!"

"Er... Amy??" asked Mary, a quizzical look on her face.

Cindy was within earshot and quickly scampered over, her little head craned up at the two tall young women. Shit and double shit! she thought - how can I explain this one? Thinking quickly, she tried her best to come up with a story without having Mary’s confusion tip off the salesgirl. "Er, yeah, Mary!" called Cindy, suddenly breaking into the conversation. "I was just t-telling the lady about how, you know, I’m you’re l-little sister Amy and all! S-she said she has a little s-sister the same age as me - 11 years old! An’ then I told her about how I’m goin’ to Hill Vale Elementary School, an... well, you know, we talked about all kinds of stuff!"

Suddenly running out of things to say, Cindy just stood silently, her cheeks bright red with embarrassment, looking up at the two sexy young women. She was really nervous, desperately hoping Mary wouldn’t ruin her story, and still worried that the salesgirl might recognize her as her old schoolmate shrunk to the size of an adolescent girl! She stood fidgeting, looking up at Mary with a pleading expression, praying she would pick up her cue.

At first the two young women looked down in silence, momentarily shocked at the cute little girl’s sudden outburst. After a short pause, Mary turned and smiled at the salesgirl, "Yep! That’s my little sister Amy! She’s a real little cutie all right!" The two young woman burst out laughing, the salesgirl leaning over and handing the big bag of lingerie to little Cindy to carry for her "big sister."

After the two girls left the store, Cindy glared up at Mary. "Don’t you even THINK of saying anything, you hear me, Mary?"

Mary didn’t say a word, but kept bursting into giggles for the rest of the afternoon.



End Chapter 1

A Visit to Aunt Millie's

by: Dreamtales | Complete Story | Last updated Jun 12, 2005


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