Taking Care of All Your Needs

by: JohnnyMueller | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 1, 2022

Even after the end of the SAO incident, Kazuto was someone who still needed constant care. Fortunately, he's got a very helpful "big sister" who makes all of his aches go away. Sword Art Online fanfiction; Originally posted on Archive Of Our Own

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I enjoy the cool air that blows through my room as I let out a loud sigh. After a good workout, it’s nice to just relax and take measure of the feelings your body is going through. Man, I really should’ve worn a bra, though. With tits slightly bigger than my head, it’s really easy for them to get all sweaty and sticky. To alleviate that, I open up my track jacket and pull up my shirt, letting them breathe. I moan slightly as my nipples grow hard, almost poking through my jacket. I lower my hand to play beneath my pants when

“Nee-nee!” Kazuto bursts into the room, an anxious look on his face. “I-It’s hard again!”

I sigh but give him a blushing smile. It’s so odd to see Kazuto acting so carefree but he doesn’t have any other options mentally. Even though he survived the death game of SAO, he suffered brain damage from the extended submersion in the Amusphere; about 10% of SAO survivors have similar conditions. The doctors put his mental age around a 4 or 5-year-old. He can do the basic things by himself (eat, clean himself, use the bathroom, etc) and he’s made small improvements since then, but the doctors are certain he’ll require constant care for the rest of his life. He has therapists who come by a few times a week and he spends most of his day at a special daycare for the disabled SAO survivors, but his favorite carer is me, although for deeply inappropriate reasons.

I notice his eyes move from my face down to my partially exposed breasts and I see his erection become harder in his thin shorts. Even though his mind is that of a child, his body and hormones are still of a 17-year-old. It’s not something that’s exactly discussed due to the legal issues but some of those that were disabled in SAO do engage in sexual relations with those around them. However, you only hear of them when someone’s been arrested for rape or molestation. My parents and Kazuto’s doctors know what we’ve been doing but they don’t say anything. I guess they see our situation as less troubling than other ones they’ve heard about. Even so, this feels wrong, but the look on Kazuto’s face if I told him no…

I pat my lap. “Come over here, Kazu-kun; nee-nee will take care of you.”

His face blossoms into a brilliant smile as he walks over and sits in my lap, wrapping his arms around my torso. “I knew nee-nee would help me!” Even though it’s heart wrenching that I’ll never see my cousin as he was before SAO, there’s happy moments in this. He acts mostly the same as he did before; he likes building things (with Legos and other kid-friendly materials) and playing games. He’s a very quiet boy, keeping to himself and getting really uncomfortable if there’s too many strangers around. But, in other ways, he’s a lot more open. He likes giving hugs and cuddling with people and he smiles a lot. Every time I see that smile, I wish I could’ve seen it before. But right now, I’m going to give him a bigger smile.

“Of course, sweetie, nee-nee will always take care of you.” I pull down his shorts, letting me see his cock and balls. From my deep dives into porn and doujins, he looks about average in size but it doesn’t matter; it’s my responsibility to take care of him. I gently wrap some of my fingers around his penis and start to stroke it up and down, slowly covering it from tip to base. I hear Kazuto’s breath shudder and feel up leaning back, but I support his back with more of my arm so that he’s mostly upright. “Does that feel good, Kazu-kun?”

“Y-Yeah, nee-nee’s really good at playing with my thingy…” Even though his eyes are half-lidded, I can still tell he’s staring at my breasts. Of all my body, he really loves those: touching them, smelling them, licking and tasting them, fucking them. They’re so large and soft and they always put him at peace when he’s playing with them. Of course, I can’t deny it feels good when he touches them.

“It’s fine, sweetie. Touch nee-nee’s boobies while she’s touching you.” I helped one of his hands go inside my jacket and moaned as she felt around my titflesh. He feels around the top part of my breast, making sure that he gives it a few slaps, before moving down to the bottom half. As he lazily bounced my breast up and down, he got really into playing with my nipple, giving it a few twists and turns as I stroke his cock harder and harder.

“Hey, nee-nee, why do you and Mommy have boobies?”

“Sweetie, you know why. It’s because we’re girls and we use them to feed our babies.”

“Oh…” Kazuto breaths harder as his grasp on my breast becomes tighter and pre starts to spill out of his cockhead. “Are you gonna have babies, nee-nee?”

“Maybe when I’m older, but right now it’s fine if you play with them, Kazu-kun.” I let go of his penis, not enjoying the whining moans that come out of him, but I already know he’s going to enjoy what comes next. I place myself on my bed and help Kazuto up so that he’s resting on my stomach. I take off my shirt and unzip my jacket completely, exposing me from the waist up and letting my breast be fully seen by Kazuto. They slightly wobble and bounce with my breaths as he stares at them, unthinking yet deeply entranced. “You know what to do now, Kazu-kun.”

“Y-Yeah.” His nodding is so cute, like a puppy who wants to play with his master. He holds his cock (looser than my grasp, but it’s fine) as he straddles closer to placing it between my breasts. It’s throbbing so much that I worry he’s going to come before he gets there (now why am I worrying about that?) but I let out an unrecognized breath as he slides in there. “Wow… nee-nee’s boobies always feel really good!”

I smile at his earnest statement. Even though he’s not fully able to consent to this, it always seems like he’s happy having sex; otherwise, I would’ve stopped this a long time ago. I press my breasts tightly around his penis and moan as he rocks back and forth, his cockhead occasionally poking out as if to greet me.

I love the sensations of having my tits fuck. The way that my breasts bounce back and forth, lightly hitting my face before bouncing back towards Kazuto. The smell of his cock getting all over my chest and face. The giddy smile that forms on his face as he rides me and his cock gets harder and harder. Of course, it’s times like this, when he’s above me and all I can see is him, that I’m reminded of how adult, how grown he is. The doctors don’t think he’ll get too muscular with the way his lifestyle is, but he’s so tall that it’s hard to ignore him, especially with his behavior.

As my thoughts drift away from the current situation, I feel a spray of fluid land on my face. Kazuto deeply moans as his cock sprayed all over my face, neck, and breasts. By the end of it, there is barely any part of my upper body that wasn’t covered in cum. I don’t mind it, though; it was kinda hot and it felt like a mark of shame, a sign that I was doing something I shouldn’t be doing. But I can’t stop, not just yet.

“Good job, Kazu-kun, you did a very nice job making a nice big cumshot, but now it’s time to help nee-nee.” Kazuto gives an excited squee and nodded vigorously. He’d do anything to help his nee-nee, as troubling as it seemed.

I turn us over so that I’m on top and Kazuto’s below me. I pepper his face with a few kisses, but he makes a noise of disgust. “Nee-nee, you feel weird.”

“Well, that’s because you made me all sticky, Kazu-kun.” I poke his nose and he laughs, as if he knew that but totally didn’t forget because of my body pressing against his. “Hey, while I’m playing with you, why don’t you touch nee-nee’s boobies some more?”

“OK, I can do that!” He reaches up and begins to grope me again as I get his cock into my pussy. I slowly lift my hips up and down, enjoying the feelings of his penis entering me more and more. As Kazuto continues to feel me up, I hear a moan from him. “Nee-nee, I feel weird down there…”

“Oh, you’re going to make another cummie? Oh, that’s fine, sweetie, you’ve always been a quick shot. Come inside nee-nee, Kazu-kun.” It’s a safe day, anyway, so I’m the only one with a burden today.

Kazuto wraps his arms tightly around me as he comes again. It’s not as much cum as the first one, but it’s enough to spill out of me a little bit once I pull out.

I turn us onto our sides, pulling Kazuto down so that he can rest his head between my breasts. I feel his body relax as his breathing slows down and he slips into a gentle slumber.

I smile down at my sweet brother before frowning. This has to stop at some point. When I’m in college or after I’m married and starting a family, our family will find a permanent caretaker for him. He’ll be sad and cry a lot at our absence, but we’ll still visit him and at some point, he’ll probably forget we were ever his family. I’ll watch his frozen-yet-continuing life from afar, always loving him but moving forward with my own life.

Yet, that’s not what I really want, not truly. What I want is to take care of him always. The government would pay for his care and it’d be easy to find a job that made sure I can spend a lot of time with him, but that’s not the important thing. The important thing is that he’d rely on me. I’d be responsible for making sure that he’s safe, that he’s loved, that he’s comforted anytime he’s scared, that he makes all sorts of big stickies when his thingy gets big. I’d make sure that he’d love me above anyone else and that he can always trust his nee-nee to do the right thing, even when she’s doing everything wrong.

I’m such a fucked up person… and the worst part is that only a fucked up person could love someone like Kazuto this much. I sigh and close my eyes. I can think about this later, when I’m more stable. For now, I want to make sure my brother knows that I’m here for him, no matter what.



End Chapter 1

Taking Care of All Your Needs

by: JohnnyMueller | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 1, 2022


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