Alcohol, Schmalcohol

by: Achuloh | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 9, 2021

In some universes, alcohol has quite a different effect on the brain than in our own universe.

Chapter 1
Intro and Vignette 1

Chapter Description: Elizabeth spots an older professor at her first frat party.

No matter what universe you find yourself in, there’s always a subset of humans using alcohol to relax, socialize and have fun at parties. However, alcohol doesn’t have the same effects in every universe. Take universe, AL-6395, for example. In this universe, alcohol causes drinkers to become more outgoing, curious and worry-free, but it also causes a temporary reduction in mental maturity, bodily coordination, and speech ability. It makes you mentally younger. Effects are greater the more you drink. Most people drink responsibly, knowing their limits and finding a suitable mind space and mental age to experience the world as, but there’s always stories of people getting “blackout” drunk - being temporarily reduced to a babbling infant.

Let’s share a few vignettes from this different world.

Vignette 1: At The Frat Party

Elizabeth had lived a pretty sheltered life growing up. Her parents didn’t drink - her mom because she hated the flavor, and her dad because he was being his usual overprotective, judgemental and paranoid self.

Now she was a Freshman in college, and was ready to test her newfound freedom. Thus she found herself begging her roommate Tiffany to take her with to a frat party.

Elizabeth’s ideas of frat parties were all from Hollywood stereotypes. Guys drinking themselves into horny teenagers or preteens, girls drinking until they didn’t care about how immature the guys were, and people using the buddy system and babysitting friends who had had a little too much to drink so they wouldn’t get taken advantage of.

The reality wasn’t far off from this.

The music was blaring, and people were dancing in various states of inebriation. Elizabeth could see guys and girls who had mentally regressed to young childhood, and were dancing in an uncoordinated and blissfully oblivious fashion. She could also see guys and girls who were probably mentally in their mid or early teens grinding, or dancing closely with each other. In the corner, there were a bunch of people with earplugs in doing finger paints or coloring clumsily with crayons, while taking occasional sips of juice from their sippy cups.

Elizabeth stood frozen in the corner, not quite sure what to do. It was too loud to have a real conversation, but she was too nervous to dance or talk to guy.

Tiffany came over holding two Red solo cups.

“Here you go,” Tiffany shouted over the music, offering Elizabeth a cup.

“I’m not 21 yet,” Elizabeth shouted back.

Tiffany rolled her eyes. “Take it, you’ll be fine, I’ll make sure you don’t overdo things.”

Elizabeth took the drink that had been offered to her, and took a sip from the cup.

“Mhm!” she said. “This is really good.”

“What?” Tiffany asked. “I can’t hear you.”

“It tastes really good!” Elizabeth shouted.

Tiffany nodded. “So your younger self won’t mind the alcohol flavor.”

Elizabeth didn’t know how much alcohol was in this fruity drink, so she drank about a quarter of the cup before letting herself stop.

“When will I feel the effects?” Elizabeth asked.

“Oh, you’ll see soon enough,” Tiffany assured her, before walking back to the dance floor.

It wasn’t long at all before Elizabeth felt full of energy. She was feeling great! In fact she was starting to get a little antsy. Standing off to the side no longer seemed like an option to her, there were people dancing and having fun and she wanted to join them!

Elizabeth ran out onto the dance floor, and started moving her body to the music, barely managing to avoid spilling the drink she still held in her hand. She was having a blast! The alcohol had removed her usual self-consciousness, and so she was putting her youthful energy to work and feeling no shame.

It wasn’t long before a guy came up to Elizabeth and tried his luck. He looked a little bashful and uncertain of himself, but the alcohol gave him the courage he needed to get over his shyness.

“Hi!” he said boisterously. “I’m Mikey.”

Elizabeth smiled. “I’m Elizabeth.”

Mikey shuffled uneasily, looking at the floor. “D-do you wanna dance?”

“I think I’m a little old for you,” she said. “How much have you had to drink?”

Mikey looked like a football player, and easily could have been in his mid-20’s. He was physically older than Elizabeth, but his bashfulness was betraying a younger mentality at play.

“I’m 12,” he said hanging his head.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m 16, and I’m not really interested in babysitting. Why don’t you ask that girl?” Elizabeth said, pointing at a girl who dancing awkwardly next to them. “She seems like she’s about your age.”

Mikey shuffled off awkwardly, taking a quick peak at Elizabeth’s breasts before leaving. Elizabeth rolled her eyes. Boys could be so immature. She took another sip of her drink, then noticing the yummy flavor she allowed herself to take a few gulps before stopping herself.

“Ugh, I’m so stupid! I’ve got to, like, pace myself,” she said.

She looked over at the couch, where a few people who had gotten blackout drunk were burbling happily and moving their hands and legs in a semi-random pattern. She didn’t want to end up like those people.

Then Elizabeth saw a curiosity. Her old history professor from last semester, Dr. Smith, was dancing with a girl. They apparently exchanged some words, before he had a look of disgust and walked out to the patio where some people were chilling away from the loud music.

Elizabeth had had a bit of a crush on Dr. Smith - he looked young, and kept in great shape - but normally she was able to push these feelings down and focus on her schoolwork. However, seeing him here had all those feelings bubbling to the surface again with a vengeance.

She walked out to join her professor on the patio.

She saw him standing there with a look of regret. She put her drink down on the bannister, and walked up to him.

“Please tell me you’re at least 18 mentally,” he said defeatedly. “A guy’s gotta have standards, you know? All these younger teenagers and children around, I can’t risk losing my job over that!”

“I’m 18 - I haven’t had anything to drink,” she lied. Her second drink was starting to hit her now, and she was feeling impish and impulsive. She knew she was really about 14 mentally right now - it was going to take a lot of effort and concentration to convince her professor she was a mature 18 year old.

“Oh, thank god!” he said. “You’re Elizabeth, right? Used to sit in the front row of my class last semester?”

Her stomach fluttered. He remembered her name!

“Actually, I prefer Lizzy,” she said, before immediately realizing what a mistake that was.

Dr. Smith narrowed his eyes. “Are you sure you haven’t had anything to drink?” He sniffed the air. “I can smell alcohol on your breath.”

“Some toddler spilled their drink on me,” she said. “My parents would kill me if they ever got word that I was drinking before I turned 21.” That last part was true. “How old are you right now, by the way? Even if you’re, like, limiting yourself to 18 year olds, it’s pretty creepy for a 28-year-old professor to be hitting on his students.”

“28, huh? Is that how old I was?” he said curiously. “In any case, I’m about 20 now.”

Lizzy started playing with her hair.

“18 and 20 is still a bit of a power imbalance, don’t you think? Don’t you want to be on an equal footing with me?” she said in her best attempt at a sultry voice. It was clear she wasn’t very experienced using her grown-up body to seduce men.

Dr. Smith smiled.

“Well, I like to maintain a little edge on my students at these kinds of events. For one, it keeps professionally damaging occurences from happening…”

Lizzy lightly touched Dr. Smith’s arm. The motion was unsubtle thanks to her inexperience, but she was doing her best to seem like a sexy, mature woman to her crush. The years of maturity she had lost had really done a number on her flirting game, but Dr. Smith didn’t seem to mind at all.

“Why don’t you cut loose a little, Dr. Smith?” she asked in an enticing voice. “You’re so terrified of something going wrong, and you don’t, like, let yourself cut lose. If you drank one more cup, I’d be able to show you exactly what I fantasized about doing with you during last semester while you lectured.”

Dr. Smith shivered at her words. She seemed to know exactly what to say to get him interested.

“I suppose I could afford to drink a little more… Be on an equal plain with you…” he said distractedly. His mind was stuck on the unsubtle touches Lizzy tried to punctuate the conversation with, her playing with her hair, the way she was looking up at him. “I’ll be right back!” he declared.

He walked back into the party, and got a cup of punch which he swiftly returned with.

“I’m only going to drink a little more,” he said to her. “Just so we can be equals.”

However, as he started to drink up, Lizzy got behind him and started giving him a shoulder rub. He was so distracted by the pleasant sensation that he drank quite a bit more than he intended to of the punch.

He coughed as some went down the wrong pipe, and Lizzy asked him if everything was alright.

“Uh, yes. Of course,” Dr. Smith said. “I just think you’re about to be the older of the two of us. Sorry.”

Lizzy smiled. She kind of doubted whether she would be the older one, considering she was lying about being mentally 18 at the moment. If anything, his overdrinking was probably going to make them mentally equals where they wouldn’t have been before.

Lizzy resumed her shoulder rub, interested to see how the youthening professor would react.

He went stiff, and seemed to melt in her hands over the next minute or two.

When she finished, he sheepishly said. “Aw, I was hoping you wouldn’t stop.”

She could tell something in his voice had changed. He was less serious and formal all of a sudden. He wasn’t interacting with her as a professor with a student - he seemed to be carrying himself more like a high schooler.

“How old are you now?” Lizzy asked smiling coquettishly.

“Uh, 15,” he said blushing. “I know you’re a few years older than me, but I assure you I’m still a man of experience. Well, one experience.”

Lizzy giggled, but internally she was thinking ‘drats!’ Ever since the possibility had been dangled in front of her, she wanted to be the older and more experienced of the two of them. She had kissed a boy once at 14, but that was it.

He started kissing her. He was assertive and enthusiastic, and sure of himself. While she was learning as she went, trying to keep up with him. Double drat!

“Hey, Dr. Smith,” she said. “I have an idea.”

“I don’t think I like Dr. Smith any more,” he said. “Why don’t you call me Alex?”

“Alright, Alex,” she said. “Did you want to hear my idea?”

He nodded.

“Why don’t you do a shot off of my belly button? I think that would be really hot!” she said.

She had seen something like that on a TV show.

“But I’m already so young,” Alex said. “If I drink anymore I’ll lose my experience!”

Lizzy kissed Alex, and gently took the drink from his hand. She walked over to a patio chair doing her best sexy walk, and lay down. Then she pulled up her shirt, and poured a little bit of punch into her belly button.

“We’ll make new experiences,” she purred. This was all false bravado - she was secretly terrified that was she was doing would look awkward, or would fail to be sexy somehow.

However, Alex wasn’t above the awkward seduction techniques of a mental 14-year-old, being only 15 himself. He walked over, and got next to her. She could see a tent forming in his pants. He paused, and then put his mouth over over he belly button and drank.

Then he came back up to her mouth and started kissing her. However, his kisses were different from before. Less certain, less assertive, less experienced.

Lizzy smiled mischevously at Alex.

“Was that your first time kissing a girl?” she asked.

Alex’s eyes widened in shock. “How did you know? Was it bad? Did I do something wrong?”

Lizzy put a finger to his mouth to gently shush him.

“No, you didn’t do anything wrong little Alex. Remember, I’m 18 years old. I’m more mature than you, and I’m going to show you everything you need to know. How old are you now?”

Alex looked down sheepishly. “13.”

This was perfect! Lizzy was now the oldest one.

“And are you a virgin, Alex?” Lizzy said.

“O-of course not,” he said.

Lizzy looked at him with a mocking smile. “You don’t know how to kiss a girl, and you expect me to believe you’re not a virgin?”

Alex seemed to deflate.

“Alright, I’m a virgin,” he admitted.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed,” she said, giggling. “I’m going to, like, show you everything you need to know!”

She started by giving him some kissing tips that her own first “boyfriend” had given her not long ago. They had only stayed together for a week, and never gotten farther than making out.

Alex was a quick study. However, his confidence and certainty never quite returned. Lizzy was in charge of everything that happened.

“Why don’t we take this upstairs?” she purred.

Alex nodded nervously. Lizzy brought the punch up, just in case.

They found a guest bedroom that wasn’t being used, and Lizzy turned around after locking the door.

“Alright, Alex,” she said. “Today’s your lucky day! I’m going to show you your first boobies.”

Alex blushed. “Um, actually… Someone already showed me their boobies.”

Lizzy frowned. “Oh?”

“Yeah, my friend Maggie, uh, showed me over the summer,” he sputtered out.

“You never kissed a girl, but you’ve seen a girl’s boobs?” Lizzy said in annoyance.

“Well, Maggie, uh, wanted to kiss me after that, but I-I ran away.”

“Alright, Alex,” Lizzy said. “I’m going to give you a surprise. Close your eyes, and open your mouth wide.”

Alex didn’t do what she asked. “You’re not going to do a mean prank or something, are you? Or leave me a lone up here like a chump?”

Lizzy giggled. “Would I do that to you? I’m going to give you a nice surprise.”

At the word surprise, the tent in Alex’s pants got bigger.

“Alright…” he said uncertainly.

He closed his eyes, and opened his mouth.

“Open it wider,” Lizzy said. “That’s it, now tilt your head back a bit.”

Alex complied, and then felt sweet punch falling into his mouth. He spluttered a bit.

“Hey! What’d you do that for?” he said opening his eyes. “I’m already 7 years younger than you.”

“It’ll be more than that now,” she said happily. She watched as Alex’s behavior subtly changed. He suddenly seemed like he couldn’t stay still. “How old are you Alex?”

“Um, 11,” he said.

She hoped she hadn’t gone to far back. She still wanted to have fun with him.

“And have you ever seen a girl’s boobies before?” she asked seductively.

“N-no!” he said. He hadn’t ever really thought of such things, though he did hear the other boys talking about girls sometimes, he was still perplexed by what they saw in them.

“Well, what do you think of this?” she said, slowly taking off her shirt and then her bra.

He looked at her naked breasts nonplussed. Lizzy was disappointed to see that the tent in Alex’s pants had subsided, and was a complete no show. In spite of her fully developed 18-year old body, Alex was unreactive.

“Um… they’re nice, I guess,” Alex said slowly. “Can I play downstairs now?”

Lizzy sighed, and threw her hands up. She had regressed him too far! Now he wasn’t interested in girls anymore.

“Actually, Alex, why don’t you play with me up here?” she tried not to sound too desperate.

“Nuh-uh, you’re really old and weird!” he said. “Why would I play with you?”

Lizzy sighed. She needed a way to keep him here for a hour or two so he could sober up enough for their fun to resume.

Lizzy pulled her top back on.

“Because I’m your babysitter!” she said in an authoritative voice. “And you’re going to stay in this room and play with me.”

Even though Alex was physically older and taller than Lizzy, seeing her look down at him was imposing. She was not joking. He decided to do what she said. She was the babysitter after all.

Lizzy turned on the TV in the bedroom they were in, and put on a show she thought Alex would like. He plopped down on the bed besider her, and the two of them watched cartoons for an hour, as the party raged on downstairs.

Lizzy started to feel a little more of her faculties, and realized she was mentally 15 now. She decided to make some experimental advances on Alex.

“Alex, have you ever seen a girls boobies before?” she asked.

*That* got his attention.

“N-No,” he said nervously.

“Do you want to?” she asked.

Alex nodded.

Awesome, their games could begin again.

Lizzy turned off the TV, and stood in front of Alex. He watched enraptured as she did a little dance for him, taking off her top and then making a show of taking off her bra. Her boobs bounced into view.

“Wow,” Alex said, mouth agape. “Can I touch them?”

Lizzy smiled and grabbed his hands, guiding them to her breasts. He gave a squeeze, and then started kneading her breasts.

Lizzy moaned. Her breasts were so big and sensitive! She had been a late bloomer, and at 15 her breasts had been much smaller than their current size. Her 18 year old body was buzzing with the sensations Alex was causing.

The tent in Alex’s pants returned, but aside from rubbing her breasts, he seemed almost too paralyzed to make another move. The initiative would have to be Lizzy’s.

She started kissing him again. He had forgotten the lessons in kissing she had taught his 13 year old self, but his enthusiasm more than made up for his lack of experience. They made out like this for some time, Lizzy kissing all over Alex’s kneck and up and down his chest, and guiding his hands wherever she wanted them. He was her pliant little lover.

“Why don’t I get a good look at what you’ve got down there,” she said, brushing his stomach just under the band of his underwear.

He shuddered.

She unbuttoned his pants, and helped him get them off, and then stared at his glorious cock.

Like all people under the effects of alcohol, Lizzy’s memories of being older were fuzzy and vague, but she remembered fantasizing about what was in her professor’s pants. She had never expected that he would be so big.

Lizzy’s mouth started to water. At 15, she was still technically a virgin, but she did have some experience giving guys head. She wrapped her lips around his erect cock, and started sucking him off.

Alex didn’t know how to react to all these new sensations. Lizzy was good at what she was doing, and his inexperienced mind didn’t know what to do about a sexy 18 year old girl sucking him off. So it wasn’t long at all until he was shooting her mouth full of cum.

Lizzy’s eyes widened. She had forgotten how much she was still grossed out by this part. She always spit after this, because the idea of swallowing turned her stomach. However, she wanted to impress her professor this time, so she swallowed. Then she immediately regretted that decision.

She ran over to the solo cup by the bed side, and chugged down the remaining punch.

Then she realized what she had done.

The realization came two late. Her flushed skin and heavy breathing started to return to normal, as she felt a sudden surge of energy coming over her.

“I’m sorry I didn’t last very long!” Alex said apologetically. “I think I can do a round two if you want. Just do a sexy dance for me again.”

Lizzy blinked and stuck her tongue out at Alex.

“Why would I do that, you’re just a dirty, stinky boy who has cooties!” she said, crossing her arms.

“Oh no,” he said. “Did you drink the punch?”

Lizzy rocked back and forth on her feet. “Nuh-uh.”

“Oh my god, you did,” he said. “Now you’re just a little girl.”

“Hey!” she said petulantly. “I’m not little. I’m a big girl.”

“Oh, yeah? How old are you?”

“I’m six,” said proudly. Then she added. “It’s boring up here, I’m going to go color downstairs!”

She pulled on her shirt, ignoring the bra (how did those work again?), and ran downstairs to join the other “kids.” Among them was Tiffany, who had apparently forgotten her vow to watch over Lizzy and keep her from getting into trouble. Tiffany was moving with all the manual dexterity of a toddler, and her painting were incredibly basic. (Lizzy vaguely remembered Tiffany being a graphic design major and posting amazing works of art to Instagram. She giggled at Tiffany’s new lack of skill.)

Someone gave Lizzy ear plugs so she wouldn’t have to listen to the loud music, and she spent the rest of the night finger painting in peace. When she woke up in the morning in her own bed, she had a terrible hangover.

Elizabeth smiled. She would have to do that again sometime.



End Chapter 1

Alcohol, Schmalcohol

by: Achuloh | Story In Progress | Last updated Jun 9, 2021


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Love this idea

maniac78 · Jun 13, 2021

Can't wait to see what else you have in store.

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