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The Au Pair

by: Dreamtales Last updated Jul 31, 2009

Cindy loves working as an Au Pair, taking care of Katie and her little sister Missie. Sparks fly when Katie develops a crush on Cindy’s boyfriend Bobby. Cindy tries to patch up their relationship by taking a youth potion, but while Cindy is getting younger, Katie is been busy growing up!

The Baby Bet

by: Peculiar Changeling Last updated Aug 21, 2021

Grace has a problem with her housemate. Wait, that's not right. Grace's housemate is a problem. He doesn't cook except to nuke frozen dinners in the microwave, he barely cleans, he's a mess that drags the whole house down. Her other housemates aren't a problem - just him. And, despite this, he insists he's kept up, sufficiently tidy, and responsible enough to care for a child if the need arises. Grace has had enough of his bullshit, and she's willing to go to extreme lengths to prove it. ... This is an ongoing story that's being written chapter-to-chapter, sometimes with the chapters being incomplete at the time of being posted. The ultimate plan is to finish the first draft before doing any serious editing to fix up structural problems or rework problem chapters. In the event that a chapter is missing parts when posted, or if something needs to be retconned, there will be an author note explaining as much. If you'd rather wait until the story is complete and edited, then read it all in one go, that's understandable! It'll be finished eventually and you can read it then! ^_^

The Bad Girl Pose

by: Last updated Jul 31, 2008

It's just an average workday for Myra and Amanda as they transform unwilling men into women and little girls.

The Bad Touch

by: Oni Last updated Dec 23, 2016

By Tainted Sins

The Beggar

by: Bfboy Last updated Jan 23, 2011

Brad is a young man seeing the parts of the world less visited. This time he gets a bit too close a view of how the other half live.

The Best Christmas Ever, by Bobby

by: OldStories Last updated Apr 4, 2017

Three generations of girls and womans gather for Christmas, soon to be reshuffled.

The big Table

by: Last updated Jun 19, 2009

Sometimes our family eats out in Chinatown. We are a traditional kind of family and often we have four generations represented at the big round table. American passers-by also like the restaurant, though are justly less complimentary about the bathroom. Sometimes I notice that there is an interest, almost a yearning to be part of our table, as if it has something different from the individualism so prized on Wall Street. It is different, but comes with a price of obligation and deference to the group. The obligations differ for gramma or our new grandson. In the middle are people like me, and our children, mostly in their twenties, and now the first of the new generation. (He's nearly one and we love him to bits.) So, being in the story

The Big World

by: immortal Last updated Nov 9, 2012

Hi my name is Everest and on the day after my birthday I had the biggest shock of my life. To me, my day was normal. I got up, had breakfast, went to collage and came home so how did something like this happen.

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