The Ad

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Chapter 14
Part 14

Part 14

Larry felt and saw a shirt being placed over his head. It was pulled down over his upper torso. Then he felt himself being laid back down onto the table. The tech continued to tug the shirt down over his tummy and over the front of the diaper. “Gee, this shirt is way too big for me, why did they put this on me?” Larry thought. The technician continued his tugging of the shirt over the thick diaper. Larry felt his legs being raised slightly again, and the shirt material being pulled over his diapered bottom. His legs were lowered, and the technician then started to fumbled with the bottom of the shirt. Larry’s ears picked up a snapping sound. Looking down at the technician’s mussing, he saw and heard himself being snapped into this new type of shirt. The technician tugged at the material, pulling the front of the front and back of the shirt together and fastening them together over his diapered bottom. There were seven distinct snaps. Then the technician smiled at Larry. Larry wiggled around , feeling confined in this new piece of clothing. The technician chuckled and patted his diapered front.

“There. B.I.T. 120696B is secured in his new onesie! He doesn’t know what to quite make of his new wardrobe!” The tech chuckled.

Larry continued to wiggle around, testing the confines of his new clothing. It pulled tight against his diapered crotch. “A Onesie! Gee, I am now even dressed like a baby!” Larry’s mind screamed out.

The Tech, picked Larry up and carried him over to a bed with rails. He set Larry down onto the quilted bottom, and pulled up the sides of the bed. They were big white metal bars. Larry heard a click as the sides were pulled way up. Then tech walked way, leaving Larry sitting in the contraption.

Larry looked around. He was sitting in a big crib! He tried to stand up, but the bulk between his legs made moving around a little difficult. He ended up crawling to the side of the bed, and using the rails of the crib, pulled himself up. The sides were still taller then he was, and he couldn’t reach the top, even standing. Larry looked around. He could see other cribs in the room, all around him. Each crib was built just like his, and each contained a baby. He was the only one standing. The other babies where sleeping or just laying down. Larry looked up and saw a big chart over the front of his crib. It had big words printed on it. He focused on the words... “B.I.T. 120696B” There were other words, but his mind was becoming really fuzzy, and for some reason they made no sense and just looked like big marks. Larry felt dizzy, and held tight to the rails of his crib. For some reason he was losing all strength, and suddenly he felt himself falling back down onto the soft quilted bottom. He landed with a thud on his padded read. As he landed, he felt himself pee into his diaper. He tried to stop the flow, quickly putting his hands down to his front, but the flow of fresh pee continued to flow out. Larry let out a cry, which was muffled by the pacifier strapped to his head and mouth.

Another technician appeared next to the crib. “Awwwww, poor little baby go boom?”

Larry looked up at the person standing there, smiling down at him. Larry let out another wail, the pacifier got in his way though. Larry stretched his hands up. “Help me up” Larry’s mind seem to scream.

The technician reached down and unfastened the pacifier from around his head, and replaced the pacifier with another rubber teat, this one was attached to a big bottle. “Time for your din-din!”

Larry tried to push the bottle away, but the tech held the bottle in place, and gently squeezed the bottle, forcing some of it’s contents into Larry’s plugged mouth.

Larry felt the warm liquid fill his mouth, and he quickly swallowed. The trickle soon became a steady stream and without really paying much attention to what he was doing, Larry was working the bottle on his own. Soon he found himself sucking the entire contents of the bottle into his hungry tummy. It felt good having this warm delicious liquid in him. He felt full and no longer hungry. All of a sudden, there was a tingle in Larry’s tummy. the tingle grew and then became more uncomfortable. It felt like he was going to explode. All of a sudden a loud burp popped out of Larry’s mouth. It was gas! Larry was burping up air.

“There, that’s a good baby!” The technician smiled, picking up Larry by the arms, and lifting him up and putting him over his shoulder. He patted Larry’s back. “You enjoyed your meal, didn’t you. Well there is plenty more of that.” When Larry was finished, the technician laid Larry back down into the crib. The tech wiped Larry’s mouth, which was drooling from the burping. “Now you can get some well deserved sleep. See... I brought you a friend, and a nice warm blanket to cover you up with while you sleep, that way you are not alone!”

Larry saw a big furry teddy bear being set next to him. “Get that thing away from me! I am not a baaaby” Larry’s mouthed, but no words came out. instead a broken sentence that sounded like “ggaaa tttaaa wwaaay meeee. iii nnot bbbaaba!”

The tech smiles, and wrote something down on the chart above the crib. Larry stared, trying to make sense of what was being written, but it all looked really strange.

Another tech walked up to the crib.

“How’s this one doing?

Well he can talk, but the formula is starting to work. He no longer can make full sentences, and his speech is slipping away, he’s sounding like a baby more and more!”

“Did you feed him yet?”

“Gave him another dose of ‘Formula B’ along with the regular baby formula. It seems to be helping in speeding up the process. If he continues, tomorrow the transformation will be complete.”

“I see he is still struggling with his new life, but that will pass. We can put him on the music, it will help erase what resistance is in him. Fit him with the baby cap and start the procedure.”

“I have everything prepared.”

“Good, make sure you document what the dosage was and how many diaper changes have taken place. He should be asleep soon, and should sleep for the rest of the day. I want his schedule followed closely, a change and feeding every two hours, at least until tomorrow.”

“Yes sir.”

The technician walked away. Larry looked at the remaining technician and saw a stocking cap being lowered and placed over his head. He felt a strap being fastened under his chin, keeping the cap in place. Soft music suddenly filled his ears. It was soothing, like a lullaby. It sounded so pretty. Larry closed his eyes. The sound of the music was lulling him into a sleepy state. He thought he heard so words, but couldn’t quite make them out. words like ‘baby’, ‘pee’, ‘ca-ca’, ‘ba-ba’, ‘poo-poo’and ‘ga-gaaa’ floated in and out of the musical melody now playing in his head. Larry let the music carry him off into slumberland. He spread his legs and felt a warmness escape from his rear into the confines of his diaper. He didn’t care, he continued his journey into sleepy bliss.



End Chapter 14

The Ad

by: Larrbear | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 23, 2011


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