Temporos, God of Time

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On his way to the pet store, where Brad works, a movement catches his eye. He is unaware that he has stumbled onto the most majestic animal of all.

Chapter 1
The Majestic Tempocat! Version 2

Chapter Description: On his way to the pet store, where Brad works, a movement catches his eye. He is unaware that he has stumbled onto the most majestic animal of all.

’Cheers’, Brad calls nonchalantly over his shoulder as he leaves his crummy house. Not that there is really anyone to say goodbye to but he relishes the thought that his cats may actually understand what it means.

Furrtopia, the pet store Brad co-owns is right around the corner. The progress he makes is remarkable, for a toddler perhaps. If he could walk any slower to the boring death trap, he would. If he used any less movement he would be standing still.

Garbage cans in the alley erupt in a volcanic shower of litter. The expression on Brad’s face is akin to that of a person teetering on the edge of a high building. Regardless he shrugs off his first instinct - to run - and proceeds to investigate, after all, a noise three houses from his work has to be a threat to his business in some or other way, right?

Edging ever closer to the garbage cans, Brad is surprised to see what he thought could only be described as the most mindfucking sight he had ever witnessed.

Stood before him in the alley was a cat so beautiful it defied comprehension - in fact, could he be sure it was a cat?

’Greetings Brad’ an unknown voice said, penetrating Brad’s feeble mind. ’I am Tempocat the omnipresent cat in charge of the control of time’.

To say that Brad was scared of this awe-inspiring creature was an understatement. He was absolutely petrified. Sure animals are cute on television when they imitate talking, but a cat is transmitting its thoughts into Brad’s head. This defies everything biology had taught him. Since Brad was not religious, he had no reason to believe this unknown entity would be friendly towards him.

’Running would most certainly not get you very far’ the voice of Tempocat warned, before Brad had even thought to flee. ’How did you...Fuck you Tempocat’ Brad called over his shoulder as he sprinted toward the alley’s exit onto the street.

’No-one insults the mighty Tempocat’, the voice insisted.

Now Brad was a pretty athletic guy, he did a lot of moving around of heavy animal cages in the store, which in conjunction with his natural love of jogging managed to keep him pretty fit - if not slightly muscular. He was also the average male specimen below, sporting a 5 and a half incher.

To any onlooker that may have witnessed the events to transpire, it probably would still not have terrified them as much as it did Brad.

Brad sprinted around the corner to his home, passing the picket fences of his neighbour whilst grabbing his keys in the run. After smashing into his front door, Brad feels a powerful surge overtake his body. The intensity was something he could not fathom. As he crumpled into a heap on his porch, he drops his keys. The first change had already begun. Frantically he searched, grasping almost blindly - the pain, such unbearable pain - at anything that felt remotely like keys. Eventually his hand made contact with something.

Fuck just my wallet, he thought resuming his quest for keys. Finally he managed to regain enough sight to look around and see that the keys had fallen right out of his reach. As he finished unlocking the door, a second wave contracted his entire spine and he came down crashing through the doorway. Everything was so excruciating. The very skin on his body felt like it weighed 500 tonnes.

A cracking sound was heard as bones shifted inside his body. Every muscle in his body felt as if it was pulling at the same time. The amount of sweat pouring off of his body was inhumane, well not entirely - it was mostly humane.

What Brad could not know was that the muscle contractions and bone shifts were just the start of his problems. The screams of pain that were emanating from the house went unheard - he knew since he lived in a rather rundown part of town.

Even his one hope, that someone might discover him through the open door was diminished by the wild overgrown garden outside. He had very little chance of rescue.

He tried to focus on something, anything to try and mitigate the pain. The cat! he thought.

’Please, you don’t have to do this’ he pleaded with Tempocat.

The cat however, was more than content with the agony in which Brad was. He stared knowingly at Brad.

’Why me?’ he questioned the cat, pleading for information.

’I presented myself to you in good faith human, you insulted me because your pathetic mind can’t fathom the reality that is Tempocat’ he replied.

’God already took my mother, I don’t need any other mythical beings fucking up my life’ Brad retorted already feeling the next surge coming on.

The next surge left Brad feeling like the skin on his body was attempting to strangle him alive. The tearing feeling in his brain amplified significantly to the extent that it felt like a dicer was milling about in his head. The strangling feeling also amplified with his lack of breathing.

’K...Kill me already’ Brad choked out while coughing up bile.

’You won’t die human, but the experience you go through will be more painful than anything you could imagine, but the result will leave you more happy than you could ever imagine’ Tempocat suggested, and yes suggested is appropriate, because how could it know? How?

Brad had a hard time focussing on that with the next wave of physical changes though. He found that the vision he managed to retain was shifting, moving into a different angle. Everything around him was becoming taller. The pain in his muscles receded slightly by now but not entirely.

Brad leaned forward, to attempt to get to Tempocat, ’surely killing the cat would stop this’ he thought. As he vaulted himself forward he found that what little muscle power he had at his disposal was barely enough to launch him out of the pool of sweat and bile at the base of his body, let alone to get to the cat.

Leopard crawling his way forward, he realised that the painful aching in his legs and arms seemed to have caused a loss of mass. The shoes he had on slipped right off his feet. This he thought was bizarre as his feet stopped growing when he was 13. The pants he had on stayed behind with his shoes, and the briefs he was wearing looked like granny panties on him. The lack of facial hair became clear when his face made contact with the damp hardwood floor.

Brad used his last energy to flip himself over onto his back. His clothing lay behind him in what looked like an ocean of sweat. The light fixtures he had installed at his own expense, with the beautiful mirrors, were what drove Brad over the edge of insanity.

What he saw on the ceiling was the reflection of a boy, that must have been him, yet he could not believe it. The body is 80% water was definitely true as he saw the sweat pooled around him. Unable to comprehend the situation, Brad blacked out.

A loud purring noise is what brought Brad back to consciousness. The source of said purring, Tempocat of course. Brad got up in the most pain he ever could have imagined. It felt like he had been crucified, except the nails had been driven through every inch of his flesh and bone. His brain also hurt more than he could process.

’Water’ was the first thing to pop into his mind. ’This must be the worst hangover of my life’.

Surveying his surroundings, Brad assumed - as quickly as his adjusted mind could - that something was terribly wrong. This kind of black out is not the kind that you get from too much partying. Flashes of agony came back to him. He walked towards the door realising that the perspective, was completely distorted. How could the door handle be that high?

Charging through his open plan living arrangement, he found his way to the thing most unexpected in a bachelor’s flat - a full length mirror. Standing in the mirror was a boy, he guessed

to be maybe 8 years old if he was being lenient. The only thing he had to go on was the size of his penis.

He navigated over to his computer and loaded up a webpage that confirmed his assumption. He had regressed in age by more than 20 years. From 29 to 8.

He leaned all the way over his desk grabbing a ruler. 5 centimetres. ’What the fuck?’ he asked to the empty room.

Until then he hadn’t realised that he had had a boner the whole time.

He shrugged it off and thought of getting help. He went onto reddit and searched for any references to Mythical Cats, or Tempocats, but found only hundreds of memes about some or other cats with bread on their heads. Google, bing, yahoo even astalavista all delivered the same useless information.

Staring at his computer with the dull ache of lost information still burning through his brain, he realised there was one thing he did not lose - his sex drive. He was unsure whether it was even possible to have an orgasm as an 8-year old, but hey, he had a boner so he had to try. The problem was, that the porn he had was all suddenly uninteresting. He browsed through his folders and found that most of the women had breasts as large as his head. Scrolling down, he found a folder he had overlooked labelled: Wannabe Lolitas

In the folder there were hundreds of pictures of girls between 16 and 21 with A-cups. This he found amazingly attractive - for some reason, and that drove him crazy. He grabbed his silky uncut rod and started pumping all 5 centimetres using 3 of his fingers. He was fervently thrusting when he saw a condom on the desk next to his monitor. Grabbing the condom he thought of at least trying.

Slowly pulling it on, he realised that it was a futile effort. He could no more wear this condom than wear his old shoes. He pulled it all the way on and saw the head of his tiny penis pop into the bubble that usually catches the semen.

Brad never even realised that Tempocat was watching him all the while.

Brad thrust and thrust scrolling through hundreds of images as he went along. He knew that he was nearing orgasm and that he could not delay it much longer. He did not realise that this ejaculation would be the most powerful he would ever have and the last wet one he would have for years.

As he built ever closer to orgasm a lot of the remaining sweat he still hadn’t poured out, came seeping through his skin. At last the pumping through the little bubble came to an end in the most rewarding orgasm Brad would ever experience. He screamed from the pain of so much semen exiting through the tiny penis he now had. Semen was not meant to leave the body via such a tiny organ. But the pain amplified the pleasure and relief and his entire body tensed with the most amazing sensations he had ever had. Not even the threesome he had in college was this satisfying.

Brad tugged on his tiny penis until the last drops of semen left it to join the pool of cum all over his little legs. His previously bulging nut sack was now a shrivelled skinflap against his body.

Seconds after his eruption Brad passed out, his penis reduced to the flaccid state an 8year old boy has - most of the time.

Ever vigilant Tempocat watches from the corner wondering if Brad would be able to anticipate what was in store...



End Chapter 1

Temporos, God of Time

by: ARtemis | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 23, 2022


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